Taste of True Friendship Ch. 16



Life had gone dull–dull–dull.

Irene and Julie had drifted away. It seemed that they were so interested in each other now that they just didn’t have time for Tanya. Every now and again, they would run into each other around the campus. Greetings were friendly and there was a sincere interest in knowing what was going on with all of them but the lust and fire was gone. They would talk about the passion of their menages-a-trois/quatre but the conversations were reminiscences- -pleasant but not reproducible.

Mary had flown the coop and was beginning to make a life for herself outside of the convent and outside of parochial academia. Tanya hadn’t seen her in person since their last sexual encounter and heard from her only occasionally. Mary sounded bright, cheery, and full of enthusiasm. She had some paying art students and was beginning her doctoral studies. Mary said that she had a budding relationship with one of her doctoral fellows. He was a middle-aged man who had once been a priest, struggled with his sexuality, and finally came to terms with the fact that he was bi-sexual. Mary gleefully related that they had embarked on an adventuresome sex life- -boys and girls, boys and boys, girls and girls. She sounded happy indeed.

Tanya was working for the summer at the garment house. She was now practically a full time employee- -certainly so during the summer. She was taking on more and more projects, especially those involving the artwork. The partners had even asked her to do some modeling, photographic not runway. The photographers loved Tanya. They said that the “camera” loved her and indeed the photo shoots turned out very well. Tanya didn’t know- -and really didn’t care–whether or not they knew she was transsexual. Actually, Tanya thought that the photographers themselves didn’t care as long as they got a primo result. Tanya’s height, proportions, and body tone were excellent; her creamy complexion was flawless; her coloration was exotic. Yes, the photogs loved her.

It was because of the success she had with modeling that Tanya decided to have plastic surgery. The shoots that involved blouse and skirt ensembles, suits, or accessories weren’t a problem but when they suggested that she model dresses with décolleté or swim wear, Tanya had to defer. There was only so much one could do, even with processing techniques, to conceal her all too flat chest.

Tanya took a week off and went to see her mother and Candy to discuss this and to recharge her spirit in general.

It was, as usual, a pleasant visit. Tanya, Ayisha, and Candy did the usual woman things and also had some late night discussions. Tanya broached the subject of plastic surgery. she told Ayisha and Candy that she was planning on having breast implants mainly to promote her fashion and modeling career. She reassured them both that she wasn’t planning on having her cock removed nor was she interested in taking hormones. Her cock served her too well with both men and women and hormone therapy seemed to be unnecessary as Tanya had schooled herself well in modulating her voice and her body characteristics weren’t such that hormones would produce any real benefit. Ayisha, being a nurse, was pleased at Tanya’s mature reasoning and even made a recommendation as to a qualified plastic surgeon. Tanya was grateful for that.

Tanya spent her last night there staying awake in her bedroom waiting for the mystery person to show up. It was hard to keep her eyes open and eventually she drifted off to sleep. But in the wee hours, Tanya awoke to the now familiar sound of her bedroom door opening and closing along with the faint rustle of someone moving toward her bed. Her anticipation was fulfilled when the covers were drawn back and soft hands hiked nightgown up to expose here stiffening cock. Warm lips enfolded her penis and a moist mouth began to ply her organ once again. The excitement of the whole thing brought Tanya to a swift climax. As she spurted semen into the waiting receptacle Tanya reached behind her under her pillow and produced a flashlight. She flicked it on just as the fellator was slurping up the last of Tanya’s cum.

“Ludmilla!!” Tanya gasped with genuine surprise. “Why? …How?…I mean, what in the world?…..” She somehow thought that she might discover that her mother was her mystery person (indeed, secretly wished that might be the case)- -or even Candy- -but seeing Ludmilla absolutely astonished her.

But there was Tatiana’s mother, middle-aged, chubby, prim, finishing up taking Tanya’s load down her throat. She had a surprised but pleased look on her face- -joyful, in fact. It certainly seemed that she was relishing her work. Despite her surprise at being found out, Ludmilla completed her task by sucking Tanya’s cock clean and licking her lips to make sure that she got the taste of the last little bit of Tanya’s semen.

“Danillo, my dear- -or, should I say Tanya.” She said softly in the not so flattering glare of the flashlight. “I was hoping that you’d resist the urge to find out who was ‘visiting’ you these nights beşiktaş escort when you were home. But, now that you know, all I can say is that I had this fantasy ever since I knew you as a teenager.”

