Sexy Siren’s Seduction


I took another reading off the compass Velcroed on the thwart in front of me, and changed sides on the paddle. My arms were feeling a little tired. I’d been paddling for almost an hour and the shore was coming up slowly. I veered a little to the side to round a point and hit the cove I was paddling for. The canoe hissed softly in the wonderfully blue water of the White Partridge Lake. I was far up in the Canadian Province of Ontario in Algonquin Provincial Park

The sun was getting pretty far down and I wanted to set up camp before it got anywhere close to dark. I was hungry too. I rounded the bend that contained the cove I sought and froze.

On the shore not a hundred feet from me was a totally unexpected, and delightful sight. A tall lovely woman stood nude, her back to me. She was bathing unashamedly in the clear cold water and her nude body was wet and gleaming.

She stood near several large rocks and the thought of a Siren filled my mind. Sailors of old told of beautiful women, whose beauty, and enticing songs lured them onto the rocks. She stood tall and lovely, her hands moving over her body as she washed herself.

I couldn’t see anything but her back. She had nice buttocks and long shapely legs. Droplets of water sparkled on her skin. Her hair was short and the low red sun glinted on her wet reddish hair and turned her skin a coppery color. If she had stood still I could have mistaken her for a lovely bronze statue. She didn’t see me as I was behind her. I stroked, slowly and silently, taking in the sight of her lovely body, reddish-gold against the pristine wilderness.

We were miles from any cabin or town, two women far from civilization. I stroked again and bushes came between us, and I spotted a sandy beach with a clearing behind it that would be prefect for camping. The canoe grounded with a small crunch and I drove it harder into shore with my paddle. I stepped over the side, pulled it up further, then tied it off on a small tree. Here storms can come up quickly, and take a canoe away in a minute. I stretched and got the kinks out of my backs and legs.

I thought of the lovely woman was in my mind, and wondered if she would like any company. I sure would! I hadn’t seen another person in a week and was getting lonely. Wouldn’t hurt to ask. If truth was known, I was horny, and the sight of another woman here, Goddess like, naked, had gotten my clit hard.

I am bisexual, if you want to put a name to me. I’m married and have a wonderful husband. He doesn’t care for camping, and I take my time off sometimes to go in a wilderness area and just unwind. This was my first trip so far north. The hiking, canoeing, and outdoor exercise keeps me trim and fit. I’m 5’ 10”; slender and told I’m more than passably pretty.

I turned and started toward the point where I had seen the woman. I smelled smoke and the delicious odor of something cooking. I saw a colorful tent though the trees and called out. “Hello the camp!” This may sound a little foolish, but it’s just good sense, and common courtesy, not to startle, or intrude on a camper unannounced. It could be embarrassing for them, or you!

I heard a cheery “Hello, come on over.” I stepped through the bushes and found a lovely woman looking at me. She had on multi-pocketed britches and a shirt buttoned part way up. She was barefoot and sitting on a log, with a towel was wrapped around her neck She was still buttoning her shirt up. That made me glad I had called out.

Her face lit up when she saw me, and recognized me as another woman. I took her to be in her mid 50’s, short red hair, tall, just a little taller then I am, and with as far as I could see, a nice athletic body. I remembered her shapely ass from earlier.

Her face was a beautiful oval and quite lovely. I smiled, she looked like the kind of person who you immediately saw, and wanted to know better. I’m sure you have met someone like that. An instant recognition of a fellow human you know to be a nice person.

“Well, where did you pop up from? I thought I was the only person for fifty miles or so.” She said in lovely melodic voice as she toweled her hair dry. .

“I slipped in behind you. You were bathing on the point when I came into the cove. I didn’t want to startle you. No, that’s not quite true, I didn’t dare to disturb you. You were a picture of loveliness there, naked against the pristine wilderness. I just kept paddling, and am no more than 20 yards from here. I hope I’m not intruding. I haven’t seen another soul in a week, and frankly I’m starved for conversation. By the way, I’m Tina.”

“ Well ‘hi’ Tina, I’m Jane. I’m glad you came over. I’m starved for someone to talk to also. Would you like to set your camp up here? I’m sure we can find something to talk about.” She laughed delightfully. “I’m about to have something to eat. My fire is hot and you are perfectly welcome to camp here with me if you’d like. Don’t feel like you have to though. I know the feeling of wanting to be alone for a few days.” Jane said, elazığ escort gracefully letting me off the hook, if I really didn’t want to camp with her. I liked that thoughtful gesture.

