Wedding Party


This is an event that took place fourteen years ago. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed living it.

Last week my friend Tom invited me to attend his friend’s wedding, which was supposed to be a very lavish affair. Tom didn’t have a girlfriend, so as a favor to him, my husband and I both agreed that I should be his date. Tom is the type of guy a girl just wants to be friends with. In some ways he can be cool, but actually he’s kind of a loser.

He said he was arranging for a limousine to take us to and from the wedding. At the last minute his dorky friend Dan called and wanted to tag along with us. This was totally okay with me, since I didn’t expect to get laid that night anyhow.

I picked out a black satin dress that I had worn the year before to a college dance. It was not too extravagant, but it was suitable for a fancy wedding. I found my favorite bra and admired the extra cleavage it produced. I slipped on matching panties and looked at myself in the mirror. Wow, I looked great! Just for the hell of it I rubbed my breasts and tweaked my nipples to make them hard.

When Tom picked me up, the limousine turned out to be just a Cadillac with a driver. The driver’s name was Sal, another friend of Tom’s.

Sal had brought some good stuff along. We smoked a joint on the way to the hotel, and probably drank at least half a case of beer. By the time we got there I was feeling good. I was also hot and horny, and I wondered if it was obvious.

Inside the hotel, I looked around and noticed that there were gorgeous men everywhere. I was glad I had picked the black dress; it made me look sexy. I knew then that by the end of the evening I would be sucking someone’s cock. I just didn’t know whose.

The wedding reception was very extravagant, with ice sculptures and little gifts for all the guests. The dinner seemed to go on forever, followed by hours of dancing. The bar was open, and all the liquor was top notch. I drank Vodka and tonic and smoked a couple of joints. Any time I wanted to smoke, all I had to do was go out to the car, and Sal would have a joint ready. I always remembered to take a drink with me to keep my spirits up.

On my way back to the party after one of these excursions I ran into Paul, who I had dated about five years ago. He quickly drew me into his arms and kissed me solidly on the lips. “How the hell are you, Tracy?”

“Paul, how have you been?” I said. I was barely able to form the words. My mind was spinning from the pot I’d just smoked, and from the suddenness of seeing Paul again.

When I first met him, he had swept me of my feet like no other man ever had. He said all the right things. He treated me with respect. Whenever I was near him, my knees quivered and my heart raced.

Our lovemaking had been very erratic and unpredictable. I never quite got my fill of him, no matter how many times we fucked. The last time I saw him he’d been headed west on a business venture. Now here we were, face to face again, and the incredible feeling I had for him made me more drunk than any amount of booze or drugs ever could.

“Oh baby, I have missed you,” Paul said. He ran his hands over my ass, holding me very close to him. “I am so glad to be home, baby. I really missed you.” He kissed me again.

We talked for quite a while, catching up on each other’s life. When we finally returned to the party we danced as though we’d been practicing for years. Our bodies moved in unison. He held my hips with both hands, as if he were making love to me. We were joined at the groin, and I could bonus veren siteler feel his hard cock pressing against my belly.

The more we danced the more aroused’ I became. I wanted desperately to suck his cock. But where?

When we stopped dancing I looked around and found the perfect spot. Just off the ballroom was a large closet, packed with the guests’ coats. There was a space behind the coats that would afford us some privacy. I quickly told Paul about this, and we made our way to the closet. I was wet with anticipation, and anxious to wrap my lips around his hard rod.

In the closet I lowered myself to my knees and released his bulging hard-on from the confines of his pants. I moved my lips over his cockhead, enjoying the silky feel as I ran my tongue around the rim. I licked the length of him slowly at first, then I opened my mouth and took him in entirely I stroked him with my hands and with my mouth, and with each stroke I swallowed more and more of his rigid member, until I was breathing hard through my nose. Deeper and deeper I pushed his cock down my throat, while my right hand methodically pumped his engorged penis as I waited eagerly for his jism to spew forth. His cock kept getting harder and harder, and I pumped him faster and faster, until finally his cock exploded, filling my mouth with his delicious come.