“Ludmilla, I had no idea whatsoever it might me you.” Tanya was still non-plussed by the revelation. “I thought it might be…..well, not YOU at any rate.”

“Forgive me for being a silly old woman.” Ludmilla said abashedly. “I was always more than a little envious of Tatiana and the fun that you and she had. She shared all of that with me and the more she talked about it the more I wished I could partake. I had always planned on seducing you sometime when you were over at my house but you and Tatiana stopped seeing each other- -once she and her girlfriend became an item- -and you moved away. But I stayed in contact with your mother and I knew when you’d be visiting. I suggested to Ayisha that she be indulgent with an old woman such as I and let me have a little fun.”

“So, she was in on it?” Tanya sounded curious but not unbelieving. “You and my MOTHER?….Were in on this together?….”

“Yes, my dear. I hope you aren’t repulsed by this.” Ludmilla seemed almost apologetic. “It is just that I treasure you and, old woman that I am, I haven’t had much by way of sex and you seemed to be so delicious looking and even if you dress like a girl now it really doesn’t make any difference because….well, you know….I just had to have a taste of you and once I did it was so hard not to do it again…..”

“Ludmilla. I had no idea at all this is how you felt. I am humbled and charmed that you would wish to do that for me.” Tanya’s tone was soft and loving now. “Please, come to me.”

With that, Tanya drew Ludmilla to her, raising her up so that they were face to face. Tanya kissed her lips and pressed her tongue between them still salty from Tanya’s semen. As they kissed, Tanya felt Ludmilla relax almost melting against Tanya’s body. Ludmilla breathed a sigh of pleasure as she snuggled close.

Now, Ludmilla was not an “old” woman by any stretch, in today’s standards. She was in her 50’s and, aside from being a little chubby, had a shapely body. Her breasts pressed against Tanya as they kissed and Tanya felt firmness there that one wouldn’t ordinarily expect from a woman of Ludmilla’s age. Tanya felt the urge to see what those breasts looked like.

Tanya switched off the flashlight and reached over and turned on the lamp on the night stand. It was a 25 Watt bulb so it didn’t create harsh lighting. Ludmilla seemed surprised and a little taken aback but was too engrossed with Tanya to interrupt their cuddling. Tanya moved Ludmilla to the side and began to disrobe her.

Ludmilla was wearing a light jersey top which Tanya wasted no time in pulling up over Ludmilla’s arms and head. She had a bra underneath which likewise got unhooked and discarded. As Ludmilla’s breasts exposed themselves, Tanya couldn’t help but notice how creamy white they were with silver-dollar sized pink nipples exactly in the center of each. They were a little fleshy and a bit pendulous but not as drawn and saggy as Tanya might have expected them to be. In fact, they were rather firm though not pert. Tanya moved her head so that she could kiss each one in turn and nibbled between them as she worked to remove Ludmilla’s skirt. Given their position on the bed, the latter proved to be more of a gymnastic exercise than either of them was willing to undertake, so Ludmilla finally disengaged herself, stood up, and removed her skirt and panties herself.

As Ludmilla stood away from the bed, now naked, Tanya could see that age had indeed been kind to Ludmilla. She was not really out of shape. Albeit, her waist and hips were characteristically thickened with a little bit of a tummy but overall her contours were voluptuous. Standing, Ludmilla’s breasts did droop but, as Tanya had observed, were not saggy and possessed definite firmness.

Even though moments before Tanya had ejaculated her load, she was feeling stirrings in her loins. As she observed Ludmilla naked, Tanya’s cock began to stiffen and swell. She was ready for some love making. Tanya held our her arms to Ludmilla. “Come to me.” was Tanya’s quiet command.

As Ludmilla got up on the bed again, Tanya pulled her own nightgown over her head. Ludmilla knelt astride Tanya’s hips and lowered herself until Tanya’s erect cock penetrated Ludmilla’s moistened pussy. Tanya’s penis slid in easily and rested comfortably in the warm wet confines of Ludmilla’s vagina.

Ludmilla began to grind her hips against Tanya bucking back and forth to get deep stimulation from Tanya’s now completely hard cock. Tanya could feel the slickness of Ludmilla’s pussy but also felt the pressure that Ludmilla exerted as she flexed her pelvic muscles. “This woman has done her ‘Kegels'” Tanya thought, impressed by Ludmilla’s tightness.

