Helping Sis Find a Job


My sister and I were never very close. Heather and I were born five years apart with me being older. I went away to college when she was in seventh grade. When I graduated from college, I got a job 100 miles from home. She graduated from high school, got married and pregnant, not necessarily in that order. So the only time we were close was when I was in high school and she was a young kid. I guess that’s why I still think of her as that young kid, even though she’s 38 years old.

The guy she married was a real jerk. My parents didn’t like him, so the only way she could marry him is to get pregnant, which is what happened. He couldn’t hold a job and was unemployed most of the time. He didn’t care as long as he had money to go hunting and fishing. They eventually moved away from my parents, although they relied heavily on support from them. My father bought houses for them to live in and sent money for them to live on. Their child was the only reason my sister stayed with the jerk.

Finally her son graduated from high school and enlisted in the navy to get away from his father. That was all my sister needed, she packed up her bags and moved back in with my parents. She tried to get a job, but she wasn’t having any luck. My parents wanted to sell their house, move to Florida and retire to the warm climate. However, with my sister living with them, they felt an obligation to stay until she got back on her feet.

Here is where I enter the picture. I have been divorced for five years and I live alone in a fairly large sized house, so I invited my sister to come live with me. Jobs were more plentiful where I lived, so she would have a better chance at getting a good paying job. Also, I would have some one to live with me and I could get to really know my sister.

Everyone agreed with my suggestion and I went up to my parents’ place to help her move. She didn’t have much, some clothing and a few other personal items. The clothing she had was out of style and well worn. So, after I got her settled in my house, we went shopping. She didn’t want to take any money from me, but I convinced it was just a loan until she got a job and then she could pay me back.

I took her to some of the nicer women’s clothing stores. Thank goodness I went with her, she’s a very pretty woman, but insisted on trying on clothing that made her look matronly. She’s about 5′ 8″ tall and weighs around 135 pounds. She has a very good figure, nice bust, small waist and well formed hips and ass. She didn’t have much fat on her. She said they didn’t have enough money to buy enough food for her to get fat. I finally convinced her to try on clothing that showed off her figure. I picked out some dresses and blouses that had a neckline that accentuated her boobs. I made her try on dresses that were cut above the knee and showed off her legs. She was modeling the clothes for my approval. I started to realized that I was getting aroused by my sister.

I then took her to a hair stylist and had them change the way she wore her hair. She had long straight hair, she said her husband wouldn’t let her wear it any other way. When they were finished with her she looked beautiful and sexy. All of a sudden I started to look at my sister in a different way. After all, I had not had a date in over two years and the closest thing to a sexual experience was one that I shared with my hand. However she was my sister, my kid sister, I told myself to put those thoughts out of my mind and just be happy to have her for company.

She kept my house clean, cooked for me and did my laundry. I was in heaven. It was good to have someone to talk with, when I came home from work. We spent many evenings catching up on lost time. The more we talked about our adult lives, the more we found out we had similar unhappy marriages. Our spouse were people who weren’t happy with their lives, so they made sure we weren’t happy with ours.

Heather’s husband, aside from being an unemployed bum, was also someone who berated Heather constantly, telling her she was stupid, ugly, a poor cook, too skinny They had no sex lives, he was either drunk or out screwing the town slut, leaving her home alone to raise their son. If they had sex, he yelled at her and told her she was rotten in bed. She was a person who had a very high sex drive, so this lead to her having to diyarbakır escort please herself. She was too afraid of him to have an affair. I couldn’t understand why she didn’t leave this creep earlier.

My wife was not interested in sex either. If I suggested anything other than the missionary position, I was label a pervert. When we were first married, we had sex once or twice a week. That soon trailed off to once or twice a month and then it just stopped completely. The last three years of my marriage, my wife and I lived in separate bed rooms and barely communicated. It was only when her parents became ill and a prospect of inheritance came into the picture, that she agreed to a divorce.

Friday, I came home from work and was greeting by my sister wearing one of her sexy new outfits. She ran to me, gave me a big hug and big kiss on the lips. I was told she got a job and I was taking her out to celebrate. She had made reservations at a fancy restaurant. The food was good, the setting was romantic and the wine was excellent. I hadn’t had such a good time in years and years, she hadn’t either. We went to a pub, close to my house, had a few drinks and talked for about an hour. She was so relaxed and happy. She didn’t believe how good her life was and she owed it all to me. She almost started to cry when she thanked me.

The alcohol was having an affect on me, so I suggested we go home to continue our celebration, She agreed, but when she got up, she was unsteady on her feet. Walking to the car, she was a little tipsy and she started to fall. I reached out to prevent her from falling, and grabbed her right in the boobs. I immediately started to apologize, but she just giggled and said “I was the first person to gab her tits in a long time and it felt good”. I replied “that it was a long time since I felt a woman’s breasts and I enjoyed it too.”