By the time we returned to the party, everyone was leaving. Tom and Dan spotted us and told us the party was moving to someone’s house in the suburbs. We all got into the Cadillac.

The party was at this huge mansion near the beach. The place was incredible. There was an indoor pool, three bars and a couple of live bands. People were sitting around smoking joints and doing lines, and a couple of them looked like they were tripping.

I was in my element, surrounded by men. And by now they all seemed to be gorgeous! I was creaming my pants just looking around, trying to decide which one I would fuck first.

I soon lost sight of Paul, and found myself hanging out with some cool guys, who offered me some more liquer. Then I ran into my old roommate, Randi. She had some hunk hanging all over her. Randi and the hunk were making out, and he practically fucked her while we all watched. Randi is the type of girl who attracts assholes, but she doesn’t care as long as they’re well built and well hung, and this guy clearly qualified.

I spotted Tom and Dan, and gladly joined them in the ballroom for a couple of drinks. It was after midnight, and people were still arriving at the party. There must have been close to three hundred people at the house. It wasn’t long before I found Paul. He was standing by the bar, talking with an old college friend named Hank.

Hank was gorgeous. He was about six feet four, with dark hair and very muscular arms. Man, did he make me hot! I could easily picture myself fucking him. I could hardly keep still when he sat down next to me. The heat from his body made me quiver. I knew immediately that this man would make me come like never before. I flirted shamelessly with him while Paul looked on. I couldn’t tell if he was jealous or pleased. I soon found out.

When Hank went to the rest room, Paul asked me if I liked his friend. I told him that I was enjoying his company. He then surprised the hell out of me when he asked me if I would like to fuck the two of them.

When Hank returned, he kissed me passionately. Paul grabbed my hand and led me upstairs, and Hank followed. I knew I was in for the time of my life.

Paul led us to this huge bedroom, bahis with a private bathroom attached. I decided to take a shower. It had been a long, hot evening, and I wanted to be clean for what was coming. I took my time in the shower, and finally Hank and Paul joined me there.

I was nearly fainting with desire after seeing their naked bodies, but Hank said he would like to shave my cunt first, and he asked if that was okay. I readily agreed since it always turns me on when my husband shaves my pussy. Hank carefully laid a towel on the floor for me to lie on. I lay down for him and spread my legs so he could get at my whole pussy. I had never been so turned on as I was then.

Hank proceeded to shave my pussy carefully, removing all the hair as Paul watched. He prodded and pulled at my private parts stretching the skin in order to give me a close shave. My pussy was wet and slippery, and not just from the soap and shaving cream!

When they were satisfied with my now hairless crotch, the two of them gently lifted me up and carried me to the king-size bed, setting me down in the center. My body was tingling, and I began stroking my clit in anticipation. I could not wait to feel a long hard cock sliding in and out of me.

As I lay there I could hear the men talking quietly, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. A couple of minutes later Hank left the room, and Paul joined me on the bed.

He began by kissing my mouth, softly at first, his kisses becoming more intensely passionate as they went on, his hands roaming my body. I was dizzy with pleasure as our tongues danced together, and I didn’t notice when Hank returned, until I felt a soft tug at my labia. Hank was sucking my pussy lips. I gasped, and then moaned against Paul’s mouth as Hank flicked his tongue over my clit, gently at first, then harder and faster. Then I felt his tongue reaching deep inside my pussy, and I found myself grinding my cunt into his face. It was incredible! I was moaning louder and louder, and before I knew it I came.

Then Paul produced his beautiful cock, placed himself between my legs and jammed it in my hole. Hank’s cock was also extremely hard, and very large. He brought it to my face and stuffed it into my eagerly-waiting mouth. I could wrap both hands around it and still have plenty left to nibble. I sucked him avidly, moving my mouth up and down that long shaft, while Paul pumped my pussy full of his cock. I was being penetrated by two men, and loving it. I can’t say which I enjoyed more, sucking a cock or being fucked by one. I dug both of them, for sure!

