The Turning of a Cocksucker


Up until recently I was a homophobic, delusional straight man…it only took one man to change that.

All of my life…I had been a bully. I ridiculed kids through school, beat them up because I was bigger and especially had enjoyed picking on gay guys. I was good looking and hung out with the hottest girls in high school. This would continue into college until eventually I married one of them. Her name was Anna and she is to this day an absolute beauty. The reason we rushed into it, was because I knocked her up. Fast forward 18 years later, and we have a son named Sean who is coming home telling us he is gay.

I saw it coming months before, after discovering gay websites on the history in Sean’s computer. My homophobic nature left me in horror of what I discovered. For the next few months the rage inside me had built.

He had come home that night with another boy named Adam whom he introduced as his boyfriend. I can admit now how striking and handsome Adam is. At 6’3, he was a few inches taller than me, with dark, wavy hair that he kept longer. His eyes were a bright blue that seemed to look through you, and if I could use one word to describe him, it would be dreamy. He wore tight clothes, which accentuated a tall, lean but muscular body. I also noticed how charming and confident he was, how even Anna was flirting with him when I had walked in on them chatting.

I was filled with hatred when they told us of their relationship. Anna, as always had shown compassion and reason. I immediately dismissed myself and went out for a few drinks. I returned that night drunk and let Sean have it.

Adam had gone home by then, and I went right to Sean’s room and starting screaming at him.

“I will not have a faggot for a son.” I remember yelling.

“No son of mine is going to be a cocksucker.”

Things of that nature, using any and all derogatory terms that I knew. I also told him that he should go live with Adam if he wanted to continue getting “fucked up the ass”. Sean was left in tears and the next day he moved out.

A few weeks went by and I was home one day while Anna was out. A phone call had interrupted my sports and when I answered no one was there. A half hour later…a knock at the door.

When I looked out and saw Adam, I froze up. I had a desire to punch this guy. How dare he…the boy who had manipulated my son into being gay coming to my house. I opened the door.

“Hey Mr. Thompson.” He said before I could say anything, a smug smile across his face.

“I’m just going to grab a few of Sean’s things if that’s cool.” He said as he stepped closer.

I swallowed my rage and let him go past. I watched him as he walked up the stairs. I admit now to staring at his ass as he went up, his jeans perfectly fitted over it. I followed him as I didn’t trust him and watched him rummage through Sean’s room, finding the odd thing and putting it in a bag. Adam, ignoring me the whole time. My mistrust, at the time, was my excuse for watching him. In truth, my jealousy towards every aspect of him, his youth, his good looks, him being taller and more muscular than me, his confidence which he seemed to exude…was actually a budding admiration. Moments later he was walking towards the door where I stood.

I felt my heart rise up in my throat as he stood in front of me and looked into my eyes. For a moment I felt like he was seeing into me, and I quickly felt the urge to look away.

“Got what you came for?” I managed to say bluntly.

“Almost…there is one other thing.” His eyes piecing through me as he said it.

“What?” I asked, looking down, having difficulty maintaining eye contact.

“You’re going to apologize to Sean for what you said.” He responded glaring at me.

He took a step closer, forcing me to look further up at him. I admit that I was very intimidated by him. His confidence was overbearing, mixed with the fact that he was gay, an ideal that my weak mind had no concept of. He continued.

“Have you ever sucked cock before, Mr. Thompson?” He asked a sly grin creeping across his face.

As I was about to respond with an angry “No” he cut me off.

“You have very pretty lips Mr. Thompson. Yes, a perfect little cocksucking mouth. You want to suck my cock, don’t you…I mean, you’ve been checking me out since you met me. Believe me, I notice these things. So you might as well just get on your knees now, get it over with…I don’t have all day to waste on little faggot cocksuckers like you.”

He could see the rage building in my eyes, and I knew I had to tune this guy. Nevertheless, without hesitation, he took another step forward and continued.

“It’s okay to admit it…I know it’s hard being as you are such a disgusting homophobe. But the truth is that all homophobes are closeted gays just waiting to be called on it. So here’s your chance. You can’t hide it from urfa escort me, I can see the way you look at me. Well now you can get a closer look.”

