What I Always Wanted

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This story is copyright of destinie21 2004. Please do not reproduce.

This tale contains incest and lesbian sex if your adverse to either read no further. To all others please enjoy…

* * * * *

To tell this story right I guess I’ll need to go back to the beginning.

In the beginning no, no, no. Once upon a time, no not that either. Hmm how to begin

Okay here we go. At the age of nine if anyone had told me the air could be like a blanket I would not had believed it for a second, only because I wasn’t well versed in metaphor. But in August the air was indeed like a blanket. Too warm too cumbersome and far too thick. It was also silent because kids didn’t want to play and even the birds and the bugs seemed to think it was too exhausting even to chirp or flit about. I as usual was inside the house reading and trying desperately to ignore the heat, while an old electric fan propelled the warm thick air about the living room. My mother waltzed in and ended that by telling me I may as well go out and play because it was too nice of a day for little children to be cooped up indoors.

When she was far enough away I rolled my eyes, I didn’t see her out enjoying the inferno. Still you couldn’t just blatantly disobey Mama and expect to get away with it. I took my book and walked outside shutting the screen door with as much attitude as I dared. I ended up sitting on the porch in the shade, which wasn’t really that shady or cool, reading and praying for a snowstorm. I was so engrossed in Charlotte’s Web and I didn’t even hear the car pull into the drive, what I did hear was the clickty-clack of high heels on pavement and the jangle of gold bangles rubbing against one another.

It was the first time I’d heard a woman make music with her movements. I watched her as she made her way from the car to the steps of the porch. She was wearing a yellow sleeveless dress and a pair of bright red high heels. She managed to look cool and composed as she walked the red silk scarf that held back her deep auburn hair moved as if there was a breeze.

Her skin was the color of cinnamon and if my father had been around he might have called her a redbone. I drank her in like a liquid as she opened the screen door and walked into our house as if she had a right to be there.

I would have thought she had not seen me at all if she hadn’t caught my eye and winked at me. I forgot all about Zuckerman’s famous pig as I crept closer to the screen door. Curious as hell about this woman. I could hear the stranger calling out to my Mama as she carried her music into the living room. “Gina, where the hell are you girl?” Her voice had laughter in it as she spoke. Suddenly I felt sorry for her. Nobody cussed in our house, even Daddy.

I could see my mama’s feet on the stairs as she came down. I pulled back a little not wanting to be caught spying. Mama was forever telling me to stay out of grown folks business. When Mama’s back was to me I peered through the door again certain she was about to yell at the cussing woman, instead she threw her arms around the stranger as if they were old friends. I wanted to laugh I wasn’t sure who this lady was but she was already extraordinary in my eyes.

“Josephine girl when did you get here?” Mama asked stepping back with her hands on her hips. The woman whose name I was already rolling around in my mouth like a piece of hard candy smiled.

“Just a minute or two ago.”

Mama nodded her head and may have been about to say more when the woman turned her eyes to me. I backed away thinking I was surely going to be in for it, but she spread her arms causing the bracelets to sing again, and motioned for me.

“Hey Love come give your Aunt Josephine a hug.”

I opened the door feeling suddenly shy, I’d heard of Aunt Josephine and seen a few grainy photos before but I had never met her. She was my father’s younger sister who lived in Louisiana, a far off place as far as I was concerned having been born and raised in Chicago. Besides that I wasn’t the hugging type and my name was Sabrina not Love. Still she had sent me birthday and Christmas presents so she couldn’t be too bad even if I didn’t know her at all.

My mother looked at me and her eyes told me I’d better get moving. So I hugged this newly discovered Aunt. Her skin felt cool and she smelled to me like fresh water. When I pulled back she looked into my eyes then stepped away sizing me up. I was doing the same although I had already looked her over, when I met her eyes I was shocked she looked a lot like a female version of my daddy. He was handsome and she was beautiful but instead of being brown her eyes were almost gold.

Mine were too and I’d always thought them strange especially up against my dark skin. She laughed again though I wasn’t sure why “Well aren’t you beautiful Love.” I shrugged and mumbled thanks. I had never really thought of myself in terms of looks. She smiled and looked me dead in the eye. “You are beautiful and don’t you ever think any different.”

