The Arrangement Ch. 4


The following is the fourth and final part of a short story representing a letter sent by the author to an online friend with whom he has enjoyed a long relationship without any physical contact. He has always kept her informed of any offline recreational activities he enjoys and she has reciprocated in kind. This letter was written as a report of one such offline meeting of which she had taken part in the planning. She was aware of his previous “accidental connection” at an earlier conference and knew that the author was planning to meet his “conference paramour” at this event.

* * * * *

“Is this what you had in mind, boss?” I whispered to her as I hovered over her, my cock imbedded behind the stretched lips of her golden-haired pussy. It had taken me seemingly forever to access the depths of her tiny opening. When I had finally touched bottom and had pressed against her pubic bone with my own, I whispered the question and waited for her reply.

“Oh, my God, Ed; oh, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus; what are you doing to me? I feel like I am stuffed so full my stomach is going to burst open. My pussy feels like it has a huge lump stuck inside and I can feel it throbbing against its walls. Don’t move. Please don’t move. I don’t know what I’ll do if you move inside me. I feel like I’m going to explode. I’m just so goddamn full.”

I bent and kissed her tiny breasts as I began to move out and in, one small inch at a time, stretching her inner set of lips out from behind their hiding place on my withdrawal and folding them back inside again on my re-entry stroke. I could hear the slight squish of her liquids and mine making friction less noticeable for our organs. She was nearly fully wet now and I knew I would soon be stroking the entire length of my cock in and out of her without any real discomfort.

I had marveled at the small size of her opening at first, but did not allow it to deter my determination to fuck her, even when she resisted because of my girth. And I was correct: she had stretched to accommodate my head and my shaft and was now lying there on her back, her legs stretched out in an exceptionally lewd “V” shape with my hands holding her at the ankles. I was stroking, ever so slowly, and increasing the length of those strokes as I continued until I was moving the entire length, except for the head, in and out of her swelling cunt with ease. The more I stroked, the wetter she became and the more easily the strokes were accomplished. Each time I re-entered, I would squeeze my muscles and cause the head to swell inside her, eliciting a groan from her mouth. Each time I pulled out to the point that her inner lips were sucking at the swollen head, I would squeeze that muscle again and she would moan deep in her throat.

Watching her as I continued to slowly stroke in and out of her heated chasm, I was pleased to notice the flush creeping up her chest and neck and into her face. She was becoming more and more aroused as my movements continued. Her head was moving from side to side, her eyes were closed, and her mouth was wide open with small gasping breaths fighting for purchase in her lungs. Each time I hit bottom with the head of my cock, her eyes fluttered and she grunted – yes, actually grunted.

I did not alter either the speed or the intensity of my strokes for some eight to ten minutes – just the steady fucking rhythm of a cock machine. And I knew her body was climbing up toward a peak. I watched and waited as her physical reactions changed – from that warm, relaxed feeling that comes with the initial strokes inside her pussy, to the jerky, spasmodic movements that precede the muscle-tightening climaxes of vaginal intercourse. And as I watched, her thigh muscles began to clench and her abdominal muscles – beautifully arranged in a near six-pack – began to flutter and twitch. It was time! The next few seconds would be crucial to how much she would accept from me.

Pushing her sideways, farther onto the bed, I climbed onto the mattress, never releasing her ankles, and began to push her legs back over her body – a bit farther with each stroke, until after a dozen or so strokes, she was lying with her knees almost at her chin and her feet back over her head, her thighs spread obscenely and her pussy aimed straight up in the air. I pushed against her ankles with my hands and rose up on my toes, aiming my cock straight down into her cunt. And I whispered, “Now, dear lady, you are going to feel like you are being fucked!” And I slammed downward, deep inside her, spreading ankles and legs apart with my hands as my full weight landed on her pussy entrance with my cock embedded in it.

She screamed out and I thought she was going to buck me off with the gyrations of her stiffening body. She was incredibly strong and it took some amount of strength to hold her down in that position as my cock head found the absolute depths of her cunt sheath. I could actually feel the hard ring at the back of her chamber pressing against the soft tissue of my cock’s head. Maltepe Escort And I rotated my hips, causing the head to rub against that ring and she screamed again. I rose up and slammed down again, sinking as deeply as physically possible into her. Six, seven, eight…….two dozen humps and slams from above; and she screamed with each one. Her body was twitching and spasms were running up and down her thighs and across her stomach muscles.

