Me, My Girlfriend, , The Girl Next Door


I pulled the car into the drive after a long day at work, opened the door and went into the lounge. I was exhausted, I just slumped in an armchair. I shouted to my girlfriend, telling her that I was home, but I got no reply. Oh well, I thought, she’s probably in the back garden. I got up, and took a walk to the back, but there was no sign of her. Never mind, I said to myself, I’ll just go and take a shower, maybe she’s popped out.

I took off my jacket and shoes, and then set off upstairs. As I got to the top of the stairs, I walked into the bathroom, then realised I needed to fetch a towel from my bedroom. I pushed open the door, and was completely shocked at what I saw. My girlfriend was home, and she was on the bed, with the woman from next door. They didn’t notice me come in, and I just stood there and stared.

They were both totally naked, the woman from next door, Sarah her name was, was on her back, legs apart, and my girlfriend, Cathy, had her face between Sarah’s legs, and was, from what I could see, running her tongue up and down Cathy’s thighs. Both of them were panting loudly, Sarah’s were shorter, more urgent. Just watching them was so erotic, I had forgotten everything, and was now totally focused on the two of them. I stayed where I was, and without thinking I shoved a hand down my trousers and inside my pants. This was better than any movie.

As I watched, Cathy moved her head slightly, and then thrust it forward. Sarah gasped. I looked to see what Cathy’s hands were up to. One arm was supporting her, bent so that she was resting on her elbow, and the other hand was in her crotch. I guessed that she must be using her fingers for the same pleasure she was giving to Sarah with her strong tongue.

I regained just enough control amasya escort over my body to move myself a little to the left, so that I could get a better view. It was odd, despite having walked in on my girlfriend with another woman, I wasn’t in any way perturbed. I suppose I was just too excited by the sight.

From where I now was, I could see a little between Sarah’s legs. I could see her hips moving sharply and regularly, rising up and pressing hard into Cathy’s face. Every so often I could catch a glimpse of Cathy’s tongue as it stroked across the outside of Sarah’s vagina, across her lips. Then my view would be blocked as Sarah’s head was thrust down. I had done that for Cathy before, and in my mind I could imagine the sensations, the hot, wetness of the inside as your tongue forces its way down, as deep as it can go, then wanders about, poking in all directions. The smell, overpowering, keeping you captivated. How I long to be involved in this, not just a spectator.

I snap back into the real world, as both girls’ breathing has become very quick and urgent, punctuated by occasional gasps and moans. Suddenly, Sarah takes several quick, sharp breaths and lets out a colossal groan, followed shortly by Cathy, who collapses onto her, exhausted.

It takes a few moments, but then Sarah looks over and notices me. She jumps and cries out, Cathy shoots a look round, and they both stare at me.

“I, I’m, I’m sorry”, I stutter.

Sarah scrabbles around trying to cover herself up, but Cathy just stares at me. Funny, I’m not angry at the infidelity, I’m just turned on. Before I realise what I’m saying, I find myself speaking again

“No, don’t” I say to Sarah. Then I turn to Cathy. “Erm, I, I really enjoyed watching you. You seemed to be really enjoying it.”

Cathy seems to feel what I want but daren’t ask for. She moves over to me, I step closer, up to the edge of the bed. “Would you like to join in?” she asks. “I know you’re turned on, and so are we.”

I open my mouth to speak, but she plants a kiss on my lips and pulls me down to the bed. She rolls me over so that I am lying on my back with her on my left and Sarah on my right. Sarah is beginning to get into this now, and both of them are working on removing my shirt and tie, while kissing my face and neck. My shirt off, Sarah starts kissing my chest, her hands sliding all over my stomach and sides, while Cathy wastes no time in getting my trousers unzipped, and pulls them down, deliberately touching my erection as she does it. All this time has got me incredibly hard, and Cathy smiled as she touched me a second time, lingering, just holding her hand on me. I shudder with sexual passion and pleasure. Then, quickly and in one smooth move she yanked down my pants. Another grin.

Then the set-up is competed: Sarah sits astride my stomach, bending over me to kiss me, dangling her average sized but smooth-skinned and firm breasts over my face, begging me to kiss them, while Cathy kneels beside me, and takes me into her mouth, taking my entire length, sucking hard on it. I move my head up and take Sarah’s left breast in my mouth, sucking her nipple, flicking it firmly with my tongue. She feels amazing, her skin is so fresh, flawless, I love the feel of it against my tongue. I begin to get into a pattern, alternating the breast I suck, kissing and licking her chest as I move between them. I first kiss her chest around her breast, then I use my tongue to circle her nipple, then finally move in, putting my lips around it and sucking it, heightening the excitement with the occasional gentle nip with my teeth. She is clearly enjoying this, her eyes are closed again, and she is a little short of breath. As I’m doing this, I notice the previously imperceptible smell in the air, the atmosphere in there is filled with the scent of the women turned on.

Cathy meanwhile has stopped her sucking, and has begun a rhythm. She takes long, deep strokes, using her tongue simply to stroke along the underside of my penis as I move in and out, and to flick across its head when I’m just at her lips. The pleasure is amazing. She’s done this for me before, but today my senses are heightened, most likely by Sarah’s presence as well. The feelings build up, tightening me, and making me moan quietly. Cathy’s tongue is strong, and she knows exactly how to use it. I am in ecstasy.

It doesn’t take long before I know I have to come. I can’t even warn Cathy, since my mouth and lips are otherwise occupied, but she seems to know. She slows down, and lets my feelings subside just a little bit, then she starts again, building me up then frustrating me. This is torture, but I love it. A couple more of those and that is all I can take. I come hard into her mouth, and she swallows everything, every last drop, sucking until she is sure there is none left. Her keeping me waiting helped enormously, I was able to shoot come down to the back of her throat. I release Sarah with a loud gasp, and Cathy rolls beside me. I kiss her.

“I love you,” I whisper in her ear, my voice breathy because of my panting, “and I’ve never enjoyed myself as much as this evening. Sarah can come over again, so long as I’m invited too.”

“Of course,” she replies. And with that the three of us lie down next to each other, basking on the glow, each of us with our own private thoughts of what next time will be like.

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