The Good Old Boy Ch. 03

Big Tits

Sometimes it’s been so long since you’ve felt good, you can’t even remember what it was like. I didn’t know when I started feeling this bad, but it must’ve happened a long time ago, when I wasn’t paying attention, mired deep in a bad relationship in a city seven hours away from my small-town home. I didn’t even know how miserable I’d actually been until this moment, when Louis Welch and I were holding each other in the back seat of my dad’s old Shelby 500 GT that had been sitting under a tarp in the garage for almost 20 years, after mind-blowing, surprising sex that came from nowhere and just exploded between us.

For a long time we said nothing. I just lay there with my cheek on his chest, my hand on his bicep, thinking how good I felt. I thought I was miserable about getting dumped and losing my job and having to move home to my brother’s basement, but actually I wasn’t miserable at all. There was nothing complicated about it: I was happy. In just about an hour Louis Welch had turned everything that had been happening in my life from bad to good. If I hadn’t lost my job, if that dick Marc hadn’t kicked me out, I never would have come home. I never would have turned to Louis and kissed him in my brother’s auto shop and it never would have led to this.

All these years I’d known Louis, since the sixth grade, when he started coming over to our house to spend the night with my brother Andy. We’d eat cereal and watch Saturday morning wrestling on the living room floor. Andy was the popular one, always surrounded by crowds of friends, and I was weird little brother everybody picked on. Only Louis was ever nice to me. I angled my head up from his chest and looked up at him amazement; I couldn’t believe what had just happened between us. Louis Welch, after all this time, I didn’t really know him at all.

He noticed me looking at him and smiled, pushing back his long, wavy brown hair, falling out of its ponytail in the aftermath of our wild, hot sex. God, he was so cute. “It’s getting cold in here.”

“Yeah.” The sweat was drying on our skin and I pulled up my pants and zipped them. “Want to go in the house?”

“Where’s Andy?” he hesitated.

“Took the kids to a classic car show at the state fairgrounds. They won’t be back until tomorrow.” I grinned as his face lit up, realizing what this meant. We had the whole house to ourselves all night. “You hungry?”

“Hell yes.” We were both a little stoned and I had the major munchies. We giggled like kids as we pulled on our jackets and gathered up our come-stained t-shirts we’d used to wipe up the back seat; but there was nothing we could do about the back windshield of the car that I’d cracked with the cast on my arm in a moment of passion. Andy was going to be pissed off and I’d have to pay for a new one, but right now it was hilarious.

“Shit, that was good weed, Louis,” I said, stumbling a little, grinning like an idiot.

“I know,” he answered smugly. We pulled the tarp back over the Mustang and locked the door behind us. While we were getting it on, the sky had turned black and rain slanted down in torrents. Before it started, Louis had walked down the gravel drive from the house instead of driving his car when he came down to the garage looking for me, so we were forced to make a mad dash through the cold rain, holding hands. When we got up to the door we were both soaked to the skin, our teeth chattering as we stripped off our dripping jackets and shoes in Andy’s kitchen; despite the cold, we were making out. As we kissed I kept my eyes open. I wanted to see him. How could I never have seen before how sexy he was? Some of Andy’s other friends were hot, I used to have a big crush on this guy Eric, but I’d never thought of Louis that way. Even with his long hair wet and matted down from the rain, and that scruffy little beard, he still had the same cute smile I remembered through the years. He always smiled at me, always asked me how I was doing. What might have happened if I’d noticed him years ago?

My hands slid over his cold, wet bare stomach down to his jeans, where my fingers worked the top button. “Let’s get these wet clothes off before you catch your death.”

“Yeah, I could really use a hot shower,” he answered, and I backed off, a little hurt.

“Okay, I’ll go find you some dry clothes.”

“You’re not going anywhere.” Louis caught me and pulled me back to him. “I meant both of us, Sean.”

“I can’t take a shower. I can’t get this cast wet,” I reminded him.

