John , His Secrets Ch. 05


Situation Update:

In July 2000, my parents restructured our family’s successful businesses. Harrison Doyle enterprises became Harrison Doyle Holdings, the holding company for our four core groups: Trading, Warehousing, Transportation and International.

The main assets being the impressive distribution of warehouses throughout all states and territories of Australia, and the strong transportation fleets that moving all the varieties of goods around the vast country efficiently. The total net asset worth was well over five hundred million dollars by then.

Despite my relatively young age, I had proven my capability to be appointed the Group Manager of Harrison Doyle International. The group invested in similar overseas companies with strategic importance, responsible for our overseas contracts, among many others.

Publicly, my parents were highly respected throughout Australia with impeccable reputation. Steve and Nicole Harrison had been the ‘ideal’ couple in every way. He was very good at making money, influential. She was a great family woman, devoted to her husband and their four children.

Privately, my mother and I had been sharing a secret since that fateful Friday, July 12th 1997. That day we began our incestuous sexual relationship. We ensured the affair was our most guarded secret. We never denied the fact that both of us were sexual monsters, with unquenchably strong sexual appetite.

I saw the happiest mum whenever we had our rendezvous. My youthful vigour rejuvenated her. Well-endowed cock enslaved her with explosive orgasms. Her unique deep throating skill and ability to control her vagina muscle captivated me.

A mother and her only son became lovers, sinfully indulged in sexual fulfilment under the pretences of business trips and ‘opportunistic’ home visits when our partners were away.

There were minor hesitations on my part just before and after my wedding in November 1999, but passions consumed us. Mum refused to allow our incestuous sexual fire to be extinguished…

Episode One: Our Secret Affair Continued

Our most memory fuck often occurred in far away hotel rooms when two of us were away on business trips. On Wednesday October 24th 2001, my mother made another business trip with me, to Auckland, New Zealand.

After the short flight across the Tasman Sea, as usual we checked into separate rooms, even though only one was needed for our anticipated sexual pursuits.

With so much money spent on cosmetic surgery, breast lifting, personal trainers and health food, mum looked ten years younger in her thirties rather than forties. In fact the porter mistook us as brother and sister. That thrilled mum and tipped him generously.

She had stunning physical attributes, golden blond hair and big blue eyes, tall with fair complexion. She possessed a pair of shapely legs. Added those two heart-stopping dimples whenever she smile, she was still attractively desirable.

Standing there in front of the mirror, tossing her shoulder-length hair from side to side, seductively pushed at her firm breasts. She asked in her low sexy voice, “Darling, do you think my breasts need another lift?”

“Mum, I don’t think there’s another woman, who has a 27 years old son, yet has such…” I cupped her titillating breasts firmly from behind. “…firm 35D breasts.”

“Thank you, John. I’m flattered.” She pulled my hands away from her breasts.

“We have important business lunch in one hour. You don’t want me to smell like an animal on heat, do you?”

‘Animal on heat’ was her favourite term, appropriately so! She rearranged her designer outfit, feeling satisfied with herself.


After nearly six hours, the business deal was finalised exactly the way I wanted it to. As our hotel was not too far away, we decided to walk. Along the way, mum was unusually subdued, seemed upset at something.

“Did you notice that Karen? She was acting like an animal on heat.”

Trying to mimic Karen’s voice and action, “John, do you want some more wine?” She brushed her breast against my arm.

I stopped, looking at her candidly, “Mum, are you jealous? As my mother, you should be proud that one such pretty chick is sexually attracted to me.”

“Why should I get jealous? That’s for your wife Rosalind, not me.” Mum quickened her steps, blushing. For the next few hundred metres to the hotel, she remained quiet again, avoiding my glances.

The moment I locked the hotel door, my mother acted exactly the way she accused Karen of: an animal on heat. She unzipped, pulled down my pant and underwear in seconds. Kneeling in front of me, she engulfed my limp cock completely in her mouth.

That action never failed to fire me up. As my cock rapidly stiffened, she slowly allowed it to slip out between her lips, just like a magician retrieving a sword from her mouth!

Expertly, she pumped the semi-rigid cock in and out, deep throating me every few strokes. She pushed it as far down her throat as possible, bursa eskort then pulling it out with gasps. I had to stand very still lest I could in danger of choking her. From experience, it was the quickest way to get me physically ready to fuck her.

She gave me a naughty smile before lying on the lush carpeted floor, pulling her panty off. “Fuck me” she commanded, spreading her legs invitingly wider. Her hands were wildly kneading at her breasts.

She pushed her pelvis lustfully upward to meet me. “Mmm, it’s good.”

“Yes, my son, give it to me hard.” She tightened her pussy muscle when my cock had half penetrated her, giving me the feel of a young pussy.

“Mum, you are so fucking tight.” She was delighted.