Tanya was thrilled to see Ludmilla become more and more enthusiastic and energetic as their love making progressed. In addition to sliding herself back and istanbul escort forth on Tanya’s cock, Ludmilla actually sat up and raised and lowered herself on Tanya’s organ as she massaged her own breasts and caress her own nipples. This stimulation produced even more lubrication and Ludmilla took advantage of that by increasing the intensity and amplitude of her fucking. Tanya just watched with amazement. What a performance this staid, kindly old woman was giving!

While continuing to use her right hand to tweak her right nipple, Ludmilla lowered her left hand between her legs and played with her clitoris as her thighs slapped against Tanya and Tanya’s cock worked inside of her. After a few minutes of this, Ludmilla pitched forward pressing herself to Tanya, encircling Tanya’s shoulders with her arms, pressing her breasts against Tanya’s chest, and fucking away with all of her might on Tanya’s cock. Tanya was astounded not only at the strength of Ludmilla’s embrace but even more so with the grip that Ludmilla’s cunt was putting on Tanya’s cock as she Ludmilla undulated her hips. It was as good as the best blow-job Tanya had ever experienced. It was getting harder to resist coming.

Tanya knew when Ludmilla came. Ludmilla stopped her humping abruptly and her arms clasped Tanya even tighter. Tanya could feel Ludmilla’s tummy and thighs quiver and felt moistness exude from Ludmilla’s pussy onto Tanya’s abdomen. It created a slick field for Ludmilla’s pussy ant tummy to slip against as she began to gently rock back and forth after she came, accompanied by soft slippery noises and sighs of satisfaction.

“Danillo? Tanya? You have not come?” Ludmilla seemed concerned, almost crestfallen. “This will not do- -not at all.”

Ludmilla dismounted Tanya, knelt to one side, bent her face toward Tanya’s cock, and began to vigorously suck the life out of it. Ludmilla’s lips and tongue worked furiously as she produced suction with her cheeks and her left hand cradled Tanya’s balls as her right hand stroked Tanya’s cock. Ludmilla’s head bobbed up and down to where Tanya’s penis penetrated all of the way to the back of her mouth and to the point where it almost escaped her lips. Tanya knew it was time and allowed herself to come shooting her load again into Ludmilla’s waiting mouth. Ludmilla gulped and swallowed even as she maintained her oral massage of Tanya’s cock. Ludmilla didn’t stop until Tanya’s cock was soft again.

When she had finished, Ludmilla moved her face up to Tanya’s and gave her a deep, deep tongue filled kiss. Once again, Tanya could feel the slickness and taste the saltiness of her own come.

Without saying a word, Ludmilla got up, swiftly dressed herself, and switched off the table lamp. She leaned over and kissed Tanya on the forehead and then on the lips.

“Danillo, my love. I shall never forget that.” Ludmilla whispered into Tanya’s ear. “I hope we have some chance of doing this again- -if you wish. And I hope you do wish it.”

In pitch blackness, Tanya heard Ludmilla leave the room and softly click the door behind her.

Tanya lay there in the darkness drained and satisfied contemplating with amazement the varieties and surprises of human experience.


In the morning, Tanya, Ayisha, and Candy had breakfast. Tanya did not bring up her nighttime visitation with Ludmilla. Tanya was sure they knew of it but must have felt that there was no reason to discuss it. Some things are better left unsaid.

It wasn’t until she was driving back to University Town that it came to Tanya’s mind that her mother looked just a little tired and a little drawn- -not drastically so but certainly a notch off of her usual energetic self. Ayisha didn’t say anything nor did Candy. Tanya made a mental note to discuss this with her mother the next time she saw her.


Back at work, Tanya plunged into her projects. There wasn’t as much modeling as the fall and winter lines were already in production and in the catalogs. But there was still a lot to do with respect to planning next year’s spring and summer creations- -lots of artwork and lots of fabric selection.

This was also a good time to plan her surgery. Tanya decided to have it done two weeks before the start of the Fall quarter. This would be her senior year; the last of her courses did not look to be too demanding; and the bulk of her convalescence would take place before classes started. With Julie, Irene, and Mary off doing their own thing and no prospects on the horizon, Tanya didn’t anticipate that there would be much by way of vigorous sexual activity to impede her recuperation.

