The Maid , the Mrs. Ch. 02

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Victoria opened to her eyes– her bedside clock was staring her in the face– it was 7:30 a.m. The room was quite dark for morning; the curtains on her large French doors were still drawn and it gave the room a certain gloomy atmosphere, as if it was an overcast day or raining outside. She tossed for a moment, contemplating returning to her slumber, when she realized that under her 400-thread count sheets, she was completely in the nude. At that complete moment, a million thoughts ran through her head. She could almost feel the warmth of her housekeepers tongue on her swollen clit as it gently brought her to unsurpassed pleasure. Was that a dream? Could that have really happened? She sat up in bed with the top sheet cuddled against her breasts. She must have taken had a wild dream. She thought of the sexy black dress she was to wear to the charity affair the night before. Her eyes darted to the floor. The cocktail dress and panties were no longer tossed about, and there was no sign of anything abnormal in the room. She quickly dismissed her thoughts and pulled the covers off her. Her morning silk robe was in its normal position at the end of the bed. She slid it over her beautiful body and started towards the bathroom when the door open.

“Good morning sleepy-head,” Dr. Carbonara greeted his wife with a friendly kiss on the cheek and grabbed at her waist to pull her in closer. He was wearing his golf attire, which consisted of preppy shorts and a pale yellow Polo collared shirt. “I’m so sorry about last night, Isabella said you were devastated.” He pulled her even closer now, with his face buried in her neckline and both his hands massaging the sides of her waist and hips over he robe.

“I don’t know why she would say that, Hal…I hardly noticed you were gone, I went to bed early.”

“We’ll I’m sorry anyway…I know I haven’t been spending as much time with you as would like me to. You have no idea how much I want to be here with you, but developing a practice is such hard work and I don’t have the staff right now. You want to be able to live like we do, don’t you baby?”

It was always the same explanation for not spending time with her. Victoria tried to understand and have some compassion for her workaholic new husband. He was trying so hard to successfully merge his office with another doctor who specializes in eye laser surgery. He was always so sweet to her when he was home, it was almost if he was trying to make up for lost time. She couldn’t be mad at him; she would be wasting what little time she had with her husband on fighting and arguing. Plus, Victoria loved attention from her husband more than anything in the whole world. So he missed another social event, what difference did that really make on the grand scheme of things? She turned to him and kissed him hard on the mouth. He reciprocated and kissed her tenderly with his hands cradling her beautiful face and jawline. She let her robe fall off her frame and heap onto the floor by her sex hikayeleri feet.

“Victoria, baby, what has come over you?” Dr. Carbonara backed away from his attractive naked wife. He was taken with shock, they had not made love in over a month, and Victoria had never seemed so eager.

“Honey, I love you so much. I don’t care about that stupid charity shit,” she said lifting herself on to the bed as she spread herself horizontally on top of the comforter. “Hal, I want you,” she said bringing her voice down to a sexy low undertone, “I want you right now!”

He came to her and they started kissing intensely. Victoria pulled down her husband’s golf shorts and boxers in one full swoop, exposing his modest in length, but girthy cock. It was already erect and ready to go. Victoria wasted no time and cupped his sack with one hand and grabbed the base of his shaft with the other. She moved her hand up and down, and then took him fully into her mouth, sucking and humming, as his erection grew even larger. She was darting her tongue around his member with so much anticipation, you could see her chest heaving, as the excitement of it all was making her short of breath.

Hal looked down to catch a glimpse of his wife giving him a blow job—something that regretfully had not happened too frequently since he proposed to her with a 6.5-carat diamond. She was so beautiful. The “perfect wife,” he thought as he put one of his hands on the top of her head while she bobbed up and down like the dick sucking pro that she was.

“That’s it,” Victoria said, coming up for air and wiping the excess spit from the corners of her mouth. She positioned herself on top of him and eased her pelvis down to meet his large and now wine-colored dick. She wanted his cock in her so badly, she didn’t want to waste any time waiting for her husband to return the oral favor.

She relaxed her muscles and Hal eased himself into her pussy. Within seconds, she was bouncing up and down, her new breasts wildly juggling about, as his fat dick slid in and out of her sobbing wet cunt again and again. For a moment, her thoughts of fucking her husband escaped her. Instead, she thought of Isabella, her dark haired housekeeper, caressing her breasts and flicking at her nipples with her tongue.

She grabbed her tits, holding one in each hand and squeezed her own nipples as she let out a long and high pitched, “Ohhhhhhhhh!” She, then, took one hand and started fingering at her own clit furiously. She was close to climaxing and Hal let out a few grunts and he thrusted deeper inside her, the girth of his swollen cock almost tearing at Victoria’s hole. He was about to cum himself.

Victoria let a out a few quick-breathed moans and Hal knew by the look on her face that she cumming, which always seemed to put him over the edge. Within seconds both were enjoying a simultaneous hot climax. ……………………………………………………………………..

The downstairs patio table was decoratively set with a breakfast display sikiş hikayeleri fit for royalty. The table was embellished with traditional Lennox china; in addition, there was a single fresh white rose in a crystal vase and two silver platters with covers, containing eggs Benedict and waffles topped generously with whipped-cream and fresh strawberries.

