Big Tits

This is my fourth letter describing my expanding awareness from a naive man with a desire to suck a cock to a man willing to explore his seedier side.

In my first letter “Costume in a Costume” I describe how I dressed as a girl in a Halloween costume to trick unsuspecting men into letting me give them my first blow job. In my second letter “Gloryhole Illustration” I describe how I accidentally discovered a glory hole and learned what they are used for. In my third titled “Steely” I discover that there is a whole underground of men cruising for sex. In this one I will tell you about my first visit to an adult bookstore after becoming aware of cruising —

It was Thursday and I had the day off work. My wife didn’t know I had the day off as I planned to visit an adult bookstore about an hour from my home.

I got up in the morning and got ready for work as usual. Then instead of going to the office I went to the forest preserve to enjoy the day and read the paper. I didn’t go there to hook up with any men even though I have done that before.

I was just killing time until I drove down to Roselle to visit Zebulon, an adult bookstore. I liked Zebulon because you choose one movie to watch on the main screen and then on the second screen you can see a preview of what is playing on other channels. If things are slow, there is another bookstore around the corner in an industrial park. This one has a large room with booths scattered throughout.

I passed on a few guys who were subtly hitting on me then about ten o’ clock I drove to the bookstore, getting there before the lunch hour. I picked a large booth that wouldn’t be too crowded once another guy got in there with me so we could trade a suck.

I dropped ten dollars into the arcade and picked a movie I liked. I picked a straight movie with a hot chick sucking several guys with great cocks.

I’m not gay but I really enjoy a nice looking cock either in the video or live in the video arcade.

With the light on outside my booth everyone would know it was occupied. And because there were no glory holes I left my door slightly ajar as an invitation for someone to join me.

Now you may think that I am an old pro when it comes to meeting men in the bookstore but you would be wrong. I have never hooked up in a bookstore before and didn’t even know that kind of thing happened until a guy I met named Gus filled me in on the details of how things worked.

I was sitting on a plastic chair in my booth for about five minutes, slowly stroking my cock, when someone opened my door slightly to look in. He looked me up and down and then left. I guess I wasn’t what he was looking for.

A few minutes later my door opened again. A tall weightlifter type guy walked right in and stood next to me, watching my movie.

He asked if I minded if he watched, as he was out of singles. Gus told me this was a typical ploy to ask me if I wanted to have sex. It made it seem like he was just interested in being economical if I didn’t want any.

A few seconds later he grabbed his crotch, readjusted himself and gave his dick a good rub. I could see he was going to be big. I nodded my head letting him know that it was ok with me if he unzipped his pants.

He pushed his pants down to his knees followed by his underwear. His penis was as well built as his hunky body. It was completely soft and about five inches long in its flaccid state. His dick was also thick and circumcised. I was really happy now as I could tell that this would grow into a real monster. I was going to enjoy sucking this pole once it got going.

His upper torso was facing the video but his hips were facing me so his cock was in my face.

He took the liberty of changing the channel to something that suited him more. Etiquette, I guess, would seem, indicates that whoever is going to get off watches what they want. The other guy would have his face buried in pubes anyway and wouldn’t be able to see if he wanted to. (So how did we decide who would suck bursa escort and who would be sucked? Simple, I was sitting and he was standing.)

He picked a channel with a real cute Latina on her hands and knees getting butt fucked. He took off his shirt and since there was nowhere else to put it except on the floor, he put it behind me on my chair. His chest was well defined and cut from many hours of working out in the gym. He was tall and more muscular than I thought at first, it was astounding but his biceps were the size of my calves.

Putting one hand on the back of my neck he simply said, “I’d like to get started.” He drew my head into his groin and he moved my face all over his midsection. He ordered me to “Kiss it” while rubbing my lips over his washboard stomach. I don’t like men’s bodies but if I were going to be made to kiss one, a hairless muscular stud would be the one I would pick. I kissed his stomach and his chest and anywhere else he indicated. He had me suck his nipples too.

After a bit he moved me down to his magnificent cock, again instructing me to kiss it. He didn’t want me to suck, just to kiss his cock all over.

Up until now his five inch softy hadn’t grown at all. But now with the adoration of kisses he started to expand. He grew like an accordion stretching out all along his length. Soon he was up to about nine inches of thick monster cock. This was the second largest cock I have ever seen.

