Tall Sophie Ch. 05



It was 1:45 pm and Tom sat in the boardroom with his bank’s head of private wealth management. They were meeting with one of their wealthiest clients, a demanding heir to a Texas oil fortune who had nothing better to do than challenge every decision his advisors made. Tom had stayed up most of the night finishing a presentation on the water futures market at the client’s behest. He wasn’t happy with his depth of research, but the client wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Tom hoped he wouldn’t really know the difference, plus he was bound to disagree anyway. There had been two weeks notice to prepare, but Tom fell victim to extreme procrastination, choosing instead to jerk off constantly thinking of his daughter’s friend Sophie.

Contemplations of the 18-year-old beauty had consumed nearly every moment of his day. As his colleague droned on about freshwater reserves, his thoughts wandered to the feeling of standing next to the 6’5″ Amazon goddess. He relished feeling small and insignificant in her presence. She instilled in him a deep sense of inferiority due to the dimensions of her perfectly proportioned body, as well as her carefully chosen words and actions. She could tug and twist at his emotions like he was a marionette, with thousands of strings attached, each one calibrated to a mental or physical sensation – many of which he had never experienced before. He became especially vulnerable when she used her immense strength to lift him in the air, taking complete physical control of his body. He exalted in being dependent on her, feeling strangely safe and secure in her arms. And despite Sophie’s teasing and torment – even to the extent of inducing him to re-channel some of his sexual energy toward his daughter, Lauren – he was becoming hopelessly devoted to her. Maybe even falling in love, although a new kind of unfamiliar love.

His thoughts drifted to Sophie hanging over him yesterday, in push-up position, wearing a tight crop top Stanford t-shirt. Her cone-like breasts hung down toward his face, nipples achingly close, so large and suckable…

“Did you hear my question?” the annoyed voice of the client squawked, startling Tom.

“Um, sorry can you please repeat it,” Tom said, his face flushed from the embarrassment of zoning out, and from the luridness of his fantasies.

Tom concentrated hard, listening to a ridiculous question about the abundance of saltwater in the world that demonstrated the client had not understood one iota of his presentation. He tried to suppress a scowl at the thought that he had wasted a night of sleep and two weeks of stress over it. He collected himself and gave a patient answer about freshwater scarcity and the challenges of large-scale desalination in the simplest language he could. As he finished, he heard his phone buzz on the table in front of him and looked down to see it was an Instagram message.

“Well, I’m not sure I’m satisfied,” the dim-witted, rich boy said arrogantly. “But let’s take a $25,000 short position and I’ll hold you responsible for its success.”

Tom sighed as the client requested the exact opposite of what he recommended. And for a measly sum, considering the spoiled brat’s immense wealth and the effort expended on the research. It was like the client was flicking coins across the table just to taunt him. He wanted to be angry. But even more he wanted to leave and check his phone. Sophie was the only person who messaged him through the app.

“Consider it done,” the ass-kissing wealth management head replied, prostrating himself to the idiot’s wishes.

Tom stood, shook the client’s limp hand and rushed from the room. He looked at his phone as soon as he was in the hallway.



He tapped to open the message interface.

T: Hey, sorry was in a meeting.

He had to wait about 5 minutes for her response, during which time he arrived at his office and sat looking at his iPhone, ignoring the lengthening list of unread emails on his laptop screen.

S: wow I’m sore from yesterday

S: well not really my muscles

S: I’d consider that a light workout

S: frankly I was surprised you could squeeze so hard 😉

Tom felt a burst of confidence as she complimented the pressure he achieved on her nipples.

T: Maybe I just needed the right motivation.

S: lol

S: I’ve been monitoring your progress on the Peloton

S: you’re ready for a new class

S: we will stick with Kendall

S: the 20 minute movie buff ride from July

T: Okay, I’ll start tonight.

