Emily and Steve Ch. 03


Tuesday night, and I arrived home from the gym to find that Emily was already fully dressed and had taken the time to lay out our take-out Thai food onto plates and set the dining room table. Since I first realized that Mike from my work had a secret life as Emily, a beautiful blonde transvestite, Emily and I have been pretty seriously dating.

To make life easy for us, I gave Mike a key to my place. On most weekdays, I go to the gym right after work. Mike will ride his bike from work to my place, where he lets himself in and takes time to transform into the beautiful Emily. We then have some dinner, sometimes eating in and sometimes heading out, and then we usually fall into bed with each other. Some days Emily stays over, but mostly she heads back to her place so she can transform back into Mike and have access to his set of work clothes in the morning.

This Tuesday, we were planning on staying in. Emily was lighting the candles on the dining room table as I dropped my gym bag by the front door, and started moving towards her to kiss her. “How was the gym,” she asked, turning to greet me.

I put my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me, planting a kiss on her beautiful red lips. After breaking the kiss, I responded to her question. “Good, not too busy today, so I didn’t have to wait long for the machines. And I got a 30 minute run in on the treadmills.”

Emily laid her head against my chest and was silent for a moment as we held our embrace. Finally she broke her silence and said, “You don’t smell like you ran for thirty minutes.”

“Well, I did shower afterwards.”

Emily laughed. “That’s why I don’t think I could go to the gym. Obviously I couldn’t go into the women’s dressing room, and I think if I was showering in the men’s dressing room, I couldn’t help but want to be a total slut and just let all those Greek Adonis fuck me right in the shower.”

I laughed, and kissed her again. I didn’t bother to tell her that at the gym I went to, she was more likely to run into a bunch of pot-bellied, hairy middle-aged men in the shower then some sort of swim team locker room. Why kill the fantasy, I figured.

Wednesday, the next day, I went to the gym again after work. I did another 30 minutes of aerobic, this time on the ellipse machine and the stair-master, and did a strength training work-out on my chest and upper back and legs, as yesterday I had concentrated on my arms and Monday had done exercises for my core. After working out, I did some cool-down stretches, and headed to the showers.

I was standing in the shower, soaping up when my mind wandered to Emily’s comments last night about the shower. I thought of her, soaking wet, her shoulder length blonde hair dripping down her back. I imagined her turning away from me, and bending slightly, her ass rising slightly as she stood on her tip-toes. My mind raced with images of her getting fucked from behind, not just by me, but by the imaginary shower full of muscle bound hunks.

I was snapped back to reality when I could feel the blood starting to pool in my groin. My penis was starting to grow slightly, and rising just a little bit. “Oh shit,” I thought, “I can’t get a hard-on in the gym shower!” I looked around, and was mortified to see that there were 3 other guys in the shower. None of them were looking at me, but I’m sure if I got a raging hard-on, I would be hard to miss. I put all thought of Emily out of my mind, and turned the shower’s cold water up to blast me back down. I consciously thought of unsexy things, like month-end reports for work, the retirees that come for the aqua-aerobics classes and dead, dismembered puppies. I quickly finished showering, and got dressed.

Later that evening, as Emily and I were strolling in the cool night air, I told her the story konya escort of my almost hard-on in the shower thinking about her fantasy. She laughed and pulled me close to her, and whispered in my ear, “well, we’ll have to see what we can do to make that fantasy come true.” When we returned to the apartment, we went into the bathroom and had a vigorous fuck in the shower. It was very sexy, but afterwards Emily admitted that it wasn’t quite up to the image in her mind.

“Probably something about the public aspects of the sex in the gym locker room,” I suggested. Emily nodded agreement, and then changed the subject. I had thought that was the end of the shower fantasy, but Emily would prove me wrong.

On Thursday, Emily and I planned on heading out to one of the local dance clubs, so instead of going to the gym, I decided to go for a swim in my apartment building’s pool. My building has a swimming pool and whirlpool that are open to all the residents. The pool itself is quite small, and usually is only good for the weekend crowd of kids that splash around in it. So a few years ago the management of the building installed an “endless pool.” Basically, it is a small pool about 15 feet long. At one end, there are water jets that create a current. By adjusting the current to match your swimming speed, you basically can swim endlessly in place. It’s a great way to get some good exercise without having to take up a lot of room.