One last time, I lifted my cock out of her, to the point where the head actually cleared the suction of her lips and as I looked down between us I could see a long ropy string of our mixed lubricants making that erotic bridge between her pussy and my cock head as it pulled out with a slurping sound. In one almost brutal movement, I pushed her ankles out to their limit and allowed my entire weight of 202 pounds to drive my cock back inside her gaping cunt, and increased the speed of my next twenty or thirty strokes in and out of her incredibly hot volcano until her eyes flew open in what can only be described as shock, and her entire body went rigid. Her back arched into a bow and her weight was being held only by the top of her head pressed backward into the pillows and my own feet on the mattress below our bodies. She was not breathing at all. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was wide open, but nothing was moving in or out.

She erupted. She came. She climaxed. She exploded droplets of thick moisture over, under and all around the shaft sunk inside her. My crotch was soaked with her own ejaculations as mine neared the very edge. I could not hold it must past this point, but I wanted to be absolutely certain she was “down” from the edge before I released.

I continued to stroke until she collapsed, panting and heaving and pushing at me to stop my stroking. “I can’t! I can’t! Stop! Oh, God, please stop! It hurts! It’s so sensitive! It burns! Stop, Ed; please stop!” she panted between shivers and spasms.

Slowing my strokes to a mere sliding in and out, and allowing her legs to fall one at a time to the bed beside me, I leaned down on my elbows and kissed her brow, sweaty and hot; her eyelids, quivering and fluttering; her cheeks, flushed and throbbing; and her lips, so wet and hot that I thought she’d developed a fever in the last half hour. I licked her lips with my tongue and she breathed into my mouth, “Thank you. God, that was something I’ve never had. That was worth the wait, Ed.”

I stopped my stroking all together and her body went slack. “But what about me?” I asked her. “Am I going to have to pull my cock out of you and go to the bathroom to finish what you have started here? I certainly hope not.”

“You’re not wearing anything, Ed; and I’m not on the pill or anything, either. We just can’t take the chance, can we?” she said while looking up at me.

“You’re right, Robin; there is no sense in taking chances. But I really do need some physical release from the condition this evening has caused for me.”

“Pull it out, Ed; I have an idea.”

I slowly moved my cock out of her sloppy pussy – but not before I gave her another dozen or more slow, even strokes, and played with her distended pussy lips and then her swollen clit, which raised her pulse again and coaxed another climax out of her nearly exhausted body. This time, she did not complain about being sore or sensitive; she just relaxed her entire body and let that soft, warm feeling of a lovely cum stream over her body from foot to crotch and loved the small explosion. She mewed and whimpered as I finally pulled the head from her clutching lips.

Watching the spot from which my head withdrew, I was totally amazed at the amount of her nectars, which followed; as if a new spring had been tapped in the lush growth of a mountainside. Small rivulets of her juices literally gushed out of her ragged opening after my cock head withdrew, and gushed down the crack of her ass to wet the bed beneath her. I was enthralled.

She rolled out from under me and went to her purse on the table in the other room She came back with a small, red foil package. She was actually embarrassed at handing me a Trojan prophylactic. “Here, Ed; use this. I’m not going to tell you why it is in my purse, but I want you to use it so you can get something out of this evening, too.” And she climbed back on the bed.

I opened the foil package and looked down at her. Her eyes were on the white latex ring I now held in my hand. “Do they really work?” she asked with a small tremble in her voice.

“About 99.9% of the time,” I reassured her. And I lifted one of her hands and placed the ring in her hand. “But I want you to put it on, Robin. Just put it against the head and roll it back to where it ends. Feel how smooth. And know that you have produced enough lubrication so that it will slide in very easily.”

She got up on her knees and took my cock in one hand and held the condom against the head with the other. It was immediately coated on the inside İstanbul Escort with the pre-cum that was leaking from the eye in the tip of my cock. She started to roll it with one hand, then switched to two, but I stopped her with my hands.