In situation like this, mum loved me to fuck her with powerful thrust, and full penetrative strokes. She loved to feel my long thick cock forcefully fucking her, hard and fast…

It did not take very long for the tension that had built within her to be released, explosively. Body quivered. Legs and arms wrapped tightly around my body, strangled me tighter and tighter…

With whatever movement possible, I continued the thrusting. My orgasm followed not long after.

“Ohh, my son…”

Her body trembled again as she felt the force of my ejaculation. It took her a long, long time to release her vice-like grip. I saw a pair of moist eyes staring at me.

“Son, you’ll always love your mum, won’t you?”

I brushed the hair from her face. “Of course, I always love you. What make you think otherwise?”

“I’m so proud of the way you handled that business negotiation, reminding so much of Steve when he was young, as ruthless, confident, and so handsome, so…”

“What this has got to do with whether I love you?” I interrupted.

She did not reply, just smiled slyly. Involuntarily, she wrapped her legs behind my back again, giving me a tiny thrust with her pelvis.

“Oh, the love you are referring to is this, the fuck kind of love! Gee mum, you are evil.”

Mum blushed, face radiating happiness and joy. Her two dimples looked so attractively prominent. Body was calm and relax.

“I can’t believe we fucked on the hotel floor!”

She saw my cock slipped from her soaked pussy, helped me to lift it off the carpet. Cleanliness was always her obsession.

Of course, we took a leisurely bath together, discussing about my sisters, Rosalind’s pregnancy, and my sexual frustration as the result.


After a quick dinner, we enjoyed an excellent pre-booked musical. The day was excellent thus far, but had clearly not over yet!

She was on the phone to my dad and sisters for a long time. Conveniently dressed in only our nightgowns, she was playfully at her best, teasing and stroking my cock at the same time, while on the phone.

“Oh my darling little Johnny, you are so naughty, wanting to fuck your mother all the times.” She said immediately after putting down her phone.

“Come! Let me give you a kiss.” She bent down to give her ‘little Johnny’ a wet kiss. He was at his majestic best, pointing stiffly up to the ceiling.

She dragged me from the sofa, pulling our gowns off on the way, and pushed me impatiently onto the bed.

Like a sexually starved woman, she straddled me and lowered herself over her little Johnny. Obediently, he disappeared deep into mum’s hungry vagina. Oh, my goodness, it was splendid! I admired her two bouncing breasts as my mother pumped up and down…

…I had her on knees and hands and re-entered her. My cock again violated her pussy, the same pussy that had given birth to me, was giving me such indescribable pleasure.

“Don’t stop…ohh, son, it’s so wonderful!”

The bed head rattled. The bed shook. Soon mum came violently, screaming loudly as I continued to ram into her…

My both hands grasped her both melons, pinching the hard nipples, continuing to fuck with all my might… Mum orgasmed again, again and again in continuous waves.

Her hands momentarily collapsed under her, body slammed forward, as I exploded. Semen spurted deep into her vagina, spilling onto her arse, thighs and onto the bed. We were in heavenly bliss!


On the phone to Rosalind, had my feeling strangely warmed! I looked calmly at my mother sleeping naked next to me, breasts heaved peacefully with her breathing, thighs seductively apart, pussy and inner thighs in sticky mess.

Sudden urge drew my nose to the folds between her thighs. I closed my eyes to deeply inhale the intoxicating scent, exactly the same way I tried to do almost 21 years ago and got caught. On that occasion my nose went too close and woke her up. I remembered she slapped me so hard that she spent the rest of the night feeling sorry and hugging me to sleep!

The memory jolted me to reality. I opened my eyes to find mum was still asleep. I smiled to myself, pushed my nose closer, pressing between her folds, deliberately touching her this time. Again and again görükle escort I took deep inhalations…

“Oh, mummy” Silently I yelled out to her.

I stopped only when mum rolled to her side, pressing my head between her legs. I gently removed my head from under her right leg. Feeling horny, yet unwilling to wake her up, I snuggled behind her in spooning position.

My right hand around her body to feel her breasts, body curved, legs bent tightly against hers. I found my stiff cock, nestled nicely between her legs. I shifted extremely gently until my cock head found her entrance.

It was soaking wet; excitedly I pressed my cock forward a little. Her vagina gave way a little. With the rest of my body perfectly still, my cock continued to exert the pressure. Her slipperiness allowed my cock to slip further in easily, but tantalisingly slow and cautiously… It finally fully penetrated her, without waking her up, I thought!

The moment I began my slow rhythmic fucking motion, her body moved responsively. “Oh, she’s awake!”

We rocked gently in unison until I came, mildly. I pressed my body tightly against hers, as I fell asleep…

The trip back to Sydney next morning returned us to the real dignified world.

