Brenda , I


My story is true; I have changed the names of people and places to protect the guilty and of course, the innocent. Enjoy!

Sixteen years ago is a period in my life I look back at with great fondness, I was 28, single and very sexually frustrated so much felt that I couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse if I had all the money in the world. Now I’m know you’re thinking “What?” Let me explain and it will become clear very quickly.

Jerry’s was the name of a nite club in the city that held ladies only night on Thursdays featuring Male strippers from 8 pm to midnight. Once the last stripper had finished his performance the cub was opened to men who on some nights were lined up outside and halfway down the city block waiting to get in. Luckily on this particular Thursday it was pretty quiet but I can assure you it was not inside as I could hear the women screaming and woohooing through the thick internal padded doors of the club.

I had been going to the club on Thursdays for the previous two months without success but I kept a positive attitude, the law of averages and all of that. Waiting outside I got to know most of the security guys quite well in that time and I knew them all by name. It was always an advantage to know these guys as it is in every place you know. I still try and get to know the security staff at every place I go to now.

The countdown to midnight was on in earnest, my ears suddenly detected boos coming from inside and I knew it was only minutes if not seconds away when the doors would be opened. “Tonight is the night.” I said silently to myself and suddenly the doors were open. Instead of rushing through the door I casually walked in and nearly got knocked over in the process.

Instead of going to the bar or heading straight for the women who were still quite worked up, this night I went to the toilet because I had to and I scoped out a number of women on the way there and there were some real hotties in there that’s for sure. On I pressed, nature was calling.

As I arrived in the mensroom I saw to women sitting on some chairs that had been placed there by management. Which was nothing unusual on a Thursday night just after a show. For some reason I didn’t pay too much attention as I headed for the urinal. Then out of nowhere one of the women said “Would you like a hand with that?” as she giggled. I jokingly responded “Yeah” and continued going about my business when I heard the ‘clack’ ‘clack’ of high heels, thinking one of the girls got up and left but to my surprise I saw a woman’s left hand come around my waist and her right had take hold of my dick and her chin rest on my shoulder. Shocked and a little bewildered I froze as she held my dick in my hand as I peed.

My sick began getting hard as she continued to hold me. “This can’t be happening,” I thought to myself but it was.

“Nice dick”

“Err, thanks”

“Looks like you finished”

“Yeah, how about giving it a little shake baby”

With that she gave my sick a little shake, as I looked down I saw her left had properly for the first time; she was wearing a wedding band! She did not let go of my dick, which was now hard as a rock she was now giving me a nice slow hand job.

“Does that feel good?”

“Yeah, sure does” I replied

“Come on Brenda, let’s go.” Her friend called and suddenly she let go and walked away.

“Hey come back baby” I called as I turned zipping myself up. The woman stopped momentarily to look over her shoulder to give me a smile and wink as she wiggled her fingers waving me goodbye. I chased after her but lost her in the bustle of the crowd in the club so I went to the bar to get a drink in frustration yet again.

After about my fourth beer, who should walk up to the bar but Brenda. “Hello again” I said to her.

“Oh hi, I thought you would have tried to find me”

“I did but I lost you, so I just hung around here thinking you would show up sooner or later for a drink, I guess I was right” I replied knowing it was a lie. “Can I join you at your table or maybe get a dance? I continued.

“Yeah why not, just let me get my drinks first” she said

“OK, maybe I better get another one too, I’m max by the way”

“I’m Br….”

“Yeah Brenda, I know” I interjected

Once we got our drinks we walked back to her table and joined her friends at the table and I was introduced to all the women there, some had men hanging off them others didn’t, particularly one woman, Shelly who was her friend from the mensroom.

As I sat talking to Brenda I was really scoping her and she knew it, she was 5′ 3″ in heels with mousy blond shoulder length hair, tanned and very well proportioned considering her height and was slim. I also noticed a small tattoo on her left breast but because it was partially covered I couldn’t make out what it was.

I asked her to dance and she accepted. While on the dance floor we continued to talk over the din of the music and I maneuvered her to the edge of the stage. Some people were on the stage dancing and Avrupalı porno I suggested we move there, as it was less crowded. Once on there we continued to dance real close and my cock was once again hard and pressing against her belly.

