A Graduation Present from Jenn


College graduation was a milestone for me. An act of perseverance. I was only a middling student in a small state school, and even though it took me five years to finish, I eventually received my diploma in the mail. No walk across the stage for me. I was happy just to be done with a degree in business and a minor in art. The world was in front of me, even though the prospects were presently dim.

I had returned home, if that is what you call it, to the approval of my father and stepmother who were elated that I had actually completed something. My track record up until then was a bit broken and graduating from college was something they never believed I could do. But my welcome was short lived. Soon after returning home and doing my best to lay low for the summer, I received a boot of sorts.

“Sammy, we have a big favor to ask.” My stepmother, Julie, stood next to me in her bikini blocking my sun and interrupting my fantasy about a coed I never had the courage to ask out.

This was only day three of my summer but already I sensed something was up. A favor more likely would be a demand.

“Aunt Jenn needs a helping hand. Her husband has left her, and she needs some help. And since you’re free, we thought you could give her some support. She’ll pay you a stipend and give you room and board. It won’t be much to start but it will be a big help to her.”

Aunt Jenn was Julie’s younger sister who lived about 250 miles away in the Phoenix area. She and her husband had some kind of internet business, promoting web sites or something, and had done well, or so it seemed, at least until now. I had met her a few times only briefly. My dad had remarried when I was a freshman at school, and most of the time I was away in college and missed many of the family gatherings. Regardless, Aunt Jenn was a knockout blonde who was married to a cheese mouth prick as far as I could tell.

“Doing what?” Lying by my parents’ pool was all the work I had in mind for at least the short term. I thought I deserved a break after scraping through college.

“I’m not entirely sure, but I think she needs some help with the business, and you have a degree in business. Besides, you’ll need some experience. This might be a good opportunity. I think she also needs some help with the house and yard. Money is a little tight since Harold left her.”

A summer in Phoenix did not especially appeal to me with the months of stifling heat, but Aunt Jenn’s huge house was nice with a large pool and spa. Besides, I really didn’t have much choice since I was doing nothing but loafing anyway, so before I knew it, I was packed up and driving to Phoenix.

When I arrived in early June, the temps were already in the triple digits. Thank god for air conditioning. I pulled through the gate and into Jenn’s cobblestone driveway and parked. I had been to their house only once before and had forgotten how plush it was. The walkway to the front door was enclosed with bougainvillea hedges and manicured lawn. The huge oak timber front door was located in a shaded portico. I pressed the buzzer and waited.

Soon I heard footsteps marching on the tile in the house, and Jenn opened the door. I had forgotten just how gorgeous she was, and how tiny. She probably only stood about 5’3″ in her bare feet, but I also remembered she had quite a body. Her shoulder length blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she was wearing a loose-fitting frock that did nothing for her figure, but there was no mistaking her beauty.

“Sammy! How are you? Come on in.” She gave me a big hug as I stood there somewhat dazed after my long drive and her cheerful greeting. I bent down to hug her in return and immediately felt two large breasts squishing into me under her tent.

Jenn’s blonde hair was set off by stunning blue eyes. And even though she was my aunt—technically my step aunt—she looked not much older than me. I later learned that she was 36, nearly 8 years younger than her sister, my stepmother.

After some preliminaries, she showed me my room next to hers. I had my own private bath and glass doors out to the pool area.

“Get settled in and then come on out to the pool. It’s starting to cool down a bit and evenings are still wonderful this time of year.”

I unpacked a few things and put on a pair of trunks. I could see Jenn lying on a lounger under the gazebo next to the pool. It appeared that the frock had been traded for a two-piece swimsuit.

I opened my doors to the pool area and hotfooted it to the gazebo. The sun was dipping but the patio was still blazing. Jenn was lounging and wearing a dark pair of sunglasses. A cooler sat next to her.

“I brought out some beer and wine so you could relax. Glasses are chilled in the cooler as well. Help yourself.”

The chardonnay in the cooler was already half empty. I helped myself to a beer and inserted the bottle into a cozy while I sat on the lounger next to Jenn. I tried not to stare, but it was nearly impossible.

Jenn sat up and adjusted the lounger to a sitting position. Her bikini gaziantep escort kız top strained to hold two massive breasts with a thin strap around her neck. Her ample cleavage would easily hold my beer bottle, and I imagined how much fun it would be to put my head between those tits and motorboat them. Beads of sweat ran down her chest and pooled on her stomach in the afternoon heat. I tried in vain to hide my thickening cock by placing my beer bottle on my lap and hoping she wouldn’t notice.

