All Summer Long Ch. 01


Chapter 1 — Upper Peninsula

One summer, after the end of high school, my folks had the idea that we should spend an entire summer out at a cabin on Lake Michigan a little South of Gulliver and McDonald Lake. My dad was a writer, and taking month-long vacations was a perk he could sometimes afford.

The cabin itself had been in our family for years, left to my Mom and her brother when their parents had passed. We’d spent a few weeks there every couple of years for a while, but we hadn’t been back in about five years.

For the most part the place was for my uncle and cousins. Uncle Rob had made enough in the software business to afford the upkeep and taxes out of what he called “petty cash”. Whatever that means.

In any case, the cabin was a nice two-story log cabin looking place with a huge master bedroom suite taking up the whole top floor, three smaller bedrooms on the first floor, and all the regular kitchen stuff. There was a big wraparound patio outside, and on a clear day my Mom said you could see all the way to Beaver Island.

I was pretty excited ’cause last I had heard Uncle Rob had fitted the whole living room with a decked-out satellite setup and huge HD screen. Mom and Dad were saying this vacation was supposed to be family and outdoor time, but my sister Sherry and I knew that now we were both over 18 eventually we’d be doing whatever we wanted.

If I only knew then how true that would be.

The first couple days we did a lot of the usual stuff. My dad took my sister and me out fishing in the little boat that came with the cabin, while Mom would take a drink to the side of the lake and read a book. I think the boat was probably too small for four people anyway, but my mom didn’t really like water, boats, fish, or bugs. Sun, shoreline and gin were a lot more her speed.

One day, the three of us were out on the water. I had my pole in the water, while my Dad was trying to teach my sister to bait a hook. He was holding the hook for her, trying to show her how to put it on and for whatever reason she couldn’t get it. Eventually, the bait slipped in to the water and my father had had enough.

“Okay, one last try. Dan, can you get another bait for your sister?”

“One sec,” I said. “I think I’ve got something here.” Sure enough, the bob on my line was starting to duck a little. No firm grip yet, but if I pulled in the line or dropped the pole either the fish or the pole was sure to be gone.

“It’s okay, Daddy,” my sister said. “I can handle worms. They aren’t that bad.”

Sherry Giresun Escort turned around in the boat and bent over towards me.

“Danny, can you move your leg a little?” I had the bait bucket under my leg, and she started to reach under me. As she did, I looked over and down where she was reaching.

The skin on her arms was getting a darker brown than normal and her naturally dark hair was bleaching it’s way towards a sandy blond, but I could see her shoulders were still red from being bare and outside more often. Just a year younger than me, we looked almost totally alike, tall and mostly athletic with darkish skin and hair.

As she bent and reached down, I meant to look away, but before I could I saw her shirt open where the top buttons were undone. She wasn’t wearing any suit or bra under the light sleeveless shirt, and I got a clear view down the button line and into her bare cleavage.

I knew it was wrong to look at my sister, but her breasts were right there, and I hadn’t seen a pair in a while now. Perky and nicely filled out, with creamy white skin past the tan lines and tight pink nipples at the tip.

I think I lost my mind for a second. I just sat there, watching as she brushed some of her hair back over her shoulder, still looking down into the bucket. Her shirt caught a breeze, opening up just a bit and making her nipples stiffen, getting redder than they had been a second ago.

I saw a bead of sweat start at her neck and slide down, just skimming over the rounded edge of her left breast and falling in to her shirt. Absently, she dabbed at where the sweat drop had been and as her shirt fell back down I could swear her nipple swelled even a little more. Goosebumps were starting to form on the aureoles and her whole breast looked fuller than even a second ago.

My mouth was getting dry, and I knew somewhere that I was staring. What should have been a casual look over to make sure she could get the bait was turning into a study of my sister’s tits. I couldn’t look away. . . I imagined feeling her in my hand, sucking the tight red teats and licking the line of sweat from the tip of her nipple all the way up her neck.

My hands got a little clammy, and just then I heard the line start to pull on the fishing pole.

“Oh, Danny, you got one!” Sherry squealed, looking up from the bucket and over the side where my bob was under water and pulling away. She put her left hand on the side of the boat, and steadied herself with her right hand on my knee.

The line ran Giresun Escort Bayan for a few seconds before I snapped it up taut and started working it in. Just like my Dad had taught me, I’d pull up on the pole, then pull the line in as I let the pole drift down. Up and down, with steady tension the whole time.