With that he removed his shirt. As much as I hated him…his body was so hot, and for a moment I was caught off guard, my eyes taking a moment to soak in the sight without any control of mine. My face went a bit flush and my mouth draped open. He looked like he could be some male model for a jeans ad and it flustered me. I am sure he saw me checking him out because his smile grew as he approached me.

“You better get to it.” He said, staring down at me, now right in front of me.

I threw an overhand right, thinking to surprise him and not being one to take the way he was talking. I had beaten up a lot of guys when I was younger, so I saw Adam as just a kid who I would pummel. He managed to duck the punch…so I threw another one…but this time he blocked it with his shoulder. I leaned in and threw more, but he seemed to avoid most of it using upper body movement. I did manage to hit him once on the stomach, but I think that hurt my hand more than it hurt his stomach. Already I was starting to run out of breath. I fell forward and threw more wild punches, but he managed to grab and hold my arms. I used all of my strength to push off of him and untie myself from his grasp. By now I was breathing heavy, so I threw more punches in the hopes I might catch him with something wild, but they were weaker and slower and he easily ducked and blocked those. I realized that I was tired and this kid hadn’t even thrown a punch yet. In desperation I lunged forward in an attempt to tackle him.

Suddenly I was on my back as he managed to flip my tackle and roll me over. He mounted me with ease and held my hands down by my wrists. He was so strong and he brought my hands together above my head, his legs straddling my midsection. As he applied his grip, I felt a pain shoot through both arms, forcing me to cry out in pain. Then he somehow manage to transfer both my wrists into his one hand, freeing up his other arm as my attempts to escape became weaker and weaker.

“There’s no need to fight it.” His voice was calm as he continued.

“I’ve seen this kind of thing before…faggots like you just need a little push over the edge…but you just have to let it go. I’m not going to force you to do anything…even though I can, because I know that really you want to.”

After he said this he got up and let me up. I struggled to my feet to find him taking his pants off, nonchalantly like nothing had happened. I watched as his cock became exposed, uncut, so long and thick and veiny. It was by far the biggest cock I had ever seen in person. It was an impressive specimen, and I can tell you it is the kind of thing that would draw admiration and shock from anyone who saw it.

I was still struggling to catch my breath, and it seemed like escape was in the cards. He was naked now reaching for his cell phone, not blocking any exit. Looking back it would have been easy to walk away. Then he pointed the phone at me.

“Ok Mr. Thompson…or maybe we will just call you cocksucker.” He paused for a moment looking at me before he continued.

“You like it when I call you that, don’t you…cocksucker. Don’t worry about the camera phone. I just wanted to document this for Sean to see…maybe your wife too, or anyone else I see fit. It is ironic that your first cock will be the same one as your sons first cock. Isn’t that funny? The difference is I love your son and he is a beautiful person, while you are just a lowly piece of shit cocksucking cumbucket who will never be loved. But that’s okay, because you’re going to love sucking cock. I mean, look at yourself, you can’t stop staring at mine you fucking faggot, so go ahead…get on your knees and maybe I will let you if you ask nicely.”

I thought again of fighting, but I realized I was bested. There was little I could do, he was stronger, faster, bigger, younger and I gulped at the realization of what was happening. The worst thing was that he seemed to know that I was attracted to him. Even I didn’t know it because I was in such deep denial, but he was right. I was staring at his cock and his body and there was a small bulge in my pants that was growing. All the while he was taking video of me standing in my awkward state. He took my silence for compliance, but he didn’t move towards me.

“Come on…you’re going to have to get on your knees and crawl over here if you Want it.” He smiled as he said it and put one hand on his hip, looking impatient.

“If you want to leave…you can. I am not stopping you.” He continued, seeming to read my mind.

But as I looked at him…I found that I wasn’t leaving. As much as it loathed and disgusted me…I truly felt a growing desire to taste him. His cock looked so impressive balıkesir escort and as it had gotten harder, it grew immensely before my eyes. By now his laughter told me that he knew that not only was I not leaving, I was getting weak in the knees too.

