Therese , Liz Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.

Curt and I had been cruising around for hours trying to find something to do but there were no parties and no other action of any kind to be found. We were both home on break from college and were starting to worry that the summer was going to end up lame compared to our college exploits, which we’d been sharing with each other all night. We were cruising past Therese’s house at one point very late in the night and I pointed it out to him as we drove by.

“You think she’s home,” he asked, “I haven’t seen her in a while.”

“One way to find out,” I replied and parked around the corner from her house. I wasn’t planning to walk up and ring the doorbell, but I knew which bedroom was hers and it just happened to be on the ground floor. There was a tall, narrow window on each side of the head of her bed, which I only knew from being over there working on projects with her back in high school, but there was no light coming from either of them. We tapped gently on one of the windows, not wanting to startle anyone else in the house if she wasn’t home, and soon saw the curtains moving. The curtain was pulled back, exposing Therese more than I suspect she had anticipated. As she was checking to see who was knocking on her window, I was checking out her bare tits and hard nipples.

The curtain dropped back in place and the window started to swing open as she apparently cranked the handle on her side. When she pulled the curtain open again, she was covering her tits with her pillow. I was disappointed not to get another look at them but I was more than pleased with the initial opportunity.

“What are you guys doing?” she asked.

“We were in the neighborhood, so we thought we’d stop and see if you were home,” I replied.

“Let me put on my robe,” she said, “I’ll meet you on the porch.”

There was a nice wicker couch on the porch and, by the time Curt and I had parked on either end of it, Therese had come out the front door. She left the light off so that we weren’t all blinded and there was some light coming from the nearby streetlights anyway. There was a line of bushes along the front of the house, not tall enough to block the view of the street but it wasn’t likely that anyone passing by was going to notice us sitting there. Therese sat between us and it occurred to me immediately that, at the very least, she was topless beneath her robe and quite possibly completely naked. I didn’t know if Curt had seen her tits but, if he had, I would have been surprised if he wasn’t thinking exactly the same thing that I was. While we were catching up on how school had been and plans for the summer, I was hoping her robe would open just a little so I could get another look at her tits.

“I need to take a leak,” Curt announced after we’d been there for a few minutes, “Do you mind if I use one of your bushes?”

“Go to the other side of the driveway,” Therese suggested and Curt got up and walked to the steps on the driveway end of the porch.

When Curt disappeared into the darkness, Therese turned toward me and it wasn’t the top of Escort bayan her robe that opened to expose her, but the part below the belt. I noticed as her legs were exposed almost all the way up to her pussy but it was too dark to see if her bush was visible. When she made no move to cover her legs, I reached over and ran my finger along her exposed thigh. A shiver ran through her but she didn’t stop me; on the contrary, she actually spread her legs apart. I took this as an invitation and ran my fingers up her inner thigh until I felt her bush, then started to caress her pussy. She was dripping wet.

“Were you sleeping when we knocked on your window?” I asked, thinking that she must have been in the middle of one hell of a dream if she was.

“You didn’t see?” she replied, “I was frigging myself like mad. You guys showing up was an answer to my prayer for some cock.”

We started making out as I caressed her clit and fingered her slippery pussy while she reached over to massage the bulge in my shorts. We were so into each other that we didn’t realize Curt had returned until he spoke.

“Um…should I leave you guys alone?” he asked, not sounding like he wanted to.

“No!” Therese whispered forcefully after pulling her mouth from mine. She reached out and immediately began to caress the front of his shorts.

“Why don’t you suck his cock,” I whispered into her ear, “and I’ll take care of your needs.”

She kissed me quickly then started to work on opening his shorts. Once she had his cock out, she pumped it in her fist before having him take his seat again. I helped her out of her robe and had her kneel on the couch naked as she leaned down to take Curt’s cock in her mouth. As he was moaning softly, I started caressing her dangling tits then moved down to caress her ass. As I ran my hands over her smooth cheeks, I stuck my face close to her thighs and ran my tongue over her pussy. She moaned softly as I briefly lapped at it before running my tongue up between her ass cheeks. My cock was ready to burst from my shorts, so I ditched them and my underwear and knelt behind her. As I slid my cock into her, I had to refrain from moaning loudly as I felt how snug and slippery her pussy was.