I headed down to the pool room, and started swimming. Underwater, and unable to hear or see much, I was unaware that someone else had entered the room until I was finished with my laps. Pulling myself out of the endless pool, I was surprised to see Mike sitting in the whirlpool. “Hey, I thought we were going to meet up at the club?” I said, wondering if perhaps I had gotten our plans mixed up in my head.

“We were,” Mike said, a sly smile crossing his face. “But I thought I would come for a quick soak before I got ready. Anyway, I am heading towards the showers now.” Mike got out of the whirlpool, and I noticed he was wearing a pair of my boarder’s shorts. Mike has, however, a much smaller waist then I do, and as he was walking towards the shower room door, the shorts started to work their way down, revealing his cute, white ass. “Oops,” he said, pulling them back up, “looks like I’m falling out of these.” He winked at me, and walked into the change room.

I was left standing a little flabbergasted in my speedos. Now, I’m not the kind of guy that wears speedos down to the beach, but when swimming laps I don’t like the extra drag that swim trunks have, so I wear the tight fitting speedos to make myself as aerodynamic as possible. Seeing Mike’s bare white ass, and watching the water running from his blond hair down his back brought back the fantasy of Emily in the shower again, and I found my speedos quickly tightening as my cock grew in size. I gulped and walked towards the change room door.

I walked into the change room, and was surprised to find that Mike wasn’t in the shower. “Umm, Mike?” I called out, but no answer came in return. I turned on the shower and started to rinse myself down, when I heard a voice behind me.

“Looks like I may have wandered into the wrong change room.” I turned to see that Mike had done a quick transformation into Emily, putting on a bright pink string bikini and tussling her hair up to give it more body. She hadn’t put on any makeup, but even without any makeup, she was very feminine looking. She walked towards me on her tip-toes, a sultry walk that drove more blood into my cock, and stood at the shower beside me.

My mind was turning circles. This was a public change room, and other residents could walk in at any time. My heart was beating loudly in my escort konya chest. True, I thought to myself, that usually on the weeknights you don’t get many people coming in, but the thought of someone walking in and seeing me with a hard on standing beside a blonde girl in the men’s change room would be hard to explain to the management of the building. I swallowed hard, and felt more blood drain from my face when I thought of the other possibility — the security guard who patrolled the building. He was sure to come in at least once an hour. I started to feel faint.

It was then I noticed that Emily had a bottle of body wash in her hand. She poured some out, and soon started lathering herself up, paying special attention to working in and around and under the fabric of her bikini top. She then turned away from me, and started to lather up her ass, which was mostly exposed by the very little fabric her thong bikini bottom had.

I was torn between two emotions; my growing desire to have Emily right then and there, and my complete and total fear of discovery. Emily’s hands were soon working the lather into her butt crack, and pushing the string from her bikini out of the way to expose her pink asshole. She moved towards the wall, letting the water from the shower run down her back, and start to rinse the soap off her back and ass. I found myself almost without thinking moving until I was standing right behind her. Soon my hard cock, still trapped in my speedo, was pressing against her. Emily’s hand moved to the top of my speedo, and yanked it down, freeing my hard-on. She grabbed my cock, and guided it directly to her asshole, slick with water and soap. “Fuck me,” she said, and I found myself pushing inside her.

Soon Emily’s hands were bracing herself against the shower wall as I quickened the pace of my thrusts. Her head flung back, and I found myself kissing and nibbling on her neck. My hands moved up and pushed her bikini top away from her nipples, and I started playing with them, tweaking and massaging them as they grew in size. She moaned and tossed her head, exposing her ear. My tongue found her ear, and I licked and nibbled on her lobes. Emily turned her head towards mine, and our tongues met in mid-air, the water from the shower filling our open mouths until we had to pull away for fear of drowning. She leaned her head against the cold tile of the shower wall as I pushed deeper and harder inside her.

