The Client


Meeting the client and selling your firm’s abilities to the client’s firm is about the toughest part of the business of being in the contract evidence collection business. Invariably you want a lot more for the work than the client thinks it’s worth. This is partly a function of time estimates, or miss-estimates on behalf of the client most of the time. They always seem to think that you can everything they need in about half of what if really takes. Today was no exception.

I met Kristi at ten in the morning, right on time, in her office. It wasn’t hard to figure out that this law firm was doing well. They had offices on the twenty-third floor of the One Norwest Center building (otherwise known as the “cash register building”) in downtown Denver. Those are some pricey digs. She laid out the problem as her client saw it, a brief history of the situation, and then told me very briefly what the lawsuit was about – after I signed a non-disclosure statement for myself and on behalf of the company for which I worked. Then I got the rest of the information and the gist of the rest of the case. Well, that blew most of the morning. The way that chick negotiated, I was beginning to realize how they got the money for this office space and was seriously beginning to think that she must have had real balls. I was willing to bet that in other situations, the term “screaming bitch” would probably have been an apt description. She had things to do at lunch and some calls to make. We made arrangements to resume the meeting at two in the afternoon.

I needed a break like never before. I seriously thought about hitting the nearest bar and slamming down a few shots, but wisely chose just to go over to the Sixteenth Street Mall and get something to eat. After lunch, I made a few calls myself, and then just walked around the mall. During that walk I decided that there was something a little odd about Kristi, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. There were times when she acted more like a guy than a woman, but I finally wrote that off to just her job.

Around two that afternoon I was back in Kristi’s office and we managed to finish up the negotiations within an hour or so. After that we got down to the real nitty-gritty of just what they needed in terms of satellite photos, land surveys, samples, and so on. By five it was time to hang it up for the day. In a rather surprising move, she invited my to have a drink at her favorite watering hole just a block away. Since the afternoon had gone much better than the morning, I decided that maybe she wasn’t quite the screaming bitch that I thought she was earlier, and wanted to see if that persona persisted after she walked out the front door of the building. “Sure,” I said, “after the negotiations of this morning, I could use one!”

“Aw, come on,” she said with a grin, “I wasn’t that tough on you!”

We left the building, and I swear it was like she flicked a switch on the way out the door. Ms. Lawyer was turned off and Ms. Sweetheart was turned on. The difference was noticeable almost immediately and pretty incredible.

“Let’s get a table,” Kristi said as we entered the bar. “I feel so on display sitting at the bar.”

The cocktail waitress came by and we ordered our drinks. “The munchies are on the table in back, if you’d care for some,” she said as she left.

We got up and went to the rear of the bar, got a small plate and loaded up. But, not quite as much as the rather obvious drag queen with the bad hair in front of us who looked like she was eating dinner here.

“Takes all sorts,” I said as we returned to our seats.

“The drag queen?” she asked. “She’s in here all the time. She really needs some lessons in makeup and how to dress. There are a few other ones in here from time to time, including tonight. “She nodded toward what appeared to be a woman sitting at the bar.

“That’s another drag queen?” I asked surprised.

“Oh, big-time, and very good at it too.”

She was certainly right about that! “Quite a bar you have here,” I said with a laugh.

“If they bother you, we can go somewhere else,” she offered.

“Nah, it’s okay. The queens don’t do much for me one way or the other. It’s the trannies that are a lot more interesting.”

“My, my,” she said with a laugh. “I never would have guessed. You seemed so Mr. Straight. And all this time I thought I was going to have a little fun with you in here.”

It seemed that she had an odd sense of humor. “Not straight, bi is more like it. I can see something in both sexes and a TS is more like the best of both sexes – a pre-op one that is.”

“Into pre-ops huh? Interesting,” she said with a smile, “very interesting.”

I just told her I was bi and into pre-op trannies and she didn’t even blink; and she thought I was interesting? After that the conversation drifted off to other things and we parted company for the evening shortly thereafter.

