Tasty Treat

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At least once a month my friend Leanna and I get together at her place, We usually just sit and talk about everything and anything. We share more than a few laughs, just generally have a great time. This one night I went over and took a couple of porn movies with me, we had joked around about watching them together and about what might happen if we did. So I figured I would put this to a test, see how she would react to actually having them there.

Well she surprised me, she took them from me looked at them for a minute and then put one in the machine. We both sat on the couch watching the first one, laughing our asses off. It was the typical cheesy porn with the really cheesy dialog ( right now you are thinking who pay’s attention to the dialog? ) this one was just so bad it was funny, It did have a few parts that got you….well interested.

Anyway, after the first one we debated about putting in the second one, but we did. This one, WOW, had me up from the word go, and her as well. Every once in a while I would look over to see her reaction. I noticed her sucking on the tip of one finger and lightly rubbing her crotch with the other hand. well this got me fairly hard and now I was more interested in watching her than the movie. I wondered how she would react to my rendering assistance. I slowly slid my hand over to her thigh and started caressing the inside of it.

This just made her grab herself even harder. As my hand got closer to her crotch, küçükçekmece escort she reached out with her hand, and grabbed mine, I thought that’s it, It is all over now, but instead she pulled my hand into her crotch. she started pressing my hand hard into it. It was not long before she was undoing her jeans, so my hand could be inside, closer to her.

She was almost soaked down there. I pulled my hand out a couple of times and licked her from my fingers while looking her in the eye’s, smiling. I had no idea the affect this would have on her. Now I am thinking to myself ” This is going to be good “. By now her jeans are open wide enough for me to see the top of her well trimmed little light brown muff peaking out. I lean down and start to nuzzle it, gently running my tongue through it, She lifts herself towards my face trying to press herself into me. this was accompanied by a few low pleasure moans.

The next thing I know she is turning herself on the couch to face me. She pulls my face close and starts to kiss me, parting my lips with her tongue. she bites lightly on my lower lip. it feels very good. She starts pulling me down on top of her as she leans back. My one hand still in her jeans, My fingers finding and probing their target. one finger running lightly over her lips slowly spreading them, probing and finding her clit. I gently massage her clit, now between two fingers. She şişli escort is getting so wet, her pelvis rising and falling to match my gentle strokes.

In a heartbeat we are both trying to wrestle her jeans off. I pull my mouth away from hers, biting her lip as I pull away. I start moving down, towards her neck. Little bites and stokes with the tongue, she is loving it. Down to her chest, She is wearing a light cotton tank top which is very easily removed, Exposing her beautiful tits, Not large but not small either. Perfect size they fit in my one free hand easily. Nipples rock hard and getting harder to my touch. Just breathing hot breath on them sends tremors though her body, she inhales deeply as my mouth covers one, pressing herself into my face and moaning.

Just her reactions and responses to my touch make me harder than I have ever been before. She loves the feeling of having my tongue all over her nipple, playing with it, gently pulling on it with my teeth. moving down her body, but leaving my hand to massage her breasts, my tongue finds her naval, a deep well for me the probe with a hot wet tongue, her back arches off the couch as my tongue enters her naval. Small circles around on her stomach has made her breathing change to more of a panting. Gradually lower I find her well trimmed muff. I can feel the heat coming from inside her, feel the moistness of her pussy. nuzzling her she starts şirinevler escort to lift her pelvis more and more. My tongue slides even lower now. gently running over her wet lips. I can taste her sweetness.

I can hardly wait to savor her every drop of nectar like juices. As my tongue parts her and plunges lightly inside, I look back up towards her face only to see her biting her lower lip as she lets out a series of low moans. When I find her clit with my tongue I think she is about to go into orbit. A hand comes down to the back of my head, grabbing a fistful of hair and pulling me into her. she starts grinding herself into my mouth. gradually larger and larger trickles of her juices flow. I lap up every drop that I can, she tastes so sweet. I keep probing her hot moist depths with my tongue, feeling her every tremor, every shudder. The deeper I go, the harder she grinds into me and the louder the moaning gets.

As the rough of my tongue glides across her clit I can feel something welling up inside of her, a pressure building, until finally she can no longer stand it. She explodes into whole body tremors, it is like someone opened the flood gates, her juices are flowing at an unbelievable rate, I try my hardest to keep up, lapping up all that I can as it flows from deep inside. She tastes so sweet. When all becomes calm. she just looks at me smiling, her legs trembling. she beckons me to come close. when my mouth nears hers, she pulls me into a deep passionate kiss. tasting herself on my lips and tongue.

She thanks me for an amazing time and I tell her she doesn’t have too, I enjoyed it just as much, I love nothing better than the taste of a sweet pussy. By the way I didn’t go home with a rock hard dick either, She gave me an equally amazing blow job before I left. But that is a story for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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