The Future’s Farm Pt. 01


Cold shivers consumed my body wave after wave as my eyes flickered open. I could feel a warming sensation under my back but it didn’t seem to stop the coldness deep within my core. My skin was wet as though a layer of ice had been melted upon me. A few inches from my face was a white, almost clinical looking wall. Glancing down I could tell I was in some kind of chamber. I tried to lift my arms but the shivering along with the grogginess made it impossible to move. A feint chattering sounded from outside the pod. It came closer as I noticed someone lifting the lid of my chamber.

“Well aren’t you a pretty one?” A male voice laughed as I could just make out his outline due to the blinding lights above. “Nice tits too.”

I felt a hand go to feel my chest and I instinctively jerked my body to the side.

“Hands off the assets!” A commanding voice sounded from the distance causing the stranger to drop his arms. By now my eyes had adjusted to the light and I could make out several other chambers being opened with girls around my ages being pulled from them. Another man reached for my arm and pulled me to my feet. I stumbled, not yet adjusted to my surroundings. The men were all dressed in strange white suits and the room was lined with around 20 other opened pods.

It took me a few moments to realise that I was completely naked apart from the thin white band shielding my crotch. My breasts felt cold and exposed as the air brushed against them. I went to cover my chest with my arm but one of the men forced it down before attaching a silver cuff to it. This cuff was attached to a chain of others, connecting all of the women in a line.

“You have all been awoken from cryogenic sleep. Do not attempt to retaliate,” sounded the commanding voice, “every man in this room carries an electric rod and will not hesitate to use it.” A crackle of electricity fizzed from nearby as the woman behind me whimpered. “You belong to the institution now, property of the new planet. If you cannot perform you will be killed. If you do not meet the supply you will be killed.”

I heard heavy footsteps walk down the line of women and could make out a male figure wearing a black version of the men’s uniform.

“You are nothing but livestock now, only useful to us as long as you fulfil your purpose.” The man grabbed his rod and prodded it against the whimpering woman behind me. She let out a strained squeal causing many of us to jump. “Do not disappoint us.” He turned and paced back to the front of the line.

The queue began to move as we were pulled into through a corridor into another white room. I took notice of the other women moving with me. There were around 20 in total with varied appearances. There was little variation in age with all of us appearing around 25. We all wore the white band around our hips with our hair plaited down our backs. I wondered what their names were. I also wondered what my name was. What was my name? I could only remember fragments of my past life.

As we were ushered into the room, the steel automatic door was sealed firmly behind us. Within the room were many metal benches, each one big enough for one person to lie upon. Next to each bench was a table laden with different pieces of equipment. The walls were blank with no windows or decoration. Strip lighting above the benches gave the room a cold, clinical feel.

The men leading us, each detached a woman from the chain and dragged her to a bench. I was pulled over to the nearest bench and forced to lay upon the cold metal. My hands were bound to the bench before the man began rummaging through the equipment. He had short dark hair with piercing blue eyes.

“I could lie and say that this won’t hurt but it probably will.” He pulled a long syringe, filled with shimmering clear liquid out from a holder.

“What’s happening? Why am I here?” I spluttered out with panic in my voice, “Why can’t I remember anything?” The man gave me sympathetic smile whilst shaking his head.

“Don’t let the foreman catch you talking like that,” he told me as he began prepping the syringe, “the women aren’t allowed to speak here.” I could hear a woman screaming from across the room which in turn caused other women to cry out. Their protests were silenced by the familiar sound of the electric rod buzzing.

“What are you doing?” I asked him in a scared whisper. The worker glanced over at the foreman before giving me a quiet reply.

“This contains hormones which will start the milking process sooner.” He gestured at the syringe. “After this we’ll give you drugs to tranquillise you and slow your movements to make it easier for us as you begin the more permanent body changes.” My eyes widened after hearing this and I began to squirm against my bindings. “It’s easier if you just accept it. A lot of the dairy girls here seem to enjoy the milking and breeding.”

“This is crazy!” I cried out before the worker shoved his hand over my mouth to prevent me screaming. mardin escort He injected the serum into my right breast close to my nipple before starting on the other side.