I continued to kiss his cock. The head and shaft, the huge hanging balls, his muscular thighs and rippled stomach were all representative of the perfect male physique.

He lifted me up by my underarms, and lowered my pants more. After fondling my cock and balls for a little while he had me step out of my pants and underwear, which he folded and put on the chair with his shirt.

He pulled my body next to his, worrying me that he would want to kiss and make out which would be totally gross. As luck would have it I only came up to shoulders and it would be hard to make out with the height differential.

He rubbed his big cock over my stomach and pushed my lips back down to his nipples, which I sucked as expected.

Meanwhile his hands were either all over my body or his arms were wrapped around me surrounding me in a cage of human limbs.

He told me I had a nice figure which was surprising to me because I was in no way as muscular as him.

He rubbed my ass and let his fingers wander into my crack and then up to my asshole. He rubbed my hole for a long time and I shocked myself with how much I enjoyed it.

Eventually, he sat me down again and had me kiss the head of his cock some more. I was getting impatient to suck him and taste his cum and by now the scent of his manhood had me more turned on than I have been in ages. I was so turned on my whole body felt tingly like I was electrified with sex.

At long last I grabbed his huge schlong just below the end and he let me put the head of his cock in my mouth. It was big; it felt like I had a whole plum in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his head and sucked hard. Giving head to just his head was comparable to sucking some whole cocks I have sucked before.

It had become clear that he was in control and I knew I had to keep my hand on his shaft to avoid having this monster fuck itself all the way into my throat. If that happened I would have at least four inches of huge fat cock in my throat and I knew I couldn’t handle that much.

His cock, balls and the area of his body immediately surrounding them were all that I was aware of. So far I hadn’t even looked at his face. He was a nameless, faceless penis and I was about to suck and swallow the result of his climax.

I moved my hand a little lower on his cock so I could begin putting more of him in my mouth, but he again lifted me up about as easily as I lift a pillow. He turned me around and bent me over with my hands on my chair while caressing my body roughly with his strong large hands.

I whimpered gürsu escort a few objections but his thumb on my puckered brownie got me distracted. O. K., I thought, I would let him feel me up a bit more before I sucked him.

I could now see the video and the Latina was still on her hands and knees being fucked in her ass. She was real hot and I was glad that in this new position I would be able to see some of the movie before we got down to business.

There was a knock on the door and realizing that I had forgotten to lock it I asked the weightlifter if he had.

He said “Don’t worry about it. I have everything under control. ”

Incredulously, he opened the door while I was standing there almost naked. Whoever was in the hall would be able to see me bent over in front of this strongman with his thumb beginning to work its way into the depression of my anal ring.

Even as he opened the door he didn’t stop the insistent pushing with his thumb and it was beginning to get further into my ass than there was any need for.

The guy outside said, “How’s it going Joe?” and he stepped into our booth.

Joe said “I think we’re going to be pleased, John. ”

I didn’t like the sound of that. This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen. We were supposed to watch a movie and trade blowjobs. We were not supposed to have a thumb halfway up my ass while two weightlifter buddies invaded my booth.

I had thought I was no longer naive and that I understood how everything worked but I was having a rude awakening.

John stepped around to the other side and stood in front of me. He wasted no time freeing his already hard member. It was about seven inches long, with a small head and the biggest balls I have ever seen. Together they were about the size of a grapefruit. I didn’t know balls got that big.

John said, “Oh, he’s cute.” And proceeded to insert his cum dribbling dick into my mouth. Simultaneously, his hands gently surrounded both sides of my face.

I didn’t have any trouble sucking him and he felt very nice sliding in and out. I could tell he was worked up and wouldn’t last long, which was good so that I could then turn and service Joe.

I looked at the video again from the corner of my eye to see the hot chick was still on her hands and knees with her lover giving her a good reaming from behind, only now there was a second guy feeding his cock to her lips at the same time.

In a shocking moment of inspiration I realized I was going to be getting the same treatment as the girl on the screen.

I yelled out a muffled objection and pulled my ass off of Joe’s thumb. He grabbed my hips firmly and poked his monster cock toward my nether hole.

John tightened his grip on my head. His hands were large with his fingers around the back of my head while his palms were 180 degrees forward near my mouth. it was not unlike the huge grip of a professional basketball player on the ball.

Sucking off a guy was what I signed up for – but not this. Joe poked right and I dodged left. There was no way I was going to let him violate my virgin ass. I was not gay!