Both Jenn and Julie, my stepmother, sported fantastic bodies, but Julie had put on a few extra pounds since marrying my father. And, she was my stepmother. Not that I didn’t look, mind you, but even though I may have occasionally harbored thoughts of plowing into her when I was jacking off at night, I just considered it a healthy, albeit slightly incestuous, fantasy.

Jenn on the other hand had not an ounce of extra fat. No lumpy bulges or cellulite. In fact, she was skinny in most places. Her legs were well shaped but thin, and her hips were narrow. But her breasts…Oh my god. They were huge and topped by a pair of prominently jutting nipples.

“My gosh, Sammy. You’re all grown up! I can’t believe you are already out of college. And thank you for coming to help me. This means so much to me and I’ll be forever grateful. I hope I can repay you some day.”

I struggled to keep my eyes above her chest, but there was no way to avoid staring. Aunt Jenn had a pair of tits to keep me awake at night.

“Oh, no worries, Aunt Jenn. I’m just glad I was available. And I hope I can help out.”

“Sammy, no need for the Aunt stuff. Just call me Jenn. Besides, Aunt Jenn sounds old. You don’t think I’m old, do you?” She made a pouty face of feigned disappointment while puffing out her chest as some sort of proof she was still a desirable woman.

I worried and hoped at the same time that the string holding up those giant orbs would break and let me see those glands in all their glory. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean any offense. I don’t feel like you’re any old aunt. I mean…oh shit…no disrespect, but you’re still hot Aunt Jenn…I mean Jenn.”

Jenn beamed and blushed, and sensing my awkwardness, leaned over and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Her breasts nearly fell out of the top and I clumsily hugged her and patted her back.

We sat on the patio chatting by the pool and watching the sun dip below the horizon. As darkness began to set in, yard lights automatically came on. The property was beautifully landscaped with a mix of desert vegetation and amenities like the pool and spa. I was grateful for the semi darkness so I wouldn’t be quite so obvious as I stared at her mounds.

“I guess you know about Harold leaving me. He found a young, wealthy widow who fell for his line of bullshit and after first draining our bank accounts, he vanished without so much as a note. Fortunately, I had enough socked away that I’m ok for a while, but I need you to help me keep the business afloat if you can.”

“I’ll do what I can. Of course, I’m pretty green, but I do have pretty good techy skills. You have an internet business of some sort?”

Jenn blushed. “Well, yes. Sort of. You’re going to find out so I might as well get it off my chest. To be honest, it’s a porn site. But it’s a clean one. No trashy stuff.” Jenn was clearly uncomfortable talking about it with a relative, and the reference to her chest was not lost on me. My thoughts immediately wandered to seeing naked videos of her wonderful tits.

“We do a lot of soft-core stuff. Nudie pics and videos as well as promotions for other sites. You can’t believe the money that’s involved in this industry. We got into it early on and as you can see, it has paid the bills. But now that Harold is gone, I’m worried since I never did much of the day-to-day dealings. I tended to be arm candy for Harold.”

“How about tomorrow you show me what you know, and I’ll take it from there as best I can.” Actually, the prospect of looking at porn from a business perspective excited me, but not as a voyeur. More as a chance to make some money. The fact that I frequented porn sites with my cock in hand was a bit of irony, given the situation.

We ended up sitting and talking about a variety of subjects for an hour or so. All that time Jenn was refilling her wine glass and getting commensurately looser. By the time we went into the house to make some dinner, she was starting to slur her words just a bit. I had drunk a few beers, but my 6’1 frame and college drinking habits kept me relatively sober. At least that is what I thought.

Once in the house Jenn covered those magnificent orbs with an oversized t-shirt, but it only made me hornier. As she prepped for dinner with my help as her sous chef, her boobs jiggled and swayed to and fro. Finally, she excused herself and returned moments later in the same t-shirt, but this time without the bikini top underneath. Besides a noticeable heavy sag, her prominent nipples escort kız gaziantep proudly displayed themselves. Only now they were considerably closer to her naval.

