Social Sex Ed



I set my book down and stretched as I got up from the couch to answer the door. Opening it, I was a little surprised to see Deborah, my downstairs neighbor. We were friendly, but mostly when we saw one another in the hall or elevator; she didn’t drop by very often. Our college has a decently-sized Jewish population, and as one of the more religious Jewish women Deborah never seemed entirely comfortable socially around the guys, even at twenty years old. I was even more surprised to see my girlfriend, Rachel — when had they become friends?

I suppose I lingered in the doorway a little too long, because Rachel cleared her throat and asked, a little sarcastically, “May we come in?”

“Oh— yeah, sorry. I was in the middle of reading for class, I think I spaced out.” I stepped aside to let the girls in, and Rachel grinned at me as she passed by.

Now my curiosity was back: what were they doing here together? I watched them move into the living room, observing the stark contrast in their figures. Rachel was petite, with medium-brown hair, an athletic build and small A-cup breasts. Deborah, on the other hand was short — I think I heard once that she was under five feet — with jet-black curly hair and the most intense curves I have ever seen: wide hips, a thin, tapered waist, and massive breasts that must have been DD at least. She looked almost like a pinup caricature with such large breasts and hips on such a small frame. It was sexy as hell, all the more so because unlike most college girls, she wore ankle-length skirts and long-sleeved, high-neckline shirts every single day. You got a sense of her womanly assets without ever seeing so much as a peek of flesh, which only made the mystery that much more alluring. Even while I was going out with Rachel, if I thought there was a snowball’s chance in hell I might have made a pass at Deborah, but everyone knew she was saving it — every last bit of it — for marriage.

The girls took the couch, and after getting everyone a glass of water I sat down on a chair across from them. “What brings you guys up here?” I asked.

“Deborah can tell you,” Rachel said, and she grinned again, this time with a bit more mischief.

“Wha— I— no… Rachel you tell him.”

“No way — you want help from someone, you need to ask yourself.” That evil grin again.

Deborah took another drink of water, and took a deep breath.

“You— you probably know I don’t… date.” I nodded. “I… there’s a lot of … things … that I don’t know about. Or, I know but I don’t really know.”

Where was she going with this? Rachel took hold of Deborah’s hand.

“It’s ok.”

She took another deep breath. “I’m a year away from graduation and, realistically, I’m probably going to get married soon after.” I must have given her a strange look because she added, “I’m not seeing anyone right now — but once I start dating, it’s going to be to find a husband. And I’m afraid…”

“Tell him,” Rachel encouraged her.

“I’m afraid about the sex, and Rachel thought that if I had a better idea of what went on… you know, sexually, that maybe I wouldn’t worry about it so much.”

She paused. Was she waiting for me to respond in some way? “Ok…”

Rachel nodded to Deborah, and all at once she burst out, “I want to watch you two fool around. Just to see it — I promise I won’t tell anyone, or interfere with your relationship or—”

Rachel put her finger to Deborah’s lips. “Aaron, your roommate is out of town this week, right?”


She moved off the couch and crawled on her hands and knees over to my chair. What was she doing? I started to ask but she shushed me and reached for the front of my jeans with both hands, opening the fly and reaching in to grab my soft but slowly stiffening cock. I looked over at Deborah, but her eyes were glued to my crotch. I looked down, straight into Rachel’s eyes, and she gave me a smile as she pulled my cock and balls through the fly and sucked the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. I moaned and closed my eyes — this was weird, with Deborah of all people sitting right there, but I can’t deny that it turned me on.

Rachel bobbed up and down on my dick a few times, tugging on my balls with her hand, and then abruptly pulled away. Jacking my rock-hard dick with her left hand, she turned around to Deborah and said, “If you want to see you should probably get up close.” Then, keeping her hand around the base of my cock, she went back to slurping.

Deborah came over and sat on the floor right next to my chair, putting all the action at eye level. She was clearly riveted, watching most of my six inches slip in and out of Rachel’s mouth. I don’t know if I would say that Rachel enjoyed giving blowjobs so much as she enjoyed the power they gave her over me, and having an audience was clearly feeding that for her. It seemed to be getting to Deborah, too: with the little bit of attention span I had left, I noticed escort bayan bursa her start to fidget and squirm as she watched Rachel’s mouth and hands explore my manhood.

