After the Hard Times Ch. 01


All characters are aged eighteen or older.

This story is fiction and involves incestuous relationships.


The year was 1937. Their farm had seen hard times, but not as bad as those in Kansas. Those folks had really been terribly hurt by the dust blizzards. The ‘Dust Bowl’ the papers were calling it. Even though they had not been hurt quite as much it had still been very bad. They had suffered through drought, dust storms and poor crop years.

Jack and his mother, Carol Ann, were left alone with the farm after their husband and father passed away the year before. Jack thought he had probably worked himself to death; it had been that hard. Money was scarce and every opportunity to earn a dollar had to be taken.

Jack was nineteen when his father died. It was left to him to take over. At one time, when the farm had been prosperous and Jack was much younger, his parents had hoped to send him to college. Those hopes were dashed when hard times hit.

Jack didn’t want to be a farmer, but it seemed there was no choice. Jobs were hard to find, especially in the rural area where they lived. He thought of packing up and moving to a city, but things didn’t sound as if they were any better there. There was his mother to consider too. What would she do if he went off looking for his fortune and left her with no money, or income?

Carol Ann was in a trap too. She had been without sex for over a year since she had lost her husband, and almost another year before his death. She was beginning to feel empty in her pussy. ‘Down there’ is how she thought of it. She had thoughts that, perhaps, she should marry again; to find someone to care for her. That would relieve Jack of the responsibility. There were several problems with that notion

First, good men were scarce; most had been taken. Secondly, they seldom got to town, or social events, where she could meet men. They were occasional church goers and there were a few men there, but none that seemed suitable. Thirdly, and maybe most important. Any man she married might want to take over the farm. She couldn’t let that happen. It was to be Jack’s farm. Not to be lost to someone not family.

They had managed to get a crop planted that year. Not as much as they might have sowed if his father was still alive and there were two of them to work, but a crop nonetheless. The harvest was decent. The farm tractor and other machinery had held up and would probably be good for at least another year or more. Jack’s father had bought a new tractor during better times. His foresight was paying off now for Jack and Carol Ann.

Manpower had been a concern for the harvest, but others farmers were in the same boat. They all worked together to harvest each other’s crops. Jack and Carol Ann had enough money now to feel a little more secure. The mortgage had been paid, including arrears from the year before. They cranked up the pickup truck and went into town.

There was a small village not far from the farm. It had a bank, post office, and a small store that sold gas. A bigger town was about fifteen miles away. That was where they were going.

They purchased staples at the general store they favored. They bought a couple of overalls, shirts, underwear and socks for Jack, a supply of mason jars too. The garden vegetables were all put up, but they planned on butchering a steer soon, now that the weather was cooler. They would can some of the meat. Some of it they would take to the ice plant. They had lockers folks could rent to freeze meat and things. They didn’t raise much beef, they had two milk cows and two steers. Chickens too. Carol Ann sold some of their eggs and cream for a little spending money.

They loaded their purchases in the truck. Carol Ann went to the lady’s emporium while Jack visited the gas station. He paid their bill there and made arrangements to have fuel delivered for the farm. He bought the parts he would need to give the pickup a tune up. Next stop was the farm equipment place. He bought parts for the tractor.

Carol Ann, at the emporium, bought herself a couple of house dresses. The ones she had were worn out with patches over patches. She picked out new panties and a couple of brassieres. Like her dresses her bras and panties were worn out. Commercially made brassieres had only been available for a few years, Carol Ann considered them a blessing. She splurged a little and bought another two that were made of rayon with lace trim. She liked the feel of the rayon fabric, almost like silk, so she treated herself and bought two pair of fancy rayon panties. They were really nice with a little skirt over the panty part. She had seen something like them advertised in a catalog. They had been modeled, she thought, by Ginger Rodgers. She had been tempted, but it had been one of the bad years and they couldn’t afford to squander any money. She was delighted to find something like them now that she had a little extra. Not much, though, she could treat herself and Eskişehir Escort Jack a little, but they still had to watch pennies. She bought one that was white and after briefly thinking about it bought a black one. She went back to the counter where the brassieres were and exchanged the rayon ones she had picked out to match the colors of the drawers. She looked at slips, but didn’t buy one. She had two at home, she seldom wore them and they were still in fair condition. They were for special occasions, like church; or, rarely, to wear around the house in lieu of a dress. She was almost ready to leave when she saw some perfume displayed. She couldn’t resist. She hadn’t had any for years. Not since the drought had started.