“Is that a gun in you pocket or are you just happy to see me?” she said with a laugh.

“What do you recon?” I grinned. “Come with me”

“Where?” she asked as I lead her behind the backdrop away from prying eyes. Once behind the backdrop the clubs lights couldn’t be seen and neither could we be seen. I began kissing her passionately and she responded as I grabbed her ass in my hands pulling her closer. The ecstasy of the moment was filling both our heads and we began groping each other more seriously.

It wasn’t long before I had moved her G-String to one side and began playing wither clit as she unzipped me and pulled out my aching cock as we continued to kiss each other.

“I want to fuck you and I want to fuck you right now” I said hoarsely as I turned her away from me continuing to finger her silky smooth and soft soaking pussy.

“I don’t think we should, I’m married”

“I just want to fuck you”

“I want to fuck you too but, I’m married” she said as I continued to finger her pussy without objection.

“I’m going to fuck you Brenda because I know you want to be fucked” I said as I lifted her skirt to expose her lovely little ass and pressed my cock up to her now dripping pussy.

“We really shouldn’t.” She said I began to push the head of my dick into her pussy as she repeated her words but I continued to push into her to the hilt and her protests stopped and turned into encouragement to fuck her deep and hard.

As she leaned forward with her head down jutting her ass out to my cock I saw out of the corner of my eye movement and I looked over to see Roger, one of the bouncers watching us. I froze momentarily thinking I was in the shit with him and the club owner for sure but her just smiled and then shook his head and walked off as now continued to pump in and out of Brenda’s hot little pussy.

Suddenly I felt the muscles in her pussy become tighter and then her legs started to give way and she exploded in orgasm as she screamed “Oh God” As much as I liked her being vocal I couldn’t help but worry that she could be heard over the music. Then suddenly it was my turn, I quickly pulled out of her wetness and she instinctively spun around and took me in her mouth and I began to pump in and out of her mouth. As I came down her loving throat I looked over my shoulder to where I saw Roger earlier and realized that he was there again but this time he and a couple of other bouncers had been watching us. They just smiled and bowed slightly and began to walk off as Brenda arose from sucking my dick and adjusting her clothing with a big smile on her face.

“That was fantastic Max, we’ll have to do this again”

“But your married” I laughed

“Who fuckin` cares, I haven’t had sex this good in years”

After a little more groping in the afterglow of sex we adjusted ourselves and returned to the table and all of the women had left except Shelly who was furious.

“Where the fuck have you two been?!”

Brenda just smiled and said, “I’ll tell you later babes”

Brenda and I exchanged phone numbers and organized a time to meet the following Monday evening as we left Jerry’s. When we got to Brenda’s car we kissed goodnight and went our separate ways home.

Monday couldn’t come fast enough I wanted to see Brenda again, the one thing I wanted more than anything else was to taste her sweet little pussy I wanted to see her naked and I wanted to see what the tattoo was. I was totally in lust with this woman a slut, a woman I had fucked in a nite club while security watched.

Friday I was still heady from my experience of the night before, when Saturday came I ached for her, Sunday I couldn’t take any more, my balls aching for release and it was up to me to relieve my pain, I gave in as I masturbated to my thoughts of fucking Brenda once more.

Monday at last rolled around and when I came home from work I jumped into the shower and then got dressed to meet her in a city hotel for drinks before bringing her back to my place.

I waited for her in the piano bar and she was late. Just as I was about to leave thinking I had been stood up she walked in wearing a little black dress with black stockings and heels. She looked gorgeous her make up was done to perfection she looked as though she had just come from a business meeting.

I offered her a drink but she refused saying she would just rather go to my place so I finished my drink by chugging it down and we left the hotel for my car and drove back to my place stopping at liquor store on the way. When we got to my place we sat talking for a small while catching up on what we had been dong since we saw each other last. I admitted to masturbating over the thought of her and she just smiled and admitted that she was so horny Video porno on the Sunday that she jumped her husband for sex but all the while just wishing it was me fucking her instead of him.