Mr. & Mrs. Carbonara sat facing each other taking in the morning sun in their breakfast room, in the afterglow of their morning sexcapade, when Isabella came in the room with a glass coffee pitcher in her hand and the morning paper under her arm.

She was dressed in her usual attire, a medium lengthened black skirt that came just below her knees and a white buttoned-down blouse with a high lacy collar. Her dark, wavy hair was held tightly in a bun, except for a few pieces that clung to her face.

“Ahhh…Isabella…I knew you would coming around any minute with my Sunday paper, ” Dr. Carbonara said.

“Good morning, doctor,” she greeted warmly. “Coffee?” She poured half a cup in his mug and turned to Victoria. “Coffee for you, Ma’am?” she asked, giving Victoria an obvious wink.

Victoria could vividly picture her body being taken advantaged of by her housekeeper. She could almost feel Isabella’s hands over her breasts and inside of her. She could feel a wave of tingling come over her, thinking back to the previous night, and the pleasure it gave her to cum to another woman’s smiling and approving face.

“Umm…no…no thank you, not this morning,” Victoria blushed covering any exposed skin on herself with her robe. She knew now it had happened for sure. Those same hands pouring her husband’s coffee were caressing her entire body only a few hours ago.

“Victoria, honey, are you feeling alright this morning?” Hal asked her slightly indifferently.

“Actually, I am not feeling that well…please excuse me…I don’t really have appetite.”

She fled up the stairs to her room. She didn’t know what to do…she had an affair with her maid! What would Hal do if he found out? What her friends think of her fucking the hired help? Her life as she knew it would be over!!! She had to get out–get away from Isabella, get away from Hal, get away from her bedroom where she had committed adultery with her maid. She threw on her gym clothes, ran down the central grand-staircase and yelled out, “I’m going to the club,” as the heavy entrance door shut behind her. …………………………………………………………………………………..

Back in the breakfast room, Hal was finishing his last bite of waffles when Isabella came through the kitchen door again with more coffee. She set it on the table and stood in front of him until he looked up from his newspaper.

Hal put his hand on the top of her thigh just above the hem of her black uniform. He moved his fingers up and down the front of her thigh so that her skirt started to bunch.

“What do you want?” Hal asked confidently, pulling out his chair away from the table. Still erotik hikaye seated, he pulled her closer, in between his legs. “Were you successful last night with our little scheme?”

“Yes…I was successful, Sir.”

Without saying a word, he pulled her skirt up about her waist, exposing her thick, dark bush–she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her mound was directly at his eye level. His fingers lingered on the insides of her thighs for a moment and then shifted to her pubic area. He grazed his fingers over her hair and felt the softness of her pussy lips divide. He found her clit and jiggled it lightly. He felt Isabella shudder with pleasure. He glided the tips of his fingers from her hole to the top of her pussy slit.

“You little slut,” he started, “Your cunt’s already wet for me.”

He looked up at her as she nodded. He lifted her up onto the table and held her spread legs on the arms of his chair. She leaned back and propped herself up with her elbows, bringing her ass toward the end of the table.

Hal dug his face into her pussy, as if it was his favorite dish. He opened his mouth to taste as much of her as he possibly could. He ate her out as if he was passionately kissing another mouth. Isabella loved every minute of it.

“Was my wife’s pussy good?” he asked her, as he lapped some of her wetness with his tongue. “Tell me, I want to know.”

“Yes, I enjoyed myself greatly, Sir.”

“You are one dirty little fucking whore,” he whispered, grinding two of his fingers in her wet cunt and then sucking at her clit with his mouth.

He reached both hands up to her neck and pulled at the top buttons of her collar. He unsuccessfully fidgeted with them for a few seconds, and frustrated, tugged at her collar, ripping apart all the buttons as they flew off in all directions. Her shirt was still on and only partly untucked from her skirt hiked around her waist, yet now her small, perky breasts were exposed.

Hal stood up and grabbed one of her hard, dark-colored nipples and pinched at it, “Now you’re going to get fucked, by this nice thick cock.”

He turned her over onto the table, so her ass was arched out in front of him. He fingered her once more and let his wet fingers come out of her, spreading the juices of her pussy all about and glided them up to her asshole. He massaged them there for a few seconds, as she moaned with pleasure, then took that same hand and spanked her hard across her behind.

“Owww,” she winced.

“That was for fucking my wife last night,” he said coarsely.

He took down his shorts only enough to let out his bulging manhood, and brought it up to her gaping pussy. He etched the top of it to get it wet with her cum and then plunged it deep inside her.

She could feel the thickness consume her, and yelled out in both pain and anticipation. The dished rattled, as he reached around to cup and gently squeeze her tits–bracing her further as he pounded her again and again against the once well-set table. They were both close to climax, Dr. Carbonara for the second time that morning, as they moaned out in great pleasure.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Isabella cringed, as she felt he doctor’s hot semen filled up her hole.

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