Smith , Co.


Smith not because I am ashamed of what we do; more because there are parents, other family members, friends, institutions and organizations which are involved in Smith & Co. and should not have to be exposed by association.

That being said, I introduce myself to you as Asha. My Master’s name is Dylan Leland Collins, II. He is the son of Dylan Patrick Collins, Sr. Mr. Collins, Sr. is Senior Partner of Collins, Hathaway and Stratenberg, a law firm catering to clients such as United States Senators and other U.S. dignitaries. As stated before, none of the names that I will use are their real names.

I am 20 years old and in my Sophomore year in college. I am an English major I have been Master Dylan’s sub for almost a year. Master Dylan and I met at orientation when we first entered the University in our Freshmen year. This college was founded in 1805. It is a well-known college mostly for rich high-brow children and most of their parents have built wings, libraries and halls as payment to have their children attend. However, many of the students – like me – are here on a full scholarship.

Master Dylan, like his oldest brother Patrick Leland Collins and his middle brother Nyland Chester Collins and their father before them, are members of the Smith & Co. Although it is a club, it is considered higher and more prestigious than any fraternity. As a matter of fact most students would kill to get into Smith & Co. but when they cannot, they settle for fraternity life.

No one outside of the club knows how Smith & Co. got its name, but it is rumored that it got its name through one of its first fraternity brothers who wanted to combine the privileges of a SM club with a fraternity format. Outsiders do not know what the fraternity brother’s name was but he used a name that brought anonymity to his club. Ergo “Smith & Co.” became a legitimate club in the college. It was a secret club that men were initiated into through invitation by someone already a part of the club. Dylan’s great grandfather was the first Collins to be a part of Smith & Co. The initiation process is very stringent and if you do not have preparation for it long before you get into college, odds of you getting into Smith & Co are minimal to none. However because the Collins family has been a part of it so long, it is almost assumed that the Collins boys were going to be a part of the club.

As I said before, Dylan is my Master. I am his submissive and in training. He said that when he saw me at the orientation, he knew that I was the one for him. We dated for a while which I was intrigued to do because I am of Afro-Caribbean descent, I am a brown-skinned woman and have basically dated black and Latino men. I dated one Asian guy in high school but this was the first time I ever dated a white man. Dylan’s muscular, athletic body, broad shoulders and Bostonian accent really intrigued me.

During our three months of dating time we had made the decision that we were not going to have sex until each of us had an HIV test. Dylan told me that the reason for this was so that as I was a virgin I would know that he was safe for me. I found out later that there were other reasons for this as well.

Throughout the first four months of being at the University, I stayed in the dorm at the college. Dylan thought it would be better for me to live at “The Resort”. This was the place where all of the Smith & Co. members lived. When he took me there I just thought it would be a typical frat house. I was wrong.

We pulled into a gated community located just off campus. The community seemed to be larger than the sprawling campus grounds. We drove past two swimming pools, a tennis court, a basketball court, a gym and I saw the beginning of a golf course as we pulled in front of the building that looked like a hotel.

A man ran out to the car and opened the driver’s side door of Dylan’s Mercedes convertible. I thought that strange as no one opened my door. I saw the man bow to Dylan and ask if there was anything else he needed. Dylan told him “No.” to which the man ran away and disappeared into the hotel. Dylan opened my side and helped me out of the car. He then said to me “Good girl. I was hoping that you would wait for me to open the door.”

“My father always told me to let the man be a gentleman and open doors and hold chairs.” I told Dylan “I’ve been trained well.”

Dylan raised his eyebrow as if having an “ah ha” moment and said “So I see.”

We arrived on the 24th floor to Dylan’s suite of rooms. The floor to ceiling windows overlooked the Atlantic Ocean. It was a beautiful sight. Dylan escorted me into the suite and told me to sit down. It was more like an order but I didn’t pay much attention to it. I sat on one of the chairs. He went to a bar and poured us both drinks. He poured me a white wine and he had a scotch. He handed the wine glass to me. “You like white wine, yes?”