“I don’t want them to hurt you.” He stated as I let out a suppressed whimper. “You may start to feel quite sensitive after this as it increases your libido. Don’t be afraid to come if you have too.” He smirked at me before injecting my other breast.

I started to feel the effects almost instantly. My nipples began to tingle and I clenched my thighs together as I could feel a warming sensation under the white band. A moan tried to escape my lips but I kept them clamped shut as the man slowly removed his hand.

“See? It’s not so bad,” he smirked again as he began tracing his fingers along my thigh and used his other hand to flick my nipple. I had to close my eyes out of embarrassment and internally scolded myself for secretly enjoying his teasing. The tingling around my nipples grew and flowed down to my sex as my opening began pulsing. “You’re allowed to moan,” I felt the man say under his breath against my ear, “it’s all part of the process, you won’t be punished.”

My eyes flashed open as a breathy moan escaped my lips. While the worker continuously drew lines closer to my opening, I noticed the dark uniformed foreman marching over.

“Boss man will like this one.” The foreman announced to the worker, “it’s rare to find ones as pretty as this.” He narrowed his eyes in my direction.

“Are you enjoying your treatment?” He said with a sly smile as I tried to hold back my moans. “Make her come.” He ordered the worker who nodded in response.

My back arched as I felt fingers entering my flower. They wiggled inside me until my G-spot was located. It was stroked and tickled as moans leapt from my mouth uncontrollably. I noticed the foreman pulling back my band and reaching for my now exposed clit. The new hormones buzzed inside me causing my clit to throb with the urge to be touched. An almost primal cry sounded from my throat as the foreman pressed and stroked my clit. This certainly wasn’t the first time they’d pleasured a woman. They were doing a damn good job of it too.

My back arched even more as I closed my eyes again. Stars filled my closed vision as waves of pleasure pulsated from my sex. I no longer cared about the others in the room. All that mattered was the feeling radiating through my body right now. Screams from within filled the air around me as I reached my climax. My hips began subconsciously rocking against their hands as I heard the foreman laughed down at me.

“She’ll be an excellent breeder,” he announced proudly as my eyes fluttered open. I was panting hard from the orgasm and could feel my cheeks warming with embarrassment as I remembered my situation. “Administer the drugs now and then get her to the pens with the rest.” The foreman then returned to checking on the other women as the worker reached for another syringe.

“This will make it easier,” he said as he inserted the needle into my arm. I whimpered, still recovering from the orgasm. “You should feel the effects straight away.” He then removed my bindings and helped me to my feet. Some of the other women around the room were already starting to slump their shoulders and drag their feet along the floor. The woman who was previously crying behind me had lost all the fear in her eyes. Her muscles were relaxed and she obediently followed her worker without any struggle. On the other hand, I felt no difference. Aside from the tingling around my nipples and sex, I could walk perfectly fine and was fully aware of my surroundings. A cuff was placed around my right hand again to tie me to the worker who was leading me. He didn’t seem to notice that the drugs hadn’t taken effect.

We were led like cattle to another room with many small empty enclosures. There were blue, glowing laser bars stopping us from escaping on each pen. We were each led into our own cage and tied to the wall with a lead and a collar. They were placed on loosely, very easy to remove, but the other women seemed so spaced out that none of them were willing to try.

“Welcome to your room,” the worker told me, “My name’s Jayce by the way but I’m not expecting you to remember. You must be feeling quite confused from the drugs.” I stared at him and chose not to give off any sign that I was unaffected. I needed to be smart if I wanted to escape. Jayce reached for the collar he’d placed around my neck and looked closely at it’s markings. “Your name’s 417 judging by your tag. It was nice meeting you 417,” he laughed. “I’ll be back later with your food and more injections. Make yourself comfortable.” He then proceeded to leave the pen and lock the door behind him. He muttered my number as he pressed the keypad to lock the door. Putting two and two together I realised that the number on the collar must be the code to unlock the door.