“Go Danny, go!” Sherry chanted, her right hand still on my my knee and moving up my leg as she bounced in excitement. My dad looked over amused, still focused on getting his own pole set up, he wasn’t worried about me.

“C’mon Danny, you can do it!” Sherry persisted.

I could see in the corner of my eye her face getting flushed as the blood came up her chest and in to her neck. Her hand moved further up my leg in her excitement, narrow fingers clutching in to the side of my thigh.

For a second, I thought her hand would slide under my shorts leg and keep moving. Instead, as her hand moved up she pulled lightly on the hair of my thigh and then settled on top of my shorts.

She wasn’t looking my way, but staring out after the fish bob. She was bouncing up and down a little, not so much as to rock the boat, but just enough that I could see the side of her boobs swaying in her shirt as she moved.

I thought about that bead of sweat again, and her sweet pink nipples getting red and rubbing against the fabric of her shirt. I imagined the taste of her sweat sucked from those pretty pink nipples and swirling my tongue around on one.

My heart beat was picking up, and I could feel a hard-on start in my pants, moving down my left leg where it always hangs. I wished I could adjust myself, but this fish was a strong one and I didn’t want it to get away.

I fought the fish, moving back and forth in the rocking reeling motions. Sherry’s hand stayed on my thigh, gripping rhythmically as I rocked back and forth and rubbing further up my leg. Before long, I could feel her bounces and grips moving in to the same rhythm as mine as I pulled that fish in.

My cock was still stretching down my leg and as I fought the fish my hips moved forward in my seat, putting the head of my cock right near my sister’s two last fingers.

Back and forward a little bit more, and now I could feel the tips of her fingers against the head of my rock hard cock. Her fingers would flinch against the tip as she gripped my leg, and a surge of heat went right to my gut.

My balls were clenching up and my breath was getting ragged. Her fingers moved in a circular motion pressing against the tip Escort Giresun of my prick but not quite on it. She wasn’t looking at me, almost deliberately staring only at the fish, and I could feel her touching ever so subtly against me each time I rocked back to pull the fish in.

Just before I got the fish up, one last heave moved my legs forward as I arched my back, and Sherry’s fingers closed on the head of my straining cock. I felt her move the fingers back and forth along the ridge for a moment, and I closed my eyes.

I pulled that fish out of the water and came hard in my pants. As I did, Sherry gave a reflexive grip, closing tight around the head of my cock and pinching the flow with the tips of her middle fingers. My cum pulsed out in two strong contractions, pushing against the resistance of those fingers at the tip, and my cock thudded wetly against my leg for several seconds after.

In the moment, I don’t think she consciously knew what she was doing. I’m pretty sure that the grip on my dick was reflexive, but sure she knew she’d been getting me hot. A second after I came, she let go of my leg completely, and looked for the fish net to pull in a good sized catfish. I saw her push back hair from her face as she went for the pole, and she looked at me out of the corner of her eyes.

Her cheeks were a bright red, embarrassment or excitement or both. With her dark features it had to be pretty strong either way. She could play it off as excitement from the catch, but I bet she was thinking about just having had her brother’s hard cock in her hands.

And that she’d squeezed it before letting go.

We didn’t talk much the rest of that outing. Dad got the fish put away, and then I got some bait on a hook for Sherry. She thanked me like we’d been raised, and gave a little smile as she pushed hair out of her face again.

Once she got her pole set up, she sat on the side of the boat with my Dad and talked with him while I just dropped an unbaited hook in the water. I was done and just wanted to get my head straight and let the side of my shorts dry before we got home.

At one point, Sherry got a fish on her line and Dad helped her pull it in. I used the fish net to pull it out and we started to put it away. As I did, Sherry put her hand on my bicep for a second and looked at me. “I’m glad I got one, but I don’t think it’s as big as your fish Danny.”

She seemed genuinely to be talking about fish, and I’m not one for double entendre . . . or at least it seemed wrong right now.

“That’s okay.” I said, “Smaller ones taste sweeter anyway, younger meat and it’s not as dense. I think you’ll like this one.”

“You’re sweet,” she said, giving me a little hug. “Thanks Danny.”

My dad looked happy. This was probably the sort of family bonding he’d been hoping for.

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