The Djinn Pt. 02



This story contains sexual content between a male and futanari, shemale, etc. Any names referenced in its writing that bear resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. All characters referenced are 18 years old (or older). Thank You and Enjoy.


Smiling to herself, the Djinn joins Ethan in cleaning his fingers, and moves on to cleaning his face of all her spunk. As she intricately cleans the face of her charge, she pushes him onto his back smashing both her ample breasts and hard cock into Ethan’s body, smearing her cum all over the boy.

As her tongue cleans the last spot on his cheek, the pair once again locks lips, both tongues desperately trying to penetrate the opposites mouth. As the Djinn’s tongue once again wins out against Ethan’s, the Djinn begins to grind her breasts into his chest, and humps his dick with her own beast.

As the erotic exchange continues, Ethan’s body absorbs the Djinn’s remaining cum on his body, leaving only a sheen of sweat behind. Simultaneously, the clothes that both parties are wearing disappear, leaving their bodies completely exposed to each other. As the Djinn penetrates Ethan’s mouth with her tongue, she snakes her hand down between Ethan’s legs, and starts playing with his balls.

She starts with gently tugging on the pair, and follows up with kneading them individually. With Ethan groaning into her mouth, the Djinn breaks their kiss, and leaves a trail of kisses down his body to his lower torso. Pausing to get a quick lick of Ethan’s precum, the Djinn slowly snakes her tongue from the tip if his cock, down to his, now reddened balls. Taking the left one in her mouth, she swirls her tongue around the wrinkled skin, massaging the organ inside. With Ethan groaning out, the Djinn takes her finger nails and teases the boy’s cock, causing it to twitch, but not yet cum.

After the Djinn finishes with the left testicle, she moves on to the right, with the same result. Letting go of the boy’s balls, she moves yet lower to the boy’s delicate entrance to his insides. Using her tongue, the Djinn lathes up the boy’s rosebud with spit before forcing her tongue inside the boy. With a sharp intake of breath, Ethan arches his back and slide down, trying to get more of the Djinn’s tongue in his body. The Djinn snakes her tongue inside the boy’s hole, and rotates it on the inside of the entrance.

Satisfied with her work, the Djinn pulls her tongue back out of her charges asshole leaving it nice and slick, and moves up Ethan’s body and once again fucks the boy’s mouth with her tongue. With her right hand, she gives the boy’s hip a good slap before she slides her hand to where her tongue was just moments ago. With the entrance still nice and lubed up, the Djinn takes a finger, and prepares to push it inside of the boy.

Ethan grips the Djinn tight as panic starts to build from the intrusion of her finger inside of him. The Djinn holds Ethan’s head with her other free hand, preventing him from breaking the kiss and letting the panic grip him as her finger moves past his opening and deep inside. As she curls her finger to give pressure to his prostate, Ethan arches his back and thrusts his dick into her abdomen, moaning into her mouth at the new feeling of having his prostate pushed on.

With her charge’s cock twitching from the pressure, the Djinn breaks the kiss while keeping her finger inside of Ethan, “Do you like that little Ethan?”

With his eyes closed, his mouth panting frantically to get air into his lungs, he can only nod in approval. With that, the Djinn pulls her finger out to just before his sphincter, and pushes it back in again, eliciting a moan of both pleasure and pain from Ethan’s mouth.

The Djinn builds a slow and steady rhythm of pumping his asshole, periodically hitting his prostate, causing Ethan’s mobil porno cock to twitch. After enough finger-fucking, the Djinn adds a second finger, and eventually a third, stretching the young boy’s asshole to accommodate her fingers. Once she reaches 4 fingers, she takes the next step in her destruction of the boy’s lower extremities.

Applying a strong amount of pressure to his hole, the Djinn’s knuckles slowly disappear into the boy’s insides, followed shortly by the rest of her hand. The Djinn continues penetrating the boy until only the Djinn’s forearm is exposed to the outside world, the rest embedded in her charge.

With Ethan moaning and writhing on the floor from the Djinn’s ministrations, she realizes that her magic was working flawlessly, allowing her to play Ethan’s body like an instrument to her ultimate goal. The Djinn stops forcing her hand into Ethan’s insides, and lets Ethan get accustomed to the intrusion. As she pulls her hand out of the boy, she finds it difficult to pull out, almost as if his body wants her hand to stay where it is.

“Not bad little Ethan. You know, not many people, male or female can attest to having been fisted before.”

A brain-addled Ethan simply nods at the Djinn, whose hand is dripping fluids. Slowly, the Djinn resumes her efforts, and once again penetrates Ethan’s body with her hand. This time, she takes care to push her fist farther up inside the boy, and starts to slowly fuck the boy’s insides with her hand.