She left with her packages to find Jack waiting outside in the truck. He was too shy to even think of coming inside a woman’s store looking for her. It was still early and they decided to go to a movie. They went to the restaurant first. They treated themselves to bologna sandwiches on store bought bread. (Believe it or not, baloney sandwiches and store bought bread really were considered a treat by many Midwest farm people in those days.)

The movie house had a matinee on Saturday and it would be starting soon. They watched the Marx Brothers in ‘A Day at the Races’. They laughed a lot and enjoyed it immensely. Their shoulders would touch as they laughed. Carol Ann thought that it was a shame Jack was her son. When they were leaving she held Jack’s arm.

There was a poster on a lamppost just outside the theater. They stopped to read it. A dance was being advertised for the next Saturday.

“Would you like to go, Jack?” Carol Ann asked. She hoped he would say yes.

“Maybe, Mom. Would you?”

“I think it’s time you got out and had a little fun, Jack.”

“Okay, Mom. We’ll go if nothing comes up.”


It had been a good day for Carol Ann. At last they had enough money to buy a few things and treat themselves to a few small luxuries. It had been years since they had any extra at all. She thought about the year after her husband died. That had been a low point. They lived hand to mouth and had almost lost the farm. If Jack hadn’t stepped up to take his father’s place they probably would have. They were able to get enough of a crop to pay a part of the mortgage, enough to satisfy the banker. Fortunately the banker was understanding. He tried to be with everyone in the area. He was one of them, their neighbor. Many of them were people he had known since childhood.

Jack had taken any work he could find, there wasn’t much. The little money he earned went to feed them, for gas and other essentials. There were no new clothes that year. There had been few for a couple of years before that. Not much to eat either. Many days they dined on beans, maybe with a little lard. Bread too, sometimes with butter, they made their own. They had enough flour to get through the year. They had meat a two or three times a week.

Carol Ann had been a pretty girl, and full of life when she married Jack’s father. His name was John. That was Jack’s real name too, they called the son Jack to avoid confusing them. She had been happy as a wife and mother. Her husband had been a lusty man in those days; he kept her well satisfied in bed and had enough romance in his soul to make her feel loved. He was the only man she had ever known in a carnal way.

She would have been content with more children, a daughter would have been nice. But the good lord didn’t see fit to give her any more. Probably just as well considering how hard it had been to feed and clothe even one in the hard years.

If one looked closely there were still signs of a very pretty woman. Traces that managed to shine dimly through her careworn look. Her face was lined and her body thin, almost scrawny. The hard years had taken their toll. Her hair was showing streaks of gray. She kept it pinned up and seldom let it down. When she did it fell to the middle of her back. Her breasts sagged, but not as bad as they would if she had big tits, they were a little flattened and elongated, but her habit of wearing a bra had helped keep a little of their former appeal.

Since she had only ever let her husband into her bed she had been upset by the feelings of lust when they had started to bother her. Her pussy would become wet at odd times. Often in bed at night she would touch herself and push her cut off piece of broomstick into her empty pussy. At first it had shamed her. She felt weak and corrupted. Lately, though, her attitude had changed. She had a need and she was taking care of it. She felt, now, as if she was self-reliant. She was actually starting to feel good about herself when she used her homemade dildo, and had come to look forward to her sessions. Sessions that were becoming more frequent.

She fantasized too. Often it felt as if John was on top of her thrusting into her with his hard cock. Sadly, she always became Eskişehir Escort Bayan aware of the fact that he wasn’t real and that the thrusting hard dick was only a piece of wood. Fortunately she usually would cum before reality set in.