The next day I got up early and drove to Georgetown and Guanella Pass to see the site of the suit and the damage done to altyazı porno the surrounding area by the Two Jacks Mining Company. By eleven or so I had seen enough to give Kristi an estimate of the cost for the evidence she wanted. Lawyers are quick to sue over something, and notoriously slow at paying their bills – if they ever pay them if they lose a lawsuit of this nature. So, you’d better believe we wanted some money up front and padded the bill a little so we would break even if they lost the suit and didn’t pay. Two Jacks Mining didn’t seem to be rolling in money to me, but Kristi thought they had enough to get sued and keep on operating.

At noon I stopped in at the Red Ram restaurant in Georgetown for something to eat and wash it down with a beer. I gave a little though to Kristi. I found it odd that she would take me to a bar that was rife with drag queens, cross dressers, and perhaps the odd TS. I really had to wonder if she wasn’t a TS herself. The more I thought about it, the more plausible that sounded. If that was the case, she was damn good at it, had spent a lot of money working herself over, and had practiced being a woman a lot. Moreover, being a lawyer in a very successful firm, she probably had the money to afford the transition. If she was a TS, was she pre-op too? That thought got me hard just thinking about the possibilities. Now I was looking forward to our next meeting this afternoon.

By three I was back in Kristi’s office. I laid out what I had seen, went over what I thought she needed, and gave her the estimate. She wanted a few changes, of course, and then we agreed on a price. We also agreed on an upfront amount, how much was to be refunded if the suit was dropped and so on. I made it very clear that my company gathered the samples, got the lab results, took the pictures, and gathered any other evidence we could, but didn’t taint, slant, or otherwise fake the results. That was just fine with her. By five that afternoon we had come to an agreement.

“Well, with that out of the way, are you up to another drink with me?” she asked.

“Sure,” I agreed quickly, “but you sure had balls taking me to that place yesterday.”

“Need ’em for the job,” she said with a wicked smile as she picked up her purse. “Are you game for that place or would you care to try another?”

That little comment just about told me everything I needed to know. With a little luck I was going to be in for a great evening. “Since you like the place, I suppose that will do about as well as any. Now, are you up for dinner a little later?” When I took a good hard look at her, I could still see a guy in there somewhere. She was good, really good, but not perfect. Yea, this could just turn out to be one hot night.

“Oh, I always love to eat out.”

Again, it was the way she said it – eating out had a very sexual overtone. I loved it!

We walked to that same strange little bar that we had been in yesterday, and there were some of the… well, let’s say not exactly “everyday” people that had been in there yesterday, and a few new ones. This time we got a tight little booth in the dimly lit back of that bar that sat two, one on each side of the table.

We had no sooner order our drinks that I felt a stockinged foot between my legs. It quickly moved right to my crotch and started massaging my partly hard cock.

“I know you know what I am, and I’m sure happy that you like trannies,” she said softly with a huge smile. “You wouldn’t believe what I can do for you.”

I had a pretty good idea of what she could do for me. I spread my legs a little wider and found myself rock hard in seconds. Right about then I wanted to strip her naked, and get very oral with her, sucking her boobs and her cock, however large or small it was. “Yea, you’re like a dream come true,” I said, realizing that that probably sounded pretty cheesy. She was getting me so hot it was hard to even think straight.

The drinks came, and her foot stayed right where it was, not trying to get me off so much as just toying with me and letting me know that she was as hot for me as I was for her.

“Hard to get dates being a TS?” I finally asked her.

“There are good days and bad days. Some of the guys that ask me out apparently don’t know what I am, in spite of some hints, and get really pissed when they find out. More than one has tried to beat the shit out of me. Then there are others who act all interested in me but just want sex with a TS and nothing more. One quick fuck to see what it’s like and that’s the last I see of them. Now and then I meet a guy like you who can treat me like a real person – and that doesn’t suck.”

I thought that was a bit of a leap since we had been on more or less two dates and this was the second. However, there was nothing more that I would like than to have a good sex-infested and fun relationship with a hot TS like Kristi. We finished our drink, had a second one and then decided to go down the street a few doors to a nice Italian restaurant and have amatör porno something to eat. She was so completely passable, that not only had I not figured her out right away, no one else was going to either. Just going out with her was pretty exciting.