“I hope you don’t mind. These things are tied up in a bra all day long and they need to breathe. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve got pretty big boobs.” Jenn cupped each one in her tiny hands and hefted them. “I should probably get breast reduction surgery, but I hate to lose them. They’re a big part of me…no pun intended.

“Oh gosh, Aunt…I mean Jenn. Your breasts ARE big, but then most men like big boobs. I know I do.” I couldn’t believe I had said that. Jesus, what an idiot!

“That’s so sweet, Sammy. Excuse me if I sometimes romp around here scantily clad. I’m not used to a young virile male in my presence.” Jenn reached over a squeezed a rounded bicep. “You must lift weights! Mmmm, so firm.” She took a sip of wine. “Harold could have cared less about my boobs after we had been together for several years. He thought I looked like a cow half the time.”

“Oh, no. That’s terrible. If you don’t mind me saying, you have beautiful breasts. I would never object to boobs like that.” I swallowed a sip of beer for courage. “Um…do you mind? Just how big are they?”

“They’re not that big. I’ve got a small frame, so they just look big. My bras are 34EE’s, but I have to have them made especially for me. They’re expensive, too! But when these babies are confined all day in a bra, expensive or not, they beg for freedom when I’m home.

As we prepared dinner, we talked about other things, but I carefully tried to redirect the conversation to Jenn’s breasts from time to time. I didn’t feel quite so uncomfortable staring at them when they were being discussed, and I did enjoy staring at them.

Eventually, Jenn talked about growing up with large boobs. “I started wearing a bra in 6th grade. If I hadn’t, I think the older boys would have been drooling all over me. By junior high I sported a set of knockers most women would be proud of, and even my teachers, men mostly, of course, would try to be casual about oogling them. By the time I graduated from high school I was a 34DD. Dating was not a problem.” Jenn giggled and did a little shimmy. The wine was still flowing through her veins and I was not going to slow her down.

I’m not sure where I thought all this was going, but then my brain had been disconnected and all decision making was taking place in my bulging erection. I sat on the other side of the kitchen counter to hide it, but when I stepped into the kitchen to get another beer, Jenn eyed me suspiciously.

“You better get out of those trunks before you rip a seam or something.” She giggled and poured the last of the bottle into her glass. “Looks like you got a lizard trying to escape.”

“God…I’m so sorry,” I fumbled out. “It’s just…”

“No need to apologize. I’m flattered that my college grad nephew thinks I’m ok. Don’t worry, I’ve seen lots of those in my day, although I have to admit, most were not quite that big. You got quite a package going there. Nothing to be ashamed of, I’m sure.”

With a sheepish grin on my face, I excused myself to change. Once in the safety of my bedroom I dropped my trunks and freed my rock-hard cock, rigid enough to hang my clothes on it. Did she really just comment on the size of my cock, I thought to myself. I smiled and gripped my prick, stroking it as I envisioned placing it between those giant tits.

And I would have cum in no time, but Jenn yelled out from the kitchen, “Hey, Sammy. Quit playing with yourself and come here for your dinner.” Either she had ESP or a hidden camera somewhere. I slipped on some baggy shorts and returned to the dining room where dinner sat on a candle lit table.

“Might as well have some ambiance.” Jenn grabbed a freshly opened bottle of red wine and poured us each a glass. “Cheers. Here’s to your health, which I must say is looking mighty fine these days.”

“Cheers,” I responded, and we clinked glasses. “To health, wealth, and happiness.”

“Amen to that.” And with that we had a leisurely dinner with no more talk of Jenn’s tits. That is not to say, however, that I wasn’t thinking about them.

It had been a long day, and so with a motherly hug and a peck on the cheek, Jenn bade me goodnight and we each retreated to our bedrooms. My brain was still spinning about the compliments she had paid me, not to mention a reference to the size of my cock. I lay in bed naked, my prick lying flaccid on my thigh until visions of Jenn and her monstrous breasts overcame me and I placed by cock in my hand and began to stroke it. I flipped back the covers to appraise things.

Not bad, bigger than most but not exactly John Holmes either. The circumcised head was easily as large as a ripe plum, and overall, the girth was enough that I received a few gasps in my numbered forays in the bedroom. Most of my sex had come by way of my own hand up to this point, and tonight would be no different. In gaziantep escort kızlar short order I was grunting as a huge load erupted from my cock into a waiting tissues. After wiping up, I nodded off praying I would dream of my aunt knocking on my bedroom door.