“Yes, thank you.” I took the glass and sipped. bursa escort Dylan sat on the block table in front of me. At first he seemed apprehensive. I asked him. “Dylan, what’s wrong?”

Dylan stammered a bit, but then took a large gulp of his scotch and then started in his Bostonian broad “a-style” of speech. “Asha, before I start I have to tell you that these last four months with you have been amazing. I want you to know that I adore you.”

I thought he was going to break up with me when he said something that changed my life.

“I want to take you as my…” Dylan hesitated.

I asked him “As your what…I don’t’ understand.”

Dylan stood up and walked toward the windows with the massive view of the ocean. “This is going to sound strange coming from me. I don’t want you to take this the wrong way because I only mean it with love and the greatest respect for you.” He took one more gulp of his scotch and faced me, “I want to take you as my submissive.” He said finally with conviction.

I opened my mouth not knowing what to say and I finally said, “And I’m not supposed to take that the wrong way?” I was half laughing and half curious as to what he meant.

Dylan walked toward me and sat back on the table. “Let me explain to you what I mean.”

That is when he explained to me what Smith & Co. really is. He said, “Smith & Co. was founded in 1916 by Thomas Hanover. Thomas’ father owned Hanover Coal which was prominent in Philadelphia, Virginia and West Virginia. Thomas’ father was friends with someone who owned a brothel where porn films were seen. Thomas’ father was able to acquire quite a few rolls of film that he would show in his library to his friends. Just before Thomas was on his way to college, his father shared the films and a cognac with his son. Some of the films included bondage and S&M which interested Thomas even more than the actual sex films and that was the beginning of Smith & Co.

So Dylan explained all of this to me. I have to admit, at first I was offended, then I was shocked, but I became more and more interested about this D/s ideology. I was really starting to go for him. I enjoyed being with him and he seemed so attentive to me. We hadn’t had sex yet but we had done a few things like of course kissing and fondling and I was looking forward to what else was in store.

Dylan finished his drink and he took my hand. “So now you’ve heard what Smith & Co is. When my father was a Dom here he had four subs. One of them became my mother. As I told you, she passed away when I was thirteen. I knew that I would be going to this school and I knew I would be a part of Smith & Co. But I didn’t know I was going to meet you and I didn’t know how much I would adore you after only four months. I would be honored if you would submit yourself to me. I will be a good Dom to you. You will never want for anything. You will have my love, and my protection. I will train you to please me and I, in turn will please you. I will correct you if you are bad and reward you when you are good. You will be glorified and well respected as my beautiful sub/slave.”

He then walked to a desk and pulled a box out of a drawer. He put the box on the desk. Dylan quietly said to me. “If you choose to be my sub, please hand me this box, get down on your knees and ask me to collar you. Once I collar you, you will be mine to train when I am ready to do so. There will be an Acceptance Initiation ceremony this evening for everyone to meet the new Doms and subs which we will attend if you choose to be collared. If you choose not to do this, I will understand, we will still be friends but I will not be able to see you anymore. And…I really would not like that.”

I got up from my chair and walked to the desk. I opened the box. Inside there was a plain dark blue leather collar attached to a relatively plain gold chain. It wasn’t as extravagant as what I had read in the past about Doms giving their subs these elaborate and brocaded collars and leashes. . As a matter of fact, it was rather ordinary. But I was pleased.

I handed him the collar. I knelt in front of him like he asked, “Please collar me Master.” I said to him with a smile.

He took the collar in his hand as he smiled at me. He came behind me and as he moved my hair off my back and onto my right shoulder he collared me, saying, “You already seem well trained sub.” He said with a smile, “I don’t think I’m going to have too hard a time with you.” He paused and looked down at me.

I looked up at him and then he said “I am ready to train you.” He stood me up to face him.

I want you to be prepared to do what I say when I say it with no questions asked. In the interim, I will tell you more about who we are and what we do. As you get stronger as my sub, you will learn more but these are the basics. Dylan went on to explain the history of Smith & Co.