Aunt gaziantep escort numaraları Jo as it turned out was moving to Chicago, She wasn’t just visiting although she did stay with us for months while she looked for a place to live and work. I got used to her presence and practically lived in her shadow. She never did stop calling me Love and I didn’t mind at all. I cried the day she moved into her own house but as it turned out I could visit her nearly anytime since she only lived a block away. She opened a dress shop that eventually became a chain of successful boutiques bearing her name.

Thirteen years later I still thought Aunt Josephine was extraordinary and I had never met any woman who carried music the way she did. I still took pause at the sound of high heels on a hard floor or the sound of bracelets moving together. I had been away from home for three years modeling overseas it turned out Aunt Jo wasn’t the only one who believed I was beautiful.

Of course my parents had practically had strokes when I’d told them I was forgoing college to work as a model, they had always instilled in me a sense of independence and following my dreams, apparently they had thought my dreams would mesh with their dreams for me. It had been my Aunt who had come to my defense and who had also sat me down and had a long talk about my future. I had promised her and my parents alike if things didn’t work out within a year I’d quit modeling and go to College. .

My height and “exotic” looks had landed me on the runway in New York and within six months I was signed with one of the top agencies in the world. I hadn’t expected that following my newly discovered dream would take me so far away from home for such long periods of time but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. I’d seen my family only a few times and always for short intervals over the last three years. Now I was a big name and well on my way to being a supermodel so I could afford to take time off and set my own schedule. I was highly excited to have two weeks all to myself where no one would be posing, prodding, or instructing me. I wouldn’t have to consume and ounce of water per body fat ratio or do any prone scissor kicks or repetitious crunches I could just relax and enjoy. I arrived at my parent’s house in a rented car with the music blaring.

My mother who had been expecting me practically yanked me from the vehicle before it was in park. She hugged me tight enough to constrict my breathing. I smiled and returned the hug, despite all the luxury money could bring nothing could replace my mother’s arms. My father was right behind her and he swept me off of my feet twirling me around as if I were still a child instead of a grown woman. I hugged him back laughing and holding on. When he set me on my feet he was beaming with pride. “How’s the most beautiful girl in the world.” I rolled my eyes and tried not to grin like a fool at my Daddy. “I’m fine. How are you guys?”

Before they could answer Aunt Josephine emerged from the house. She was still as beautiful as always and seeing her made my heart skip. I tried to tell myself I was just happy to see her, but part of me knew that to be a lie. I’d been attracted to her for years but I’d figured time away would set me right. It hadn’t, there had been women in my life and in my bed for many years but none of them had ever come close to her. I still wanted her badly and more that just physically, she was the only woman I had ever adored. Somewhere between my sixteenth birthday and the present I had fallen in love with her. Now it was just a familiar feeling whether she was present or not. The thought that my feelings were wrong was old news; mostly I figured they weren’t really wrong, as I had no plans to act on them.

She was in my arms and just for a few moments I imagined that the hug was more than just a friendly greeting. I pushed the feelings aside hoping she hadn’t seen the lust flash through my eyes. Josephine smiled wide flashing her perfect teeth at me. “Hey Love how are you.”

“Good” I wouldn’t meet her eyes she’d always been able to read me like a book. She tipped my chin up and forced me to look into her eyes. She didn’t say a word but something in her look shook me to the core.

Daddy insisted on getting all of my luggage and carrying it to my old bedroom by himself. We followed him into the house. While Daddy was busy with my bags my mother and aunt tried to stuff me with food. I ate as much as I could relishing in the home cooking. My mother as usual was grilling me about everything in my life that wasn’t her business. My being a lesbian was no big deal as I had come out in high school but still being single was in her eyes a travesty of epic proportions. I couldn’t very well tell her that I was in love/lust with my aunt nor could I divulge that I was having plenty of healthy no stings attached sex. It just wasn’t the type of thing you chit chatted with your mother about over coffee, gaziantep escort bayan numaraları at least not in our family.

