Posing Ch. 02

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Saturday arrived and I was there at the salon at nine thirty. Ten o’clock came and no Ashlyn. After fifteen minutes, I was beginning to wonder if the girl had chickened out at her chance to meet her idol when I heard a timid knock at the front door. There she stood, still wearing the same baggy style clothing that she always wore and clutching a leather satchel. I went and unlocked the door, ushering her in. She kept looking at the floor, never meeting my gaze as I asked her if everything was okay.

“Yes, Miss, I mean, Tammy. Sorry.” she mumbled. I shook my head at her timid demeanor and led her to the back of the salon. Nicolette was at her station, waiting for us as I motioned for Ashlyn to sit. She looked at me again, with something resembling disbelief in her eyes, before she sat gingerly down in the chair. Nicolette began to give her a manicure and, after a moment, I went back to my office to do paperwork. A half an hour later, I went out to check the progress. Nicolette was trying to convince Ashlyn to take off her shoes, without much luck. The girl looked as if she was about to bolt from the chair like a frightened rabbit.

“Is everything alright?” I asked, catching Nicolette’s eyes. She shook her head, mouthing no, as I walked over to them. I placed my hand reassuringly on Ashlyn’s shoulder, asking gently what was wrong. She flinched at the contact and I quickly removed my hand. Leaning down, so my mouth was even with her ear, I tried to keep the frustration from my voice. “Listen my dear. We have to make you presentable for tonight. There is nothing to be afraid of. Please let Nicolette do her job, okay?” She turned her head to me and, after taking a deep breath, gave me a quick nod. I motioned for Nicolette to continue and she began to remove Ashlyn’s shoes and socks. Taking a seat in the chair next to her, I asked Ashlyn if I could look through the portfolio she clutched to her chest. Hesitating just for a second, the girl handed it over to me before leaning back in the chair and doing her best to relax.

I tried to keep my face impassive as I looked at her work but it wasn’t easy. Ashlyn definitely had talent but I could tell that it was unrefined, raw. She had such potential to be really great. I began talking to her about the pieces of art, telling her what I thought was good about each painting. This seemed to relax her further and, in a relatively short span, Nicolette was finished with the pedicure and about to work on her hair. Moving the girl to the washing, and then, styling stations, Ashlyn seemed to be more relaxed as the time passed. I went back to my office again, carrying the satchel with me to further study each piece of art in detail. There was one thing that I had found interesting. There were no paintings featuring women. Landscapes, animals, even men, but no female studies. Then the realization hit me. It’s not that Ashlyn didn’t paint women. She just didn’t bring any examples with her.

After going through all that she had brought with her, I finished my work. I stepped back out when done and couldn’t believe the vision that greeted me. I chose Nicolette because she was the best stylist that I had in my employment and, again, she had worked magic. The only thing that marred the beauty that Ashlyn had become was the clothing that she wore. That was the next step. Returning to my office, I grabbed the satchel and, after thanking Nicolette and letting her know she was in charge today, I led Ashlyn out of the salon. I knew that she wanted her pictures back but I didn’t return them just yet. It was my guarantee to keep her by my side. I led her to my car, opening the door for her to get in. Again, she hesitated before sitting down. I got in, handing her precious pictures and drove her to my favorite restaurant to grab a quick bite to eat. I kept surreptitiously glancing her way to judge her reaction to what was happening and could tell something was really bothering her and knew exactly what it was.

While we were eating, Ashlyn finally got the courage up to ask me the question that had been on her mind since I had offered this chance to her several days ago. “Um, Tammy. I, uh, have to ask something.”

“Why me?” I said, not even letting the question leave her lips. She nodded and I put my fork down, looking at her full on. I waited to speak again, wanting her to look at me. Finally, Ashlyn looked up and met my gaze. “I am giving you this opportunity because you are good.. Really good and I think that talent such as yours should be nurtured and encouraged.” She blushed at the compliment I had given her and a small smile appeared gorukle escort bayan on her face. “Now finish up. We still have a couple of more places to go before we go back to your dorm room so you can get your paintings.” Ashlyn’s head shot up in surprise at this statement.

“But…I brought my work like you asked.” she said, sounding confused.

“Yes you did, dear, and each one is wonderful. But, I know you haven’t brought everything, have you?” She looked down again and after a moment, shook her head no. “So, we will finish here, go to the boutique, then pick you out something to wear before going back to get the rest of your work. My guess is that those pieces will be better than anything you have here. Okay?” She gave me another smile, this one lighting her face up and began to eat again. I kept my eyes upon her, studying this delicate child in front of me. Tonight would be the test to see if I could inspire another like Brigit. I could hardly wait to find out.

We finished lunch and got in the car to head to the boutique next. I was curious on how Ashlyn would react. She seemed to have relaxed more as the day progressed, even laughing at some of my stories that I had regaled her with about some of the wild things that happened while modeling. But, the next place would push her comfort level that much more. Ashlyn would have to disrobe.

