Children of Sin Ch. 2


Chapter 2: Sloth

If this is your first introduction to my story series “The Children of Sin,” let me suggest reading the first chapter, entitled “Children of Sin, Chapter 1: Lust.” In it, we were introduced to Leslie, both master and victim to her personal sin, Lust. Her secret was soon found out by the hero of this chapter, Samuel, the child of Sloth. This chapter focuses more on his character, but I hope to continue to elaborate on both characters throughout the rest of the Sin series (hopefully to cover all seven deadly sins, and possibly an epilogue now that I think of it). These chapters are pretty lengthy, as I try to focus as much attention to detail on the inner workings of the characters as possible. If you like what you read, please tell me so, because it just might encourage me to write the next chapters faster.

* * * * *

Samuel was a lazy slob. Sure, one could argue for his good grades, his great talents in art and the written word, and his highly sensitive nature. He was well liked by many people, although shunned by the more popular kids in his school. He was labeled as a geek often, and most of it stemmed from his shyness and his fashion choices. He wore very loose-fitting clothes, was very quiet and shy by nature, and enjoyed spending his lunch hour sitting outside reading a new science-fiction novel (when the weather permitted). He didn’t try out for any team sports, even though he had some good height (about 6′ tall) and agility from his days skateboarding around his home town. He had a very attractive face, and kept in pretty good shape (despite his growing paunch). His Korean eyes were such a startling deep black color, it was sometimes hard to see the black iris in the middle in certain lights. Despite his being born with naturally shiny, straight black hair, he had made the choice to start dying it a couple years ago (a choice that got him a lot of grief from his mother, but being a professor at the nearby college, she eventually learned to accept it as a part of his developing self-image). He had gone through a few odd colors before finally settling on a nice, burnt orange color, and his loose, shabby appearance had recently earned him the nickname “Shaggy” from a number of his “sk8r” friends, as his hair resembled the style and color of the Scooby Doo character of the same name. Samuel hated being called “Sam” or “Sammy” (even his mother never called him that), and he was a generally well-adjusted guy.

It just hurt him sometimes to hear people talk about him behind his back, or see how certain more attractive people acted towards other “non-conformists” like him. He was well liked among the geeks, the band nerds, the FFA nerds, the computer nerds, the goths, the freaks, the skaters, the metal-heads, the “gangsta-wannabes,” and even the pot-heads. Samuel had experimented with pot a few times, and enjoyed the feeling he got when he got buzzed, but he wasn’t that crazy about it. His real passion was his artwork and his writing. His dream was to write novels (mostly science-fiction) and illustrate them. He had even gotten around to story-boarding some ideas for a comic-book, drawn in the popular Japanese “manga” style.

But all this didn’t change the fact that he was a lazy bastard. In the past couple years, the frequency of his personal artwork and writings were dwindling down. At first, he blamed it on school. He was often in school well after it ended, mostly struggling with an art project of some sort, but even then he would often leave those after-hours sessions early to skate with some friends around the college campus in town. He just was too distracted by his life as a care-free high school senior to be motivated enough to finish any of his work, and unfortunately his grades were starting to show it. Samuel decided to really work his ass off this last semester, cutting a lot of his skateboarding time so he could keep his nearly flawless 3.7 GPA. He was in the top 10th percentile in his school, and would graduate probably in the top ten of his class as well. His ACT and SAT scores were terrific, and he had already been accepted and was being fought over by a number of good schools in the country, although he figured he might end up simply going to his mom’s school. He just hadn’t made up his mind yet, and for some reason he was sure taking his sweet time doing it. Despite his best intentions, Samuel found himself distracted by outside forces once again. And this one was named Leslie Daniels.