We got to Malossi’s and sure enough, she caught the eye of more than one guy and a look-over by more than one woman. As far as they were concerned, I was with a babe; I was all smiles. We got seated quickly and had a nice meal. I doubt if there was one person in the whole place that even suspected that Kristi was a TS or anything but a good looking woman.

After dinner we decided to go to her place. Now I was really getting excited. It took a little doing to get two cars over to her apartment building, but we managed. It turned out to be one of those high-rise joints, and she wasn’t on the bottom floor.

“Nice view huh?” she said pulling the drapes apart. “I can leave these drapes open at night and parade around here naked. Short of someone having a very power telescope, there isn’t anyone close enough to see me. Ten floors up does tend to give you a little privacy.”

This place had absolutely huge nearly floor to ceiling windows along one wall. The view was spectacular. She gave me a quick tour of the place, ending up in the bedroom. It was next to the living room and had the same view.

Kristi pulled the drapes apart in the bedroom. “I just love the view,” she said. “Most of the time I leave the drapes open – even at night.” She stood there looking out the window at the lights of Denver. “I just never got tired of the view.”

I just had to wonder how many high powered telescopes were trained on her windows each night. It was an interesting paradox, she could show off all she wanted, probably knowing she was being watched, and no one could say a thing about it. Anyone who did would be guilty of being a peeping tom. I came up behind her and put my arms around her waist. “There’s another view I’d like to see,” I whispered in her ear.

“I know love,” she said. “I was just about to get to that. How about you give me one too?”

Moving away from the window and closer to her large bed, we both started getting undressed. I didn’t have as much on as she did, so I got stark naked a little quicker than she did. It was fun just watching her get undressed. When the panties came down, I finally got to see what she was hiding. It was a nice cock, not too long and nice and thick – perfect for sucking.

Now, with her fully undressed, I sat on the edge of the bed and asked her to slowly turn around and show me that hot body of hers. I had no idea how much work it had been to transform a guy’s body in to what she had now, but it was a real piece of art – every guy’s dream of a she-male. I just couldn’t wait to play with her boobs, suck her hard cock, and fuck her right up that sexy little ass of hers. “I just have to have a taste of this,” I said sinking to my knees in front her. I reached up with my hand and held her small testicles, hefting them, and then rolling them around in my fingers. I was firm with them, just like I like it when mine are played with. Her cock was now nice and hard and very inviting. It was a nice size for sucking, not too long and not too thick – a real thing of beauty. Before long I had it in my mouth, caressing it with my tongue. I was moving my head back and forth, taking it all the way into my mouth, then sliding it all the way out so that my tongue could caress the swollen head. She had a beautiful cock and I was enjoying every inch of it. I started going up and down the shaft faster now, as I continued to caress those nice firm testicles on her. She must have really been horny, as in a few seconds she was begging me to stop or she would come in my mouth. Being as that wasn’t exactly what I wanted tonight, I did stop, and we traded places; I stood and she knelt in front of me. Now it was my turn to get sucked and caressed. However, with her working on my cock, I reached down and began toying with her rather nice boobs and her rock hard nipples.

“Nice cock,” she said, taking my cock out of her mouth for a few seconds to admire what she had been sucking on. “I just know I’m going to love this up my ass.”

“Yea, that’s where it belongs, so how about we get on the bed and put it there.”

“On my back or do you prefer doggy style?” she asked as she let go of my cock and began moving to the bed.

“On your back. I want to fuck you and watch you jerk off at the same time.”

Kristi got on her back in the middle of the bed and spread her legs wide, then lifted them as I got between them. Without saying a word, she handed me a tube of lube that she must have had under a pillow, as I never really saw her reach for it.

I put a nice amount of it on the tip of my cock and spread it around, getting the whole thing nice and slick. That done, I placed the tip of my cock against her asshole and slowly pushed into her. With little more than the head of my cock inside her tight little amatör porno ass, I let it sit there a few seconds while she got used to it invading her bottom and then slowly started moving in and out, giving her a little more of it each time I pushed into her. She reached down and started masturbating her cock. It had been pretty hard before, but grew and got a lot harder in just a few seconds. I held her legs up and wide apart, watching my cock slide in and out of her ass. As I picked up speed, her boobs started to jiggle with the pounding she was getting. If those boobs were enhanced with any silicone, it was one hell of a job. Most of them appeared to be a result of hormones. They weren’t huge, but they looked very natural and there wasn’t a scar to be seen anywhere.