“Don’t worry about that. You go get some towels and some dry clothes and come back upstairs. Go,” he smacked my butt and I went downstairs to my room to find us both some clothes. Louis was a little taller than me, but my clothes would fit him, so after digging t-shirts and track pants out of one of the piles I went back upstairs at a run.A few years ago Andy spent a lot of money remodeling the master bedroom, adding on a huge bathroom and walk-in closet to please his ex-wife, who wanted everything bursa otele gelen eskort to be more and better than what Andy could afford. With Louis’ help he’d installed a huge double Jacuzzi, surrounded in gorgeous tile, with a separate shower. Andy only took showers and the kids had a separate bathroom in the hallway when they came on weekends, so since the bitch left the tub was just sitting empty and unused, except as a hamper for Andy’s dirty laundry.

When I went through my brother’s room I could hear the water running in the tub. Louis had cleared out all the dirty clothes and found some bubble bath under the sink that Lindsey had left behind, and he was sitting on the edge of the tub still in his wet jeans, lighting the dusty candles she’d put there that Andy never bothered to get rid of. Looking up, he smiled while I stood staring at what he’d done, touched.

“All this for me?” I whispered. Nobody had ever gone to any trouble like this for me before. It was so romantic, a funny feeling spread over me. Funny as in scary. Especially when I saw his brown eyes looking up at me, his long wet hair hanging free against his cheek, grinning, and my stomach dropped like on the sudden descent of a roller coaster.

“Get in.”

There was no way to refuse such an offer. I shyly peeled off my wet jeans and slid into the big tub. The water was hot, warming up my cold feet, and the bubbles closed around my neck like pillowy clouds. There was more than enough room for two people; I watched Louis stand up to take off his pants. In the Mustang’s tiny back seat, with my back to him– getting fucked by him– I really didn’t have a chance to look him over. Naked and beautiful, with slender hips and belly, lean, not cut like my cousin Nick, with soft light brown hair skimming his chest and down over his stomach. Gorgeous cock, perfect, big enough to make my ass a little sore; but it was a good soreness, reminding me how he filled me up. He got in way at the other end of the tub and we faced each other, our outer thighs pressed together under the hot water, while the jets came on and swirled the hot water around us like a boiling cauldron, humming low and steady.

“That feels good.” Closing his eyes, Louis sighed and sank back into the foam, his head tipping back against the tiles.

Questions raced through my brain, but they seemed lodged in my throat. Usually I talk and talk; I rarely ever shut up. But for the first time in my life I was speechless. I really liked Louis, more than I had liked anyone in a very long time. This terrified me. I had to be careful. I didn’t want to get hurt, but I hadn’t felt this way since…. Well, I didn’t even like to remember that far back. Being with Louis wasn’t like being with someone new, where you’re constantly worrying about the impression you’re making, and going through the tedious getting-to-know-you stage, “Hey, that’s my favorite Chili Peppers album too,” kind of shit. It felt like just catching up. He knew me, he knew my family as well as I did. He even knew my dad…

“So, did you come over here today to fuck me?” I finally said, going all the way to cynical, protecting myself. When I found myself caring, I got scared and I tried to push people away. I knew it. Maybe that was why I found myself in rotten relationships with people I didn’t really love. I didn’t love them so they couldn’t hurt me. I was safe behind my impenetrable walls.

Louis laughed with his eyes closed. The way he looked, sexy and relaxed, made me start to get a hard-on again, even though I hadn’t fully recovered from our passionate explosion in the back seat. I could fall for him, I realized with a sudden sick feeling. I’d known him practically my whole life; he was a part of my life already. It wouldn’t take much for him to get into my heart, my soul.

“I came over here to smoke some weed with your brother; I didn’t know he’d be out of town. But I saw he wasn’t here so I found you playing with yourself. The rest is history.”

Run, my every instinct told me. Run far, run fast. Around this time, I usually started acting like an asshole, doing something to screw things up and sabotage my chances with someone I actually might like. I don’t know why I did it, but the story was always the same. However, I took a deep breath and tried to relax. I managed to remind myself how good I felt when I was with him, and I laughed slightly and let some of my fear slip away. My questions– was he gay, was he just fucking around with my emotions– weren’t that important. I wasn’t going to marry the guy. Why ask a lot of questions he might not be ready to answer? Louis didn’t have to tear my walls down; he was already there, behind them, before they even existed. Why not, for once in my life, just enjoy the moment?

“Can you help me wash my hair?” I asked softly. “It’s hard to do with one hand.”

“Sure, come over here.”