Samuel simply couldn’t believe that it had happened. When he woke up that morning, he had nearly convinced himself that it had all been a dream. The events from yesterday afternoon were simply too good to be true, but it had happened. He had not only convinced the sexiest, most beautiful, and most unattainable girl in school to go to the prom with him, but he actually found himself witnessing and becoming a part of one of the most unbelievable sexual adventures he’d ever had. It was all too bizarre to believe, but Escort bayan at the same time, too bizarre to have simply dreamed. He couldn’t wait to tell his friends…

He froze, and remembered the promise he had made. She didn’t want him to tell anyone about their dating, let alone her secret. Leslie had the image of an absolute angel, completely unattainable and irresistible to just about every guy in his school. She was extremely intelligent, and it had been her writing (as well as her stunning body and gorgeous face) that had first attracted Samuel’s attention. They had only talked with each other a couple of times before that fateful day, usually always with great cordiality and a few laughs, and he had fallen desperately for her. She was, for all intensive purposes, the perfect woman. It wasn’t until yesterday that he decided to muster-up the courage to ask her to the prom, despite his horrible luck with women and their greatly differing social statuses in their school. But now, against all odds, he found himself involved in a truly strange relationship with this goddess of a girl. A very strange relationship. Not only had he stumbled upon a soft part of her heart, he had also stumbled upon one of her darkest secrets, and he knew exactly what would happen if this information ever found its way into the school’s rumor-mill. They had to be careful, he knew this, despite a hidden want to be able to brag about his “amazing conquest of the unconquerable goddess.”

He had to chuckle at that thought as he lay in bed. Shaking the last remaining cobwebs of sleep from his head, he knew himself better than to pull some stupid popularity stunt like that. Maybe if he were two years younger, he would have considered it, but he was 18 years old now, an adult. This was the last year that he would have to ever deal with the petty crap that went on in high school. So what if everyone thought he was a luckless nerd? It wasn’t like he was going to be seeing the majority of these people next year anyway (unless, of course, he decided to stay closer to home for college next year, in which case the chances of seeing these people greatly improved). He looked at his clock, and just about jumped out of his bed when he realized it was nearly 10 o’clock.

“Shit! Not again!” the newly revived teenager cursed at himself. He’d been late to school way too often this past year, and now, if he hurried, he might be able to make it to his third class. He scrambled to put on some pants. Thank God he had started the habit of showering late at night and wearing a clean T-shirt and underwear to bed, because it really helped to shave time when he found himself in such a predicament. He didn’t once stop to wonder why his alarm-clock wasn’t buzzing, nor why his mother hadn’t woken him up; he knew he had a habit of forgetting to set his alarm-clock, and his mom was often forced to leave the house before he needed to wake up for school. He just scrambled to grab his books and his shoes. Suddenly, he heard a voice.

“Samuel! Are you up yet?” Mom? Why is she still here? Shouldn’t she be at work by now… And that’s when Samuel realized that it was Saturday. No school today, buddy. He chuckled and shook his head, embarrassed by his mad dash to make it to a non-existent class. He wondered if he’d ever be in the same situation in college.

This past year, Samuel’s mom had been more and more lenient with her son. Time was that if she was needed in the office by 6 a.m., she had her youngest son up and ready to go to school the minute she woke up (usually closer to 4:00). Even during the weekend, she used to wake him up if he wasn’t out of bed by 8. Now, she just let him sleep. Maybe she was learning to respect her son’s awkward sleep-patterns since he became the “man” of the house. Or, more likely, she was simply letting him get as comfortable at home as possible in a final attempt to keep him there for college. Samuel wasn’t necessarily thrilled about staying home to go to the same college where his mom worked, but he didn’t hate the idea either. His mom had been good to him, if somewhat strict with his studies. He knew she wanted the best possible future for him. Being a Korean immigrant and raising two sons alone hadn’t been the easiest for her or her family, but they were doing quite well. Samuel’s mother was a rather well respected professor of economics at her University, and had traveled the world, helping businesses in developing countries to grow into powerful worldwide corporations. She told him once that she had helped the Daewoo Auto Makers in South Korea grow in the U.S. market, or something like that. Even though she would have preferred to keep her sons in better private schools, both sons rebelled and told her of their intentions to go to public school when they were much younger, and by the time they had moved into this neighborhood, Samuel was finally able to enroll in the local public elementary school in his 6th grade. That’s kind of how the house worked when Bayan escort Samuel’s older brother, Michael, was still living with them; a democracy, all important decisions made by two-thirds vote. Now, he was in his first year of medical school in Boston, far, far away, and it was much more a question of not ticking mom off with his latest antics.