It was inevitable that eventually Jack would sneak into her fantasies. He was, after all, the only man she saw, or smelled, or touched for days, sometimes weeks at a time. The first time it happened she was frightened and ashamed. She put her dildo away and did not touch herself for several weeks, but need drove her back to it. He came again into her fantasies. Not right away, but come he did. As she thrust the dildo into her wet pussy and massaged her hard pearl like clit he stole into her thoughts. To fuck her, to embrace her and kiss her with love. To fondle her breasts and slide his hard cock into her warm, wet and welcoming cunt.

Reality returned, of course. It always did. Even so she seemed to feel more relaxed and satisfied after those sessions that Jack visited her. She found herself waiting for his fantasy visits. She found herself watching him too, more and more. Her pussy would get wet when he would strip his shirt off to wash up at the pump after a day’s work in the fields. She would admire his bare chest. Not muscular, but slim and able. Yes, that was it, able. He had become far more confident over the last year, once it seemed that they would have a crop and survive. She looked at him now as an adult, an equal; not as her son any longer.

When she and Jack arrived home she took her packages to her room. She put the cotton, utilitarian drawers and bras away in her drawer. She hung her new dresses in the closet. The more sexy rayon panties and bras she left out. Maybe she would wear a set for bed. She put them under the pillow where they were out of sight. She would decide later what to do. She changed her dress for one more worn and went to the kitchen to start dinner.

Jack was carrying their groceries in, large sacks of beans and flour. A smaller sack of potatoes and one bag of coffee beans. He took his new clothes to his bedroom. Carol Ann sliced bacon from the slab they had bought. She cooked the bacon and fried potatoes. She ground enough coffee for the morning.

After dinner Carol Ann lit a couple of the lamps. They wouldn’t leave them on very long. Kerosene cost money.

They went to bed. Each took a lamp to their own room. Carol Ann took the rayon lingerie in her hands and rubbed the softness against her cheek. She decided to wear the black set to bed.

She put on the black bra and panties, blew out the lamp and got under the covers. She fondled her tits through the material of the bra. She pulled one out of the cup so she could tweak the nipple. Her hand slid under the elastic of her new panties to feel the wetness of her pussy. She pulled her hand out again and softly rubbed the silky material of the gusset against her swollen labia.

Could she have him she wondered. He was her son, but grown now. It would be sinful if she took him to bed. But touching herself and using her dildo, that was sinful too. Even dreaming of him was probably a sin.

She liked the feel of the new drawers against her flesh as she rubbed her fingers over her rayon covered vulva. It felt nice. She pushed the fabric into her wet pussy. She caressed her inner lips, then her clit. She came, hard. The sensuous feel of the fabric against het clit had brought her to a quick orgasm. Relaxed and contented for the moment she lay in her bed and thought of her son.

Jack, in his room, was stroking his hard cock, slowly; he didn’t want to cum too fast. He had visions too. His were of Sally, a girl from town. Sometimes he fantasized about Emily. She was the daughter of a farm family and lived only a half mile away. His mother and Emily’s were close friends. He had known both of the girls when he was in school. He masturbated often, always there was a girl in his jerk off dreams. Sometimes it was even his mother. That had been happening more often lately. Tonight, though, the upcoming dance was on his mind and the girls that might be there.

The week went slowly. Carol Ann did the washing on Monday. She saw the cum stains on Jack’s sheets. She often found them and thought to herself that he needed a woman in his life. Just like she needed a man.

Wednesday Carol Ann washed her hair. She stood at the sink wearing one of her slips. She usually didn’t wear a slip about the house, but she occasionally did. After all it was almost a dress. She would normally have worn a bra and panties under it, but she hadn’t. The question of why she didn’t never entered her mind.

Later she sat with Jack in the parlor. Her hair was down, she brushed it as Jack pretended to read by the lamplight. What he was really doing was gazing mesmerized at the vague shadows of her areolas and pubes that showed through fabric of her slip. Fabric worn thin from many washings. The slip Escort Eskişehir exposed just a little of the top of her breasts too. And more of her legs showed. The slip only came to her knees, dresses covered a woman to mid-calf. Her legs were slightly parted. Not enough to be seductive, or coarse. Just enough to let her pheromones free. To let them waft into the room.