As his insides get re-arranged by the Djinn’s fist, the bodily invasion is apparent by the movement of the boy’s belly. As the Djinn’s hand grazes the boy’s prostate, he moans out to the world, his cock begging to be touched. Precum comes out of Ethan’s cock, not so much in spurts as much as in a river.

With a great big grin on her face, the Djinn stops destroying the boy’s insides with her fist, and let’s her hand slide out of the boy. As the Djinn sits up on her knees to admire her work, her cock twitches in desire, as hard as it ever has been in the many thousands of years it has existed.

She bends over and licks the underside of the boy’s cock with her tongue, lingering at the tip with Ethan moaning out in approval. As she moves her tongue up his torso, her cock leaves a stream of precum along the inside of Ethan’s claves, and then his thighs, leaving a trail to its ultimate target.

Pausing at his nipples, the Djinn takes his left nipple in her mouth, and sucks on it like a man would a woman’s breast. After giving it a bite for good measure, she moves to the other and repeats the process, leaving both nipples slightly red and puffy. As she once again reaches his face, the Djinn reaffirms her dominant position by passionately kissing the boy, and allowing him to suck on her tongue.

Arching her back, the Djinn smashes her breasts into the boy’s chest, making them spill out around the chest of the smaller boy. The Djinn’s dick grinds against Ethan’s, once again dwarfing it in girth and length. Ethan’s balls, so small compared to the Djinn’s, can hardly be made out, almost as if Ethan wasn’t a man at all.

“Are you ready little Ethan? Are you ready to take me up your asshole?” The Djinn asks the boy, breaking their embrace.

In a moment of temporary clarity, the boy starts to panic, “Up my asshole?? No, No I didn’t wish for this. I wanted to make love to you!?”

With a wide grin on her face, the Djinn responds, “That’s not what you wished for. Your wish was, ‘I wish for somebody to love.’ You didn’t specify who, for how long, or under what circumstances, so I decided that for you little Ethan.”

After the words sink in to Ethan’s addled brain, he starts to struggle against the Djinn. As he tries to get out from under her, she roughly grabs his balls, squeezing them until he yelps in pain.

“Look alman porno boy, there’s no amount of struggling you can do to prevent this. It is your wish after all, and you can either lay here and struggle in vain as I pound your sweet little asshole into oblivion, or you can try and enjoy it as I paint your insides with my cum. It doesn’t really matter to me either way.”

As Ethan stops struggling, he takes a good look as the Djinn’s dick, inhuman in its size.

“But you can’t! It’ll tear me apart from the inside!” Ethan pleads with the Djinn.

With an annoyed look on her face, the Djinn responds, “In case you didn’t notice, I had my whole fist up your ass a few minutes ago. You won’t break or explode, even if you’ll feel like it, but there will definitely be some soreness afterwards. Now I’m tired of your stalling; let’s get down to business!”

As Ethan starts to open his mouth again, trying to fend off the inevitable, the Djinn lines her dick with the boy’s asshole, and starts to push the head against his rosebud.

“Wait…Wait…WAIT!! My asshole isn’t ready fORRR THHHISSSSSS!!” Ethan screams as the Djinn forces her cock head past his stretched opening and inside his asshole, and holds for a second.

Through gritted teeth, the Djinn scolds the boy, “I don’t know what you’re screaming about, there was hardly any resistance. Your rosebud gave it up like a slut begging for a gangbang.”

Even after fisting the boy, his asshole still clamps down of the Djinn’s cock like a vice. Trying to go as slow as she can, the Djinn starts to slowly feed her beast into the boy. As inch by inch starts to disappear into the boy, he continues to cry out, the Djinn’s expression changes from one of lust to annoyance.

“Alright boy, that’s getting on my nerves. Let’s try this.”

The Djinn lifts the boy’s head up to her breast, and orders him to suck it. Obediently, he takes her ample breast in his mouth, and latches on like a baby feeding from his mother.

As the Djinn feels the liquid coming from her nipples into her charges mouth, she makes the comment, “That should help out later on.” With the screaming issue taken care of for the moment, she resumes feeding her dick into the young boy’s virgin asshole.

As her girth stretches the boy’s hole wider than even her fist, he screams into the Djinn’s breast as he feels his intestines stretch to accommodate her monster. Using his palms to fiercely grip her torso, Ethan feels his hole being stretched further as she slips farther into his depths, farther then he thought was possible.