As Samuel walked into the kitchen of their house, he saw his mother, in her usual business attire, cooking up some eggs and brewing up a pot of coffee. “Wow, she’s really laying it on thick today,” Samuel mused to himself as he sat down at the kitchen table.

“Samuel, are you finally up for the day?” his mom asked him with her thick Korean accent and her usual smile.

“Yeah, I’m up. You cookin’ me breakfast, or is that your lunch?”

“Haw haw, wise guy,” she said, her accent really making the phrase sound funnier than if she had been speaking with a perfect Anglo-American pronunciation. She continued, “I figured I’d cook you a meal before I went to work today.”

“What? Since when do you work on Saturdays?” he asked with a grin.

“I have a meeting today with the board.” There were a lot of these academic board meetings lately, and his mom always seemed to come back from them with a sour look on her face. She often grumbled about the poor state of the Economics Department at the college, that and school cut-backs on certain courses. Hopefully she wouldn’t be in such a terrible mood tonight when he broke the news about his prom plans.

“So, you have anything planned for today?” She inquired as she placed the plate of scrambled eggs in front of him, along with his usual coffee. She didn’t really like that he drank so much coffee, telling him constantly how addictive it was, but he didn’t pay too much attention to it. Besides, it wasn’t like it was stunting his growth. He already towered over his 5’1″ mother.

“Not really mom. Think I might catch up on some reading, then maybe find out if Luke or Jeremy are around to maybe hang out.” Luke and Jeremy were two skater kids that she didn’t really like too much. She had always felt that these white-boy skateboarders were a bad influence on her youngest, but he was such an independent person now. She could remember very clearly her disagreement with Samuel when he first started dying his air such strange colors, trying to fit in with all these “punk-boys”. But, he seemed very happy with it, so she eventually decided that there wasn’t much harm in it.

“Alright then, I have to go. I won’t be home until late, probably 7 or 8,” she said as she headed toward the door, before turning and saying her usual “I love you” (always in Korean), and he answered her back (less and less in Korean these days).

At a quarter past noon, Samuel had been sitting back, reading a chapter of a history book for a class that he really needed an A in, when the phone rang. Picking it up, he answered with a dull “Hello.”

“Hey there,” a decidedly feminine voice answered back. He dropped his book and sat up at full attention. He recognized the voice immediately.

“Oh, h-hi Leslie,” he said as his voice quivered slightly. He had almost forgotten all about her, which was insane considering how crazy their previous encounter had been. Almost immediately his cock seemed to jump in his shorts.

“What are you up to right now?” she asked in a sultry voice mixed with a strange sort of child-like inflection.

“Um, nothing really…” he gulped. Holy shit, it really happened, and now he was suddenly a nervous wreck again.

“Hmm, that doesn’t sound like much fun. Would you like to get together and… talk?” she said, even though he was sure that they both knew in their guts that there would be much more than talking going on. Or maybe that was just wishful thinking on his part.

“Uh, y-yeah, sure. Do you want me to come over there, or…?” he asked, trying to regain some of that confidence of his.

“Well, my sister’s still here, so she might be a little in the way for us to… talk…” The way she said “talk” was driving him crazy.

“Uh, well, I guess we could always hang out here. My mom will be out until late in the evening…”

“Great! Where do you live? I can be down there in like ten-minutes, if you don’t live too far away, that is.” she answered almost too quickly, but that didn’t’ really bother him that much.

After giving her the directions, they hung up and he sat there, waiting. After two minutes that seemed to take hours, Samuel realized how stupid he was acting, sitting on his couch like a lump waiting for her to show up. Immediately, he tried to tidy himself up a bit, putting on a nicer shirt and brushing away the last residue of egg from his teeth. He sat back down in his living room, and decided to watch a little TV while he waited for her to show up. He scanned the channels, and as usual there wasn’t anything decent on. Deciding that he had a little extra time before she showed up, Escort he immediately turned on his Playstation and started playing a quick game of “Resident Evil”. He soon found himself totally absorbed in the game, so much in fact that he nearly didn’t hear the knock on his door. Immediately he paused and saved the game and rushed for the door. Opening the door, he was greeted with a heavenly smile.