Tanya had several consultations with her selected plastic surgeon. He was an openly gay man who had an artist’s eye and touch. Tanya understood him. There was no physical attraction but there was a mutual respect on sexual and artistic levels. He had empathy for Tanya’s situation and demonstrated a caring sensitivity. He was thorough in his description of the process. Because bakırköy escort of Tanya’s size, he suggested that she might want to consider fuller breasts. They agreed on a full “C” cup size which, given Tanya’s proportions might even look like a “D” cup. Tanya was quick to impress on the doctor that she didn’t want an obvious “silicone bag” look. The surgeon suggested that they proceed in stages. Using incisions under her armpits, he would insert implants that could be gradually filled with fluid which would allow the skin over Tanya’s breasts to stretch out naturally a little at a time. The last surgery would result in insertion of the permanent implants. This would take more time but would yield a better result. This threw Tanya’s timetable off somewhat but she recognized that it would produce a more realistic cosmetic result. Tanya had the first surgery in late August and was fit for the start of classes in September.


Classes were not difficult. There were a few that required a lot of reading but Tanya was fortunate to have an excellent memory. Once through the material and she had it down for good. The practical courses were even easier. Her artistic skills were becoming more and more refined no matter what the medium. In addition to sketching and painting, Tanya developed an affinity for sculpture, both modeling in clay and chiseling stone. The latter she had to go slowly with because she couldn’t give full exertion while her breast implants were developing. Nevertheless, she scored well in those classes. As an elective, she participated theater and film work, mainly in set design. She won an award for her scenery design in the Fall play- -another thing for her “brag sheet”.

Her part time work at the garment company filled her time too. Even though she was one of the younger people there, she found herself instructing others. She had inventive ideas for new “looks” for upcoming lines. While not always accepted for final production, they were always well received.

Along toward November, she was given an assignment to work with a new intern who needed some tutoring in drawing. The intern was a business major not an artist but the executives felt that he should have a complete understanding of the business which included the creative/artistic side along with the production, marketing, and financial aspects.

The young man’s name was Gardner. He was on the brash side. Really, he was insecure and tried to make up for it by being brassy. For example, he would introduce himself, “Hi, I’m Gardner. Know where I can find a ‘hoe’?” He made a lot of jokes that fell flat but that didn’t keep him from trying. He was bright, had talent, but not much self-awareness. Tanya gritted her teeth- -not exactly the type of personality she enjoyed. Surprisingly, he did have some talent when it came to drawing. He was never going to be an “artiste” but he could give a fair account of himself with basic sketching. He needed some practical instruction as to composition, proportion, and perspective. It was clear, however, that his real talent lay in sales and marketing. Notwithstanding his brashness- -which if cultivated might become an asset- -he did show promise in schmoozing the customers. Oh! And one other thing- -he had a luscious body!

Gardner was only about 5’8″ and maybe 150, soaking wet, but he had an athlete’s body. He wasn’t buff but it did look like he took care of himself. There wasn’t a lot of fat on his body and he was toned. He moved quickly and surely which belied his underlying lack of assurance. It was as if he thought that if he looked like he was moving decisively he might be able to sell the idea that he knew what he was doing. Once he knew what he was doing, this attitude would indeed be valuable.

Tanya decided to give him the “treatment” just to find out what she was dealing with.

At work, Tanya gave Gardner some assignments: copy this sketch, draw this garment, create an original drawing. He returned them in a day. They weren’t all that good but neither were they bad. At least he had some sense of space and shape.

The next day, Tanya took him outside and sat him down at one of the lunch tables that were set up for the employees along the back of the building. “Draw that trash can over there.” Tanya pointed to rather prosaic looking corrugated aluminum can with a domed lid. “Do it in three minutes…..GO!”

Gardner furiously scratched with charcoal on his sketching pad. At the end of three minutes, Tanya called “Time” and Gardner showed Tanya his work. It was good in a general way but lacked details and depth and there was no context.

Tanya said, “Look, Gardner. When you sketch something like that, relax. Let it flow. Rough out the angles and curves, then hit the details- -the crimps and rivets- -and put in a ‘place’. You see? It is standing next to a utility pole? Put that in there, too.”

She had him do one or two more quick works and critiqued each one. Tanya saw that he was a quick student. The third drawing was far better than the first. Perhaps there was more talent here than met the eye. Then again, Tanya had to recognize that this was just a “rounding out” exercise. Gardner’s destiny was not in art; he just needed an understanding and working knowledge to help him along in his future career.

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