Courtview Refinement College Ch. 01


In the fifty years since the foundation of the Courtview Refinement College for Women, there had only been two deans. At other colleges, a dean could be expected to serve between eight and ten years and would then step down to enjoy the benefits of retirement. But at Courtview, nothing could beat the benefits of the position. Being the dean of such a prestigious college with such elite students required a lot of paperwork, a lot of fundraising (which wasn’t all that difficult, really), and long hours. It was certainly stressful, but if anyone had the chance to meet either of the two deans, they would most likely have no idea.

Cordelia Evans was the ninth headmistress at the school. Her position was separate from the deans in that she was there more as an example for the girls to look up to and emulate. She had graduated from the school as valedictorian only three years earlier and had so loved the school that she had decided to take on the role of headmistress and prolong her search for a husband for a few years. It was truly a selfish gesture. However, she had been taught well at Courtview and remained confident that when the time was right, she would have little trouble procuring the attention and devotion of a successful man.

Cordelia was only 25 years old and had the body of one but spoke with the maturity and poise of a much older woman. She stood nearly 5’11 without her high heels which were Courtview College standard 3 inches and creamy white legs that extended from her black skirt which hugged her round ass tightly. It moved hypnotically as her heels clicked down the hallway, her natural 36DD breasts bouncing softly in the confines of her lacy blue bra which could be seen just over the top of her white blouse. Her face was gorgeous, with piercing green eyes and full pink lips, framed with golden curls falling past her shoulders.

She felt an uncertainty today that she had never felt before in all her years at Courtview. Today was Dean Thomas’ last day and the induction of a new dean was something that had only happened once before. She had grown close to the dean over her 7 years as student and now headmistress and had serviced him countless times. She could only hope for a man as right for the job as Dean Thomas had been.

As Cordelia reached the deans office she checked her watch. It was just past 7am which meant that on any other day Dean Thomas would be taking his morning servicing but today was certainly no normal day. Anyway, his service girls had graduated the previous semester. She pushed against the office door which was slightly ajar and poked her head inside. She stifled a giggle as she saw Dean Thomas sitting at his desk, his face strained and his breathing heavy. It was no surprise when she saw the top of a students head bobbing up and down in front of him. Dean Thomas shook and started a low groan as Cordelia entered quietly. Cordelia sat on the couch nearby and watched patiently as Dean Thomas shook in orgasm and the redheaded young girl stood up, smiling.

“Thank you, Miss Burton,” Dean Thomas sighed. “That will be all.”

“Thank you, Dean Thomas,” the slender young girl said as she smoothed out her school uniform and moved around the desk. “Hello, Miss Evans.”

“Hello, Sandra,” Cordelia replied and returned her radiant smile. The girl bounced out of the room and left the two faculty members to themselves. Cordelia couldn’t help but picture Sandra kneeling in front of Dean Thomas’ chair, sucking his thick cock eagerly just as she’d been taught. The dean looked at Cordelia sheepishly.

“You don’t need to explain, Dean Thomas. No one can blame you for enjoying one of your students again before you go.” Cordelia crossed her shapely legs and felt a familiar tingle between her legs as she recalled the feeling of her own lips wrapped around the deans cock.

“How was she? I’ve heard good things from teachers around campus about her.”

Dean Thomas chuckled as he finished tucking his shirt back into this pants. “She could be valedictorian next year if she keeps that up. She’s definitely got the lips for it. Don’t worry though, they’re nothing compared to yours.”

Cordelia grinned. “I wasn’t worried.”

Dean Thomas sighed and stood. He looked around his office and back to the lovely Cordelia. “Well, when will the new dean be arriving?”

Cordelia checked her watch. “By 8am, I was told.”

Dean Thomas nodded. “I’m going to miss this place.”

“Of course you will,” Cordelia replied. “But you can’t be too upset. You’re welcome to visit any time and now that you’re no longer dean, you’re eligible to court one of our lovely graduates. Maybe one of this years service girls?”

The dean nodded and picked up his briefcase without an answer. Cordelia walked him out and as she watched him drive away, she set about preparing for the arrival of the new head of Courtview Refinement College for Women.

