The Alcove


He sat quietly sipping his beer in the cool evening air. Well fed, and slightly drunk, he watched the busy crowd. Catching his attention, he watched the perfect figure of a waitress as she moved gracefully between the crowded tables. His eyes followed the yellow embroidered back pockets of her tight jeans, as she disappeared into the back.

Looking around, he examined the tiny local beer garden, complete with empty kegs, multi-color festoon lighting, and various potted flowers. A slate sign proclaimed various events in colorful chalk. A flag flapped overhead. Somewhere unseen, dishes clanked.

His gaze met hers briefly as she returned from the kitchen. He felt a momentary thrill as she walked by and brushed him with her thigh.

“Very cute,” he thought to himself, lost in thought.

He was almost startled as he suddenly realized she was standing next to him. He looked up, and studied her face carefully. Unable to speak a word of German, he replied to her raised eyebrow by nodding his head. He watched her walk away, studying the ample sway of her hips.

The night passed quickly as he drank, and a damp coolness surrounded him. He watched, as though in time lapse, as the tables began to empty. Suffering from jet lag, and not eager to return to his quiet hotel room, he sat nursing his final beer, wishing he were somewhere more familiar. He listened to the familiar sizzle as he held the flame to the tip of his last cigarette and took a slow drag. The sound of wet tires on cobblestone faded, somewhere behind the tall perimeter hedge. Soon, the overhead lights flicked out, signalling the end of the evening.

Now the only patron, he watched in curiosity as she carefully cleaned the tables. Her hands made slow, smooth circular motions across the wet tables. He studied her slim waist, as she stretched to reach each corner of the table. Her back to him, bent over a table, he unabashedly imagined her naked. Much to his momentary enjoyment, she turned and slowly approached him, a slight smile on her delicate lips. She habitually folded up the damp Kartal Escort white rag as she walked, wiping her hands unconsciously.

Placing his hand over his stein, she nodded in understanding, and hesitated, standing still, watching him. He stared back at her, his eye wide, wanting to see the most of her in the dim light. He felt his pulse quicken as he struggled to conceal a grin. Thinking quickly, he shook his empty cigarette pack. She knowingly waved at him to come.

Following closely behind her, he studied the curve of her neck. He watched as her cute black hair swayed in rhythm with her hips. He caught a slight scent of her perfume as they walked past the booths. He followed her slim figure into the alcove. The dim yellow glow of the vending machine was the only illumination in the dark alcove. He watched as she battled with the machine, wishing intensely that he knew how to speak German. He fumbled with a few word he had learned long ago, and quickly realized he was confusing matters.

Her task complete, she walked to him, standing very close. She stared into his eyes, and very slowly removed the cellophane from the pack. The crinkling noise filled the alcove, as he stared. He nodded a thank you, and carefully took the pack from her hand, their fingers brushing. She did not move. We watched her for what seemed like an eternity, desire welling inside him.

He raised his arm slowly, so as no to alarm her, and gently slid the back of his fingers across her cheek. He watched as she closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation. Encouraged, he carefully traced the delicate features of her beautiful face. His fingers gently played in the hair on the back of her neck. She opened her eyes.

He leaned to her, and slowly brushed her lips with his. She felt his warm breath on her lips. They kissed.

She opened her mouth slowly, his warm tongue on hers. His strong arms envelope her waist. They kissed passionately, stumbling together, their hands sliding on each other. He gently bit her lower lip, and released it. She slid her Pendik Escort hand down his waist, and rubbed the outline of his growing member through his jeans. She felt him moan in her mouth.

His held her tightly, as he backed her against the wall. He pressed against her, lacing his fingers in hers, raising her hands over her head. His open mouth on her neck, she felt the warmth of his saliva on her skin. She tilted her head back, enjoying the feel of his teeth. They groped each other, feeling each other curves and features. She reached down, searching for his zipper. Her hand slid into his jeans, into his underwear. He felt her warm palm on his member, gripping it firmly. She rubbed him firmly. She slid her hand down his long shaft.

He tugged at her jeans. She felt the coolness of the air as he exposed her skin. She felt his hand on her folds. She bit her lip as his fingers explored her. His finger traced small, slow circles around the base of her clit. He rubbed her entrance. She gasped as his fingers entered, his long fingers exploring her. He rubbed her clit firmly as he fingered her. She moaned softly, biting his earlobe.

Determined, she pushed him back, and knelt down in front of him. She tugged his pants down to his ankles.

Taking his member in her hand, she paused, as if studying it. She rubbed his tip on her lips, and looked up at him. He watched as her sweet mouth encircled him. He stood rigid, as her warm, wet mouth moved on him. He looked down at her, watching her head move in rhythm with his ecstasy. He watched as the tip of his cock slid along the inside of her cheek. His hands played lightly in her hair. She slowed, and licked him a few times playfully. She pulled herself up. Leaning against the wall, she stepped stepped out of her jeans.

He watched as she slid off her panties, and quickly stepped out of them. She adjusted her stance, standing with her legs apart. He moved to her. He pressed himself against her, feeling her warm skin. She grabbed him. He felt her wetness as his tip slid on her folds. Göztepe Escort He stared at her mouth, watching her eagerness. Sliding into her entrance, he grabbed her thighs with both hands. He pushed up into her hard, letting her wetness lubricate his rigid cock. He pinned her against the wall.

Their bodies moved together, with each moment increasing urgency. His long shaft glided smoothly into her.

The alcove echoed with their moans, with the sound of their bodies slapping together. He drove deep into her, lifting her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs around his back. She felt him slip out, and quickly slide back in.

She relaxed fully as he drove into her, banging her against the wall forcefully. She enjoying the feeling of his strong arms around her. She looked down and watched as his glistening cock slid in and out of her. She closed her eyes. His pace quickened. He pulled out quickly, and hurriedly laid his jacket on the floor. He guided her down, and quickly followed.

Her world went white as she felt his weight on top of her, as he slid into her. His hips forced her thighs wide apart as he drove deep into her. She crossed her legs behind his back, and locked her ankles. She felt his breath quicken on her lips, as they stared at each other, lost in ecstasy. She knew she was close. He pounded her fast and hard against the cool floor. She dug her fingrs into his skin.

Almost without warning, the well opened from deep inside her. Her world exploded as she came. Her pulsing body bucked against him. She let out an incoherent moan of ecstasy.

His cock thumped inside her, she felt it. His body shuddered against her. He gripped her tight, as his cock thumped inside her, filling her with his seed. She felt their warm juices mixing on her thighs.

She felt his body gradually relax against her.

The world slowed, and they were still. They kissed very slowly and gently. They looked at each other, and both laughed knowingly.

Uncontrollably, he smiled, and brushed her shiny black hair from her face. They both listened to the still sounds of alcove.

He kissed her once firmly, and carefully rolled off of her. They lay quietly on the cool floor for a few moments, not caring anyone may interrupt.

He traced her body softly with his fingertips, as they lay.

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