“Damn Alice!” exclaimed a gray haired matronly looking woman. “He is hot!” Alice just smiled and looked at me like I was a prized possession.

“Shit, I could munch on that for hours,” said another mature woman bring laughter from her friends.

I was swaying nude to the music playing on a cd player. I don’t have a chiseled body or anything like that but my muscles do have some definition. By exercising some will power, my cock had not gotten fully aroused. It rested on my full sized balls and being half-hard, it probably did look good to these older women.

The music ended and the half dozen or so women applauded and each of them handed me some cash. I thanked each of them as they paid me. Several of them reached out to touch my cock but I laughingly told them that that would be extra. They all laughed and left.

I looked at Alice and told her, “thanks, I really could use the money.”

She waved a hand and thanked me for the show. She was looking at me while I was drinking a soda. I was still naked and my cock was shrinking back to its normal size. I turned back to her and watched surprised as she started undressing.

She was an older woman, older than me anyway, but she looked good. Her brown hair had gray streaks in it but it was coiffed in a good style. Her brown eyes were clear although at the moment, they were lust glazed. When she took her blouse off, her bra seemed too flimsy to hold those queen sized titties. She didn’t even bother unsnapping her bra, she just lifted it over her head.

Her titties were saggy but they still had some heft to them. The nipples were light brown and rather delicious looking. They were swinging around as she pushed her skirt and panties down over her hips. As she stood there naked, I couldn’t see her pussy as her stomach protruded just enough to hide it. Her body had some middle aged sag but not enough to be unsightly.

We stood there for a moment looking at each other. Then she stepped close and put her arms tightly around my neck. She drew my head down and kissed me. I opened my mouth slightly and her tongue started an all out assault in my mouth. I dropped my hands to her back and then started caressing it and moved down to her ass. It was firm in my hands. I was rubbing and caressing her ass as she continued her oral assault on my mouth. My cock had started rising again and was pressed between our bodies.

I used my tongue to force her tongue back into her mouth and started an oral assault of my own. Our breathing was more rapid now. We broke our kiss and stepped back to look at each other.

She put her arms around me again and put her head against my chest. “I hope you don’t mind,” she said. “It bursa escort has been so long since I have been intimate with anyone. My husband is a good man, but his medication has made him impotent.”

Mind. Hell, I was sorry about his problem but glad for myself. She was an armful. She stood about 5’6” and she probably weighed 145 maybe 150 lbs. We went into her bedroom. I had her to turn around so I could see her whole body. Her body was pale as though she got very little sun on it. When I sat, I could see her pubic area. It was covered with brown and gray like the hair on her head. Her body actually looked good to be in her 60’s. Her pussy lips protruded from the folds of her pussy. I don’t know how many kids she had had, but at least one had come through there. But it didn’t detract from the desirability to put my hard black cock deep in her.

She lay back on the bed spreading her legs as she did so. I could see the dew glistening on her pussy lips. Her eyes were lust glazed. She reached for me and drew me to her. She didn’t seem interested in any foreplay. As I lay over her, she grabbed my rock hard black cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. I was going to push gently into her but she had other ideas.

She grabbed my ass and pulled it toward her as she lunged up taking all my 7½-inch cock into her.

“Oh shit,” she exclaimed. “That feels so damned good.” “Oh shit, oh shit,” she kept exclaiming. We lay there for a few minutes letting her pussy adjust to the invasion of my cock. Apparently, it had been awhile since her pussy had had anything in it other than a douche hose.

After a few minutes, her pussy started flexing around my cock. Now, that felt good! Luckily, through the years, I had developed an ability to keep from cumming prematurely no matter how good the pussy was.

I started flexing my cock while she was flexing her pussy muscles. We had not yet started any other movement. I raised up and started fucking my cock in and out in short movements. Her legs were around my waist and I moved up so that my cock would hit her clit. When I did that, she moaned and started fucking me back.

Then, I started long-dicking her pussy. I would pull out until just the head of my cock was in her. Then as I started pushing back in, she pushed her pussy back at my cock. The look of my brown body on top of her pale body added to the eroticism of our fucking.

I could feel her body starting to spasm as her cum approached. She started moaning louder and louder. Her hands started fluttering on my back. Her heels started drumming against my back. Her mouth opened in a silent scream. I pulled back and then rammed my cock into her while sawing against bursa escort her clit. I held my cock still, buried deeply in her pussy. She was hissing like air escaping from a tire. “Yes,” she murmured. “Oh shit yes,” she exclaimed. “I didn’t want to cum that quick,” she moaned.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said. “I am sure you will get some more.”