Dr. Herman Pelt arrived at the school precisely at 8:00am and parked his car in the space reserved bedava bahis especially for him. He stepped out and breathed in the college air, inwardly reveling in the fact that he had his own parking space. What he knew about this job was little, as he’d taken it last minute and even though he’d heard of the school many times, he’d never had the slightest inkling that he would ever become a dean of a woman’s college. One of life’s little surprises, he guessed. How different could it be from any other college anyway?

Herman had always been studious, keeping his grades high and his future bright instead of the normal social activities of high school kids and college students. His own college experience had been nothing but classes and exams and studying. Now, finally, he could really do some good for the educational world.

Making his way to the front entrance, he couldn’t help but admire the young women who made up the student body. Dr. Pelt had always had despairingly bad luck when it came to women and he’d long since given up on trying to find the woman of his dreams. He didn’t consider himself unattractive necessarily but certainly not especially handsome. He was thin but masculine in an educated way. He’d briefly debated the choice to become dean for an all woman’s college, knowing he would be surrounded by all those nubile young bodies that he’d never be able to touch but soon decided that it never hurt to fantasize and with all of these students around campus all the time, he would have plenty of different bodies to stroke himself to.

He shrugged off those thoughts however and continued into the main building. There would be time for that later. Now, he needed to be professional and get familiarized with the school. Not much was known about their methods or lessons but the success rate of graduates attaining high-level positions or marrying powerful men throughout the world was unsurpassed. Everyone wanted their daughter to go to Courtview.

As Herman entered the doorway, he noticed one girl in particular. He could hardly take his eyes away but finally did just as he felt he’d been staring too long. The young woman was easily 5’8 and had bouncy light brown hair that came down just past her shoulders. She was talking to another girl and holding her schoolbooks to her stomach. Above them, two large full breasts pushed against her thin college sweater. They had to be triple D’s, Herman thought. He averted his eyes and continued down the hallway, again clearing his head for the meeting with the headmistress.

His office was exactly where had been told it would be and he entered, excited to see it. The space was quite a bit more than he’d expected. A large room, an impressive desk and a noticeably comfortable chair. Also large wall of books and, on one side, a couch where Cordelia Evans sat. She rose as Herman entered, her hand extended.

“Dean Pelt. It’s so nice to meet you finally.” She smiled, relieved. Herman had an air of genuineness about him. Her fear was that everything she’d liked about his resume wouldn’t be there in person. The dean was hired by the state and while she had a say, it definitely wasn’t final. She sighed, relieved that she still felt they’d made the right choice.

Herman shook her hand and smiled back. “So nice to meet you, Cordelia. I can finally put a face to the voice on the phone. I’m really looking forward to getting as involved with this school as I can. I’m honored, really.”

“I’m so glad. How was the drive?”

Herman walked around Cordelia to get a better look at the room as well as hide his growing arousal. He had no idea the headmistress would be this sexy as well. “It was fine. Beautiful scenery.”

“Yes,” Cordelia laughed softly. “Beautiful scenery on campus too.”

Herman looked at her, not sure how to take the comment but found her smiling and let himself laugh. “Well, yes…”

“I’m eager to show you the campus, Dean Pelt. Would you care for a drink or a servicing?”

Herman cocked his head. “I’m sorry, a servicing?”

“Yes, one of the girls would be happy to service you before we begin the tour.” Cordelia looked at the new dean, his face reading nothing but confusion. Not the usual excitement the previous dean would show when offered a servicing. “What were you told about our school when you were given then job, Dean Pelt?”

Herman described the general idea of Courtview, the etiquette and advanced lessons and sensational success rate. Cordelia nodded through it and mentally rolled her eyes at whoever had explained Dean Pelts new job to him.

“The girls do learn all of that, Dean, but the point of this school is to give our women the best chance at either becoming anything they want or being a loving wife. Along with all educational subjects we do require all our girls to take service classes. What every man needs in a companion is a woman who can please him thoroughly and satisfactorily.”

Herman stared. He couldn’t tell what to think. “You casino siteleri mean…”

Cordelia nodded. “Let me show you,” she said and looked out the office door. “Ginger!”

To Herman’s surprise the very busty girl he’d seen came into his office. He instantly noticed that her nipples were hard and poking thru the thin top. His cock twitched. Cordelia gestured for her to come in and shut the door.

