The Freeway

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I was cruising along in my car with all my windows down because it was finally warm enough. There wasn’t much traffic and Summer of ’69 by John Cougar Mellencamp was blasting on my radio when I pulled up alongside this little red sportster.

Her windows were down too, but I couldn’t tell if any music was blaring or not nor did I care. What I could tell was she was very female with long blonde hair blowing in the wind. As I pulled up closer, she turned her head and flashed me the most breathtaking smile that instantly made my loins stir.

I immediately smiled back and the games began. She floored her car and sped off up ahead of me and I tried to keep up with her and as she backed off the pedal of the accelerator so did I. She then sped back up again in a very teasing manner until we had both sped up and slowed down on the freeway maybe half a dozen times. We continued to smile at each other and were also winking, waving and blowing kisses. I guess you could really say we were sort of flirting.

I was curious about the rest of her, from the shoulders up, she was a real looker, but all I know is that I was willing to follow that smile for as many miles as she was willing to lead me. At one point she even licked her full red lips in a much exaggerated way and then blew me a kiss. I giggled and laughed at how heady I was, but it felt great to flirt so outrageously with this gorgeous stranger at 65 miles per hour on such a beautiful day.

I finally caught up to her again, but this time I went a bit further and in a teasing way poked my tongue in my cheek and motioned with my hand as if giving a blow job. She quickly smiled, winked at me and then shook her head yes. My eyes grew big with shock and I was definitely a bit stunned. My hands started to shake as a realization occurred to me that I was just about to fulfill a lifelong fantasy I had since I was a hot rod driving teenage, the one where you fuck a strange gorgeous woman on the hood of your car.

Before I could get lost in that thought, I quickly sped up in front of her and exited the freeway at one of those accident investigating sites, parked and turned off the ignition. I laughed at myself and thought there is just no way she was serious and would meet me alongside the road. But to my surprise and utter disbelief I only had to wait two nervous minutes and her little red sportster pulled up along my parked car.

I stepped up to her door and with a huge, I am going to be misbehaving grin on my face, I opened her door for her and began to escort şişli say hi, but before the greeting could leave my lips, she unfolds herself from that tiny little car. Whatever reservations I might have had about what was below those sexy shoulders and blowing blonde hair were just whisked away with the breeze. Long sexy tanned legs exited her car first followed by one curvaceous woman wearing a white wrap around dress with a slit up the side.

My jaw dropped and I was still at a loss for words and before I could even try to utter that hello, she smiled and says, “I guess I agreed to something.” I like a puppy dog nodded my head a few times.

She walked over to me and nudged me in the chest with her finger until my ass was against the car. She unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, licked her lips and giggled because I was already raging hard. With a devilish smile on her face, she grasped my hard cock with her warm hand and proceeded to fully expose me as my pants dropped to the ground.

I closed my eyes and had a flash of that fantasy, a luscious strange woman’s lips wrapped around my hard cock, me bending her over the hood of the car and taking her from behind with my rigid cock. But before I could get too carried away with my vision, she yanked me back to reality by actually fulfilling a part of it. I looked down and see her face near my crotch, my stiff stick pointing straight out, her hand grasping it and my head engulfed by her wet warm mouth and then sliding down her slippery tongue. I nearly released myself right then and there.

I took a couple of deep breaths to regain some composure as I really wanted to enjoy and savor this moment. I started to moan at how good her cunning mouth felt and then I heard her release a moan. Her moans continued and I am was thinking she is really getting into this roadside blowjob, but as I looked down at her closed eyes, she had one hand wrapped around my cock, sucking me with great intensity and skill but her free hand was now playing between her legs.

For yet another brief moment my fantasy flashed in my head, but now it’s me fucking the hell out of this super sizzling stranger. Do I go for it and follow through on that fantasy or do I chicken out and let us both come this way, me in her mouth and she on her hand, because by the sound of her moaning, she was getting real revved up.

My hands were shaking and my stomach was flip flopping at the knowledge that was really happening and not just some vision in my head that I had masturbated to a hundred times. I decided to grow a pair as I yanked her mouth off my cock, grabbed her hand, twirled her around and bent her over the hood of her little red sportster. I placed my hands on her very round firm ass and gently petted her as my cock started to twitch. I inched the hem of her dress up her thighs and over her ass and discovered this hot sexy woman had not panties on.