“Well Jane, and you certainly aren’t ‘Plain Jane’, I ‘d love to camp here alongside you. Let me get my canoe and I’ll be right back. “ I said my heart pounding a little faster. The erotic image of her naked beauty was burned in my mind. I declined an offer of help and almost skipped back to my canoe.

Short minutes later the two of were talking like old friends as my canoe was beached upside down alongside hers, and I had my freeze-dried dinner cooking over her fire. She was already eating hers, so as not go let it get cold – my suggestion. She had a pot of tea ready and I sipped the wonderful flavor as we talked.

I found that she was a schoolteacher, and had come up here to get away from her family and kids after school closed. She usually spent two, sometimes three weeks paddling in the remote areas of Canada. She had left the top three buttons of her shirt open and I caught glimpses of her breasts from time to time, enough to whet my appetite. I wondered if she liked women too. She had lovely green eyes that seemed to sparkle as we talked, and she got a little excited.

I was impressed with the lady, and also her clothes, canoe, and camping equipment. All were quality, top of the line, and obviously well used and maintained. We both had Old Towne canoes, which are some of the best made, and are used by experienced canoeists.

My diner finally cooked, I sat and ate beef stroganoff, and all the trimmings. It is wonderful what the freeze-dried industry can come up with that is so easy to fix, and so wonderful tasting. Her tea had a wonderful flavor and I complemented her on it. She loved tea and had her own blend she used.

This warm wonderful lady enchanted me, and we seemed more like old friends as we talked and joked. We cleaned our plates and took them down to the lake and washed them together. The sun was all most down when she helped me quickly set up my tent. The modern tents are a snap to set up, but a second pair of hands always helps. I had no intention of sleeping inside, but stored any equipment inside, any that a sudden rain might get wet.

The sun set, leaving a stunning sight that had me running to get my camera out. I persuaded Jane to sit beside the water and took pictures of her with the gorgeous sunset behind her. I set it up on a tripod, set the self-timer and quickly got on the other side of the framed setting, to get into the picture too, two bookends framing a gorgeous Canadian sunset. We watched and talked quietly; the setting overwhelmed both of us, it seemed. Quiet voices seemed very appropriate in this setting. We heard the cry of a loon far across the water.

After dark, by a cheery fire, we talked for a while each telling of our lives, and what we did, or hoped to do. She was fascinated that I was a Nurse Practitioner, and the type of medicine I practiced.

I kept looking at her, seeing her naked body painted red-gold by the sunset, close to the rocks. A modern Siren – a haunting vision of loveliness and beauty.

“You seem lost in thought. Would you care to share it with me?” She finally asked softly, brow furrowed.

I laughed. “When I came up behind you, the sun was low and red. Your body was like a bronze statue standing beside the rocks. Thoughts of Sirens of ancient times who lured hapless sailors to their deaths crossed my mind. If you had been singing, the effect would have been perfect.

She threw back her head and laughed, long, deep, and mirthfully. “Tina, if I had sung, the loons and fish would have rushed madly to the other side of the lake. Thank you for comparing me to a Siren though. No one has ever made that lovely analogy about me.” She looked deep in my eyes, a lovely smile on her face.

As we sat, the fire was lovely to watch and the stars came out by the thousands. She and I propped back and watched them, seeing a meteor streaking across the sky at long intervals. Suddenly the sky lightened in the north, and as we watched the aurora borealis put on one of the most spectacular displays I had seen in years.

We moved our positions to sit side by side, our backs against a fallen log. We were sitting close and I felt her arm against mine. The night became cool and I felt her shiver. Without thinking I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her close and cuddled her to me. It was non sexual. Just a girl thing to do. My other arm went over and pulled her to me as we watched the splendor of the spectacular aerial display. Curtains of light hung from the heavens, shifting in color and shape. We were both awed by the display, here miles from any city lights to spoil their brilliance and subtleties.