I soon had a rhythm going with my two cocks. Each time Paul thrust into me, I would jam my mouth over Hank’s tool, taking it deeper into my throat. Hank was clearly loving this. Sometimes his cock would go in so deep I thought I would swallow it. Paul was panting hard now, and I was pretty sure he was getting close to coming when there was a knock on the door.

Hank pulled his dick out of my throat and went to answer it, while Paul continued fucking me. It was the host of the party, whose name—I think—was Jeff.

Hank invited him in and closed the door quickly, then offered him a beer and a joint. Paul just kept pumping me, while Jeff and Hank started talking about business or something, seemingly oblivious to what was happening only inches away from them. As for me, I didn’t give a shit. I was so high and so hot that I wouldn’t have cared if the whole damn party had crowded in to watch.

Beads of sweat poured off Paul’s body now, and he was grunting deneme bonusu loudly as his thrusts got faster and harder. Finally he pulled his throbbing cock out and began stroking it wildly. Hot steamy come spewed out all over my breasts. Hank and Jeff just went on talking.

After a few moments, I retreated to the bathroom to shower again. When I returned to the room, Paul, Hank and Jeff were smoking another joint and drinking some beers.

As we sat there smoking, my eyes kept wandering to Jeff. He was in his forties, and his hair had already started to turn gray at the sides.

While not the most handsome man in the world, he was very attractive. His blue eyes sparkled when he laughed, and he was very charming.

As he sat next to me I could smell his cologne. The musky scent filled my senses, and the sound of his voice almost hypnotized me. I wondered what it would be like to fuck this man. His hands were not large, but they were well manicured and very smooth, and I started fantasizing about how they would feel caressing my breasts and inner thighs.

Lost in my dream world, and floating from the pot, I began caressing myself, and moaning softly. I couldn’t stop, even when I became aware that the eyes of all the men were on me. In fact, their attention turned me on even more. They watched me stroke myself more and more wildly, until I was screaming for someone to fuck me. I just could not help it. These men were so hot!

My plea did not go unanswered. Before I knew it my mouth was once again filled with cock. But this time it was Jeff’s. His dick was only average in size, but it was very hard, and he was thrusting it in and out of my mouth. Paul was sucking my tits, and Hank was just stroking himself, admiring the scene before him.

Pretty soon Jeff drew himself out of my mouth and asked me if he could fuck my ass. I readily agreed. His penis was the perfect size to fit in my ass, whereas Paul and Hank would have been too big.

Jeff turned me over on all fours and got behind me. He began by licking my ass and my pussy before even inserting his finger. I was squirming with anticipation. My pussy was so hot and wet, I wasn’t sure how much longer I could stand it without someone fucking me soon. Jeff finally slid his finger into my anus, working it into my sphincter to ease it open for his throbbing cock.

Paul now decided to fuck my mouth, while Hank still just watched, stroking his member harder and faster. It was bulging and purple now, and I wanted to touch it. But Jeff had brought his hard rod to my ass, and the next thing I knew he was thrusting it inside me.

My God, I had never felt so hot in all my life! These three wonderful men were surrounding me, lusting for me, wanting me. I wanted them too, I needed all of them to fill me. I heard myself begging Hank to join in, and he did. He slid underneath me, finding my hot cunt and filling it with his throbbing cock. Jeff was working himself deeper into my ass, while Paul was feverishly fucking my mouth. It was sheer heaven, and I couldn’t stop myself from going over the edge. I finally exploded with all the energy and force that was in me. My groans of ecstasy were stifled by the cock in my mouth, but my twisting, convulsing body expressed it all.

No sooner had I finished coming than all three of the men, one after another, shot their loads on and into me. Paul was first, filling my mouth with his hot come, which I swallowed eagerly. Then Hank exploded just outside of my pussy, and by the time Jeff spurted his load up and across my back, I was coming again.

When I recovered I took one last shower, and called my husband to tell him not to wait up, and then fell asleep between Hank and Paul. What a wedding party it had been! I wondered, as I was drifting off, if the bride was as satisfied as I was. I doubted it.

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