S: and you should add some supermans and lunges

S: I’ve already appended them to our tracking spreadsheet

S: here are some youtube links with good demos

S: [link]

S: antalya escort [link]


S: also

S: I’ve been thinking about the last line in the spreadsheet

Tom’s heart leapt. She had set him up with a shared Google Sheet to track his assigned daily workout regimen. Mischievously, she had added a field at the bottom to record his daily count of ejaculations. Yesterday the total was 6.

S: I think you’re exerting yourself too much

S: it’s interfering with your training

S: today that line should only read 2

S: tomorrow and for the next couple days you will bring it down to 1

Tom sat dumbfounded. He had come to rely on frequent masturbation to take the edge off. He was worried he would be completely unable to function as memories and fantasies of Sophie consumed him.

T: Not sure I can manage that. Any room for negotiation here?

S: no

Tom stared at the screen, unable to reply. He thought to himself, how would she even know? He would have to sneak extras in. There was no way he could hold himself together.

S: and don’t even think about cheating

S: I have a talent for knowing when people are lying

S: you really don’t want this tall glass of water to suddenly go empty on you

He remembered her writing something like that in a previous, now deleted, message exchange. The context seemed different then. But her message was clear now.

S: if you feel the need to perform that exercise

S: I want you to message me the following

S: “May I now, Miss?”

S: I’ll give my answer as soon as I feel like it

S: if more than 30 minutes have passed and you are still in a position to do so you’ll need to ask again

S: I promise it will happen the number of times I’ve indicated

S: although today may be a challenge

S: since I’m pretty sure you’ve already completed your reps

He flinched. He had indeed masturbated twice already and had been planning to again shortly.

T: I’m a really a wreck right now. Please.

T: May I now, Miss?

S: no

S: I made myself clear

S: don’t ask again today

S: time for class!



T: May I now, Miss? [7:14 am]

T: May I now, Miss? [7:45 am]

T: May I now, Miss? [8:16 am]

T: May I now, Miss? [8:47 am]

T: May I now, Miss? [9:18 am]

T: May I now, Miss? [9:49 am]

T: May I now, Miss? [10:20 am]

T: May I now, Miss? [10:51 am]

T: May I now, Miss? [11:22 am]

T: May I now, Miss? [11:53 am]


S: geez looks like this is really a problem for you [11:57 am]

S: glad I intervened when I did

S: so were you going to exercise in your car on the way to work or something?

T: I’ve become quite skilled at finding a way to work on my fitness in many places and situations.

T: Plus my Tesla does have autopilot.

S: lol

S: in any case it sounds like an unhealthy addiction to me

S: maybe cold turkey would make more sense

T: Please, no. 🙁

S: poor little rabbit 🙁


S: where are you now?

T: In the men’s room at work.

S: are you ready?

T: Yes.


S: go back to your office and message me again in 2 hours


T: May I now, Miss? [1:58 pm]

S: have you done anything except stare at your phone and watch the minutes tick by?

T: No.

S: that’s kind of sad really


S: where are you now?

T: In my car in the parking garage, sitting in the back seat.

S: hmmm

S: find the song don’t stand so close to me by the police and stream it on your car stereo

T: Ok, got it.

S: listen to the words while you start your reps

S: keep going don’t finish until I tell you


S: how do you find the lyrics?

T: Appropriate.

S: me too

S: except I’m a little confused

S: who’s the student and who’s the teacher?


S: imagine the bus stop

S: is your car warm and dry?

T: Yes.

S: best you get it lubricated then

S: you know what to do


S: does that feel good?

T: Yes. Not sure how many more reps I can take.

S: I’m going to send you a disappearing video

S: you can only watch it once

S: no screenshots

S: if you try I’ll get an alert


S: once you start watching it

S: then

S: Yes, you may.


S: [disappearing video]

Tom tapped on the video. At first he wasn’t sure what he was looking at. Something reddish pink seemed to be protruding from the side of the antalya escort bayan screen. The rest of the picture was out of focus with vague movement in the background. The object in view was shaped like a camel’s hump turned on its side. The texture looked familiar, small curved ridges, slight indentation at the top…a nipple. Sophie’s large nipple!