A small silence came over us and then she spoke. “I hope you don’t mind, I had to have dick”

“No, of course not, I can’t get over how much we have lusted over each other is all.”

“Yeah, we got it bad” she giggled.

“Brenda, I couldn’t make up my mind whether to tell you this or not…”


“Well, the other night when we were behind the stage we were being watched,” I said hesitantly.

“Watched? By who?”


“You’re kidding?”


“Oh my God” she said a little embarrassed.

“Well, they obviously liked the show, because we didn’t get kicked out” I laughed.

“Max, how about rehearsing a show now” as she unzipped my pants and reached in for my cock.

Not being stupid I didn’t need to be asked twice. I took of my pants and shirt followed by my briefs and socks in front of her as she sat on the lounge suite.

“Mmmm, nicer than I imagined” she cooed.

I stood her up and took her in my arms as I undid the zipper of her dress and slid it off her shoulders and watched it fall to the floor. She no stood before me in naked except for a garter belt and stockings and I my cock immediately became hard looking at her nakedness as I told her this was the moment I was waiting for, seeing her naked for the first time.

I went to my knees and began smelling the wetness of her completely hairless pussy. (To this day I love a woman who shaves or has a Brazilian) I was entranced by the waxed, musky pussy, as I breathed her scent into my nostrils I craved her and she could see the lust swell in my eyes which, only inflamed her lust. I began rubbing my face along her inner thighs as she spread her legs to accommodate me. I quickly darted my tongue onto her labia and then continued to caress her thighs as I undid her garter belt and slipped off her stockings lovingly. I was hers completely and she knew it.

I kissed her inner thighs and worked down to her feet as she fell back into the lounge holding out her pointed toes to me saying “Oh yes, my good slut kiss my feet”

“Slut? My Good slut?” I thought to myself “She is calling me her slut?” but I continued kissing her feet and she continued calling me her good slut. As much as I couldn’t believe her calling me her slut I didn’t care, I was too far-gone with lust.

“Tell me what you want to do now my lovely slut” she commanded

“I want to eat your pussy until you cum all over my face baby”


“Er, I want to eat your pussy until you cum all over my face mistress” I said never one to shirk role-playing.

“That’s better slut, but no, I want you to carry me to the bedroom and then I want you to lie down on the bed spread eagle and you will tell me where your ties are”

“Yes mistress”

I picked her up gently and carried her to my bedroom showed her where my ties were and lay down on the bed and she then proceeded to tie me down and then blindfolded me.

“If this gets too much call limits and I will stop, OK Max?


“I beg you pardon?”

“I mean yes mistress”

I couldn’t believe this; tied to my own bed willingly submitting to God knows what from a woman who stood 5’3′ in heels.

For what seemed for the next two or so hours this woman tickled and teased me as I lay there helpless aching to put my cock inside her. She untied my legs and one hand and told me to roll over which, I did and she tied me up again. She took off my blindfold and told me to raise my hips, which, I did, and she put a couple of pillows under me.

With and evil smile she began spanking me hard with her hand until my ass felt like it was on fire, then she reached into her purse that she brought in after she originally tied me up and pulled out a vibrator. The next thing I knew she had it turned on and at my exposed balls and I began getting really hard again. As she did this I felt her place some lube on my asshole. “She’s not..Oh fuck she is,” I thought to myself as I felt the vibrator at my asshole. Then she applied pressure saying, “Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass slut?”

“No mistress”

“Well this is what it is supposed to feel like” as she gently pushed through my sphincter. Deeper and deeper it went. At first uncomfortable it kept going in “how long is this fucking thing” I wondered but the discomfort soon subsided and then she began fucking my ass with the vibrator. Slow at first and slowly building up speed and then to the point she was ramming it in and out.

I began moaning with pleasure and as I did suddenly she stopped and removed it from me. I couldn’t believe that I was getting pleasure form being fucked in the ass with a vibrator. She untied me and commanded that I describe the sensation to her, which I did.