“No, dear, not like that. Open your mouth. Just like you did way back in high school for good old Jack Monroe. Unroll the condom with your lips as you slide my cock in your mouth. I know you can do it. C’mon; give it a try; for me.”

She looked up at me, but saw I wasn’t kidding and looked back down at my cock, standing directly in front of her and without even thinking about it, opened her mouth and worked the head inside, behind her lips and teeth, unrolling the condom as she slipped more and more of my shaft into her mouth. She was breathing heavily through her nose and when the head of my cock touched the back of her throat, she backed off but did not pull it out completely. Instead, she licked all over the surface, feeling the smooth hardness of the shaft inside her mouth, and then pulled back to where she was sucking on the head. When she slid her lips off the head, the small receptacle hung down a half inch and she looked at it with quizzical eyes. “It’s for my cum, Robin; what ends up in there does not end up in your womb, creating babies that we don’t want.”

Her eyes crinkled up a bit and she giggled at the thought of thousands, millions, of little babies being caught in that tiny receptacle at the end of my condom-wrapped dick.

She looked up at me with those incredible eyes, and got real serious for a moment. “Do you want me to give you a blowjob, Ed? I could do that. I could do that for you and get you off and it wouldn’t be taking a chance at all. Do you want me to do that? Like I did for Jack?” she whispered while taking my cock in one hand and rubbing it across her lips two or three times.

“No, love; we came here to fuck, nothing less. And fuck is exactly what I intend to do to you. Now, turn around and face the headboard. Get on your knees; spread your legs apart as far as you can; put your face down on one of the pillows in front of you and relax as much as you can.”

“Not in my ass!” she warned me in all seriousness. “I’m not going to let you fuck me in the ass, even if you are wearing a condom. That’s not what I had in mind. And you’re too fucking fat for that anyway; you’d split me apart and kill me.”

I reassured her that I did not intend to fuck her in the ass. I realized I was too big for her tiny little rosebud and made that decision long ago. I told her that I simply wanted to fuck her in what was normally called ‘doggy-style’ and she should relax because I was going to go a bit deeper than I had before.

She jumped up from the position she’d taken and said, “Deeper? How in the hell could you possibly go deeper?”

“Relax, love; and you’ll see. It all depends on you, now, sweet woman. The more relaxed you are, the deeper I can push. Let’s see how long it takes for me to cum in this position. Are you ready?”

She regained the position, ass in the air (and if I may digress a moment here, do you realize exactly what was there in front of me? This blonde goddess was over six feet tall, as I have described, and her legs were so fucking long, they almost needed a license of their own. Kneeling in front of me, her ass was so high up that I found I could put my entire cock under her and fuck straight up!) I took her ass in both my hands and massaged her into relaxation. I know she did not trust me at first and thought I was going to try to ass fuck her, but as soon as she felt the tip of my cock touch the opening of her pussy, she relaxed even more and understood. I pushed upward and the head slid in almost without resistance. She certainly was relaxed and she certainly was wet, sloppy, slick, soaking wet! In one stroke upwards, I sunk the entire length up into her hot cunt.

I pulled her ass into me and felt myself touch bottom and knew there was hope for a totally new frontier here. I reached around and found her clit, still extended and swollen, and pinched it as I slammed my cock farther into her. She yelped but did not move away.

And I began my strokes, long, hard, rhythmic; deep inside her; my balls slapping up and around against the tip of her clit on each in-stroke; my finger flicking at her clit on each withdrawal. And we continued, amid grunts and groans and moans and mews from both our throats. And I felt myself rising to the edge where I would not be able to retreat.

And she exploded! I had absolutely no idea she was near her own edge. I was concentrating solely on making my own orgasm a special one, and she slipped up alongside me and went into spasms of her own. Her ass twitched and bucked. Her cheeks trembled and clenched. My cock was pinched inside her cunt as it wrenched from side to side and let down an entirely new supply of her liquid that seeped out around my shaft and coated my balls as it trickled downward.