She wiggled her ass at me as an invitation. From behind I slid my finger along her crack and it is met immediately with wetness. Her pussy was oozing with her juices, so thick and warm. I had this strong desire to taste her so I again slid my finger down her crack until it slipped into her honey pot. I played in her pussy just long enough to give my finger a thorough coating and then lifted it to my mouth and licked off every drop of her sweetness.

She untied her dress to let her boobs hang free. I leaned into her ass so that I could reach around her and fondle them. They were full and supple, a nice handful and her nipples are already stiff from excitement. My thumb flicked her hard nubs and they hardened even more as if that was possible and at the same time she began to grind her ass against my cock.

She turned her head slightly in the direction of my ear and she whispered, “fuck me”. I forced her forward onto the hood of her sportster and slid the head of my swollen cock up and down her ass crack a few time before I placed it at the entrance of her pussy. I didn’t quite enter her yet, I needed to savor the vision before me, but before I could allow myself that luxury, she pushed back and impaled her pussy with my cock. My knees buckled slightly from all the anticipation of the moment, an entire lifetime of anticipation, desire and lust for that one moment, the fulfillment of a boyhood into manhood fantasy.

Her hot little pussy completely encompassed my ragging hard on. I told myself to take it slow because if I got too carried away I would squirt my load in her way before I could truly enjoy that moment. Again, I took a couple of deep breaths, grabbed her on the hips with both hands and began pumping long slow strokes burying my cock deep in her so that my balls rested snugly against her ass with each thrust.

Her breasts were smashed on the hood of the car and her hair was splayed around her head. The contrast of blonde hair on red auto paint was striking.

She brought herself up off of the hood and leveraged to meet my thrusts, helping to drive them even deeper and faster. I could feel her need intensify as her firm orbs bounced underneath her. Our pace quickened with every stroke, then she suddenly stopped, released a yell and my cock felt her pussy spasm. I slowed down long enough for her to ride out and enjoy her waves of orgasm.

Her pussy attempted to milk the cum from my cock, but I wouldn’t allow it, at least not yet. I felt my own anticipation building with every pump and clearly understood I couldn’t hold out much longer. I started fucking her again with a ferocity that I didn’t know I had in me. She tried to keep up but I was slightly out of control with the need to cum in this fine gorgeous pussy I had always envisioned myself fucking.

I suddenly felt her fingers near my cock as she was now playing with her clit. She told me to pinch her nipples so I did as she asked. I felt my own orgasm building in my toes, like an electrical current, slowly pulsing through my veins with a need to connect and release. She grazed my balls with her fingers and that sensation put me over the edge. I couldn’t hold back any longer. My balls tightened and I felt my cum race towards my cock. I hugged her hips and gave her a few more very hard thrusts and started to squirt my white stickiness into her slippery pussy.

I was not sure I could keep going for her as her fingers were still playing on her clit while I was pumping the last of my cum into her. But I soon realized there was no need because I felt her muscles tighten and her vagina clamped down on my still spurting cock, taking every last drop that might have been left. I was all of a sudden dizzy, light headed and my knees were weak.

I lay atop of her for a moment, both of us panting and spent, trying to catch our breath. We finally gained some composure. I kissed her back near her neck then pulled myself off of her as my wilting cock flopped out of her. We both laughed and with smiles on our faces, we grabbed our clothes and began to dress.

I walked over to her, put my arm around her waist, pulled her tightly to me and give her a deep wet kiss. She returned the kiss with some intensity. I told her thank you for fulfilling a lifelong fantasy that I never will forget.

As she walked back to her car, I watched her. I drank in one more look, her blonde hair in the breeze, ass wiggling as she walked, great shapely tanned legs, those never ending curves and that smile, oh my God that smile.

My buddies will never believe me.

We both got into our cars but before she pulled away, she flashed me one more smile and yelled “Maybe we will run into each other again on the freeway”.

Then she sped off in a cloud of dust.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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