I waited van escort for all the workers to disappear before assessing my surroundings. Their was a woman in each neighbouring pen to my left and right. One seemed to have passed out on the white flooring while the other was stumbling around her enclosure. I pressed my face as close to the laser bars as I could before calling out to the woman.

“Hey,” I hissed. She showed no sign of response, just continued pacing around her room. “Hey you!” I whispered again. She could definitely hear me as her eyes drifted over me every time I would call but she wouldn’t even attempt to call back. Annoyed, I walked to the front of my pen and stared at the other cages. Every other woman was showing little signs of awareness. One even attempted to reach through the bars before singeing herself and jolting her hand back. She didn’t scream or complain, only moaned softly before rolling around the floor.

“This is insane,” I muttered to myself, “I have to get out of here.” I began fidgeting with the clasp of my collar and after a few tries, managed to remove it. I then crept over to the door and slid my hand carefully between the bars. Luckily, my arms were quite slim and I managed to reach the keypad with ease. It took a few goes to figure out whereabouts the numbers were but, after studying the keypad opposite, I managed to hit the right combination. The door clicked and I pushed it open with my other free hand. After slipping my arm back through the bars I began to exit my prison.

The room was a maze – we weren’t the only women in here. Looking into the distance, the room seemed to continue forever. I ran past hundreds of pen filled with different shaped women. I gasped as I took note of how many of them were pregnant. I stopped as I came across a pen with a woman groaning from what seemed to be labour pains. She was faced away from me and crying in a ball on the floor.

“Hey!” I shouted to her but just like the other women, she didn’t respond. “Are you okay? Do you know the way out of here?” I called. After a few moments she finally turned round to face me and I gasped as I noticed cow-like horns and ears with huge breasts swinging from her chest. Falling backwards from shock, I singed my arm on the bars. “What?” I said through shortened breaths.

Footsteps could be heard from the distance so I pulled myself up to leave the area. It felt like I’d ran past thousands of pens before I finally reached what looked like an exit. A large steel door similar to the one we’d come in from stood before me. There was a keypad so I started randomly entering combinations.

“Come on, come on!” I hissed as I punched in more numbers. Red illuminated the keys with every wrong attempt. Desperately, I continued until the keypad made a locking sound and an alarm started blaring. I pressed my hands against my ears as the siren wailed.

“Stop!” A man’s voice could be heard from behind me. I whipped around to see Jayce stood with a few other men in uniform. “417?” He said questioningly, “how did you escape?”

“You’re all crazy!” I shouted desperately as the siren was stopped. “Let me go! I don’t understand why I’m here.” Tears began forming in the corner of my eyes.

“We should take her to the boss. You gave her the drugs right?” Another worker said to Jayce.

“Yeah I’ve no idea why they aren’t working for her.” Jayce stepped towards me slowly holding his hands out in front of him as if to try and calm me. “It’s okay. You’ve been asleep for a long time so you’re probably confused.”

I backed away as he came closer until my back was pressed against the door.

“It’s currently May 2130. You’ve been cryogenically frozen for the last 100 or so years.” I felt my breath shorten as he explained this to me. “Even if you escaped, this is not the world you’re used to.”

I shook my head in confusion.

“I don’t understand… This can’t be real.”

Suddenly I felt the door behind me moving as it slid open. I fell backwards into the arms of another worker. Thrashing around, I tried to break free of his grasp but by now I had several men holding me in place.

“We’re taking you to the guy who runs this place,” Jayce instructed, “He’ll know what to do with you.” Out of nowhere a cloth came around the side of my face and I felt myself slipping away as I inhaled the fumes. All I saw, as darkness came over me, was a reassuring smile from Jayce before everything disappeared.

I awoke in a new room. I was bound to a chair with steel bindings around my waist and wrists. This room had a much nicer feel than the rest of the facility. There was a floor to ceiling window overlooking the miles of pens below and a long office desk, nicely decorated with various plants. The room had plenty of furniture and almost felt homely, or at least as much as it could in this place. Looking around I took notice of a few wooden doors and sofas making ankara escort me feel as though I was in some kind of expensive apartment.