“Hey there, stranger,” Leslie said sweetly, a vision in a short, mid-thigh-length black skirt and powder-blue sweater. Her green eyes were absolutely sparkling in the afternoon sun, and her long, light-brown hair was equally radiant as it fell lightly over her shoulders, pushed away from her forehead with a simple white headband. Somehow, despite her nice C-cupped breasts pushing their way through the material of her sweater and her long, slender legs that ended at her very firm, tight ass, she looked extremely young, and not at all like the 18 years she really was.

Samuel realized he was gawking, and quickly invited her in. “I’m sorry, didn’t mean to keep you standing out there. I was, uh, kind of distracted…” he said as he motioned to his television screen.

“Ah, I see. Trying to stand me up for a videogame, huh?” she giggled, and they both laughed, trying to get over the weird feeling of meeting face to face after again after last night. Offering her a seat on his couch, he was somehow more comfortable with sitting next to her today. Being involved in fellatio with someone can often do that to you. There was an awkward silence, punctuated with a couple of light, nervous laughs. They both started to say something at the same time, stopping again to laugh at the weirdness of it all. Finally, Samuel started.

“You know, I woke up thinking that this all had been a dream.”

“Really?” Leslie smiled. “I’m your dream girl, huh?”

“Well…” he admitted, blushing slightly. She was sitting with her legs tightly together, and her hands folded on her lap, much more formal than he had remembered from their conversation yesterday in her living room. In fact, he realized that he was sitting in much the same way. For some reason, they were both closing off what had driven them to their much more erotic encounter earlier. Had it been a mistake?

“Look, Samuel,” Leslie started, with a very serious tone to her voice, “I wanted to talk about what happened yesterday…”

“I didn’t want it to turn out the way it did…” Samuel immediately started to apologize.

“No! Don’t! Don’t say you’re sorry,” Leslie quickly interrupted, grabbing his hands and shutting him up with a surprise. “Don’t you dare say that it was a mistake, because I know you don’t feel that way. I don’t feel that way. It felt too right to be an accident.” Her eyes flashed with a passion that Samuel immediately recognized. It was that same, agonized desire that he had seen in her eyes many times, before he found out about her “secret”. That same flame in her eyes that told him that she didn’t want to be living a lie any more.

“I know you feel that what happened… between us… was so right,” she continued, relaxing her posture as she leaned closer to him, her voice dropping to just above a whisper. He could smell her intoxicating perfume, but his nose was searching for the scent of her womanhood underneath it. That same scent that seemed to entirely hypnotize his senses.

“…yes, I do,” he was finally able to mutter as he leaned in, and their lips met. Their kiss lingered for a good minute as they embraced, one of his arms around her waist and his other hand on her lap. She was hugging his neck, pulling his kiss into her, their breath filling their ears as well as the wet sounds of their kissing. They broke the kiss and, opening their eyes, stared deeply into each other.

“How did I ever get lucky enough to meet you?” Samuel thought out loud, bringing a delightful smile from her.

“That’s my line” she said, bringing her feet up and resting her legs on his lap. They continued to kiss and generally make out for several minutes, delighting in their love-play. They were starting to get hot as Samuel’s hands began to explore her curves through her clothes. Kissing and giggling, it wasn’t long before both of their shirts found themselves on the floor. Samuel’s hands gravitated to her dainty neck and her bra-clad breasts, massaging her and enjoying the feel of her heart-beat and breath through the silky, black material. Her hands played with his hair lovingly, before one hand finally dropped to his lap, rubbing him through his pants.

“Mmmm… so, Sam, want an encore from yesterday?” she asked in a husky voice, grabbing at his thick, hardening pecker. His eyebrows raised slightly. He had a better idea.

“How about I repay you for you kindness instead?” and with that, he “pounced” on her, reclining them both on his couch.

“Ooh, I think I like the sound of that,” Leslie laughed, kissing him yet again. His kisses drifted down her neck and stopping between the valley of her breasts. Grabbing at the clasp in the front, he fumbled for a second before successfully freeing her breasts from the confines of her bra, realizing that he hadn’t had much practice in unhooking bras lately.

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