Alice and James Ch. 01


My first Chapter, My first Story

Every one in this story is over the age of 18


James looked at his target; the high jump pole was at one metre eighty centimetres. Just taller than himself. He breathed in and out slowly, preparing himself. His muscular arms swinging back and forth. Then, when he was ready he started his arching run towards the pole. His arms pumped backwards and forwards, his long legs carrying him. He reached the pole. He pushed off. Twisting his body so his back was towards the pole. He passed over the pole, just. Flicking his legs up at the end to avoid dragging his feet onto it.

He landed on the landing mat with a small thump. He rolled off the mat and stood up feeling good, that was his highest ever jump. He heard someone clapping. He turned around to see Alice walking towards him.

“Hey you,” she said.


James walked over to her and gave her a hug.

James and Alice Lithurst were cousins; in fact if you asked them, they felt more like brother and sister. James and Alice were extremely close to each other. Neither of them had a brother or a sister and both of their dad’s had passed away in an accident. All they had were themselves and their mums. James and Alice also both lived in the same house with their mums, they went to the same school, and were both in the same year and their interests weren’t too different either. If anyone would have seen them together they would say they were a couple or twins.

James was quite tall, about 6 foot. He had broad muscular shoulders, which boasted power and grace. His arms were strong and thick and his 6 pack was prominent. Though his muscles didn’t look to big or grotesque like on tubs of steroids. His hair was a dark brown with same natural blond highlights in, his hair left to its own devices as it suited his sky blue eyes. These were his best feature, his eyes could hold girls in trances, they weren’t like pools of water they literally were pools of water. He was considered to be the hottest guy at school.

Alice was the female version of James. She was a tall 5 foot 7″. Her body was tight and toned, her ass was perfectly shaped, like an orb. Her long tanned golden legs were smooth and unblemished, so kissable. Her breasts were large D cups but they stood out, they didn’t sag at all. Stand her side ways and her back, ass, and breasts looked fantastic, her curves perfect and defined. Her beauty was mind-blowing and her face didn’t disappoint. She had a very sexy girlish face. Her eyes were the same lovely colour as James and her hair Gaziantep Escort was a light brown. Her lips were something else though. They looked so luscious and smooth, so red, so natural. And to top it off she was wearing her cheerleading costume, so it wrapped tight around her curves. She was considered the hottest girl in the school.

As James pulled away smiling.

“How’s your day been?” he asked her.

“It’s been good, had some fun teasing a few boys but that’s about it.”

“God your such a slut”

“I won’t deny it,” she said, and she winked at him.

James and Alice walked back through the school gates; they stood waiting for a bus to take them home. As they paid for they’re fare and looked around to take a seat the bus was empty. Alice pulled James onto the upper deck of the bus. What met they saw was mind blowing.

Two girls going at it. They were moaning quietly as not to alert the diver, they’re hands frantically rubbing, squeezing and caressing. They were both beautiful blondes with small pert tits hot tight bodies. Young, around 20-25. They were engaged in a hot 69’er James felt his cock grow, straining against his loose gym shorts. A large tent stood proud. Alice was in the same sexual trance James, she couldn’t help but stare. Her nipples hardened and her pussy became moist, she had never been interested in other girls before.

Lucky the blondes hadn’t noticed them, James and Alice took the seats one behind the girls. The girls started moaning louder, rubbing harder faster. Squealing, licking, sucking, fucking. James couldn’t help rubbing himself through his shorts. Oh that felt good he thought. The blondes peaked as the bus started to move. The moaning became louder.

James heard three female voices though. He turned to see Alice rubbing herself through her panties. Her head thrown back, one hands working her breasts through her skimpy top and the other rubbing her clit furiously. She had pushed her skirt up James could see so much leg. It pushed him over the edge. He moaned an orgasm building. He needed to cum, but where? He knew he would cum loads, it would just squirt and flow down his legs. He didn’t want to come home smelling like cum, and Alice smelling like pussy. He made a spilt second decision. He pulled down his shorts stood up and let go. He worked his cock furiously, sliding up and down the shaft faster and faster his eyes closed his moaning loud. Oh god this felt so good he thought.

Just before he started to cum he felt a pair of soft, smooth, sexy lips clamp down on his dick. Swirling Gaziantep Escort Bayan round his head. He let go of his cock and pushed the persons head into his cock. He let out a long moan. He exploded. Sending cum straight into the persons mouth. He felt the person gag beneath him.

“Alice, oh yes! Oh suck me Alice, shit just like that!” James moaned unconsciously.

