Menstrual Love Extreme Mess


Note: The following submission may be too disgusting for most readers as it deals with a fantasy that might better be left on paper. If you find sexual activity surrounding a woman’s menstrual flow offensive please do not read any further as it is not my desire to offend anyone. This is part 3 of the “Menstrual Love” series.

My girlfriend, Carol, just told me that her period has not yet started. She was sad about it as it usually starts like clockwork. She still wants us to have some fun tonight. In the last couple of weeks she has been reading my submissions to and says she likes them, especially the two with her in them about our menstrual games.

So, she is suggesting that I start another episode before dinner while she looks on. Here goes nothing. Carol is behind me and has positioned herself so that her monster tits are covering my ears like a pair of ear muffs. Her bra and shirt really make them stand out.

She just said, “Maybe, I can inspire you a little bit.” As I type this she is unzipping my fly slowly. She has pulled the material apart and is fishing for my hardening cock. She has let go and is reaching for something in her hip pocket. She brings it back in front of me and I see what it is.

“I am sorry it is still clean, but maybe it will turn you on anyway,” she says as she wraps the tampon around my cock. I am finding it hard to type as she jacks my cock with the tampon. God, it feels good. Damn, the phone just rang and she has dropped the tampon and cock and ran to answer the phone in the other room.

After a couple minutes in which I have been so distracted that I haven’t been able to type a damn thing she comes back into the room and is telling me, “I have a small surprise for you. You can finish that later, meanwhile, let’s take a little drive.”

Not one to argue I am going to stuff my cock back in my pants and do what Carol asks. Most of the time listening to Carol pays off in huge dividends. So, I will finish up on this after I experience this little surprise. I have just mostly recovered from quite an adventure. Yes, it was worth doing what Carol asked. Let me tell you what happened once Carol drove me away from our place as she had moved in with me several weeksago. I started asking questions as we drove to a strange neighborhood but she hushed me right away saying all of my questions would be answered soon enough. I was a little miffed that dinner was burgers from a drive through which we ate while we finished our drive to our destination.

Just as we finished the food we pulled up in front of a very nice apartment building. As she turned off the key she grabbed my hand and placed it on her crotch. There was the unmistakable lump of a feminine pad under her clothing. Whereupon she revealed that her menstrual flow had started earlier that day. She bounced out of the car at a gallop waving for me to follow her. I caught up to her just as she reached the apartment door.

The door swung open and there was Brenda dressed for fucking and sucking. She wore a see-through yellow nightgown that came mid-thigh with matching panties in an almost growl she purred, “Well, if it isn’t my favorite menstruating bitch ağrı escort and her big-cocked boyfriend. Don’t just stand there get your fucking asses in here.”

Electricity shot through my balls as Brenda greeted Carol with a passionate throaty kiss. They felt each other’s crotches checking for the presence of the required pad and giggled. Brenda next came over throwing her arms around my neck and explored my tonsils with her tongue. As she completed the kiss she grabbed my crotch and moaned seductively. She turned to walk away but I pulled her against me so that I could feel her butt crack against my prick as I quickly checked out her breasts and felt her crotch myself to confirm the presence of the pad. All of us now satisfied Brenda led us to the living room, where there was another surprise waiting.

Sitting on Brenda’s couch was Lola in a purple shortie nightie with red briefs. Brenda had seen Lola at the club on her last visit and Lola knowing that we successfully found Brenda. Inquired how it was going. One thing led to another and Brenda put Lola in touch with Carol. Fate smiled down as Lola’s period was not regular like Brenda’s and Carol’s. Lola called Brenda and Carol earlier that day to tell them that her flow was just starting. Lola was bisexual and liked group sex and wondered if she could get together with some of us or all of us.

She was not sure about this menstrual game but thought she would like to try as she did not mind the taste and smell of her own monthly flow. The three of them quickly made arrangements to surprise me. Carol’s toying with me at the computer was merely an effort to keep me from attacking her and finding her period had already started until she got me over to Brenda’s apartment. Lola motioned me over to her commenting, “You are over-dressed for this activity.”

She rubbed her hands on my trousers and undid the belt and fastener letting them fall to the floor. I quickly shed myself of shoes, socks and kicked off the pants. We kissed like long time lovers as she unbuttoned my shirt as I kneaded her posterior. As Lola stripped off my clothing I could see Brenda and Carol work on stripping Carol down to nothing but her violet panties. I caught a glimpse of Carol’s breasts as Brenda revealed them. I was happy that a wonderful side effect of the female menstrual cycle is how full and even enlarged all three women’s boobs seemed to be. Besides eating and fucking their menstruating twats I really wanted to do some massive titty sucking.

Brenda offered us Tequila Sunrises which we downed one after another as we had light foreplay at Lola’s request as she wanted to take things slow. We ended up standing around Brenda’s bar trading kisses and feeling each other up. I was going from girl to girl caressing their boobies. First there was Carol’s as they were easiest to get to; then I played with Brenda’s boobs and took her nightie off over her head before sucking a little on her pleasure melons. When I got to Lola Brenda was playing with her ass so I moved in and fondled Lola’s boobs. She allowed me to lift off her nightgown in short order. As I suckled on Lola’s monster jugs Brenda came over and squeezed my member and announced, “Bring your drinks and let’s go to the other room where we can be more comfortable.”