Under the billows of white foam I slid over bursa eve gelen escort bayan to him, between his thighs, my back to his chest. The insides of his legs brushed my hips, enclosing me. My shoulders were tense as he turned the sprayer on; I closed my eyes and bit by bit I relaxed as the warm water flowed over my hair, down my face and my neck. Louis’ hands were so soothing, lathering up my hair, rubbing my temples, that I found myself leaning back against his chest while he soaped me up with long, slow strokes, over my head and my neck. Under the water my left arm was draped over his thigh and my right one was carefully propped up on the edge of the tub. Never in my life had I felt so good… so at ease, so perfectly in tune with someone. This was something I’d always longed for but had always been afraid of, this closeness. Now that I tasted it for the first time, I was scared, but I stayed exactly where I was.


His voice was in my ear, soft and simple. His hands, the way he touched me as he rinsed out all the soap, careful to keep it out of my eyes, melted me completely; I couldn’t have moved if I wanted to. My head fell back onto his shoulder as his hands slid down over my chest. I could feel his prick hardening against my lower back, and even as I responded the same way, I didn’t move. For once, I let go of my need to be in control. I just wanted to feel his touch.

Slowly, he soaped me up all over with a big sea sponge that was both soft and scratchy. I lay limp against his chest, sprawled out, eyes half closed while his fingers traced my skin, every inch of me, and his lips brushed the back of my neck and my shoulders, tongue swirling through the drops of water that clung to me from the sprayer. The back of my neck is a major erogenous zone for me and in an instant I went from relaxed and limp to electrified. Twisting my neck, I hungrily caught his mouth with mine and filled it with my tongue. A little moan came up in the back of my throat when I tasted his mouth, he tasted so good, I wanted to taste all of him.

“We really need to get out of this tub,” Louis whispered, a millimeter away from my lips. “Before we slip and break your other arm.”

I groaned. “Yeah, I wouldn’t like to explain this to the rescue squad.” Reluctantly, I pulled my body from its place between his thighs, where it felt so perfect. We dried each other off with towels and our tongues, steaming up the mirrors, till we were aching for each other. What was it about Louis? When we were together, when I was touching him and he was touching me, I totally lost my head; I didn’t think about what I was saying or doing, I didn’t censor anything. My need for him drove me to do and say things I never would have allowed myself to do with anyone else, I was always so worried about saying too much or looking foolish, but with Louis I was completely wild and abandoned and it scared the hell out of me, but it also thrilled me in a way I hadn’t felt in a long, long time.

We groped each other urgently, moving together, our mouths locked. There was no time to go all the way downstairs to my room. My brother made his bed every morning, so I threw down a towel over his comforter and dropped to his bed, pulling Louis with me, above me so that his body pressed against mine, his hard cock throbbing against me. He grinned down at me, laughing while I pawed at him, biting on his neck.

“Your brother would shit if he knew.”

“He never fucks anybody on this bed so somebody needs to.”

Grabbing him, I locked my legs around his hips and pulled him down, kissing him desperately; but this time, Louis did not give in to my need for speed. He pulled back deliberately, gently pushing my arms down to my brother’s mattress and holding them there, gazing down at me with his dark eyes, a little smile playing on his lips.

“Not so fast, Sean.”

“God, I love it when you say my name…”

“Sean.” He licked my nipples, torturously slow. He said my name again, and again while his tongue grazed my collarbone, down between my pecs, over my stomach and darted into my bellybutton, making me scream out. Always before I was quiet and collected in bed. One part of me always held back, watching myself with a critical eye, always staying in control. But not now. My control was in shreds and I almost sobbed as he swirled his tongue over my sensitive lower belly and into my blonde pubic hair. His breath was hot, whispering across the head of my cock.

“Louis, stop.” I whimpered.

I caught his head in my hands before his flicking tongue found my balls. I couldn’t stand it, it was just too intense. When I opened my eyes a peep I saw him looking up at me questioningly and I forced a smile to release some of the tension I felt. I was all ready to say something clever and witty, but the way he was looking up into my eyes, like he could see past them and into my soul where all my fear crowded, made my mouth go dry and I couldn’t speak. Instead, Louis rose up above me and brought his lips down to mine and kissed me, slowly and tenderly.