Carol did not realize what she was doing. Putting herself on display to Jack was an unconscious action. Any time before she would have been quite prim.

Carol Ann was Jack’s jerk off dream girl that night. He woke up during the night and masturbated to visions of his mother a second time.

Carol Ann’s pussy was already wet when she got to bed. She left her slip on because she liked the feel of it. She was soon thrusting with her dildo and tweaking her clit and nipples. Her visions were of Jack.

Friday evening they ate an early dinner and brought the washtub into the kitchen, it was warmer there. They filled it with hot water and Jack bathed first. Carol Ann went to her room while he bathed. She got her dildo out and quickly brought herself to an orgasm followed by another. She fucked herself with visions of her naked son bathing in the kitchen.

Jack called out when he was done. Carol Ann bathed next, Jack waited in the parlor until she was done. He threw out the bathwater and put the tub away.

It was bedtime then. They each had dreams, but neither masturbated.

Saturday they dressed for the dance. Jack wore one of his new shirts and his only good pants. He had one pair of shoes, they were a little tight, but he could get by with them.

Carol Ann dressed in her new rayon lingerie, the white set. She wore a slip and her best dress; the one she wore to church. She had brushed her hair that afternoon before putting it up. It had been down at breakfast and Jack had told her she looked nice that way. She dabbed a tiny bit of her perfume behind her ears before she left the bedroom.

As they were leaving Carol Ann told him, “I hope you have at least one dance with your mother, Jack.”

“Of course, Mom, you’ll be the prettiest girl there.”

Carol Ann smiled back at him.

Jack was a bit shy at first. Emily and Sally were both there. Sally smiled at him while Emily gave him a flirtatious sideways look. It took a while, but Jack got his nerve up to ask Sally to dance. He had danced with his mother first, that helped him get over his bashfulness.

He danced with Emily next and several other girls after that. He had another dance with his mother. She was sitting with some of the other women. She and Emily’s mother got together for a chat. Trudy mentioned that Jack had grown into a handsome young man. Carol Ann sighed wistfully as she looked at her son on the dance floor. Trudy picked up on the sigh. She patted her friend’s hand, but didn’t say anything.

Several men asked Carol Ann to dance and she did, a few times. She also drank several glasses of homemade wine. She seldom drank, it was a luxury they couldn’t afford. So it may have affected her more than it would others.

Some of the men were passing bottles of whisky around outside, but Jack didn’t drink any. He was having too much fun dancing. Both Sally and Emily seemed extra friendly with him. Emily may have been the bolder of the two. She made a remark that maybe Jack would like to come to dinner with her family someday. Both her parents were at the dance. Neither of them seemed to be upset about the attention they were paying to each other. For that matter Sally’s parents seemed to approve of him too.

It was midnight when the dancing ended. Carol Ann held onto Jack’s arm as they went to their truck. She was a little giddy from the wine she had drank, but was not drunk by any means. She was also horny. Dancing, especially with Jack, had done that for her. She had made sure that Jack danced with her last.

Jack was horny too. Dancing with the girls, and his mother, had made him half hard. He had managed, he thought, to conceal the bulge in his pants. Emily though had pressed her body close to him several times.

Carol Ann, when they got to the truck pressed her tits against his arm while he opened the door for her. She hiked her dress up and made sure he got a good look at her legs when he helped her into the cab. Tonight, she thought.It will be tonight. Her actions were no longer in her subconscious.

At home she made sure he got another look at her legs as he helped her out of the truck. She hugged Jack standing there in the yard.

“Thank you for taking me to the dance, Honey,” She pushed her tits into his chest as his arms returned her embrace.

In the house she lit several lamps.

“Let’s stay up a while, Jack. Why don’t you get the wine out? I’ll be right back.”

They did have a jug of homemade wine that a neighbor had made. They seldom drank any of it. It was all they would probably have for a year. There were few grapes in the area. The local people made wine from whatever was available, berries usually.

Carol Ann went to her room. She lifted the hem of her dress and took her panties off. She thought about her bra, but decided she wanted her tits to look like tits. She refreshed the dabs of perfume behind her ears.

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