Just as I was starting to feel comfortable, and forgetting all of my anxiety about getting caught, Emily, between panting breaths said, “Someone could walk in at any moment and catch us. We are totally exposed.” All my fear returned, and I felt my hands start to shake. I looked around nervously, and my pace of thrusting inside Emily slackened. Emily started pushing her ass back against my body, swallowing up my cock again. “Don’t stop. Fuck me harder and faster! Fuck me deeper!”

I pumped as fast as I could, nervously hoping that I could come quickly and be able to get ourselves out of this potentially compromising situation. I think because of my fear and my wanting to come quickly, though, I found myself taking longer than every. Minutes seemed to pass like hours. Every sound I heard I was sure was the opening of the change room door. Finally I could take no more, “oh God, please, Emily, can we stop this? What if we get caught?”

Emily turned around and put her hands on my face. She pulled me close and kissed me with such passion that I felt my knees buckle. The kiss seemed to last both a fleeting second and also last forever. I head was swimming with thoughts of the beautiful blonde in front of me. All external thoughts disappeared. It was like the change room, the apartment building, all the residents in konya escort bayan it, even the whole rest of the world just melted away, and all that was left was Emily and I.

She pulled away from me, and still holding my face in her hands asked me, “do you really want to stop?”

I shook my head, and Emily turned back around and braced herself against the shower wall again. I put my hands around her waist, and kissed her neck. My tongue played across her neck and up towards her ear lobe again. I kissed and played with it gently as I repositioned myself to enter Emily again. Her ass offered me little resistance, and I was soon inside her again. At first I moved slowly and gently in and out, still allowing myself the pleasure of running my hands along her body and using my tongue to explore her neck. Soon, though, Emily was pushing back against me, and my pace quickened, my thrusts got deeper. My breathing quickened and I noticed that Emily’s breathing changed to perfectly match mine. It was almost as if we were in a shared trance, our bodies in perfect synchronicity with each other. Just as I felt the organism rising up in me, Emily said, “come inside me,” as if she knew that it was going to happen at just that moment.

I came, and besides for the floods of seminal liquid that shot out from me, it was almost as if all my energy shot out of me as well. I felt energy pulse through my body in waves and then my entire body shook. I let out a sound, a cross between a moan and yell, almost animal in nature. I staggered backwards, almost falling down.

Emily turned to me, and pulled me towards her. We kissed, and while not a word passed between us, the kisses felt different than before. Previously all our encounters had been raw sexual energy. That energy was still there, but there was also a passion and a tenderness that I hadn’t noticed before. I pulled her close to me, and we just stood there holding each other.

We never made it out to the club that Thursday night; instead we stayed in and fell asleep in each others’ arms. The next day I dropped Mike off at his place before heading into work.

Returning home on Friday I was riding up to my apartment in the elevator thinking of the night before. I really was feeling that I was falling in love with Emily, and I was thinking that she was feeling the same way about me.

My thoughts were interrupted, though, when the elevator door opened and the building’s security guard entered. We nodded a polite hello to each other, and rode a few floors in silence before he turned to me.

“Hey man, you want to hear something really cool?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said.

“Yesterday, I was doing my rounds and I walked in on a couple doing it in the pool change rooms. They were totally going at it! He was pumping into her from behind. Man, they were so into it they didn’t even notice me standing there. I was watching them for like, 5 minutes. Crazy!”

I felt the blood rush from my face and could feel myself becoming faint.

“You know the real crazy thing. It happens all the time. Dude, I am always coming across people fucking in the showers and the stairwells. Hell, I even see them fucking in the parking garage. I tell you, this building is full of perverts!” The security guard laughed as the elevator door opened for my floor. I stumbled out.

“Well, at least it appears he’s not likely to report us to anyone,” I thought to myself. “And it looks like I’m not alone in my public displays. Not sure if I should be relieved that Emily and I aren’t alone, or how I should feel about that.”

Just then, the stairwell door opened, and a young couple stepped out of the stairwell laughing. They saw me, and froze for a moment, before looking at each other and breaking out into laughter again. They walked by me, and I couldn’t help but notice he was tucking his shirt in his pants, and her blouse had been buttoned into the wrong holes. I found myself chuckling to myself as I headed towards my apartment door. Emily and I have had a wild ride since we started going out, and I had the feeling it was only going to get wilder.

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