Adam continued filming me as I struggled with myself. I felt desire taking over my homophobic nature. The way he spoke…as degrading as it made me feel seemed to resonate within me. Adam saw me in my confusion and took the opportunity to continue chastising me.

“It’s ok to want to suck it…it is a natural thing that you have been conditioned to do since birth. It’s ok to find your place at my feet…there are some guys, like me, that are meant to have their cocks worshiped…and there are some guys, like you, that are meant to be lowly cocksuckers. You’re not the first guy who thought he was straight before I turned him. All men are bisexual and can be turned, so it is best for you to give in now to avoid the obvious struggle that you are going through.”

“I can see your little penis getting hard.” He continued.

“The sight of a real man…one that is comfortable with his true self, one who is better than you in every way possible…it turns you on. I’ve seen it so many times before…I knew you were a cocksucker the moment I saw you.”

As he spoke, I felt his words sinking into me. I had no response and was lost in my confusion. It was true, I was so turned on at that moment, more turned on than I had ever been before, that it seemed to course through my body in waves, each one washing over me was stronger. I gazed at his beautiful body, his massive cock now standing at full attention, still holding his phone and recording me. I found that all of my willingness to fight it was fading, and without even knowing it, I was sinking down to my knees. When I was on them, I started crawling towards him.

“Not so fast.” He said.

“Remember…you have to show me how badly you want it. My cocksuckers show appreciation, plus you better take off those fucking clothes. My cocksuckers don’t wear clothes when they to service me.”

It occurred to me that I had already submitted to him and what he wanted to hear was exactly what I was thinking. I was on my knees, my body tingling from sexual desire, the only thought I had was what his cock would taste like, how soft and juicy it would feel inside my mouth. I was aware that he was recording me but I couldn’t bring myself to stop it.

I stripped off my clothes to reveal my erection. It was a pathetic sight In front of Adam’s, and he immediately laughed when he saw it.

“You must be so ashamed, how pathetic is that little thing.” He gloated

“No wonder you are a homophobe…it’s always the guys with the little tiny penises that feel the need to compensate.”

He motioned for me to come to him. By now…I was putty in his hands. I had no response but to obey and begin crawling towards him, mesmerized by the sight of this beautiful naked man in front of me. As my lips were inches from his cock, my mouth gaping open, I leaned into try and kiss it, but he pulled back slightly.

“Hold on…Mr. Thompson…I want to hear you say it.” He said, a sly grin on his face, holding the camera phone up to get a good shot of me.

“What do you want me to say?” I pleaded, tears welling up in my eyes staring at his monster cock.

“My cocksuckers tell me how much they appreciate me…they tell me how grateful they are. I mean…why else would a guy like me waste his valuable time with a piece of worthless shit like you.” He responded calmly with a tone of impatience.

“Yes” was all I could muster under my breath.

“Sorry…yes what?” He replied abruptly.

“Yes…I want you.” I said back a little louder. I leaned in to try and kiss his cock.

“That’s not good enough.” He said as he pulled back. I felt tortured now, my hormones screaming for him. He could see my state as he continued to fuck with me and my only thought was what he wanted to hear. I looked up at him with an obvious look of desperation in my eyes.

“I want to suck your cock so badly, I can’t take it. I would do anything to be your cocksucker, I can’t help myself. Please let me taste you…I am begging you…I can’t take anymore of this. I will do anything you say, just allow me the honour of tasting your cum. I can be such a good cumslut for you if you let me. Please…I need it.” As I said this I looked back at his cock.

“That’s better” he said, smiling. “But I’m not going to let you here…in your sons room…that’s just wrong. I saw a big window in your living room. Go down there and open up the blinds…crawl down the stairs so I can record you…I want all your neighbors to see what a faggot you are. Now go.”

I was in tears now…the anguish was overpowering. I wanted trabzon escort to taste him so desperately, all I could do was turn and crawl towards the stairs. I heard him berating me as I crawled.

“That’s it…Mr. Thompson…crawl down those stairs you sad lonely cocksucker. I wouldn’t even waste time with you unless you make it interesting…I think if even just one of your neighbors gets a glimpse of what you are…it is almost worth my time.”