We were still laughing about our little incident when we got home. I told her “it’s a good thing she was my sister or she wouldn’t be safe in the house tonight.” Heather looked at me with a kind of sexy mischievous look on her face and said “What would I do if she wasn’t my sister.”

I though I’d play along with her, so I replied. ” I’d first take you in my arms and kiss you. Then I’d kiss your neck and nibble your ears, while I unbuttoned your blouse. When you blouse was undone I’d take off your bra and kiss and your boobs.”

She came close to me and said “Oh John, I’d like that very much. You have given me so much happiness, you’ve been everything a sister could want in a brother. Now, I want more, I want to feel like a beautiful, sexy women. Please, help me feel that way. I love you very much and I know you love me, so what is the problem? Please make love to me, tonight.

With that I picked her up in my arms and carried her to my bed. I looked her in the eyes and said “Heather, your right. I love you so very much. I want this as much as you do, but before we do anything, that we’ll regret later, are you sure you want this to happen?”

She looked me in the eyes, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down until my lips meet hers. She gave me a hot wet kiss, our tongues intertwining, probing, touching each other’s. We both hadn’t had sex in a long time and we were not being gentle. I quickly unbuttoned her blouse and unsnapped her bra. As I pulled the loose bra from her breasts, I stopped and stared at the creamy white mounds of flesh. God, how I love tits! Her nipples were hard and erect. They weren’t much bigger around than a nickel, but they stood out a good half an inch, just the way I like them.

I grabbed a tit in each hand and started to massage and knead them. Nothing feels as good as a handful of tit, except maybe two hands full of tits. I lowered my lips to those red, luscious nipples. I couldn’t believe the feeling of ecstasy. I experienced as I sucked those nipples. As I started to gently bite them, I heard my sister start to moan. I looked up at her face, her eyes were closed, her lips were slightly open and her tongue was tracing her lips ever so slowly. She had the look of an angel, an angel in heat.

I moved up and gently kissed her lips. My hands were pinching and pulling on her nipples. My kiss was returned with a much harder kiss. Her tongue touched escort diyarbakır mine and pushed it back in my mouth. She surprised me by turning me on my back and sitting on my crotch. While she was unbuttoning my shirt, her pussy was rubbing on my cock through my pants. When she got my shirt opened, she leaned don and sucked and bit my nipples. She did one then the other, licking and sucking them. Heather’s head started to move downward, licking her way lower and lower. She undid my belt, unfastened my button and pulled down my zipper, very quickly. I lifted my hips off the bed as she literally ripped my pants and under ware from my body. A big smile appeared on her face as she looked at my cock.

As she grabbed a hold of my cock she said “You can’t believe how long it’s been since I have had one of these in my hands.” she then lowered her hot wet lips to my waiting cock. I can’t describe the awesome feeling that went through my body, when the head of my cock entered her mouth. Her tongue licked the underside of the head, “I hope I can get this all in my mouth” she said, as more and more of my cock disappeared into her hot wet mouth.

As I watched, she took my whole dick, down to the base, in her mouth and throat. I’m not huge, only about seven inches, however no women had ever deep throated me. I was in heaven. “Your husband was an asshole. He had a woman who could do this and he didn’t use her. I know he was lazy and dumb, but I didn’t know he was a stupid ass hole. If you were mine, We’d never wear clothes so we could make love anytime we wanted.”

She looked up at me and smiled. “I am yours,” she said, “for as long as you want me.” I plan to live with you until you want me to leave.”

“Do I look like an idiot, want you to leave, I don’t think so.” Then I grabbed her and threw her on her back. “My turn.” I shouted and unzipped her skirt. I pulled it and her panties off in one motion. I leaned back to admire the view. I wasn’t disappointed. Her pussy was so sexy and bald, she had not one hair on that hot wet pussy.

She must of seen the surprised look on my face because she said ” I always shave it. I like the way it feels when I walk. I also like the way it feels when I have masturbate. Also, there’s not a better feeling than having the man shaved bare too, you can’t believe the sensation, skin on skin, you can feel the juices rubbing on your skin. I could shave you later if you would like?”

“Honey, you can do anything to me, later, but now I want to taste you. It’s been so long since I’ve licked a pussy, and I love to eat pussy.” With that, I lowered my head, stuck out my tongue and licked her pussy like you would lick an ice cream cone on a hot day. I was not disappointed, the taste was slightly acid, with a hint of sweetness to it and no hair to get in your way.