And as she threw Anadolu Yakası Escort her head back and flicked her hair around, I slammed up into her and let loose my own torrent of pent-up seed. And thrust and thrust and thrust and thrust, hard, up against her, lifting her knees off the bed and slamming her face into the pillow. I held onto her hips and pulled her down against my cock as hard and as often as I could before I, too, was too sensitive to continue. I slid out of her slick recesses and she fell to the side, panting and sweating in the overheated room. My cock was still thick but losing some of its stiffness. It began to droop and hung down at a 45-degree angle, just glad to be alive at this point.

She lay there and looked up at it and reached out to slide her hand around its girth. “It’s so soft. One minute it was as hard as an iron bar and now, it’s like an under ripe banana. Hold still. I want to do something.” And she squirmed under me, lying on her back, and reached up to peel the condom off my now-softening cock. She dropped the used piece of latex onto the floor beside the bed and opened her mouth wide under the drip of my cock head. A long rope of cum slid out of the eye and into her mouth. She didn’t bat an eyelash, but lifted her head and took the head of my cock into her mouth and closed her lips around it. I slowly slid a pillow under her head and she relaxed, still holding me in her mouth. Her tongue began to work at the tender head and I reminded her to be very gentle, as men, too, got very sensitive. She used one hand to stroke my shaft from pubic hair to corona, pinching the tube on the underside and draining the last drops from me. She sucked at the eye and flicked it with her tongue. She wrapped her tongue around the head and cleaned it thoroughly before she allowed her lips to slip off and kiss the very end of it, softly and tenderly. “There,” she whispered, “that’s for making me feel so good. I loved it. I think I love you, you purple-headed monster. I’m not sure I can ever let you go.” She pursed her lips, kissed the head again, and flicked it with her tongue before continuing, “How do you think I can get some more of you whenever I want it?”

I reached down, took her face between my hands, and slid my cock deep into her mouth. I stroked back and forth, back and forth, gently, until we both felt the stirrings and realized he was coming alive again. Even at my age, the image of a blonde woman with gorgeous eyes looking upward at me with my cock in her mouth, lips wrapped around me, is enough to raise the near-dead.

Ad I thickened, I withdrew from her mouth and wrapped her hand around the shaft again.

“You can have as much of me as you want, Robin; all you have to do is whistle. You know how to whistle, don’t you? (stealing a famous line from Mae West) All you have to do is pucker up and blow.”

We broke the moment before it could develop into anything else and moved to re-dress ourselves. I did not hurry, as I wanted to watch her put her clothes on. There is something incredibly erotic about watching a woman put on her clothes. The very act of putting on her pantyhose was both comical and sensual at the same time. The rest of her clothing followed, one piece at a time. Before she covered up completely, I leaped to stand in front of her, bent down and sucked first one, then the other of her titty swells into my mouth where I licked, sucked, and bit on them, pulling them as far away from her chest as the stretch of her skin would allow. I released them with a plop from my mouth and kissed her hard on her mouth while I twisted and pinched them.

“Don’t ever worry about a man not paying attention to these little puffies again,” I murmured into her mouth. “They belong to me now and I am going to make sure they remember me.” And I pinched and rolled them between thumbs and forefingers and pulled them until they actually looked like breasts before releasing them. “Who knows; with enough personal attention, you might begin to develop something you’ve never had before. I’d like to be the one to help in that endeavor.”

She moved away from me, completed her dressing and moved to retrieve her purse. She stepped into the bathroom and I followed directly behind her, standing in back of her while she stood at the mirror to brush her lovely hair. As she brushed, I slid my hands up under her sweater and again cupped her tiny swellings. I flicked at the nipples with my thumbs and she bent forward and put her hands on the edge of the vanity. “For Christ’s sake, Ed, stop that! I honestly think if you continued that, I could actually cum without anything else. Stop it now!” And as I continued, now nuzzling her neck, “Oh shit! Don’t stop! I’m so close. I’m going to fuck up my pantyhose. Oh, Jesus!” And I pushed my cock against her ass as I tugged and twisted and pinched at her swollen nipples. “Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, uh…uh…uh…!” And she came again. Not a huge, earth-shattering cum, but one of those long rolling orgasms that start somewhere in the space behind your knees and slowly spiral upwards until they slip into your crotch and steal away your breath and into your head where they steal away your brains and ability to think. Her knees buckled and I held her up with my hands flat on her chest swells.

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