We arrived at the store and I glanced at Ashlyn’s face, gauging her reaction. The realization of what we were about to do hit her at that moment and I could see panic in her eyes. But, to her credit, she didn’t try to talk me out of it or show any other reactions. We both got out of the car and I put my hand on her back, gently guiding her through the door. I wanted to subtly remind her that I was the one that was leading her along. Entering the shop, we both stopped and inhaled deeply, taking in the wonderful scents of lilac, cinnamon and a whole potpourri of other smells. I loved coming to shop here. It was just so…feminine. Alicia, the store manager, walked up to us, wearing clothes that left little to the imagination. Her’s was a body of delicious curves and I found myself breathing just a little heavier at the image of beauty walking towards us. Alicia and I kissed our hellos and she took Ashlyn’s hand in hers, greeting her warmly.

“Well, Tammy. Everything is ready. We are the only ones here.” Alicia said, smiling as she walked to the back. Again, I gently encouraged Ashlyn to walk with my hand on her back, directing her to follow the other woman. We all arrived back at the dressing area where Alicia and I turned to look at Ashlyn expectantly. She stood there for a moment, a look of confusion on her face when Alicia told her that she needed to undress so that she could get her measurements. Ashlyn nodded, to a deep breath to steady her nerves and removed her shirt. She was thin but not unhealthily so, wearing a plain white bra she probably purchased at WalMart. I didn’t understand why she acted so ashamed of her body until she turned around. Old scars, from where the buckle of a belt had hit her skin at considerable force from the looks of it, crisscrossed her back. I couldn’t help the expression on my face, sympathy mixed with anger and revulsion that someone could have hurt her so much. I glanced at Alicia and saw her lips pursed in a frown. Ashlyn saw the expressions on our faces and began to cry. I reacted purely on instinct, pulling the girl into an embrace, holding her as she wept. What must have been years of pent up anguish was released as she sobbed, her face pressed against my shirt. She hugged me back, holding me tightly. I kissed the top of her head, comforting her the best I could. Alicia went to retrieve some tissues for her, and by the time she returned, Ashlyn had calmed down somewhat. Gratefully taking the tissues, she dabbed her eyes dry and apologized for losing her composure. Alicia and I both told her is was okay and Alicia asked her if she wanted to continue. Ashlyn nodded her head and undid her pants, sliding them down her legs.

The panties were of the same caliber as her bra. She stood there in her undergarments, her face still red from embarrassment at her breaking down in front of us. She let out a little choking laugh as she saw my shirt, wet from her tears. Alicia joined her in laughter and I stuck my tongue out at both of them and then joined them in their giggling. That seemed to break the ice that had formed and Alicia began to take Ashlyn’s measurements. After she was finished, she encouraged us to walk around the store, looking over what we would nilüfer escort bayan like. I noticed that Ashlyn didn’t need me to encourage her anymore. It seemed that once the barriers of her clothing had been removed, she seemed to open up more and enjoy herself again. I followed behind her, enjoying the sight of her panty clad ass and long legs as she started walking around, looking at the different lingerie sets. After selecting several pieces, we walked back to the dressing room to try them on. I had to encourage her to select more adult styles of panties and bras then what she was looking at and, after seeing them on her, I couldn’t help but get excited. I could tell that Ashlyn was getting turned on as well, her little nipples poking out of her chest. She was smiling at mine and Alicia’s reactions and really seemed to be enjoying herself by the time we were finished. After we checked out, Alicia gave the girl a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Ashlyn hugged her back, returning the kiss and smiling at the other woman as we left.

Finally, the last stop was dress shop. I had posted the suggestion to her to keep her favorite bra and panties on instead of the old pair she had worn. It was funny to watch her as she sat in the car. Ashlyn was more confident as she sat there, sitting up straighter, pushing her chest out. She kept unconsciously rubbing her hands over her breast, loving the feeling of the silken material as it pressed against the sensitive flesh of her nipples. When we exited the car, I didn’t even have to walk to her. She practically ran over to me, took me by the hand and confidently walked through the front door. After shopping for a bit, she and I both agreed on a green, sequined gown and matching purse with a set of black pumps. She looked so amazing that I noticed the look of hunger in the sales woman’s eyes. I winked at her and the woman smiled at me and gave me a slight nod of approval.

Ashlyn took me by the hand again as we left the store and, before we got in the car, she gave me a tight hug, whispering “Thank you.” in my ear. I could feel her breasts press into mine and I couldn’t help the fact that my nipples hardened in desire. We then got in the car to go back to her place to pick up her other art pieces. On the way back, Ashlyn started talking about her past. I hadn’t even prompted her, letting the girl open up to me when she felt comfortable. It turns out that her mother had died when she was young and her father had never recovered, becoming an alcoholic and using her as a punching bag. She had finally been removed from that horrible place and sent to live with an aunt. It wasn’t a loving situation for her and she found solace in art. I listened to her, letting Ashlyn just talk and get it off her chest. I could tell that there was something else that she was hinting at, something that she was afraid to say. But, before she could bring herself to say it, we pulled up to her dorm.