“Ginger,” Cordelia said, motioning to Herman, “this is our new dean, Dean Pelt.”

“Very nice to meet you, Dean,” Ginger said, bouncing almost involuntarily on her feet. She seemed very happy and bubbly. Herman just waved, unable to take his eyes of her massive jugs..

“You have your vocal exam this morning, don’t you, Ginger?” Cordelia asked.

“Yes, maam. I’ve been practicing all night,” Ginger replied.

“You’ve picked out a song?”


“Good,” Cordelia said. “Dean Pelt, have a seat on your couch. Ginger, why don’t you give our new dean a sucking? It’ll help your throat relax for your recital.”

Ginger beamed and clapped her hands together, her magnificent breasts squished between her thin arms. “Ohh, I’d be happy to! I haven’t had an oral exam in weeks!”

Hermans heart was racing. He could barely concentrate and as he watched Ginger pull off her tight sweater to reveal that she had been wearing no bra, he found himself falling back onto the couch. “I bet you’d like to look at this while I suck on you, huh?”

Ginger’s breasts were perky for their large size and bounced deliciously. Her nipples were large, puffy, and pink. She kept her little skirt on and eagerly knelt in front of Herman. She smiled at him with her luscious lips and undid his pants, pulling them down. Herman looked up at Cordelia as his cock flopped free and Ginger took it into her mouth.

“Do you mind if I observe, Dean Pelt? I’ve been working with Ginger on her technique.” She stepped next to the dean and removed his coat as Gingers head rose up and down. Cordelia could tell she was sucking him in long slow strokes and her hand was stroking the shaft as well. The slurping sounds of a proper cocksucking could be heard around Ginger’s soft moans.

Herman looked from Cordelia to the gorgeous young thing working his cock. She looked up at him with big round blue eyes and blinked as she sucked his dick, her hand pumping slowly but steadily. He felt no teeth, no excessive sucking, just pleasure as her tongue and lips did their magic.

“Yes, relax your throat, Ginger,” Cordelia coached. She snaked her sensual fingers down to Hermans chest and undid a few shirt buttons. He was squirming in his chair as he got sucked by Ginger and started to moan louder. “That’s it, Dean Pelt… her mouth feels sooo good, doesn’t it? No need to hold back.” He nodded as Cordelia reached into his shirt and lightly rubbed his nipple. She remembered Dean Thomas had loved that.

Ginger looked up from her sucking and saw Herman staring at her large tits. She giggled. “You want to touch them? You can cum on them too if you want,” she said, her long thin fingers wrapped around Hermans shaft, stroking. She put her free arm under her large chest and pushed them up. Hermans hands, slightly shaking, reached out and grabbed a handful in each hand. He squeezed.

Cordelia watched, impressed as Herman suddenly groaned out loud and squirted a huge load onto Gingers tits. Some of his cum hit her forehead before she could aim it onto her ample melon breasts. She moaned approvingly and stroked until he was finished cumming then started to lick the cum off the head of his cock.

“You have such a nice cock, Dean Pelt!” Ginger said, grinning up at Herman.

Cordelia touched Ginger lightly on the shoulder. “Thank you, Ginger, now run along to class.”

Ginger pulled her sweater back on and grabbed her books. “Nice to meet you, Dean. It was a pleasure sucking you off. I’m finally a senior so it’s my year to get pigtails…” She looked suddenly embarrassed and bit her lower lip as she glanced at Cordelia. “Maybe…”

“We’ll see, Ginger. Go along now.”

Ginger smiled again at Herman and left. Herman felt drained. He had never been sucked like that in his life. And never by such a gorgeous young girl. He felt spent but somehow still very aroused. His heart was still pounding as he pulled up his pants.

“Wow,” he said.

Cordelia made sure the door was closed. “She’s a lovely girl, maybe a little overeager but that can’t always be a bad thing, can it?”

“Um no…” Herman said, his mind reeling. “What did she mean by getting her pigtails?”

Cordelia couldn’t help but laugh as she sat next to Herman on the couch. “Another benefit of the job that no one told you about. I’m not surprised. Well, as you know, the position of dean at this school requires a lot of commitment and devotion to do the job right. There is stress and long hours… so every year, the dean picks his service girls. These girls replace their Advanced bahis siteleri Cocksucking course to be your personal service girls instead. Typically these are young women who have excelled in their Cocksucking classes and they wear their hair in pigtails so the others know who has the privilege of being on the Dean’s List.”