I eased myself all the way in until my hips were touching her ass, then took her by the hips and started to slowly fuck her. As bored as Curt and I had been earlier, I had zero expectation of getting laid so just the opportunity to slip my cock into a willing pussy was a bonus but Therese’s pussy was incredibly above and beyond. From the sounds that Curt was trying to contain, it didn’t sound like her cocksucking left anything to be desired, either. Once I had a nice, steady rhythm going, I slid my hands up from her hips to cup her swinging tits, feeling her hard nipples against my palms. They were probably about average size but feeling them in my hands after that quick peek at them through the window was both satisfying and arousing.

Leaning forward as I was to fondle her tits, I tried to see if I could watch her sucking Curt’s cock but, though I could see her head bobbing up and down, the shadows were too dark to catch the details. We all must have been pretty focused because, just as Therese and I hadn’t seen Curt come back from peeing, none of us realized that Therese’s 19-year-old sister, Liz, had discovered us in mid-threesome on the front porch. You’d have thought that, of any of us, I would have had the best chance to notice her before she was standing right beside us, but I was so enthralled by how incredible Therese’s pussy felt that I wasn’t noticing anything else.

“This is so hot,” she finally said and we all turned to stare at her, though Therese never Bayan escort stopped sucking Curt’s cock. I could see that she had one hand on one of her tits and the other rubbing between her legs so she must not have been put off by it being her sister with two cocks penetrating her.

“Get undressed,” Therese said, finally slipping Curt’s cock from her mouth, “There’s enough cock for both of us.”

My attention was riveted on her, as was Curt’s, but Therese went back to focusing on Curt’s cock. I continued to fuck Therese slowly but had released her tits and straightened up so I could focus on Liz undressing. It was rare for me to watch a young lady undressing but it had never happened while I was fucking somebody else. There was enough light and my eyes were adjusted enough that I could see her start to unbutton her blouse and her light colored bra stood out against her fair skin. She dropped her shorts next and I could feel my cock getting even harder as she stood there in bra and panties before reaching back to unfasten her bra. I could discern her nipples and areolas as she shed her bra and watched her tits swinging as she leaned forward to slide her panties down. I suspected that her trim bush was probably the same strawberry-blonde as the curls hanging to her shoulders, but it was hard to tell for certain.

By the time she’d kicked her panties aside, I’d slipped out of Therese’s pussy and was standing before her. I reached out to caress her titties as she reached for my cock, slippery with her sister’s juices. The couch was long enough that I was able to sit at one end and have Liz straddle me without any conflict with Therese and Curt. She lowered herself onto my cock while holding onto the back of the couch and, once I was fully embedded and she’s started to slowly ride me, I reached around to caress her ass. I don’t know if she was concerned that we didn’t have enough room or that her ass was aimed right at us or if she just wanted to continue getting fucked, but Therese straightened up and moved to straddle Curt just as Liz was straddling me. I was more focused on Liz’s ass in my hands, her tits bouncing in front of me and her hot pussy moving up and down my tool so I was just aware that Therese had changed positions and didn’t pay much attention otherwise.

Liz’s pussy was equally as hot and snug as Therese’s had been and to have my cock buried in two pussies I’d never experienced before so close together was unprecedented; that they were sisters and okay with fucking in front of each other was unbelievable. I brought my hands around to caress Liz’s tits again, which were probably slightly smaller than Therese’s, as she leaned in to whisper into my ear.

“I so needed this,” she breathed, “Thank you.”

“My pleasure,” I replied, “anytime you need it.”