After a few minutes of heating me up only to back away when it looked like I might burst, Rachel took her mouth off my cock and, slowly stroking it with one hand, said to Deborah, “That’s a blowjob. Want to see him return the favor?” Deborah nodded, never taking her eyes off my stiff, glistening member. Rachel let go, stood up, and pulled her yoga pants off. As usual, she didn’t have any underwear on and I could see that her neatly trimmed pubic hair was damp from sweat or arousal or some combination of the two.

The sudden appearance of Rachel’s nether regions managed to pull Deborah’s attention away from me, and her eyes followed as Rachel returned to the couch and sat down with her butt at the edge of the seat, slouching back on the cushions.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked me. What was I waiting for? Without bothering to put away my cock, I went over and knelt between her knees, kissing her thighs and rubbing my hands across her belly. She purred appreciatively, and I kissed my way closer to her pussy. Deborah came right up next to me, just on the other side of Rachel’s leg, and leaned in close. Rachel, unable to hold back any longer, brought her hands down and spread her pussy lips wide open, making her clit pop out like a small pink berry. I could just hear Deborah gasp. Rachel started to rub herself as I massaged her thighs and labia, kissing, licking, and biting everywhere except right where she wanted me. I could feel her frustration building until she let out an aggravated scream, grabbed me by the hair, and crushed my face into her damp slit. Deborah was startled at first by Rachel’s scream, but quickly came back in close. I was acutely aware of the heat of Deborah’s body so close to me as I ate my girlfriend out.

“Finger.” Rachel was breathing heavier now, grinding her pelvis against my head. I obligingly slipped one finger into her steaming cunt as my tongue continued lashing at her little pearl. “More.” I added a second finger as Deborah ducked down below Rachel’s knees. Her face was now just below mine, inches from where my index and middle fingers were buried, to the hilt, in my girlfriend.

“Deborah…” Rachel panted.

“Yes?” she replied, without moving from her front-row view.

“Do… you… touch… yourself?” Rachel must really be getting off on having Deborah here, I thought, she doesn’t usually pick up steam so fast.

“What— what do you mean?”

“Tell… truth… you… touch… yourself…”

Deborah gulped. “…Yes…”

“Talk to … me … tell me … how you … do it …”

Deborah paused, but she must have decided that we had already crossed whatever normal boundaries she had because she began to talk rapidly — still staring at Rachel’s slit as my fingers writhed and twisted inside, pressing against her g-spot.

“I try not to do it a lot — I feel guilt about it — but sometimes the feelings are just overwhelming, especially in the summer when I get so hot and sticky down there. If I’m not wearing tights and my— my thighs rub together a lot, I start to feel myself getting wet, and if no one is around, or if I think Jessica” — her roommate — “is already sleeping, I will start to rub myself over my underwear.”

“You… masturbate with… your sleeping roommate… there,” Rachel moaned, “That’s so… dirty…”

The room was now thick with the smell of Rachel’s arousal and the sound of her alternating grunting and moaning. A quick peek revealed that Deborah was transfixed by the sight of my fingers pushing in and out of Rachel’s soaked pussy lips, her face so close I was sure Rachel could feel Deborah’s breath on her skin. Rachel’s juices were flowing freely now, running all over my hand and down the crack of her ass. Might as well give Deborah the full show, I thought as I took my other hand and coated it with the mixture of sweat, saliva, and pussy juice that was all over Rachel’s crotch. When it was good and sloppy, I took one last look to be sure that Deborah had her eyes on the prize and then slowly, gently but firmly, worked the top knuckle of my index finger into Rachel’s tight butthole.

“Unghh—aagh,” she grunted. I knew that Rachel was deeply ambivalent about any kind of anal play; intellectually, she thought it was dirty and gross, but she couldn’t deny (and might even admit, if she was drunk or horny enough) that it felt damned good. With Deborah there, inches away from both of her finger-stuffed holes, I knew that inner conflict would only heighten her arousal — and I was right. I stuck my two fingers as deep in her cunt as they would go, vigorously rubbing her secret place, gently tugged at her sphincter with the finger in her ass, and redoubled my tongue assault on her clot. Rachel rewarded me with a few bloodcurdling screams, a flood of lubrication, bursa sinirsiz eskort and finally a firm push on my forehead to get my face off her clit.

“No more,” she said, laughing. “Oh my god, Deborah, whatever you do make sure the man you end up with knows how to do that.”