When I couldn’t eat another bite I excused myself to wash away the funk of travel and unpack before resting for a little while. I unpacked and had taken a shower. I was standing in the bedroom that had seen me through infancy childhood and my teen years when I heard a knock on the door. I cinched the belt on the black full-length satin robe I’d donned and opened the door. Aunt Josephine was standing there and for a moment I just stared. She didn’t say a word as she pushed past me into the room and seated herself on the foot of the bed. I turned to track her movements with my eyes wondering what was going on.

“Shut the door Love, I want to talk to you.”

I shut the door and leaned against it looking at her. “About what? I asked

“About why you won’t look me in the eyes anymore.” She replied.

My heart beat a little faster at her response. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Yes you do Sabrina.” She said calling me by my given name for the first time in years, she stood and advanced on me the click of her high heels on the wood panels made me feel the need to catch my breath. When she was right in front of me I tried to step back but with door directly behind me I couldn’t.

My back was pressed to the oak door and I was barely breathing.

“Relax love.”

She said drawing my eyes to her moving lips Her face was close enough to mine for me to feel the words pass over my skin as she breathed them out. I almost laughed it was hardly likely that I’d be able to relax ever again. I wondered if I was going to have a heart attack right there, my heart felt ready to beat a hole thorough my chest and my lungs were apparently on strike.

She smiled and pressed herself against me so that my leg was between her thighs and our breasts touched. “Talk to me Love.” She whispered resting her hands on my hips.

“Oh god” was all I could say as her lips brushed my hairline. I could feel myself opening up to her. Her thigh pressed against the wetness between mine. I arched against her almost unconsciously already dancing to the beat of her music. I couldn’t speak so I ran my hands over her, letting them communicate my desires. Cupping her ass through the sundress she wore I was surprised to find no evidence of panties. She groaned as I kneaded her ass pulling her closer to me as I moved my hips and ground against her leg as my own thigh pressed against her pussy. She tugged her dress upward putting her cunt right on my thigh where my bathrobe was split.

When she was moving her hips all on her own I brought my hands up and around to cup her breasts in my hands. She was a little more that a handful. The dress she was wearing had a low-slung back and as I felt her hard nipple against my palm I realized she had gone without a bra as well. I tugged her nipples lightly, rolling them between my fingers through the fabric.

She arched lifting her head she pressed her lips against mine hard. I parted my lips almost on contact and sucked her tongue into my mouth, tasting her for the first time. There were other places I was in a hurry to taste but right now I was focusing on the sounds of my aunt’s pleasure. I pinched and tugged her nipples harder causing her to moan into my mouth. Bringing my hands to her neck I fiddled with the knot that held her hater style dress up. I almost ripped the straps pulling and tugging blindly.

Aunt Josephine pulled away laughing; she brought her hands up and untied the dress in less than a moment. I watched as she pulled the dress down to her waist and shimmied out of it letting the salmon colored material pool at her high-heeled feet. I barely wanted to blink, or be denied sight of her ever again. She was 12 years my senior and in fantastic shape, I envied her curves I was tall with only a handful of breasts and a small compact ass.

I’d never worn more than a size four, which made the perfect sample size for the runways of New York Milan and Paris. I was what America believed their women should be but standing there I knew I had nothing on my aunt. She was full and lush but not at all out of shape I wanted to look at her for a good long time, but she was back in my arms loosening the tie on my robe and sliding it off my shoulders. I let the garment fall to the ground and all thoughts of simply looking at Josephine vanished. My hands and lips were consuming her like a red-hot fire. I wanted to touch and taste her everywhere at once.

Holding her breasts in my hands again I found that I enjoyed their weight and the feel of her puckered nipples made the both of us moan as I pulled them between my fingertips again. The feel of her naked pussy pressing against my thigh as she moved against me was enough to send me over the edge. I nearly screamed aloud but caught myself remembering where I was. Pressing my face into escort gaziantep numaraları her neck I moved my hands to her back and held on. I thought I might collapse but my legs held out long enough for us to make it to the bed. I started to sit with Aunt Josephine but instead I found myself kneeling between her parted thighs. She still hadn’t come and I wanted my lips on her when she did. I moved to kiss the little neat triangle between her legs. I could see hints of wetness glistening on the patch of hair and I couldn’t wait to taste her.

