Breaking in a Church Girl Ch. 01


She sat in a dusty pew, with an equally worn book in her hand. She’d only been in college for a year, but the studying had paid off. Honor roll in high school, and Deans list in college. She made the people in this little town proud; going off to a state university, coming back home to her devout Mommy.

You see, Lara Banks was the choir directors daughter. That didn’t mean anything up at school, but back at home in this little church she was put on a pedestal. And she wasn’t the only pious progeny. However, she was the only one notable. Lara snorted, thinking about Alex Warners shaggy demeanor. Didn’t stop her from pining for him, which she found more unsettling than anything else. Unkempt hair, wild look in his eyes, and the smell of – smoke. The chapel smelled like smoke.

Lara turned around searching for the vile smell, and made eye contact with a very amused looking Alex.

“What are you doing?” She snarled.

“What does it look like I’m doing, Blondie? I’m fulfilling my obligations as the preachers son. Have to make an appearance every once in a while.”

“Churches are not a place for smoking, Alex.” She stated bluntly.

“You don’t look like you’re on your knees praying either, Princess.”

Her cheeks heated at this. Most were able to guess, they could tell by looking at her… She was very much a virgin. The idea of Lara being on her knees worshipping anything other than god used to repulse her… but college had changed that. She felt a wicked spark shoot in between her thighs, and just like that, Warner had her thinking about all of the things that she could be doing on her knees.

“Not in church,” She muttered to herself, turning around, to return to her studies.

“Couldn’t quite hear you there, love. What did you say?”

“Nothing,” she responded, not bothering to turn around.

“Could have sworn I heard something along the lines of, ‘not in church’. What can’t you do in church, Lara?”

She didn’t dignify him with a response, but found her focus slowly waning. She heard the flicking of a lighter. In their arguing his cigarette must have burned out. After a few flicks, Lara realized izmir escort he was just playing with it.

“Do you know how obnoxious you are?!” She turned, glaring at him.

“Not as obnoxious as you,” he retorted.

“Will you please go outside with that shit?”

“Why don’t you come up here and make me?”

With that she was done. She slammed her book shut, and left it in its place on the pew. Retreating from the foyer, her stomps leading up to the stairway were very audible. She cursed the acoustics in this church, it’s no wonder he’d heard what She’d said. Her ascent up the choir flats stairs was quick. Lara didn’t want to deal with Alex any longer than she had to. She was surprised when she reached the top though. He was nowhere to be seen.

“Where the hell is he?” She muttered to no one in particular.

After a minute of looking for him, She returned to the top of the staircase. The coward was afraid…

A very predatory looking Alex was peering up at her from the stairs. With nowhere to retreat to, Lara watched him stalk up the stairs slowly. She gulped, and wondered to herself if that was audible too. He was effecting her in ways that I couldn’t put a finger on.

“Well, Princess. I see college has filled you out.”

He was right, she had put on some weight… she looked healthier she though. Her girlish figure had been replaced by a young woman’s. She wasn’t quite used to the heavy feeling of her breasts, nor the maintenance that her new body seemed to require, but she felt hyper aware of the fact that he’d noticed.

He stepped closer and closer, until her back hit the wall, and he was facing her.

“That’s rude, Warner.” She replied, her softer, and her bravado dying down a bit.

“Has college changed you in other ways too?” His eyes were cold, unyielding, icy, and had a spark of something devious in them.

He spoke again after assessing her a bit. “I want to play a game with you,”

And Lara caught herself looking at his lips, as they curved slowly into a smile. He closed the distance between them, and tugged her hair escort izmir so that she was forced to look up at him.

“What kind of game?” She whispered, afraid of what his answer might be.

“I ask one question at a time, and if I get it right, I get to do one thing to you.”

“What would I get if I win?”

Alex smiled. “I’ll be the model man. No smoking, no more tee shirts in church. Maybe I’ll even dress up like you,” he gestured to the girlish white dress inappropriately plastered to her body. “I know you’re low on number on the youth retreat, and they don’t have the budget to continue running. I could help with that.”

She thought about it for a minute… her mother would be so proud if they got her youth group running the way it had used to.

“Deal.” She said, before thinking about what he would be doing.

“I want you to say yes if I’m right, and when I hit a wrong answer, I’ll stop… unless you don’t want me to,” he finished with his signature devious smile.

“Alright,” She responded slowly.

“When you left for college, you were a virgin.”

A part of her felt appalled, but there was this other part of her… Her eyes were locked with his when she finally responded.


He lowered his mouth along the nape of her neck, and bit her. Hard enough to cause a little bit of pain, but she didn’t mind it. She actually was enjoying it, not that She’d let him know.

“You’d never seen a penis before, let alone touch it.”

“Yes.” his teeth scraped along her neck to her earlobe.

“You’d never let a boy touch your perfect little pussy, or your tits.” Lara gasped as he worked his hand between their bodies and pinched her nipple through her dress.

“I didn’t say yes,” She protested weakly.

He lifted his head and stopped. “So you have then?”

“Well, no. But-“

Alex continued his assault on her nipples making her moan softly. She stifled herself with the sudden realization that if anyone were to walk into the chapel, they’d be caught.

“You know, that anyone can hear those little moans you’ve been izmir escort bayan making?”

“Yes,” she gasped as he ran his fingers along the bottom of her short dress.

“You’re turned on right now.”

She didn’t answer, didn’t have to. His fingers found their way to her panties, running along the slit of her pussy from the outside. She wanted them inside her, but she fought the urge, trying to fight her body’s response. Without realizing it she’d started grinding her wet cunny along the palm of his hand. She’d gotten herself very worked up.

“We need to stop,” She whispered, unconvincingly.

“Do we?” He looked at her, as he started rubbing tiny circles on the outside of her clit.

She moaned, rather loudly, but stopped it again.

“You want me.”

“Yesssss,” she hissed.

Suddenly he stopped, and she opened her eyes.

He hooked his hand into her panties and started pulling them down. Lara whimpered, as he hooked her shapely thighs over his shoulders.

“You want me to fuck you with my tongue,” he stated bluntly looking up at her.

“Yes,” she whispered down at him.

As he licked the wet seam to her pussy, the door to the chapel opened, and the pastor walked in. Alex’s dad. Lara looked down at him pleadingly, but instead of stopping he gave her a wicked grin, held her thighs down, and started tonguing her clit harder. Her breathing was labored as she fought not to cry out, the faint sound of his tongue stabbing at her rapidly audible to only them. She was fighting off this feeling, it was so strong. Alex looked up at her with those cold eyes, and curled his fingers inside her as he continued his oral assault on her very wet cunny.

She felt guilt run through her body, along with a wave of something much stronger. Alex was going to make her cum, all over his tongue. She was going to get her wet pussy all over his face, and she couldn’t do anything to stop it. His fingers and his tongue picked up speed, twisting inside of her, hitting her g-spot.

She couldn’t fight it anymore, she shoved her wrist into her mouth and bit down, cumming harder than She’d ever imagined, all over this pricks face. He rose off of his knees and nuzzled himself into her neck.

“I’m the first boy to make you cum.”

“Yes,” she replied wearily, slumping against the wall.

“Little choir girl,” he taunted into her ear.. “Maybe later on I’ll make you sing.”

And with that, he stalked off.

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