“The game is over” she announced

I went along with her but secretly I wanted to play that game all night. I took her in my arms and rolled her on to the bed and told her that I was going to eat her until she came at least four times and then I was going to fuck her like she were my slut. I went down between her legs and ate her for what only seemed minutes when she came for the first time and as I continued she became more and more vocal. I drank her juices like a man dying of thirst and I craved more but she was begging me to fuck her. As I began to position myself to fuck her she said “Fuck my ass, I want your lovely cock in my ass”

“Ok baby, soon”

“No I only want you in my ass tonight.”

“Ok” I said a little disappointed

“Max, my ass is yours and yours alone, I don’t even let Brett (her husband) fuck me that way.”

I kissed her again and said “Thank you”

“I know you enjoyed the vibrator up you ass, you got to feel something of how much I love anal baby and I have waited so long for someone to able to satisfy my lust for this fetish.”

Hearing her speak of her lust for her fetish turned me on even more and my cock was so hard it ached I lubed her up and slowly entered her. As I did her facial expression was that of relief which quickly turned wanton. Her ass clamped around my dick, having never felt this sensation before it was all I could do from coming in her right then and there.

I began pumping her harder and harder, faster and faster, the harder I went the more she squealed to be fucked harder and faster. Suddenly I could take no more I was about to com and announced it to her loudly as I began to pull out of her but she reached back and grabbed onto my ass saying “No! In me I want it in me!” Right then my balls contracted and I blew a huge load of cum into her ass as she lay there with a satiated look on her face sighing with pleasure.

“You are the best fuck I have ever had Max,” she said as she fell asleep in m arms. At around 1 am she awoke looked at the time and told me she had to go home. I got up and escorted her to her car and we kissed goodbye. As she left I said, “Call me”

A week later Brenda called me and asked me to meet her at Shelly’s place and gave me the address. I was looking forward to seeing Brenda but Shelly, I wasn’t so sure considering how pissed off she was at Brenda and I last time I saw her. Obviously things had been smoothed over otherwise a meeting at Shelly’s would not be happening.

After Brenda rang business took me into the city once again but around lunchtime, I decided to go into a Pizza place that had just opened up. The pizza place was freshly painted and you could still get a whiff of fumes from the paint but the décor was cozy. I at down at a table and looked at the menu when the waitress turned up at the table. When I looked up to the waitress I got the shock of my life, it was Shelly. Not knowing what to say I blankly said “Oh, hi”

Shelly was very professional and took my order and said “It is almost time for my break can I join you while I take my break, we need to talk” this sounded ominous to me, what could I do but agree. 15 minutes later Shelly came back with my pizza and sat down at the table. After some small talk she said, “Well Max, you know Brenda won’t leave her husband, she has children”

“I’m not asking her to”


“I mean she doesn’t love you or anything”


“Yeah she just wants some dick”

“What makes you think I am in love with her?”

“I don’t know”

“That’s right you don’t know, look we are just having some fun. I’ll admit that if she wanted to leave her husband I would be all for it if she wanted to come to me but Shelly, let’s face it I have only known her a week and a half and we have meet only twice”

“I just wanted to make sure everything is ok”

“It is Shelly, if she just wants a fuck buddy, that is ok with me. I’m sure if she wants anything else she would tell me,” I said smiling.

“Ok then, see you tomorrow night?”

“Yeah sure babe”

When I finished my lunch I went to Shelly on the way out and said goodbye and went back to the office. That night I sulked, I wanted Brenda but was I mistaking lust or love? After some serious soul searching I came to the conclusion that it was lust and that I was behaving like a teenager and this was just not going to wash with Brenda and especially Shelly.

The next evening at about 6.30 I arrived at Shelly’s I went in bearing a bottle of wine for us all and some flowers for Shelly being that she was hosting Brenda and me. We drank the wine and I got to know Brenda without sex and I got to know Shelly too, she wasn’t such a bitch after all.

The conversation turned to sex as it always does and I found out that Shelly who was an attractive woman herself standing 5’6″ tall with a slender figure and Brunette waist length hair and some awesome tits was getting less sex than what I was getting before I met Brenda.

Brenda was teasing Shelly telling her what a good fuck I was and that she should find someone like me to play around with. I put a stop to it after seeing that Shelly was getting upset. Brenda caught on and said “Well Shell, time for some Max time as she got up and led to me to a pre-prepared bedroom.

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