“How do you like fucking a tranny?” she asked. “Is it as hot as you thought it would be? Do you like fucking me? Do you like being in my hot little ass?”

“It’s hot. So hot I don’t think I’ll last too long. I’m gonna fill your tight little ass with a load of come any second now.”

“I just love a hot, throbbing, come shooting, hard cock in my ass,” she said as she slowed down on her cock.

Just then I decided that girls ought to come first and I really wanted to see that cock of hers spew some of its creamy sperm. “You know,” I said slowing down, “girls usually come first, and I really want to see you come. I want to be the one that makes you come!” I brushed her hand away from her hard cock and began stroking her hard cock myself.

“Mmmmm…” she murmured. “Keep that up and you really will make me come for you.”


“Oh yea lover,” she said with her eyes closed, “I’m going to come really big for you.”

“Good,” I said with a smile, “squirt lots of that nasty girl cream for me. I want to see it hit your pretty boobs.”

“Uh-uh…I will, I promise…just a little longer. I wanna come so bad.”

I wasn’t moving in and out of her much any longer, but I was nice and hard inside her tight little asshole. I knew I was going to feel her throb when she did come, and it was just about going to be enough to set me off. I didn’t speed up jerking her off, just kept up a nice slow erotic pace, almost teasing her, making sure that she would come and give me everything she had. I was going to completely empty her small balls. “Nice clit,” I said, not exactly sure if she like having her cock called that, though it sounded nice. “I just want to see it come.”

“Oh God, real soon. Just a little faster…please? I’m so close. I wanna squirt for you so bad. I wanna come!”

No deal. I stayed at the same pace, admiring her cock as I stroked it, knowing it was teasing her but she was still going to come for me anyway – she couldn’t help it. I was just going to get a little more of that girl come out of her by making it last.

“Soon, real soon,” she moaned, and began moving her hips so that my hard cock moved in and out of her a little more – a little deeper and faster. “I’m gonna come so good.”

She was making it just a little harder to jerk her off, but I kept it up. “Ready to come for me? Ready to squirt all that hot nasty girl come out for me to see?”

“Uh….yea baby…” she moaned. “I’ll give you all my girl come, just keep that up.” There as a short pause, then, “Here…I come!” she finally screamed. “Oh God yes, make me come! Make me COME!”

Sure enough, I could feel her squeeze my cock with her ass, and I felt that first huge load of come with my cock as she sprayed that first load out of her own cock. It shot way up her body, nearly making it to her tits. It was quickly followed by load after load as I continued to jerk her off, being careful not to cover the squirting end of her cock with either her foreskin or my finger. I loved watching her pearly white come spurt out the end and land on her soft body. Not to leave out that exotic feeling she gave my cock as her body contracted and throbbed for each squirt.

Just as her come was ending, I have her a few quick pumps, going long and deep and then started to come myself. “HERE IT COMES BABY,” I shouted as I shoved my cock deep into her ass. My first load shot deep into her still clenching ass. I leaned over on her, pressing my body to her come drenched body as I shot my sticky hot sperm up her tight little ass. I pulled her tightly to me, pumped like mad, and gave her everything I had in me. Her hot boobs and hard nipples pressed against my chest, and that warm sticky mess on her body just made it all the hotter.

“That was great,” I whispered when I was finally done filling her. “You are really something.”

“You were pretty good too,” she said. “No one has ever gotten me off like that before.”

“I don’t get off like I just did very often either,” I said as I rolled off of her. Now there was a sticky mess on my chest as well as on hers. I move my head over to hers and gave her a long wet kiss. “You were really great,” I said.

I dated her a few more times, fucked the daylights out of her a couple of more times, but it never blossomed into much of a relationship. She was pretty good at turning off that screaming bitch act when she left the office, but the more she got to know me, the less she cared to be careful with that act. We parted ways in time, but still keep in touch. And, she’s still as hot as ever.

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