Thomas was the President and his roommate, Caleb Ashton bursa türbanlı escort was the Vice President. Thomas brought Caleb to his house during one Easter Holiday and showed Caleb the films. Caleb was turned on as well. They decided to create their own fraternity/club which would be anonymous to everyone but the ones Thomas and Caleb allowed to participate. They would call it Smith & Co.

On the train ride from Philadelphia back to the University the two set up rules and guidelines:

1.No one may join without the consent of the Consulate who consisted of Thomas as Caleb. Masters/Lords are part of the Consulate and the terms can be used interchangeably.

2.A President and Vice President would be appointed to monitor day-to-day duties.

3.There would be three levels underneath the President and Vice President. Those levels would be the following from lowest rank to highest:

a.Slaves:These subjects would be the ones who have no say and are to do things at the pleasure and behest of their Tops/Maledoms; Femdoms/Master/Lords. Before you can be a sub, dom, master or lord you must be a slave unless you are “pulled” by a Dom/Domme. The slaves clean up after the all of the other subjects as they learn procedures and laws within Smith & Co. Slaves also are allowed to start at the age of 13. There are no sexual acts performed during this time. In addition to this, the slaves are usually seen but never heard. The slaves also see and hear nothing of what goes on between the subs, doms, masters or lords. There prime objective is to learn the rules and become obedient servants. Although there is really no way the slave is given the choice to accept or decline an order, the person in charge must keep in mind that there are certain parameters and guidelines that must be adhered to in relation to the Consulate, the President and Vice President. The welfare and security of the slave must always be kept in the foremost mind of the person in charge. At the age of 18 the slave becomes an initiate into the SM lifestyle. Still a slave, the new initiate is trained in sexual acts to please a master. If the slave chooses he or she can move up to a sub.

b.Submissives:These subjects do have say and are allowed to accept or decline certain things that their Tops/Doms/Masters/Lords choose. They are still trained to please as a servant however they have the option to submit or the choice to say no with each act given. In addition, the submissive is also trained in a way that he or she can become a Dom/Domme or “switch” when and/or if the sub chooses.

c.Doms/Domme:This is the level just after sub. A slave or sub is allowed to call the Dom/Domme “Master”, but no one with a higher rank will do so.

3.Slaves must have at least four years of training before they get to the University, unless chosen by a Dom/Domme on Campus.

4.Doms/Dommes must choose their submissives only from the University.

5.A submissive can be anyone the Dom/Domme chooses whether male or female.

6.The submissive must agree to the terms and conditions of submission and accept training of the Dom/Domme

7.A submissive is “owned” only by the Dom and therefore owns the submissive’s orgasms.

8.At the discretion of the Dom/Domme another Dom/Domme is not allowed to orgasm inside of a submissive that does not belong to said Dom/Domme.

He explained to me that there were, and still are, many rules within Smith & Co., however these were the guidelines that any newer rules are based upon. At that point he was done with the history lesson and began my training with one word.

“Undress.”, Master Dylan ordered.

“Yes, Master.” I started to take off my shoes. They were red 2½ inch pumps.

He ordered me, “No. Keep those on for now. However, you will wear 3 inch heels or higher from now on. Nothing lower unless I say so. Is that clear?”

“Yes Master. It is clear.” I lowered my head as I continued to undress.

“Sub, look at me.” Dylan said softly

I looked at him as he told me to.

He then stated, “Repeat to me what I told you so that you are clear with your instruction.”

I repeated that I will wear 3-inch heels or higher from now on unless ordered differently. I continued to disrobe.

As I undressed, Dylan shared with me that he started his training as a slave when he turned 13. His father and mother insisted upon it and he trained under Mistress Victoria who is one of the Head Professors at the school. His mother passed away before he started his training.

In the beginning he was just to clean rooms and go to school. During his education, he was taught respect, etiquette and basics as far as dress codes, as well as tying knots and keeping the training areas clean. He was assigned to cleaning and preparing rooms for submissive trainings. Dylan had been a slave for four years.

When he turned 18 and just about to graduate kestel escort high school, he graduated to submissive, he went into his BDSM training as well as sexual control, bondage and other types of submissive training that I would be introduced to. By the time he got into college he would be prepared for Smith & Co. of which he would be President in the next two year after the President Master Bradley graduates.