One spectacular color change gave us both a long low ohhhh in response. Jane turned her head toward me and I glanced over at her face. I could just barely make out her face in the extremely dim light. I could see the whites of her lovely eyes looking at me. The kiss was consensual and almost at the same time, we leaned toward the other, and our lips met. Her lips were so soft and sweet. I sighed, and I heard her low moan as we kissed.

The setting was so intimate, miles from another person, in the middle of a splendid aurora borealis show. Our lips pressed and slid together softly till I slid my tongue out just a little to slowly lick against her lips. Her hands went to my face and pressed my face a little harder against hers. My hand dropped down and I instinctively sought and found her breast, small and wonderfully firm. I cupped it and we both sighed. I couldn’t resist and unbuttoned one more button and slid my hand inside to find the soft warm mound. Her nipple was hard and erect from the cold, and I ran my fingers over it again and again, while I fondled her sweet breast.

Her tongue became bolder and played with mine. She seemed uncertain what to do. I guessed that she had not had a lot of experience with another woman. I let my tongue stroke hers lightly, probing gently. Slowly she began to become bolder and her lips became insistent. She covered my hand through the shirt with hers and pressed it against her body encouraging me.

Our breathing became faster, and I could feel her body tremble – the cold or passion, I didn’t know. We kept kissing and I stroked her sweet breast pulling and rolling her nipple gently between my fingers, making it harder and longer. I could feel her heart racing.

I pulled back a little and hugged her. “Would you like to share a sleeping bag?”

“Oh, God, yes, I’d love to.” She said kissing me fiercely.

We got up and stoked the fire up so we could see each other. The night wasn’t cold, but a little too cool to just lie naked under the stars. We got our bags and to our delight found they were compatible, and zipped together to form one large double bag.

In the wilderness, the quiet sounds of the insects chirping, a distant owl, and we slowly undressed each other. The fire gave us enough light to see each other with our night-adapted vision. She had a beautify body, athletic, and a flat stomach. Her pubic hair was trimmed neatly and her breasts were small, high, firm and very lovely. I told her I knew women 30 years her junior who would kill to have high, firm breasts like hers. Her nipples were erect from the cold and stood out begging for lips to suck on them. She looked over my body and obviously liked what she saw. She ran her hand over my softly rounded stomach then lower to cup my prominent pussy mound. I shivered at her touch, so soft and gentle.

“I have never seen another adult woman who keeps her mound clean-shaven. I really like the look. So very sexy and neat looking!” She murmured against my mouth. “And so smooth too.”

“Is this your first time with another woman?” I chuckled kissing her sweet lips back and stroking her wonderfully soft back.

“Is it that evident? Yes, my first time with a woman. Years ago when I was very young, a friend and I experimented together. I have always been curious. This is making me so very hot and wet. I can’t remember ever being this excited. What do I do?” She asked her eyes glowing in the firelight suddenly.

“It is the easiest thing in the world. You are a woman. Thank God!” I laughed. “A very sexy woman. Just think of how you yourself want to be made love to. How you want to be kissed, caressed. It is really that simple.”

We kissed, hips pressing, pussy mounds seeking each other. My mound is prominent, hers not quite so. We pushed against each other while we kissed. We rubbed our breasts against each other. Nipples hardened by the cool night air, and by passion, made dents in soft flesh. Our kisses became more passionate. Jane was a very adept kisser and our tongues flicked and probed. It was not long before we were both breathing hard and my pussy was very wet, and wanted more intimate feminine attention to it.

I pulled back and we lay back on the sleeping bags, Jane moved with me and we wiggled between the warm confines of the bags. I pulled the top over us. It felt so nice. We snuggled together and began kissing again. I reached down and pulled her against me, slipping my thigh between hers. Our pussies pressed against each other’s thighs as we kissed and built our passions up again.

“Lie still and let me make love to you.” I whispered against Jane’s lips. She kissed me and let her arms slide off of my back.

Slowly I kissed her cheeks, eyelids, neck, and ears. I absolutely love making love to another women, and knowing she had never been with another woman was a plus in my book. I always try to make my lovemaking unique and satisfying, and when I make love to a woman who has never been with another one, I go very slowly, and try to give them exquisite pleasure that they will always remember.