As the context became clear in his mind, he noticed a part of her areola in view on the side, small bumps and fine hairs were visible in front of the blurry background. The nipple was fully engorged…aroused. He began pumping his hand furiously, his saliva-soaked hand making a squishing sound with every stroke.

He could feel his cum rising. A finger came into view and touched the nipple. It traced a slow circle around the tip. More bumps appeared on the areola. The hairs stood on end. He was so close.

Then the finger applied pressure, pushing the nipple back into the breast and out of view. As it disappeared, the background came into focus. A woman was standing in front of some lockers, her face out of view. Her fingers pulled at the sides of her thong panties, adjusting them over her nice curvy hips. She was topless and had a beautiful, perky set of tits perched above a flat stomach. She put her arms back and stretched, jutting out her rounded breasts magnificently, like a nude figurehead on an ancient ship. He inhaled a quick breath and began to cum, holding a tissue over his cock to catch the discharge as it erupted.

Then the camera tipped up and Lauren’s face came into view.

“Fuck!” he cried out loud.

He threw his phone to the floor. He wanted to stop his orgasm, but he was too far gone. He gripped his cock and squeezed with each spurt. He wanted to feel ill, but he only felt the pleasure of his long-awaited release.

As he came down from the high, he felt a rising anger burning at his temples. His blood pressure rose so high he felt like his eyes would burst. What he had seen was wrong on so many levels; an invasion of privacy, a violation of common decency, something a father should never see – it was downright sick and twisted.

He picked up his phone and prepared to launch into a tirade at Sophie. The screen was back in the chat window and the video was no longer accessible.

S: before you do anything you may regret

S: know that I just permanently deleted the video

S: and if you write anything more today

S: even a single character

S: 1 will become 0 tomorrow

Tom stared at the phone for a couple minutes, shivering uncontrollably. He took deep breaths until the shaking stopped. Then he zipped up his pants, got out of the car, and headed back to his office.



Tom stood at his kitchen island, sagging from lack of rest. He had trouble sleeping again the night before as he lay awake thinking about Sophie. He wanted to be angry with her for the nasty video trick. Nevertheless, he couldn’t forget the image of her bare nipple, nor the feel of it rolling in his fingers just days before. He kept noticing unfamiliar suction in his mouth as he unconsciously acted out his fantasy of latching onto her breast. Except, he reminded himself, she had conned him into jacking off to a video of his own daughter! Everything about it was unforgivable. Yet another part of him could see she was playing power games, taunting him with her ability to manipulate and control his libido. It was confounding, yet somehow exciting. She created a smokescreen so he couldn’t discern where the excitement came from – the threat that she could make him go to that forbidden place, or that she would. He perceived that a battle was raging in his brain between the forces of decency and the armies of hedonism. He leaned into the counter with his hard cock. Hedonism was winning.

Someone tapped his shoulder and he turned around. He was immediately engulfed in a hug. He smelled a familiar alluring smell, the person was slightly taller than him, his cock brushed something. He started to return the embrace and then quickly startled and pushed back.

“Whoa, dad! Chill out, it’s just me,” Lauren exclaimed.

Tom stood looking at his daughter, breathing heavily. She wore a long-sleeve hot pink sweater that accentuated her shapely breasts. Matching pink lipstick adorned her full lips.

“Where did you get that sweater?” Tom asked, intending an honest question, but sounding accusatory.

“Sophie lent it to me,” Lauren said with a hurt look. “What’s wrong, you don’t like it?”

“But she’s practically twice your size, how does it fit you? And when did you get so tall?” his inquisition continued, despite knowing it made Lauren uncomfortable.

“Geez, Dad, what is escort antalya this?” she said exasperatedly. Their conversations had almost never gotten heated in the eighteen years they had laughed and played together. “On Sophie it’s got a bare mid-riff and a three-quarter length sleeve. We realized it would totally work for me as a full-size sweater. And I got new boots. Sophie helped me pick them out at the mall.”