In that moment, that kiss, I was lost. My love was a little bottle inside me, and it broke and my insides were slowly filled with a liquid seeping through my veins, from the middle of my chest all the way to the tips of my fingers and toes. It was too late to run. One moment I was teetering on the brink and the next I fell over the side, I fell completely and totally in love with Louis. I almost stopped breathing and I was scared to even look at him for fear he’d see it reflected in my eyes.

I couldn’t tell him how I felt, but I could show him. Gently I placed my hands on his chest and eased him off me, down to his back, his head on my brother’s pillow. As I kissed my way down his stomach, teasing his nipples with my tongue, I closed my eyes and breathed in. Clean and soapy, sweet, punctuating the funky smell of my brother’s room, incense and dope smoke and dirty clothes; Louis’ hands were on my shoulders, then sliding up over my neck and through my damp hair in a gesture that seemed almost more intimate than what I was doing to him. My tongue circled the plump, juicy head of his prick and moved it forward, burying it. I felt him jerk and gasp in a little breath.

I knew what that little gasp meant; I remembered making that sound myself the first time a guy’s mouth hot, wet closed around my cock, a sound of need, mixed with shock at the intensity of the pleasure. I couldn’t help but smile as I slid my palm up over his stomach reassuringly. Back arched, head thrown back on the pillow, he clutched handfuls of the bedspread with his fingers. Tremors passed through him under my hands. Everything that had happened today was all new to him and that made me incredibly hot. I loved him, I wanted to share everything with him, I wanted to make him feel so good he couldn’t stand it.

It was different when you loved the person attached to the cock. I wanted to give him a blow job he’d never forget, and so instead of pushing it, trying to get it over with as soon as possible before my jaw started to hurt, I took my time. I let the head rest against the roof of my mouth like a big ripe plum while my tongue flicked over the thick rim and down the shaft. I loved that little flare around the head, that soft, soft velvety skin, his soapy scent, and the low, throaty growl he made while his hand came down and rested in my hair. He didn’t hold my head to thrust deeper into my mouth; I hate that, it’s so rude. No, Louis just gently ran his fingers through my hair, drying into a stringy blonde mess. With my right hand, the one in the cast, I reached up and touched his arm lovingly.

“Oh, Sean. Oh my God.”

His whole body jerked when I pushed my tongue down into the slit at the tip of his cock. I could tell by the way his balls tightened he was about to come, so I eased off, letting him relax, catch his breath. Then I performed a little test that separated the men from the boys. It was a sure way to find out if I was dealing with someone who was only playing, or someone who really wanted it. I started to pick up the pace and the intensity of my thrusts, taking him deeper, and then I pulled back and let my hand take over while running my tongue down over his balls, under them, and into his butt crack. My tongue slicked back the little hairs until it found his tight, virgin asshole, so cute, so sexy, untouched till now.

“Oh God, Jesus Christ.” Louis’ whole body jumped. I pulled away a bit, smiling.

“No praying allowed.”

Now was the time for him to stop me, if he was going to. This was the point of no return, the line in the dust no straight man would step over. I even waited a second, giving him time to think it over. But he did not stop me; in fact he wriggled his hips forward, closer to me, lifting his leg slightly to allow me better access, and so eagerly I explored the pinkish, puckered little hole with my tongue, gently probing, while Louis lay against the bed frozen in pleasure, breathing in shallow, surprised gasps. The passage was tight, but not clenched. Gradually I felt it relax and I stiffened my tongue and ever so gently slid it past the ring of muscle and into his ass. Slowly I moved it in and out and as a deep shudder went through him and he let out a low, desperate moan in the back of his throat, just hearing it like that and feeling his excitement almost undid me.

The darting motion of my tongue was too much for him and he was getting close, too close; I wanted him to come, but not like this, it wasn’t time. I stopped, pulling away.

“Hold that thought.”

Leaving Louis naked and panting on my brother’s bed, I jumped up and went for the bathroom, where I had strategically noticed earlier a little jar of Vaseline on one of the shelves. His eyes widened when he saw it, I know what he thought I was going to do with it, but that wasn’t what I had in mind. Not now. I wanted to feel him inside me, to fill me up the way he did in the garage, fully and completely until I tasted him. It was something I never thought I’d want again, to be taken and claimed the way he possessed me. The past still hurt too much. But with him I wanted it, I wanted him to know all of me.

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