One of the doors opened and a tall, attractive man emerged from my side. I almost couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was dressed in a different uniform from the others, much more classy looking. Wavy dark hair tumbled just above his shoulders and he had the sort of green eyes that seemed to look right into you.

“Good afternoon,” he said to me in an almost mocking tone, “I see you found your way to my office.”

“What’s going on? Why am I here?” I began bombarding him with a flurry of questions. He held up his hand to stop me.

“Hasn’t this already been explained to you? You’ve been awoken from freezing in order to work for us.” He gestured towards the window behind him. “You’re here to make milk and, if you’re good enough, produce offspring. In our day and age both are very valuable.” He began drumming his fingers on the table as if bored of this conversation.

“Why? Don’t we have cows for that?” I asked in reference to the milk.

“Not anymore. They were all lost during the move to this planet. You aren’t on Earth any more dear.” He pulled up his computer screen and began swiping along it’s touch screen. “I see you’re from the year 2019. That would probably explain your confusion.” He turned the screen towards me to show a dusty brown planet floating through space. “This is Earth now… Dried up, used and abused. Us humans took advantage of it’s resources until we were left with nothing. We needed to relocate in order to survive.” He swiped to reveal a much brighter green planet which looked similar to Earth as I knew it. “This is where we are now, the new planet.”

“So you use humans for milk now? Can’t you just use soy or something?” I retorted, pulling against my restraints.

“We could… But the men of this new world have developed quite a taste for human milk. When we first arrived it took many years to generate enough food for the population. We began supplying people with only breast milk as we had no animals to provide any resources. Granted we don’t need the milk anymore, but it’s a thriving industry and while there’s still demand we’ll meet the supply.” He smirked as he turned the screen back to face him.

“Why are so many pregnant?” I asked quietly, my head was spinning from the hormones and this new information.

“It helps milk production,” he answered with a smile, “also this world is dominated by the wealthy and many of them want to start families but don’t have the time or patience to do it themselves.” He stood up and began to fiddle with the controls of my bindings. “Like I said, if there’s a demand we’ll meet the supply.”

The steel holding me down slid back into the chair and I immediately tried to stand up. The strange man held me down into the chair before talking down to me.

“Learn your place and you’ll do just fine here.” He removed his hand but stayed close to me. “I’m in charge of this facility. You do not have permission to use my name but you may call me sir if you must refer to me.” He narrowed his eyes before proceeding. “I understand you are resistant to our drugs yet you don’t seem to be resistant to the hormones.” He reached down to stroke my nipple causing me to squirm and suppress a moan. This made him laugh quietly as he used his other hand to reach for my other nipple.

Warmth began building again under my band as I clenched my thighs together to try and stop the feeling. The man removed his hands and went to pull me into a standing position. He then dragged me over to the other side of his office where there was a spacious double bed behind a modern arched opening in the wall.

“Lay down.” He ordered as I obeyed. In a strange way I found myself finding pleasure in how he spoke with so much authority. “I’ve never had my own personally dairy girl before but considering you don’t react to our tranquillisers it seems cruel keeping you down with the others.” He then bought over a small silver briefcase. Once opened, it revealed a large sci-fi looking gun containing a pale green liquid.

“What’s that?” I said, startled.

“The serum we give to start the transformation.”

“Transformation to what?” I shot back as visions of the woman in labour flooded my mind.

“Transformation into a dairy girl.” He began prepping the gun-like device. “Horns, ears and tail are a common side effect considering this serum was created using extracts of cow DNA.”

He noticed me trembling and placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t be afraid,” he began in a softer tone, “unlike your previous injections this won’t hurt.” He moved the gun closer to me so I could inspect the device. “This uses a skin surface transfer to allow the serum to enter your system through your pores. It’ll feel like someone blowing air against you.”

“It’s not that I’m worried about!” I snapped back.

“Hold still,” he instructed as he held my arm in place and administered the serum. I whimpered but then felt relief wash over me as I realised he was telling the truth about it not hurting.

“Feel funny,” I muttered as I laid back down on his bed. He laughed softly as he began tracing his hands along my skin.

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