He looked down and she twisted her knees sideways to model the new black knee-high boots worn snugly over her jeans. High platform heels made her at least an inch taller than him. He looked back up at Sophie’s sweater. It was the same one he had perved on in the bathroom a couple weeks ago. He recalled whiffing the collar while he ground his cock into her hanging jeans, just before they fell to the floor. He couldn’t help looking at the swell of Lauren’s breasts and remembering their grandeur in the video yesterday. His pants tented and he prayed Lauren wouldn’t look down. In his head he cursed Sophie for her wicked tricks. The combination of his daughter’s superior height while wearing Sophie’s sweater was incredibly powerful. His cock was at severe risk of bobbing up and down out of control; it would almost surely draw her attention. He wanted to sprint from the room. Yet he felt terrible for causing the brief conflict.

“I’m sorry hun,” he said apologetically. “You just surprised me. Work’s been stressful and I’ve been on edge. I barely slept last night.”

“Oh, Daddy, it’s okay, I understand,” she said sympathetically as she leaned down to plant a kiss on his cheek.

He felt a sudden rush as a tingle ran up his spine. Lauren was one of the most genuinely kind people he knew. He was proud of her natural empathy and diplomatic skills. She could always make him feel better…just not this kind of better. And now she was taller than him. Just the other day she had shown she was stronger than him. The feeling of inferiority he always felt around Sophie suddenly hit him, except now it was instigated by Lauren.

She leaned forward for another hug and he quickly pushed his pelvis back to avoid her bumping his erection. It wasn’t the first time since meeting Sophie that he had to maneuver around Lauren with a stiff penis. But it was the first time Lauren may have had something to do with it. Sophie’s scent on the sweater exacerbated the situation.

He tried desperately to return the hug as normally as he could. Then she extricated herself, said good-bye and rushed out the door to school. He picked up his phone, scurried into the lavatory and closed the door.

T: May I now, Miss?

He could see the real-time indicator that Sophie was typing. He held his breath expectantly.

S: Yes, you may.

He ripped down his pants and jerked off quickly into the sink. Cum spilled out almost immediately and hit the back of the porcelain basin. More dribbled down the front of the basin as a wave of relief hit him. The last bits dripped onto the edge of the counter.

As he caught his breath, he looked back at his phone.

S: more volume than usual?

T: Yes.

S: I told you the output could be impressive when you have patience


S: plus that sweater is quite fetching on her

S: wouldn’t you agree?

T: I’m not answering that.

S: it’s ok you already did

S: talk to you tomorrow



The board meeting had lasted the entire day and Tom could barely look at his phone, much less be in a place where he could ask Sophie to masturbate and act on the request. He was surrounded by the CEO, several bank executives and the full Board of Directors, all men, all wearing suits. It was nearly 2:30 pm and he struggled to sit up straight and pay attention. Sophie constantly invaded his mind throughout the waking hours.

Last night, during his three hours of sleep, she had invaded his dreams too. He was standing in front of his goddess, staring at her giant breasts. The hot pink sweater clung tightly to them, highlighting the delicate features his hands had memorized. At his diminutive height, her nipples were level with his eyes, tantalizingly poking through the thin wool. His cock was in his hand and he was jerking off. Her hands crossed over her chest, grabbed the bottom of the sweater and swiftly lifted it over her head. To his shock, his daughter Lauren was suddenly standing in front of him, topless. She was as tall as Sophie and he couldn’t see her face, but there was no mistaking the fantastic set of tits he had seen in the video. She reached an arm around his back and pulled him to her. Then she squeezed her fingers around her areola and proffered a nipple to his mouth. He wrapped his lips around it and sucked, feeling shamefully subservient to his daughter. He began humping the gap between her thighs. Then she stuck a finger in the corner of his mouth and unlatched him. She bent over at the waist, grabbed his ass and lifted him so his legs straddled her waist from the front. He hooked his legs around her back. She moved her hands behind him and pulled his face close to hers…

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