As I licked her, she started to move her hips and moan slightly. I reached up and grabbed a tit in each hand. As my palm and fingers massaged her fleshy tit, my thumb and fore finger rolled her nipples between them. I increased the pressure on her nipples and attacked her clit with my tongue. I licked it, nibbled it. suck it, bit it, swirled my tongue around it and then pushed my tongue hard against it. That was all she needed. She came rapidly, her hips bucking, her head thrown back, her mouth open, grasping for breath. Her hand grabbing the back of my head and pushing it tight against her pussy. “Fuck! Shit! God! Oh, lick me brother, lick me hard. Pinch my fucking nipples! Don’t stop, oh, fuck don’t stop!” Her body then tensed up, she shock uncontrollably and then she collapsed back on the bed.

I was holding on to her hips as her gyrations were occurring, now I released her and looked at her face. Her eyes were shut, her lips were moving, like she was try to say something, but no words were coming out. Her body would periodically have small spasms and she would shake all over. Then, her whole body relaxed and a large smile came on her contented face. She opened her eyes and caught me looking at her. “That was unbelievable big brother, I’ve never had any body do that to me. It was like you read my mind and knew what I wanted you to do and then you did it. I love you.” She reached up and gave me a light kiss on my lips.

I returned her kiss, with a little diyarbakır escort bayan more force. “You are related to me, aren’t you?” she asked. “You are a horny devil, just like me. I want more, but now I want to ride you. I want to feel your cock inside of me. With that, she rolled me over and sat on my stomach. She reached behind her and started to play with my dick and balls. “What do you have to give me, big brother” she inquired while she was playing with my balls.

“Anything you want, little sister. Put my dick in your pussy and ride me.” I replied. I love to have the woman on top. She can control the tempo of the fuck, which gives you an insight on how she likes to be screwed. You also get to watch her tits bounce up and down. As I said before, I love tits, especially when they are bouncing all over the place. Plus I can last a lot longer with the woman on top and at this moment I wanted to last as long as my little sister needed me to last.

“You’ve got it big brother, but let me go easy. I haven’t had a real cock in my pussy in such a long time, I want to make this fuck one we won’t forget.” With that she got up and moved over my hard, hot cock. Gently she lowered herself down onto it. The sensation was incredible, I had almost forgotten how good it feels to have your dick in a hot moist pussy. She wasn’t as tight as I thought she would be. I’ll be willing to bet she has been using a good size dildo.

She lowered herself all the way down my cock. That’s an incredible visual turn on, being buried to hilt in a bald pussy. As I laid back, she started to gently move up and down on my dick. When she got a good tempo going, I reached up and started playing with her tits, first gently grabbing them and then rolling her nipple between my thumb and fingers. That pushed her over the edge. She increased the tempo, bouncing up and down on me. As soon as she reached the top of my dick, she’d slam her body down as fast as possible.

She must have been stimulated at all the right places. It wasn’t long before she started moaning and groaning, breathing heavy and turning red in the face. “Brother pinch those nipples hard, play with my tits. Oh God, yes,” she yelled. “Fuck, pull on those nipples, don’t be afraid, pinch them as hard as you can, shit, I’m coming.” Her movements were almost a blur as she bounced up and down on me. “Here I come,” she shouted and then collapsed on my chest.

I waited a few seconds for her to come back to reality, then I started pumping my cock in and out of that wonderful pussy. At first she just laid there, then she started getting into the rhythm, matching my thrusts. Now it was me controlling the tempo, it was me who needed to come in my sister’s pussy. It didn’t take long for me to get her at the brink of another orgasm or me ready for mine. Call it beginners luck, but we both came at the same time. What a sensation, as I shot my hot sperm into her warm snatch. I thought I’d never stop coming, especially with my sister’s cunt trying to milk every last drop of semen out of my cock.

We both collapsed on my bed, too tired to do much of anything but sleep. I awoke during the night to find my sister cuddled close to me with her arm over my chest. That felt good, I missed having that intimacy and love. I awoke latter during the night, this time I had my hand on her boob, even in my sleep I’m a boob man.

In the morning I woke up before she did, I just laid there watching her sleep. She looked so beautiful and contented. She finally opened her eyes and saw me looking at her, I leaned over and lightly kissed her lips. She put her arms around me and embraced me while she kissed me back. “Last night was fantastic,” I said smiling at her.

“I’m glad you feel that way, she replied. “Any regrets?”

“Yes, we didn’t do this sooner.” I’m sure glad you left that SOB of a husband and moved back with our parents. If you’d stayed out west, in the area you were living, we would not have gotten together. I need a shower, do you want to take a shower with me?”

She replied, “that’s a great idea, I’m all sticky from last night. After the shower, let me shave your pubic hair, you won’t regret it. If you think sex felt good last night, wait until you’re bald down there, like me.”

We both hopped in the shower, had fun washing each other and then she shaved me. Since it was Saturday morning, we jumped back into bed to out try my new look. She wasn’t kidding, what a feeling. We stayed in bed all weekend, fucking our brains out.

That was a few years ago and we are still going strong. Who ever said “incest was best”, knew what they were talking about. If you ever get a chance try it, you’ll like it.

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