She brought her lips to mine and we started making out as she continued to ride me, our end of the wicker couch starting to squeak a little as she moved faster. When we heard Therese let out a gasp that I was sure indicated that she was cumming, it didn’t surprise me. After all, not only had she been apparently fingering herself when we arrived, but had already been fucked for a bit by me before mounting Curt. I didn’t turn to look, mainly because I was pretty engrossed with kissing Liz, but I did hear after another minute or so what sounded like her moving off of Curt. After hearing a soft moan out of him, I could detect the telltale slurping of a nearby blowjob. I suspected the fact that we’d gone from being bored about an hour ago to experiencing what we were was not any more lost on Curt than it was on me.

The longer and harder Liz rode me, the hotter and wetter her pussy was feeling. I Escort wondered what it was that had her, and Therese for that matter, so worked up but I was hoping that if they both ended up satisfied, Curt and I wouldn’t have to worry about getting laid for the rest of the summer. My hands were back on Liz’s ass and I was starting to push up into her even deeper as she pulled her mouth from mine and buried it against my neck, trying to stifle her moans. When her furious pace suddenly turned into more like slow motion and her body was trembling, I felt a sense of relief that she was cumming because I knew that I wouldn’t be good for much longer and I wanted her to be satisfied as it seemed that she really needed some relief just as Therese obviously had.

She rode out a long, intense orgasm while I just held on and waited, leaving her in control. I don’t know whether she’d been inspired by Therese or not but, once she’d finished cumming, she climbed off of me and knelt, taking my cock in her hand. After pumping it briefly, she wrapped her lips around it and slid them down. I let out a soft moan at about the same moment I heard Curt grunt softly. I glanced over quickly to see Therese’s head still bobbing up and down then returned my attention to Liz, who’s strawberry-blonde curls were brushing against my thighs. She was certainly no slouch when it came to cocksucking and, if I hadn’t already been most of the way there, she quickly would have had me on the verge. I could feel my orgasm building quickly with increasing levels of pleasure.

As Therese got up, my attention was drawn to her and I looked over her naked form as she stood before Curt and slipped back into her robe. It wasn’t seeing her that put me over the edge, but it certainly didn’t hurt and just a few moments later, I was spewing into Liz’s mouth with a grunt of my own. She didn’t even hesitate and swallowed my load while continuing to suck out everything that I had to give. She let my cock fall from her mouth and sat back on her heels, smacking her lips before getting up and sitting on my lap. Therese had resumed her spot in the middle of the couch wearing her robe again but it didn’t look like Curt had recovered enough to get his shorts back up.

“So, were Curt and I just in the right place at the right time?” I finally asked.

“Actually, I think I was,” Liz replied, “I was just expecting to go to bed and take care of my itch there.”

“That’s what I was in the middle of doing when they showed up at my window,” Therese said.

“Fortuitous,” Curt said, eyes still closed, but that was it.

“I was on a date with a yummy guy but he was so dense that I couldn’t bring myself to even take advantage of his body,” Liz revealed, “This wasn’t how I was expecting to end my night, but I’m glad it turned out this way.”

“So am I,” Therese agreed, “Do you guys have plans for tomorrow?”

“Trust me, if I had any, I’d cancel them,” I assured them.

“Available,” Curt said, still apparently recovering.

“Why don’t you come by around 11 tomorrow morning,” Liz suggested, “and bring your swimsuits.”

“We should probably go inside and get some rest then,” Therese said.

We all agreed so, after a few lingering kisses, Liz stepped off of me and tracked down all of her clothes. I watched her pull her shorts and blouse back on sans underwear, which made sense since she was just going right inside, but once she’d slipped her bra into her pocket, I reached out for her panties.

“May I hang onto these?” I asked and she let me take them with me without question.

We said good-night and they headed inside while Curt and I walked back to his car where he was a lot more talkative on the drive back to my house. He said he’d pick me up around 10:45 the next morning and went home to get some sleep. I was asleep pretty quickly myself with happy thoughts of the following day and the scent of Liz’s pussy lingering in her panties.

To be continued…

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