I was ecstatic as I hoped we were going to a nice king sized bed. But, instead we went toward the sunken dining room. All of the furniture had been moved out of the way and sheets lined the sunken portion of the room along with a couple of pillows scattered around. As I stepped down I could swear I could hear the crackling of plastic as I walked around. Carol went over and began seducing Lola. As Brenda and I lightly caressed each other’s crotches we watched Brenda working on Lola. She had pushed her thigh hard against Lola’s crotch and was kissing her passionately as her hand went down the back of Lola’s panties. Suddenly Lola groaned and from the position of Carol’s hand it was apparent that she had stuck a finger up Lola’s shithole.

I decided enough of being a spectator and pulled Brenda’s panties off her large hips revealing her bloody pad. I kneeled down in front of her and looked at the mass of matted hair and inhaled deeply. Carefully I pulled the panties off the rest of the way and told Brenda, “Disgusting, god damn disgusting, your cunt hair is fucking disgusting and I want to suck it clean.”

I pulled her down to join me on the floor. I handed her the panties to do with as she pleased and dove for her hairy mound as she laid her head on one of the pillows. I licked all over her hair then I pulled the matted clumps into my mouth and sucked each bit clean. I looked over about six feet and Carol had succeeded in pulling off Lola’s panties. The stench of menstrual fluid now filled the room. After expertly sliding out her tampon and laying it aside for future use Carol pleaded with Lola to sit on her face.

As Lola gave in and positioned her cunt over Carol’s mouth I stuck my tongue inside Brenda’s pussy. I found the end of her tampon and pulled it out with my teeth and laid it aside. Lola was grabbing and pinching Carol’s boobs literally torturing them as she thrust her pelvis all over Carol’s face. I could hear Carol’s slurping up her lover’s juices like it was ice cream. Brenda shoved my head into her twat reminding me that I had business to take care of. Her rancid taste was out of this world. I pushed two fingers up her asshole as I thoroughly ate her cunt. Her hips were bucking wildly. She came and I snuggled beside her softly kissing her boobs. As we watched Carol and Lola. Carol’s hands were on Lola’s back trying to persuade her into a sixty-nine position. Gradually her face was close enough to get the aroma of Carol’s pussy. Seeing this my erection was in full flower. Brenda noticed it and began giving me a superb blow job

As Brenda worked on me I continued to watch the show that Carol and Lola were giving. Lola timidly pulled down Carol’s panties. She did not go to work with any zeal. She flicked her tongue into the matted mess a couple of times. Her tongue exploration grew bolder and bolder until after a couple of minutes the two were engaged in a full sixty-nine. The nasty smell was stronger than anyone could ever imagine. I was now super charged and grabbed Lola’s panties and began sucking the juice out of her pad. It only took another minute for me to fill Brenda’s mouth. Carol and Lola were rolling around locked tightly together as they both came in a simultaneous orgasm. Finally breaking apart Carol got up and walked over to me announcing, “All those drinks went right through me; I have to piss.”

She put a foot on each side of my shoulders and let her golden nectar rain down on my face as I tried to catch it in my mouth. Water sports was the one thing Carol and I had not gotten into much, but here she was letting loose on me. When she finished Lola made the same announcement and proceeded to piss on my face as well. Her aim was actually better than Carol’s but I caught less as I was getting fuller. Then it was Brenda’s turn. I didn’t think her stream of urine would ever end. It ended up not only on my face but on my shoulders. A small pool had formed under my back and head consisting of the girl’s fluid. Then I broke the news to them that I had to piss right away and started to get up and find the bathroom. Brenda grabbed my arm and told me that I would have to piss on them in return for what they had done to me. She orchestrated the scene as the women laid down shoulder to shoulder and I stood behind Lola’s head, as she was in the middle, and I was to piss on all six of their boobs going from right to left and then fill their mouths coming back from left to right and keep going until I spent myself.

My bladder was really full and the girls caught very little in their mouths. Now I knew why they had lined the area with plastic as I fell to the floor and rolled around in the urine with these three wild women. We licked piss off one another’s bodies and rubbed our hands into the puddles on the floor and applied the piss onto each other. I had a blast kissing all of those big boobs. They tasted nasty but were so firm and at the same time soft and sensual.

As the urine began disappearing from our bodies we began using the tampons and menstrual pads to flavor all of our boobs and asses. What I thought would take just a couple of hours ended up lasting all night. We kept on drinking tequila and piss. I manage to kiss all three girls ripe pussys and fuck each of their extra tight little cunts. They helped me pace myself so that all of them would get a turn. Usually when I was fucking one of them the other two were fucking with a dildo. By early this morning the place was a extreme mess as all of the sheets were soaked with piss and cunt juice and the smell would take a couple of days to get out of there. Lola decided that our menstrual game was a blast and wants to come back next month whether or not she is flowing.

Carol and I staggered in at 9:00 this morning but I have some weird kind of energy and can’t seem to fall asleep so I came down to the computer to finish the story. Carol came in to see what I am doing. She is standing behind me again with her huge boobs in position. I hear her dig inside her panties as she is pulling out her menstrual pad. She is beginning to rub my erection with it purring, “This time it is dirty like you like it.

I don’t know how long I will last. I don’t think a lot of jism will spurt out but I had better quit typing and move away from the keyboard before she causes me to get the keyboard all sticky.

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