As her cum started to subside, I moved my cock inside of her pussy. That triggered a fresh cum from her. Her face contorted this time as though she was in agony. I doubted that agony was the problem though.

This time, she wrapped her arms and legs around me and held on as though she were afraid of floating out of the room. I started flexing my cock inside of her wet sloshing pussy. That added to her shattering cum. She went from one cum right into another one. And then, she had another one! Her pussy was gripping and flexing around my hard black cock.

I raised up a little and saw her titties sagging off to the sides of her body. Her chest heaved with the exertion of so many cums at one time. Her eyes were closed and her arms and legs slid from around my body as she seemed to collapse. My cock was still buried in her pussy. I kissed her gently, rubbing her face. She had a half smile on her face as she lay there.

Gradually, her breathing became normal and she looked at me. “Did you cum?” she asked me. “No,” I replied. “I wanted you to get your satisfaction.” “When was the last time you had sex?” I asked her.

“I really can’t remember,” she said. “If I hadn’t seen you at the hardware store in your sweatpants, I probably wouldn’t have had any today.”

“What’s the deal with the other women?” I asked as I lay on her.

She rolled from under me and as I lay on my back, she climbed on top of me, sliding my cock back into her now drying up pussy. It was still wet enough though so that I slid in fairly easily.

“It is a club some of us women started,” she said as she started grinding her pussy against my cock. “Oh oh!” she kept exclaiming. “Anyway,” she said, “We got this idea of having a stranger come in and put on a strip show for us horny old bats.”

“Just approach a stranger and ask him to strip?” I asked.

“Well, we usually go to a bar and find a young guy and make a date with him, but the last guy didn’t show up.” She was still grinding her pussy against my cock. I could look in the mirror and see her pale titties swaying as she moved back and forth.

I reached up and started playing with them.

“Anyway,” she continued, “We had given up on our show and I needed a screwdriver to fix the handle on the coffeemaker. I spotted you coming out of the hardware escort bayan store with that bulge in your pants so I decided to see if you would pose for us.”

Being an indoor nudist, I was working around the house and needed a so-called star screwdriver. I just slipped on a pair of sweatpants with no briefs under them. My balls ride high and they make my cock ride high. I guess she liked the bulge in my pants.

I reached between us and started massaging her clit. It was as though a bolt of electricity had pulsed through her. She went rigid and then she started shuddering. Her pussy was clenching my cock as though it were a fist. “I’m cumming,” she moaned. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh shit, I’m cumming.” She had been fucking her pussy with my cock real fast. Then she stopped and started shuddering again. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she would’ve toppled off had I not grabbed her.

I lay her on her side and cuddled her head in the crook of my arm. My cock had come out when she almost fell of me. It was still rock hard so I rolled her on her back and spread her legs enough to slip my cock back into her juicy pussy.

She stirred and then looked up at me. Then she looked down to see my black cock in her pussy. My black body was on top of her and I was slowly fucking in and out of her. She just said, “Um, that feels so good. You are a maestro with that big cock of yours.” Then she had a thought. “Have you cum yet? My pussy feels so wet.”

“No, that’s all you,” I answered, still fucking her wet, hot pussy. “But it won’t be long.”

“Cum in me,” she begged. “Shoot your hot cum in my pussy,” she begged. “I want to feel your cum splashing against my womb.” She started thrusting her pussy at me. Harder and harder she pushed it at me. Harder and harder, I was fucking her pussy. She started growling deep in her throat.

“Now,” I said. “Now, baby! Cum with me honey, cum with me,” I begged her. “Oh damn,” I cried. “Alice, my cum is going to splash in your pussy.” My body was tensing now with a hard cum. I knew if her pussy hadn’t been there, my first shot would’ve hit the headboard.

Her muscles were grabbing my cock. My cock started spasming with my cum. I pushed deep into her as hard as I could. My cock was jetting cum out of, gallons it seemed.

“I can feel it,” she exclaimed. “I can feel your cum shooting into me.” “Oh yes, oh yes, cum in me. Fill my pussy with that hot sweet cum.”

My cock was still twitching in her pussy even though she had milked all of the cum I had. I collapsed on top of her. Our breaths were ragged and hot on each other’s face. She raised up and we kissed gently. Our lips seemed to be so soft and pliable. I put my tongue in her mouth and she put hers back in mine.

We lay like that for a while until we drifted off to sleep with my cock still inside of her.

If you, the readers like this, please let me know and I will write another part to it. Thanks.

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