Pressing my lips to her gently at first I flicked out my tongue to catch her sweet salty flavor on the tip of my tongue. The taste of her reminded me of summertime and blush wines. I ran my tongue between her pouty inner lips adding wetness to wetness and flicking her clit softly. Her hands were in my hair tugging me against her as she ground her hips against me riding my face. I was engrossed in her taste and the silky feel of her heat and slickness against my face. I parted my lips sucking the pink flesh of her pussy between them and nibbling lightly. Her hips jerked and I intensified my actions adding to the sensations by rolling her clit under my fingertips.

The scent of her was everywhere and I loved it I pushed my tongue into her fucking her with swirling strokes. Her hips were in constant motion now and her hands gripped my hair. I could feel a hint of sweat where my free hand held her thigh and she trembled slightly. Even when I felt her muscles tightened and her fingers pull my hair painfully I kept tasting and touching her. Digging my nails into the skin of her smooth brown thigh when she yanked my hair. I took her with my lips until she was shaking and exhausted and my jaw was aching. We were both sweaty and reeked of our combined scents I would have to take another shower before dinnertime although I would have loved to keep the scent of her on my skin.

We lay side by side on the bed and she threw her leg over my hip and tucked some of her now wild auburn hair behind her ear.

“Will you look me in the eye now Love?” I focused my eyes on her face and met her eyes willingly for the first time since my arrival. All I saw in her eyes was love and satisfaction, none of the rejection I’d feared for years. “You know Love; I had planned on talking about this before I acted on it.” She swept her hand out over the bed before resting it lightly on my ribcage.

“How did you know?” I asked her genuinely curious as to how she had guessed that I’d respond to her sexually.

“Come on Love, I’m not blind you’ve had designs on me for years. Since you never made a move I knew I’d have to.” I could feel myself blushing, I couldn’t believe she’d known for so long. She ran her hand from my ribcage upward until she was touching my face with her soft fingertips .

“Love how can you blushing after the way you just fucked me? Since when are you so easily embarrassed?” Aunt Josephine asked with laughter in her voice and eyes.

Instead of answering I raised my head and moved in to kiss her. Sucking lightly on her bottom lip and teasing her nipples with my fingers. I wasn’t in a frenzy now so I took my time to memorize the feel of her skin against mine, the curve of her full bottom lip beneath my tongue and the weight of her breasts held in my hands. When I pulled away her eyes were bright and burning with lust. I tried to kiss her again but she pushed me against the mattress with the weight of her body and rolled on top of me.

“It’s your turn Love.” She told me with a sly grin.

My hands gripped the sheets in anticipation as she lowered her head to my breasts. My nipples have always been large puffy and sensitive so when her lips pulled my left nipple into her mouth I arched against her with a groan the sounded very much like a growl. I moved my hands to her head pushing my breast against her lips. She opened her mouth taking as much of me in as she could licking and grazing the skin with her teeth. I was almost near climax just from the attention she lavished on my breasts. She always pulled away before I could come leaving me trembling and frustrated. I was begging her to let me come but she seemed intent on torturing me. She took my nipple between her lips once again and slid her hand down my belly and between our bodies to press two fingers easily into my wetness. The feel of her inside of me did it.

I could feel my cunt tensing and dripping against her palm. Before I was fully spent she pulled her fingers away and slide down between my legs. I barely had time to miss her fingers before her tongue was inside of me and her fingertips slid and rolled over my clit hard and fast.

I pinched my nipples between my thumbs and forefingers arching my back and moving my hips against her. I forgot all about being quiet as I moaned her name and exploded from the inside out. I actually saw stars or least bright flashes of light as I spent myself on her face and hand. I was sweating and hot when she lay next to me again. Without a word I kissed her lips and closed my eyes, resting my arm just under her breasts I fell asleep.

When I awoke hours later the sun had set and my aunt was gone although her scent lingered in my bed. I hadn’t really expected her to stay with me. Well in truth I hadn’t even thought about it but now that I was I knew it was silly to be upset at her for leaving the room. Still logic was no match for my sense of panic.

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