And she did knock on my door, only not in the middle of the night. “Wake up, sleepyhead. It’s already 7 o’clock. We’re burning daylight.” The door opened a crack and Jenn stuck her head in. “Sleep well?” She was bright eyed and bushy tailed, as the saying goes, and a bit too cheery for this hour of the morning. She quickly scanned the room and then got a perplexed look on her face.

“Do you have a cold or something? What’s with all the Kleenex on the nightstand?”

“Oh…no…um. Allergies. I have pollen allergies. I’ll be fine.”

Jenn nodded as if that must be the case. “Well, just in case, the Kleenex is stored in the laundry room on a shelf by the washer. Help yourself if you need more. Anyway, I’ve got cereal and fruit for breakfast. Also muffins. Help yourself. I’ll be in the office when you are ready.” She blew me a kiss and said, “Want me to take those snot rags for you?”

“Oh, no. I’ll get them. Thanks.” I grabbed the tissues as soon as she closed the door. They were still sticky with my huge eruption. Just thinking about it got my blood stirring again, but I had no time for a morning quickie, so I put on a T and some shorts and headed for the kitchen.

When I was done with a light breakfast, I grabbed a second cup of joe and found Jenn in the office. It was a fairly small room, but she had a second chair pulled up to her computer so I could sit by her as she explained the procedures. Jenn must have been wearing a bra because her orbs were riding high and protruding over the keyboard.

Jenn keystroked with some confidence for someone who claimed to need help. I watched as she maneuvered graphics and pages and even though her familiarity with HTML was limited, I was able to correct a few issues with little difficulty. We worked steadily for several hours without a break. It was all I could do to sit there next to Jenn, our bodies in close contact and her perfumed scent wafting over me. My arm often rubbed against her breast as we worked to the point where Jenn playfully accused me of trying to feel her up.

“I have to plead innocent. Not that I wouldn’t love to fondle you, but you are my aunt.”

“Incest is best,” she giggled. “But I’m only your step aunt you naughty boy.”

We continued working and bantering for another hour, and then finally refreshed the pages we had been formatting, and voila, a current version of the site came up.

The home page was a series of pictures and links to various models in sexy poses as well as a selection of online models who paid a percentage to be displayed on the site. Most were links to young women by themselves in various stages of undress, but a few showed women in either real or simulated positions with male models. The links seemed to be working fine and we clicked on a few just to be sure.

One of the links was labeled “Sweet Mammories,” and I clicked on it just as Jenn started to stop me.

“I think that’s a bad link,” she said but too late. A series of photos came up, most with eye popping breasts. A quick scan revealed one particular model of interest near the bottom of the page—Aunt Jenn—although the name on the link was Barbara Bubka. There was no mistaking it though: it was a photo spread of Jenn from the not-too-distant past. She had the same hair and eyes, and oh my god, huge breasts on her petite body.

“She looks a bit like me, don’t you think? As you can see it is someone else named Barbara.”

“Yeah, definitely a resemblance but now that you mention it, she’s not near as good looking as you…and her boobs are bigger.”

“You think so? They look about the same to me.” Jenn ran her hands over her clothed boobs as if measuring them. She squinted at the photo and added, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“But I love those puffy nipples she’s playing with. I bet they’ve been handled a few times.” Anyway, the links seem to be fine, and we made a lot of headway today. What do you say we get a refreshment and take a break? I knew Jenn was embarrassed by my discovery, but I also knew that I’d most likely be revisiting the site again. And because I had administrator privileges, I could do a little exploration on my own. But what I honestly wanted was the real thing.

“Sounds good. We’ve done enough for one day. What do you say we take a dip before it gets too hot?”

“Meet you at the pool. Last one in is a rotten egg.”

I grabbed a beer and donned my swimsuit. Temps were in the low 90’s—perfect for the pool. I was first to arrive and dove in after setting my beer down. The shock of the cool water lasted about two seconds before my body adjusted to it. The cool felt wonderful contrasted with the air temperature. I surfaced and wiped the water from my eyes as Jenn approached the pool in the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen. The bottoms were nothing more than a string of butt floss and the top barely covered Jenn’s large nipples. She flipped off her sandals and sat on the edge of the pool, her legs dangling in the water, sipping the last of a glass of wine. I dove to the bottom and came up at the edge, between her dangling legs. I swear I could smell the perfume of her pussy only inches from my face.

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