I told the girl to run in and grab her paintings. She hopped out of the car, practically running to her room. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Ashlyn had changed her clothes, sporting a tee shirt with the school crest on it and a nicer pair of jeans. She smiled and blushed a little as I complimented how nice she looked. She was carrying another satchel and I noticed a small lock on the clasp but didn’t bring it up. We arrived at my house and I helped her grab the parcels, bringing them inside. I directed her to the couch, went to the kitchen to grab a couple of cans of soda and sat down next to her, our knees touching. She had the satchel on her lap and when I had situated myself, she pulled a key out of her pocket and unlocked the lock. Opening up the case, Ashlyn pulled out the paintings within. Words could not describe what beauty I saw. Nude women, either alone or together, were painted with achingly, loving accuracy. Here is what I wanted to see. Her true expression of her art. She looked at me, a mixed expression of anxiety and hopefulness on her face. I turned to her, our faces close as I said softly “These are incredible.” Ashlyn smiled her cute smile and I saw her body relax as the tension left it. We were gazing into each others eyes. There was a longing there that I recognized in so many other girls. I leaned closer to her but stopped short, waiting for her to come to me. A pregnant pause lingered in the room before she leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips. After what seemed like an eternity, I pulled back, smiling at her. She looked down, her face coloring nicely as I removed the pictures from her lap bursa otele gelen escort bayan and placing them on the floor. I reached up, cupping her face with my hands, and leaned in for another kiss. This time, Ashlyn returned my kiss with more passion. I felt her tongue reach our and touch my lips, hesitatingly. I opened my mouth, inviting her in and the girl gave me one of the most sensual French kisses that I had had in a long time.

Ashlyn wrapped her arms around my body, pulling me closer to her. I couldn’t get enough of her lips. They tasted of the wine and berries that we had eaten with lunch. At last, we broke the kiss, pulling back slightly from each other. I looked deep into her bright blue eyes, seeing my desire for her mirrored back at me. I reached for the bottom of her shirt, silently asking if I had permission. She smiled at me, blushing slightly and raised her arms above her head, allowing me to carefully remove the garment from her body. She brought her hands up to unclasp the bra but I reached out, stopping her.

“Are you sure about this, Ashlyn?” I asked her. I didn’t want her to feel like I was pressuring her in anyway. She looked at me again, her eyes brimming with tears as she silently nodded. I smiled at her, moving my hand away as she undid the clasp and shrugged off the satin undergarment. I reached up and gently cupped her small breasts with my hands, tickling them with my fingers. I could feel her nipples hardening from my ministrations as she let out a moan and pressed her body into my hands. After a few minutes of this, I trailed my hands down over her ribs and maneuvered the girl so that she was standing in front of me. She kicked off her flats while I undid her pants and pulled them down, removing them as she lifted one leg at a time for me. At last, except for her panties, I had her naked. Her whole body was shivering with desire as my hands roamed all over her legs, stopping at the waistband small patch of cloth that covered her most intimate of places. I looked at her face again, watching her expression as I slowly peeled the garment down. Her pussy was leaking juices by now and a few strands of cum clung to her skin, silently snapping as I dragged her panties down her legs. Ashlyn’s eyes were shut and she was biting her bottom lip as another moan emanated from her throat. At last, she stepped out of the panties and stood there, in all her naked glory.

I pulled her closer to me, my right hand on her ass as my left hand explored the wet folds of her vagina. She put her arms around my head as my lips found her nipple. Moving from one to the other, I nibbled and suckled on her titty tips while I inserted my index finger into her pussy hole, flicking and rubbing her clit with my thumb. It was a technique that I had used many times on other lovers and it never failed to bring them off. Ashlyn was no different. I felt her hands tightening around my head, pulling me closer. That was quickly followed by a sobbing gasp and another moan as she came all over my hand, coating my fingers with her juices. I wanted to make her quickly come again so I inserted my middle finger into her also and pushed deeper. Imagine my surprise as my fingers touched a barrier. I was shocked to learn that this beautiful woman standing before me was still a virgin. I didn’t allow the surprise I felt at this new found knowledge to break the spell that had been woven, though. Pulling my fingers back just a fraction, I began to tickle her g spot as rubbed her ass with my other hand, enjoying feeling of the smooth skin beneath my fingers.

I could feel her pussy clenching down on my hand as I expertly massaged her pussy to another climax. Ashlyn’s knees buckled slightly as her leg muscles tightened and spasmed as she orgasmed once again. I removed my hands from her body, pulled back and eased her to the floor so that she was kneeling in front of me. She was looking at the floor, her face flush with was probably a mixture of excitement and embarrassment. I placed my clean hand under her chin and tilted her face up so that we were looking into each other’s eyes. Leaning forward, I brushed her lips with mine. She smiled again as I leaned back. Her eyes widened as she watched me bring my index finger to my mouth, insert it between my lips and slowly withdraw it, collecting all of her sweet juices off of my finger. I let out a moan of my own as I tasted her. She was so delicious. Looking down at her, I smiled and brought my hand to her lips. She hesitated just for a second before opening her mouth. I inserted my middle finger into her mouth as her lips wrapped around it. She licked me clean with her tongue as I slowly withdrew. I watched her swallow and wide smile broke out on her face as I leaned back on the couch. She climbed up beside me, wrapping her arms around me and placing her head on my chest. I just sat there petting her arm, enjoying the feeling of her pressing against me.

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