As his orgasm came to an end he sat back down his eyes still closed. He let out a few breathes of relief and opened his eyes. He looked between his legs. A nude woman was sitting there looking into his eyes with lust. It was one of the blondes, her hair was messy and bits of cum were around her lips.

He looked over to his right to see Alice’s orgasm finishing, with the other blondes licking her out. James looked at the spectacle and moaned. Shit that looked nice he thought.

He looked back at his blond. She looked so hot, god he wanted to fuck her so hard. She noticed the look in his eye.

“Easy tiger we’ve only just met! My names Lu and that’s Lisa,” she tipped her head in the direction of the other blond.

They both just sat there totally naked in between Alice’s and James’ legs like it was the sanest thing in the world. James just sat there staring at the faces looking up at him. Speechless. Finally Alice came to James rescue.

“My name’s Alice and this is my cousin James,” she said, still trying to catch her breath.

” Ahhhh, I see. James you naughty boy!” Lu looked at him, he stared back puzzled.

“You were screaming your cousin’s name! That’s not very good is it you naughty boy”

James still stared back blankly; finally he came to his senses. ” Er…well…it wasn’t…I don’t.” He stuttered trying to find his words, and then he said quickly. “I was so turned on when she started touching herself.”

“Oooh, Jesus, make him stop I’m getting wet again,” Lisa moaned.

The bus stopped and James looked out the window. “Shit this is our stop!” He quickly pulled his shorts and boxers back up as Alice pulled up her panties and skirt. She gave him a cold look.

“Thanks for that.” She said

“Well I hope to bump into you two again.” Lisa said.

“I would like that too.” James smiled finding his bearings a little more.

Alice and James got off the bus.

Alice turned around and gave him a deathly stare. Then without warning she pulled him into her.

She pressed her lips to his and slipped her tongue into his mouth. James opened his mouth and returned the favour. Alice tasted of strawberries Escort Gaziantep James noted, and then he was lost in the soft, sensual kiss. Their tongues explored each others mouth deeply. James had been with many girls and he found himself thinking that Alice kissed him better than any other.

Without warning Alice pulled away and started running home. James looked down; he had a raging hard-on.

Alice ran home, her tight hot pussy getting wet and slippery, but it was wet for her cousin. She didn’t know how to feel about that. She could feel love juice running down her leg, the smell was intoxicating. Her arousal deepened, her nipples rubbing against her top.

“Ahhh, Shit,” she moaned, still running.

She could see her house. She crashed into the front door and ran upstairs into her bedroom. She locked the door and clasped onto her bed breathing rapidly. Her body ached for another release. She pulled down her panties, they were soaking wet, so juicy. The sexy smell of pussy made her moan. Alice pulled her top over her head quickly, her intense burning in her pussy needed satisfying. She next undid her bra and let her luscious tits free. She squeezed with her thumb and finger on the hard nubs, her breathing quickening. She moaned in pleasure, playing thoughts of James getting his rock hard cock sucked by that sexy minx Lu. She moaned lustfully, wanting James cock in her.

“Ooooh, shhhhhhhit! Yeah, ummmmmmmm, yes, yes, YES!” She tugged on both nipples, rubbing, and squeezing. She bit her lip and slid her right hand down her body, opening up her legs. She furiously rubbed her burning clit. Bucking back and forth. Her hips off the bed. The moaning more urgent. More needy. Her pussy was dripping her lovely nectar, lubbing her inner folds of her hot, tight cunt.

She felt her pleasure building, she took her left hand and shoved her fist into her tight pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhh! Shhhhhhhhhhit!” she screamed in pain and pleasure.

Her hips were franticly bucking against her fist, her moaning was loud. So loud James could her it as he opened the front door. Her hands were a blur, fucking herself fast and hard. Her sexy face screwed up in unbelievable pleasure. Her hair wild. The orgasm built to new heights. She couldn’t hold on any longer.

“JAAAAAAAAMES!!!!!” She screamed, love juice squirting out of her pussy. She lost control of her legs. Her body shook uncontrollably. Waves of Pleasure flowed through her body, the world was blocked out. Her head hit by an amazing mind-blowing orgasm. She couldn’t take it, she passed out.

James stood outside Alice’s door, rubbing his cock through his pants. Shit that a good orgasm he thought, just before he began to peak. The front door opened and his mum and aunt walked into the landing below. James cummed hard into his shorts, releasing his load. Once he was finished he went into his room to clean up.

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