A first time with a woman is a rare, and very wonderful time. I wanted her to always remember the woman who had initiated her to the joys of Sapphitic love. I moved down to her small firm breasts. I laved them with my tongue and sucked the hard nipples to longer cones. I took as much of her breast in my hot mouth as I could, stroked and kneaded the twin cones till they were fuller, and swollen with passion. She moaned her approval and her fingers played through my hair sensuously.

I moved a little, got between her thighs, and wiggled downward. I had to turn a little as the sleeping bags limited my movements. It was dark and my hands and lips found their own way along her taut belly and firm thighs. She was in splendid shape. I kissed her belly and stroked it, working downward. Her hips began to rock upward toward my head. I teased her, running my hands close to her pussy, but not touching it. I must have spent thirty minutes moving slowly down her superb body till I had her almost panting with desire.

I ran my hand over her soft furred mound, stroking the soft hairs there. She was moaning, her voice muffled by the bag that covered me. I nuzzled her pussy mound and cupped her mound with my hand. She cried out as I slid a finger along her wet slit. I could smell her sweet hot passion so close to me. I slid my tongue out and slowly traced her pussy furrow from top to bottom gently. She cried out as I reached the bottom and found her wet opening, and slid my tongue inside her, the first woman’s tongue to ever slip between the soft, deliciously wet folds.

I wished for light, as I love to look at the folds and whirls of a woman’s pussy while I make love to her. That would have to wait till daylight. I let my tongue slid as deeply as I could inside her, and my lips covered her wet opening. She had long ago spread her thighs wide for me. My fingers found her inner lips and pulled them wide apart. I sucked and tasted her sweet nectar.

Every woman has a unique taste and smell to her. I sipped her like I was tasting the world’s finest wine. Delicious, and salty-sweet, her nectar flowed over my taste buds, while the bouquet of her odor tickled my sensory receptors, and the two seemed to flow to my clit and make it swell still more. It was the clean, healthy odor of a woman’s excited sex. In the enclosed sleeping bag it was intensified, and acted as an aphrodisiac to me. I couldn’t seem to help myself and as I licked and sucked her hot pussy, I slid a finger down to my own sex and began to stroke my hard clit.

My other hand moved to her pussy and I rolled her firm clit in little circles as I licked and sucked her sweet wet flesh. I heard her moan, and her fingers slid through my hair sensuously, and it felt so good. I love making love to a woman, and as this was her first time I lapped and sucked her gently, building her passion up slowly. She was excited by my being the first to make love to her, and our passions seemed to feed off of each other.

I slipped my finger down to her wet slit frequently to keep it wet, as I stroked and rolled her firm clit. She began to sob and cry out. I wondered how far her cries of passion would carry over the water. I redoubled my efforts wanting the whole lake to resound with the cries of her first time with another woman. She didn’t disappoint me, and as she climaxed, her screams of passion floated over the lake lit only by starlight and the still glowing aurora borealis above, unseen now by us.

My fingers played over my clit and as she came, I came a moment later moaning out against her hot flesh, and mashing and rubbing my face against her sweet wet open flesh. Her climax seemed to go on and on. My climax was very intense and over quickly, and I put all my efforts into bring her to another climax. She came again and again, and her pussy juices seemed to flow into my mouth. I delighted in them, sucking and licking her sweet delicious flesh. Finally she cried out for me to stop, and her hands franticly pushed against my head to stop me.

I stopped and then slowly licked her wet opening softly, carefully avoiding her sensitive clit. When her body rhythm returned close to normal, I moved up beside her and pulled her into my arms and held her, kissing her cheek softly. She turned, and returned my kisses. I knew my face was still slick with her pussy juices, but this didn’t slow her from kissing me. Some women avoid this. Jane certainly didn’t and kissed me, her tongue sliding into my mouth.

“Oh, God, I though I would explode. I can’t remember ever having such wonderful intense climaxes as I just had. Thank you Tina, you are such a wonderful lover. I had thought about it, and wondered how it would be. It was so much better than I had ever dreamed it would be. And look, the Aurora is still so beautiful.” She said looking up.

Curtains of light flowed and shimmered as we watched. In the intense quiet of the wilderness we could hear the faint buzzing sound sometimes heard with the phenomenon. We were spell bound holding each other, looking up. We lay close, warm and cozy under the sleeping bags, naked bodies pressed together. Both of us were tired from the long day and the intense lovemaking, and drifted off to sleep without ever realizing it.

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