With the Djinn’s veins disappearing inside the boy’s asshole one by one, she can feel her heavy balls dragging the floor. Even with her cumming from Ethan’s mouth earlier, her balls ache to do something more than simply release of their content; they ache for a need to pump somebody’s belly full of baby batter. She delights in the feeling of the boy’s balls rubbing her member as she pushes it deep inside of him.

As she continues to feed her member to the boy, his stomach visibly deforms from the Djinn’s member physically altering the boys insides. As her breast continues to release milk into Ethan’s mouth, the Djinn pushes until only the last portion of her cock is left. With only a fraction of the flared-out base remaining to fill his asshole, the Djinn pushes with all her strength to force the last bit inside of him. As his asshole stretches to limits unknown up to this point, Ethan screams his loudest yet into the Djinn’s breast.

With his asshole burning in pain, he draws blood from her breast, but the Djinn doesn’t even notice as her entire dick is enveloped by his insides. As she bottoms out in the boy’s ass, she lets out a massive sigh of relief at finally getting it all inside him. Feeling the alexis texas porno Djinn’s pelvis against his own, Ethan releases her breast, panting frantically while his body tries to adjust to the invasion of the Djinn’s cock.

Looking into her charges eyes, the Djinn asks him, “So, how does it feel my little Ethan?”

With a faraway look in his eyes, he responds, “It feels like my asshole won’t be the same again.”

With a wicked look on the Djinn’s face, she responds, “You really have no idea little boy.”

The Djinn rolls back on her legs to once again admire her work. With her cock buried deep inside the panting boy, his balls sit between them, with his dick twitching and pouring pre-cum on his deformed belly. Ethan’s skin on his stomach is stretched taut as the Djinn’s dick stretches the boy to extreme limits. With his eyes closed, Ethan tries desperately to breathe as normal as possible, but only pants in a combination of pain and pleasure.

The Djinn begins to slowly pull her cock out of Ethan’s asshole, the skin around his asshole distends, almost begging it not to leave. Only until the member is half-way out does she push it back in his ass, meeting with Ethan’s moans of approval. Slowly, the Djinn builds up a rhythm so frequently associated with a guy fucking his girl, except this time it’s the other way around.

As the Djinn pumps Ethan’s insides, Ethan starts to feel pleasure replacing the pain that was deep inside his asshole. With the Djinn’s cock pummeling the boy’s insides, his belly looks as if there is a foreign creature inside it, desperate to get out. As the Djinn’s monstrous balls slam into Ethan’s ass cheeks, his moans turn to grunts, only escaping his mouth when her hips slams into his ass. The Djinn’s nails curl and start to scrape the boy’s chest, leaving welts on his skin as the familiar feeling deep in her balls builds.

She taunts the boy as her second orgasm of the day approaches, “You ready little Ethan? You ready to take my load deep inside your belly? You ready to get KNOCKEEDD UPPPPP!!”

As the Djinn lets loose her roar, her body once again seizes up, frozen in place as her balls violently contract, expulsing their contents up her member. As her dicks expands from the cum being forced up it, Ethan’s asshole expands even further than it was. Ethan groans out from the expansion, feeling the effect rise higher and higher into his intestines, stretching them even further than before. As the surge hits the tip of the Djinn’s cock, it explodes inside the boy. Ethan cries out in pain as the Djinn’s boiling hot cum erupts deep inside him, filling him to the brim and beyond with her spunk. Simultaneously, Ethan’s own cock erupts, releasing his own cum into the air, meager in comparison to the Djinn’s.

Regaining her composure, the Djinn frantically starts to moan and pant as her cock continues to release its life-giving batter into the boy’s body. As his insides get filled with her cum, his belly starts to resemble that of a woman in her 6th month of pregnancy. Just as his body absorbed the Djinn’s cum when she coated his skin, his insides struggle to absorb all of her cum as her torrent continues.

Coming down from her orgasm, the Djinn’s hose of cum is reduced to a trickle. Ethan’s body finally finishes absorbing the Djinn’s cum, similar to when she hosed his body down with her member. As the bulge in Ethan’s belly returns to its original state, the Djinn collapses on top of the boy. With both lovers frantically panting to catch their breath, the Djinn’s cock softens, and slips from the her charges insides. With a grin, the Djinn once again penetrates Ethan’s mouth with her tongue, with him responding in kind.

Breaking the kiss, the Djinn looks down at his face and starts to rub his now flat belly, “You ready for another magic trick lover boy?”

To Be Concluded.


There have been multiple comments regarding feminizing vs. not feminizing. I’m not going to spoil how that will play out, but I will say that it will be a bit more complicated than simply feminizing or not feminizing.

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