Try as I might I could not get John’s cock from my mouth; his grip on my head was too strong. While he knew how to handle his dick in my mouth without causing discomfort I couldn’t speak to tell Joe to get the fuck away from my ass.

I squirmed and dodged violently and Joe just kept saying, “Don’t worry, sissy, I got a rubber on.

“Sissy! I’m no sissy. I’m a straight cocksucker.” That’s what I was thinking.

Joe reached under me with one hand and grabbed both my cock and balls within his, also, huge grip. I was still hard and it felt wonderful. However, now I could no longer evade his efforts to plunge me.

With his other hand he squeezed a cold slippery gel on my chute and worked it into my ass with his thumb.

Considering all the sensations around me; the hot chick, the leaky cock in my mouth, Joe’s hand on my organs, and orhangazi escort his thumb slipping easily in and out my asshole, I was feeling good. Real good!

My body betrayed me and gave Joe and John control over me once again. I relaxed and concentrated on giving John one of my best suck jobs. His tool really was a nice one and his pre come tasted great.

Joe removed his thumb and replaced it with the plum sized cockhead I had had in my mouth before. With both hands once again on my hips he let go briefly to spread my ass cheeks and line up his monster cock.

He was gentle, like he promised, and he only put about half an inch in before he pulled back. Relentlessly, more and more of his cock was sawed into my rectum. I had resigned myself to being fucked.

At least it didn’t hurt. I could feel every inch of at least half his length slowly sliding in and out of me, occasionally bending on the in-stroke, as my ass was still very tight.

After what seemed like a long time he squirted some more lube on his fuck stick and the feeling changed from tolerable to slightly pleasurable.

John was still holding off and I must have swallowed as much pre cum as most guys shoot when they ejaculate. His cock really did feel good in my mouth and he held my head like an insistent lover.

Joe sped up his pace, then must have hit the right spot in my ass because I felt a huge glob of pre-cum get pushed out of my half-soft dick. Along with the glob of pre-cum came an incredible feeling not unlike cumming. For a moment I wondered if I had had an orgasm. More and more pre cum was massaged from my balls with each stroke of Joe’s massive cock.

I regained my full erection as the ass fucking I was getting started to feel sooo good. I was moaning from pleasure from the feelings in my butt, pushing back and wiggling as much as I could to keep the right spots stimulated when my cock erupted the largest load of cum I have ever ejected. I heard it hit the floor with a resounding splatter several times before the spasming in my cock, balls and ass stopped.

My ass muscles grabbed Joe’s monster several times involuntarily creating a reaction in him. Joe yelled out with a loud exclamation, surely heard by everyone in the arcades, dumping his load at the same time. He stood absolutely still for about a minute buried to the point at which his fist held his big cock.

Then pulling his cock from my still squeezing tush ring, he removed his condom.

He pulled my now soft cock and balls back between my legs, fondling them gently, then for no apparent reason emptied his condom on my balls and massaged his load all over my cock and balls. It felt wonderfully slippery and gave me my second hard-on within minutes of my orgasm.

Joe cleaned up and left, but John sat down to have me serve his cock for a bit longer. He watched some movies and eventually shot his load between my lips for me to roll around on my tongue before I swallowed it.

I jerked off again while I sucked John and left another deposit on the floor. I stayed in the bookstore for a few more hours and sucked a few more cocks before heading home. On the drive home I had to reevaluate what I knew about myself.

I had known for over six months now that I was a cocksucker. I had had cocksucker fantasies for years before that. But now I had been fucked and I had enjoyed it. I had cum from the sensation of a huge cock pressing against my prostate and sliding in and out of my ass. Furthermore, it was the best cum I have ever had. I had even thought that Joe’s washboard stomach was sexy as I kissed every muscle of his abdomen. Lastly, Joe and John had called me a sissy.

Sissy men let other men dominate them and fuck their asses and mouths. Could it be true? I did seem to like the experiences where I was controlled or taken advantage of to a degree. Heck the first time I had sucked cock I was even dressed up like a girl. Although I told myself it was just to carry off the scam.

In my next story I examine my sexuality further in order to get a better grip on my unexplored psyche. I hope you enjoyed my story. I have more. Other stories by in this series: costume in a costume, gloryhole illustration, steely, zebulon, sissy, buddy, and gym. Best to read them in order.

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