At the mention of her name, Deborah looked up right as we looked in her direction — and saw her right wrist disappearing into the waistband of her skirt, its top button undone. Whatever edge my erection might have lost while I was going down on Rachel, it recovered quickly at the thought of Deborah masturbating while watching us. Seeing Deborah show sexual feelings stoked the fires of my lust for her, and I started running my eyes over her black button-down shirt, mentally undressing her. Rachel took in the whole scene — Deborah caught rubbing herself, my leering stares — and stood up, pulling Deborah to her feet as well. Without saying a word, she motioned for me to head back to my original chair, which I obliged.

“You liked that,” she said to Deborah. Deborah nodded. Rachel raised her hand and stroked Debroah’s coal-black hair. “You liked watching him get me off?” Nod. Rachel caressed Deborah’s face. “Do you want to try?” she asked. Where was Rachel going with this? I wondered. Whatever you do, just sit there and don’t mess up a good thing. Deborah nodded slowly, then started to speak; but whatever she might have said was cut off by Rachel’s lips pressing against hers, Rachel’s tongue making its way into her mouth. Deborah tensed, then relaxed into Rachel’s arms. I stared, probably with my mouth hanging open, as I looks at the single hottest thing I had ever seen in my life.

Rachel slowly ended the kiss and looked directly into Deborah’s eyes as she moved her hand to Deborah’s collar and started unbuttoning her shirt. One button. Two. Three, and her shirt started to hang open. Deborah was visibly trembling now, but she kept her eyes locked on Rachel’s. Four buttons. Five. Six. Rachel tugged the shirttails free of Deborah’s skirt, undid the final button, and pushed Deborah’s shirt off her shoulders.

Deborah, who was always covered up, now stood in front of Rachel and I with just a black camisole covering her chest, starkly contrasting against her pale skin. I was looking at the girls from the side, and under the stretchy black fabric Deborah’s breasts looked heavy enough to pull her over. Deborah was still shaking, and Rachel reached out to caress her face. “Do you trust me?” she asked, and Deborah just barely nodded. Rachel pulled her tank top off and now stood completely naked, her pert breasts and puffy pink nipples glistening with sweat. “This will stay between us,” she whispered to Deborah as her hands reached down to the hem of Deborah’s camisole. I couldn’t believe I was watching this. Rachel slowly lifted the camisole up, exposing her white flesh inch by inch. When she reached the bottom of Deborah’s breasts the camisole was stuck, and Rachel raised her eyebrows slightly, daring Deborah to allow her to go further. Deborah hesitated for a moment and then relented, raising her hands and allowing the camisole to pass above her head. As Rachel lifted it away, I saw for the first time the thick black hair under Deborah’s arms. Of course, why would she shave? No one sees those parts of her body…

Deborah closed her eyes as Rachel ran her hands over the cups of her white satin bra, gently caressing the short girl’s mammoth boobs, and then slid her hands around the back. She gripped the clasps of Deborah’s bra, pulled it slightly away from her back, and waited. After a moment Deborah opened her eyes and looked up at Rachel. “Please,” she whispered, almost too quiet to hear. “Please.”

That was exactly what Rachel wanted to hear. Smiling, she unclasped Deborah’s bra and slid it from her shoulders, releasing her massive breasts. They were mostly firm — she was barely 20, after all — but I could still see stretch marks on her skin, leading down to dark, pointy nipples. Rachel reached around the front again, caressing Debroah’s bare skin, and then placed her hands underneath as if testing their weight. Lifting the left breast up, Rachel leaned over and slowly sucked the nipple into her mouth. “Unnnnngh,” Deborah groaned, for the first time giving voice to passions I couldn’t even begin to understand. Rachel smiled again and slid her hands down to the clasp of Deborah’s skirt. She had already unbuttoned it earlier, while I was going down on Rachel, and all that remained was for Rachel to unzip the rest. She slid the zipper down ever so slowly — was she teasing Deborah, or me, or both of us? — until Deborah’s skirt lay in the same heap of clothes at her feet.