I had undressed and was standing there waiting for a response from Dylan. He said nothing. All he did was walk around me. I tried to turn to follow him

“Don’t move. Just stand there.” He said in a tone of authority.

I found this a turn on, standing in front of the windows with a view of the ocean and Dylan inspecting me. The sun was setting and the golden colors off the water were beautiful.

“You’re more beautiful than I thought you’d be.” He said. “I will shave you before the ceremony. I want my pussy bald. I will shave you before I show you off. Going forward you will make sure that my pussy is shaved clean at all times.”

“Yes Master.” I repeated what he said to me and I stated that I will shave his pussy going forward as he has requested. He smiled at me as he hooked the gold leash onto my collar and started to lead me around the room. While he walked me around the room, he told me., “I do not want you to crawl around on your knees. You are my property now and I do not want it damaged by scraping on the floor. Although your ears are pierced that is the only piercing you are allowed to have. And you will not be tattooed. I do not want my property marked up or with holes. Also from now on you will call me Master Dylan until I give you further instruction. Do you understand?

Remembering what he said I said to him “Yes, Master Dylan. I understand” and I also repeated to him what he just said to me about crawling on the floor, piercings, and tattoos.

He seemed surprised that I would remember what he had told me only a few moments ago, but I was really into this and I was enjoying being lead around the room by the leash.

His next instructions were given, “When I point down to the floor that means you are to kneel in front of me. If I use my hand in a lowering position you are to bow your head. If I tell you to present you are to get on your knees, spread your legs, your back straight and your hands clasped behind your head with your mouth open. Make sure that your back is erect so that those wonderful 32B tits with the beautiful pronounced nipples will be pointed out. He twisted my left nipple between his index and thumb gently, making me wet. I moaned. He smiled and bent down and rolled his tongue against my nipple as he still held it. Then Master Dylan said, “When I say ‘kneel’, you will kneel in front of me with your head down. Is this clear?”

“Yes Master Dylan.” I repeated back to him what he said to me.

“Good girl.” He released my nipple from his grip and led me around the room by the leash again as he continued to talk. “I will give you various kinds of treats. As you are trained further your treats will be even greater. For now, you are in the beginning stages so your treats will be comparable to what a novice, newbie, beginner would have. Clear?”

“Yes Master Dylan.” I said repeating to him what he told me.

“Let us begin.” He pointed his left index finger to the floor on his left. I immediately moved there and knelt in front of him on the floor. He held his left hand in the lowering position and I lowered my head. “Present!” He said.

I immediately spread my legs, straightened my back and clasped hands behind my head and opened my mouth. “Good girl.” Master Dylan said. “I am very proud of you for understanding and behaving so quickly.” He bent down next to me.

“Thank you Master Dylan.” I said as I stayed in the “presented” position. Master Dylan continued to stare as he knelt beside me. I could feel his breathing start becoming faster and more halting. He then stood up to observe me from above. I didn’t move and I didn’t ask if I could move.

“Would you like a treat?” He asked as he stood above me.

“Yes Master Dylan. May I please have a treat?” My pussy was dripping wet. I was so turned on.

He walked in front of me and kneeled between my legs. I wasn’t sure what he was going to do. I wanted to move but knew that I shouldn’t. After all, he owned me now and he did not tell me I could move. He started to rub my clit. “Don’t move.” He said. He pressed lightly against my hooded clit. I wanted to push against his finger but I didn’t because he told me not to. “You’re wet sub.”

“Yes, Master. I’m sorry.” I didn’t know what to say. I was embarrassed. I’ve only known this man for four months and all of a sudden I’m his submissive and I’m naked in front of him and he’s fingering my clit.

“No. Don’t be sorry. You have nothing to ever be sorry for. You may apologize though.” He was smirking and then he gently glided his tongue against my open mouth. “In case you were wondering, that is why you keep your mouth open. So that I may put into it whatever I choose. Understand?”

“Yes Master, I understand. My mouth is to stay open for you to put in it whatever you choose.”

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