Herman thought about pinching himself but decided against it. That blowjob had been very real. He hadn’t felt this satisfied and relaxed in years. “So… how many girls do I pick?”

“You have your pick of the senior girls, one of each hair color. One will always be available in your office to give you a relaxing release anytime you need it. Their mouths, hands and breasts are all options to help you ejaculate. I know I don’t have to tell you this but no vaginal sex. The women who graduate from our school are the most desirable women, Deal Pelt. Intelligent, confident, and beautiful. They are also virgins who have been trained as experts in foreplay.”

Herman listened, entranced. Cordelia continued, “Young, sensual women who can give sensational blowjobs, hand jobs, titfucks… who are saving themselves to feel the pleasure they will finally share with their soul mates.”

After he realized he was just staring in silence, Herman said, “That sounds fine.”

“Good!” Cordelia said and rose. “Shall we?”

They went through the campus as Cordelia explained the courses. She didn’t tell Herman of course but her order was chosen methodically. There was no need to show him the East Building until the end. They passed through the educational building, the arts building (where he saw Ginger and her, according to Cordelia, G cup breasts performing a beautiful song in her recital), and the home economics building. Finally, Cordelia could sense Herman getting anxious to see the last building.

She led him in and explained the system as they passed each class. “The 101 courses are all visual. The students learn hand job techniques and only perform one themselves during their final exams. Most classes, they watch Miss Hawkins demonstrate hand jobs on some of the male faculty while the girls watch. They’re allowed to masturbate during observations if they like.”

He peeked into the class and saw a few of the freshman girls being shown how to masturbate a cock using a cucumber as a visual aide. It was only the first day of the semester after all. He noticed the girls in the class all had their fingernails painted.

“The painted fingernails are how you can tell the freshman girls apart. They’re allowed to paint their fingernails but older students are required to wear French manicured nails, although they, unlike the freshman women, can wear make-up.”

Herman looked back into the room. One girl sitting near the door was fucking herself with the cucumber and he could hear her moaning. Miss Hawkins looked at her a little annoyed and he barely heard her say, “Would someone please help Miss Smith cum?” The girl in the seat next to her rose up and started playing with Miss Smith’s clit as she orgasmed around the cucumber.

“You’re welcome to help give the demonstrations. I hear Miss Hawkins hands are unbelievable.” Cordelia walked ahead and Herman followed, his cock already growing to full length. In 201, the girls perform hand jobs and blowjobs during bi-monthly exams and of course, if Dean Pelts schedule permitted, he was free to offer his cock for those exams.

301 included advanced hand job and massage technique as well as an overview in verbal stimulation. Herman and Cordelia watched through the window on the door as a man in a janitors uniform was jacked off by the oily hand of a dirty talking girl with long black hair. The man was obviously trying to hold back moans as the girl jacked him off. Other girls in the class stood next to her and watched her technique closely. Some of them touched the mans legs or stroked his arms, softly urging him to cum for them.

Herman could hear the mans orgasmic moan as they continued down the hall and Cordelia pointed out some of the elective courses for the senior women. “Here’s our Women’s Studies class, where women who are interested can learn how to pleasure their friends and other women.”

Inside, one athletic brunette was holding the head of her blonde friend between her long tanned legs as she moaned out loud. The blonde seemed to be fingering her and licking her simultaneously. Herman found his cock throbbing now and rubbed it absent-mindedly.

“And here,” Cordelia said, moving his attention to another room, “women who are interested can learn tittyfucking. There is a D cup prerequisite but as you saw with Ginger, we feature very busty women at Courtview College.”

Herman could feel Cordelias breasts push against his arm and he felt his cock throb even harder. This was a lot of information to take in. He shuddered as he suddenly felt Cordelias nails slide over her bulge. “Let’s go back to your office and finish everything up?”

The office door shut quietly behind Cordelia as the new dean of Courtview College took in all the benefits of his new position. He turned to look at Cordelia and she could tell he was flustered again.

“Sit down, Dean Pelt and let’s just relax,” she said and slid next to him as he sat.

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