I finally got downstairs and I opened the blinds as he had ordered. Then he stood front and center of the window, in broad daylight, stroking his massive hardon with one hand and recording me with his other.

“Okay…little sissy bitch cocksucker…bring that pretty mouth over here now!” He ordered, his tone changing to very aggressive.

I crawled to him and erected myself on my knees, his cock now touching my lips, but he pulled back slightly again.

“Look at the camera…Mr. Thomson” he grunted.

I remember looking up and kissing the tip of his penis, and I remember the taste, the smell, and it was the most overwhelming experience of my life. As I licked my way up and down his shaft I realized that this was what I was meant to do. I enjoyed every square inch with my tongue. As the tip entered my mouth, I instantly felt full. He was not moving at all, only allowing me to bob in and out slowly , trying to take as much as I could in. I placed my hands on his ass…what a beautiful ass he had…just the perfect curves to it. As I took more in…I gagged because it was really thick. I pulled out and then took more again. Soon enough he started thrusting his hips towards me a I bobbed on him. Every once in a while he would thrust so hard it would make me gag, and I struggled not to allow my teeth to scrape. He continued facefucking me for a good 10 minutes. As he filmed me, he told me of the lady walking by with her dog who saw it, and the man across the street mowing his lawn you could see us. Finally, I felt him tense up and explode huge load of cum into my mouth. It was so much…i tried to swallow it, but it poured out the side of my mouth. Then he pulled it out of my mouth.

“You’re not done, cocksucker…Jack me off so I can cum all over your face too.” He ordered.

I reached out willingly and started stroking his cock, watching it expand to full hardness again. I cannot describe the feeling that I had when his cock was in my hand…but I felt alive. Moments later, another huge load of cum shot all over my face. It went in my eyes, in my hair and by the end of it…I was completely covered.

“That’s a good little cocksucker. Lick it all clean off of my cock, I have places to be.” He sighed as he lowered his cell phone.

“Sean is going to love to see this” he laughed to himself.

I licked all the cum off of his cock willingly, and once it was clean he pulled out and walked upstairs. A few minutes later, I am sobbing in embarrassment, still on my knees in front of the window, face covered in cum, and he comes down the stairs, fully dressed carrying the bag of Sean’s stuff. He walked out the door without any acknowledgement of me. I watched as he got in his car and drove away.

After that day, I was a changed man. Adam made no contact with me until a text message a week later that told me I was not even a good cocksucker and that he wouldn’t waste any more time with me…unless I was willing to give him money. Of course, the next day I gave him $1000 just to let me come to him and blow him at his work. To this day…he won’t even answer my messages unless I e-transfer him $100. Here’s a copy of the text he sent me…and all the replies…

Adam: Hey little faggot cocksucker of mine. I just wanted to let you know that I won’t be seeing you anymore as you are a worthless cocksucker, the worst I have had. I would be willing to allow you to try again, but it’ll cost you $1000 every time. You see…the only thing you might be good for is giving me money…so I will also never respond to you again unless you e transfer me $100 per message that I send. My email is [email protected]. Send me the money and you will get a response at my convenience.

Me: Can we meet tonight or tomorrow. I will get the money.

No response…so I e transfer him $100.

Later that evening…He texts me back…

Adam: Tomorrow…

Me: Yes…I will make it work somehow. When?

No response…an hour goes by and I am thinking of nothing else. I e transfer him another $100. Around midnight I get a text.

Adam: 1:00 pm

Me: Ok. Where?

No response…I wait until 2:00 am. I am going crazy…I e transfer him another $100.

Around 2:30 he texts back.

Adam: You will come to my work…

1843 _____st. You will have to wear some pink panties and bring some lipstick to wear. And the $1000 as well…

Sean and Anna were both sent copies of the video Adam had taken. Anna left me shortly thereafter. I texted Sean an apology for what I said to him, but he never responded. All in all, I learned my place and I can now say I am completely free. A turned man, from homophobe to desperate cocksucker and I will always have Adam to thank for showing me the way.

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