Rachel backed up and sat down on the couch, directly in front of Deborah; I was looking straight at Deborah’s left side. Right away I saw that she didn’t shave her legs, either; dark hairs ran up from her ankles all the way into her white cotton panties, escort bayan thickening as they went up. “Turn around, slowly,” Rachel instructed, and began to finger her clit as Deborah started to turn. She circled away from me (was she teasing me now, or just shy?) and I first got a view of her full ass cheeks covered in white cotton, the wide flare of her hips, before she came around and I saw her full-frontal for the first time since she lost her clothes. Her heavy breasts flared outward, leaving a wide space where her cleavage would have been in a bra. Thick dark hairs spilled out of the legs and waistband of her panties, and a narrow trail of hair led up toward her her belly button. She turned back to face Rachel, and she beckoned Deborah closer until she could reach out and pull her panties down. Just like that, Deborah — sweet, innocent Deborah — was completely naked in my living room. Rachel turned her around and pulled her to sit between her own spread legs, with Deborah’s butt perched at the edge of the sofa.

“Do you want Aaron to eat you out, like he did for me?” Rachel asked. Please say yes, I thought.

“Yes,” I heard Deborah whisper. I started to get up but Rachel motioned me back. “Tell him what you want,” she told Deborah.

Deborah looked me straight in the eyes. “I want you to do it for me.”

“Tell him exactly what you want,” Rachel insisted.

“I want you to lick me… there.”

“Say, ‘I want you to eat my pussy, Aaron.” She was really milking this for all it was worth.

“I wa…” Deborah swallowed hard. “I want you to eat my pussy, Aaron. Please.”

Rachel smiled and nodded at me, and I eagerly took up position between Deborah’s thighs. I put my hands on her knees and she recoiled, clearly shocked by the feeling of a man’s hands on her body. “Shhhh,” Rachel whispered to her, and slid her hands up from behind to caress Deborah’s breasts. As she firmly kneaded those massive pillows, Rachel started to kiss her neck and Deborah finally started to relax. Gently, slowly, I slid my hands from her knees up the tops of her thighs and then around her hips, my hands snaking just onto her butt cheeks before sliding back down to her knees. As I rubbed, she started to spread her legs wider and I moved in closer. Rachel was still kneading Deborah’s breasts, so I moved my hands up to her belly as I gently kissed the inside of her right thigh.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, and I took that as my sign to go on. Leaning in as close as possible without actually touching Deborah’s hairy pussy, I allowed my hot breath to wash over her vulva. “Ohhh,” she moaned again, and I brought my fingers down to spread her pussy lips. As soon as I touched them, I could feel how damp the hair was. This girl was ready to go. I gently spread her lips apart and took in the glistening pink folds of her inner labia before moving my mouth onto her rock-hard clit. Her whole body tensed momentarily when I started licking, and then she relaxed again and started grinding her pelvis against my face.

Deborah was moaning almost constantly now, but behind her I could hear Rachel’s telltale grunting too. With my face buried in Deborah’s crotch, I didn’t have a clue what was happening with Rachel, but whatever was going on was clearly pushing her buttons. Feeling how wet Deborah’s pussy had become, I slid a finger down to find her opening. As I grazed over her inner lips and rubbed my finger tip around her hole, she moaned loudly. “Ooaaahh… yes, finger… in… me…”

I pushed my finger inside and was shocked to feel how tight she was. “Do you stick your fingers in your pussy at night?” Rachel asked.

“No… never, I … only rub … over my panties.”

“Did you ever stick a hairbrush up your cunt?”

“Nothing… has ever… been in there…”

“You must be really tight… Aaron, can you even get your finger in there?”

I pulled away for a minute to answer, but Deborah grabbed me by the hair and shoved my face back into her dripping snatch. “Don’t stop!” she practically yelled. Rachel laughed out loud.

I was massaging Deborah’s clit with alternating up/down and left/right strokes while gently probing her vagina with my finger, slowly working it deeper inside. I could hear Deborah’s breath becoming ragged, and wanted to get one more thing accomplished before she went over the edge. Pushing my finger in to the second knuckle, I started to bend it searching for that telltale rough mound inside her vagina. It didn’t seem to be where I was looking so I pulled my finger out and then slid it back in, all the way this time. Deborah gasped. I curled my finger again and there, under my fingertip, was Deborah’s g-spot. I switched to rapid, light strokes of my tongue as I slowly, deliberately, pressed my finger against her love button.

“Unnngh… Unnngh… Unnngh…” Deborah started moaning rhythmically like a foghorn. “Unnngh…” I kept up my double assault on her clit and g-spot as the volume increased until she was practically screaming, grinding her hips against my finger and my face. Rachel was moaning loudly now too, and I could sense her squeezing and pawing at Deborah’s huge breasts. Deborah let out one more scream and then went limp. I felt a different set of hands — Rachel’s — on my head, pushing me away.

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