Episode Two: Rosalind’s Pregnancy

Rosalind and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary (November 6th 2001) by spending two weeks in our family summer retreat in Byron Bay, up North near Queensland border. It was our well-deserved break, especially for Rosalind, who was already three months pregnant.

As much as the planned pregnancy had given us the expected excitement and joy, it personally petrified me at the prospect of another six months until the baby was due and perhaps further few weeks after that, before Rosalind was available for sex. For a man with insatiable sexual appetite, demanded sex almost daily, the waiting would be impossible!

Rosalind already imposed considerable restrictions: forbade deep penetration, making love at only gentle pace, and at times turned off sex completely. I tried to be as understanding as possible, but it was slowly driving me crazy. My secret irregular rendezvous with mum helped, still no where close to satisfying me!

Rosalind was fully aware of my sexual dilemma. She was very open-minded about it. Unfortunately Rosalind’s prearranged option: Isabella, the student who had had brief threesome relationship with us in 2000, changed her mind after Rosalind got pregnant!

Despite that setback, she was unperturbed by my roving eyes, even joked about my tendency to ogle.


Seven days later on Saturday November 10th, my twin sisters dropped by unannounced. They unexpectedly arrived nearly one week too early, after their Higher School Certificate exam. Their excuse was that they were in celebratory mood having completed high school education!

Michelle and Adelle adored and respected my wife Rosalind, their confidant. They could share anything everything, including many personal secrets. Still, I was disgusted when Rosalind uncharacteristically revealed my sexuality so frankly to my sisters, disregarding my feeling completely!

“John has such strong appetite that he demands sex almost every night!”

“Ooh…” My sisters jeered. “Aah…”

I felt it was the secret a wife should never have revealed to anyone else! Somehow, there was that special calmness I saw on Rosalind’s face, telling me to trust her. I found myself joking uneasily along with them.

Among the laughter, mild excitement swept through me as I began to grasp Rosalind’s intent, excited at the prospect that her target might be one of my sisters’ girlfriends. I was delightedly hoping that that was indeed the case. Perhaps the realistic hope to end my sexual frustration in the months ahead.

On that warm summer night, I could not believe how my little sisters had matured. They spoke about her group of friends were having sex regularly, casual or in relationship. As I mentally scanned through their adoring legion of girlfriends, I wondered which one they would recommend, which one was not in relationship. I even personally narrowed the list down to two!

“I’m glad that both of you are still virgins, despite on pills for two months!”

Rosalind’s words brought me back to reality. I was shocked to discover my twin sisters were still virgins. Their popularity with males and active social life, gave me the impression that they might have lost their virginity long time ago.

“We told our friends that we aren’t virgins anymore!” Michelle replied.

“Secretly, we are waiting for the right person to initial us” Adelle added, “someone who knows how to take care of girls in an unselfish way. Not just poke and ejaculate immediately, right John?”

I was disappointed just as quickly when they switched attention to my sisters. ‘What did you say? Sorry, I was not with you.”

Rosalind explained, “Your twin sisters want someone sexually experienced bursa escort bayan to initial them.”

“Ya, that’s good. Adelle, did you say your friend Lavender and who else are coming to join you?” I tried my best to divert their attention back to their girlfriends, especially Lavender.

Michelle moved next to me, teased, “Why? Do you want to fuck Lavender? Oh, I see, she has all the three important ingredients to turn you on sexually: beautiful big eyes, luscious boobs and shapely legs. You know, let me tell you a secret. She is on pills too, thus satisfying another of your crucial requirement. So, no condom is required!”

I suffered in silent, truly flabbergasted at how precise Michelle described my sexual preferences and secrets. I glared at Rosalind, only to be met with a loving smile that always softened my heart.

Unfortunately, my attempt to shift their attention failed miserably. The sexual conversations stopped. Rosalind was the first to excuse and retired to her bed. Soon Adelle followed.

“Sorry John, I didn’t mean to make fun of you. I hope you are not angry with me.” A suddenly serious Michelle apologised.

“I’m fine. You are as cheeky as usual, Michelle. How can I get angry with my little sister, eh?” I squeezed her nose lightly.

She leaned her head on my shoulder, and then unexpectedly rested it on my laps. I gently brushed few strayed strands of hair from her face, slowly stroking her rosy cheeks. Her eyes never deviated from mine.

The last time she laid on my lap like this was at least few years ago, before her body filled to such curvaceous shape. My groin stirred and could not help to be overcome with lust. She had grown to so resemble my mum physically, those big beautiful blue eyes, and dimples.

“Control yourself John, control. She is your own sister.” I took a few deep breaths.

“What are thinking, John?”

Oh, my goodness, her voice was becoming ever sexier to me! I lost for words, instead just stared at her lustfully.

“John, do you want to make me a woman?”

As if I could not understand her words, she added immediately. “I want you to fuck me, John.”

Her words, though not totally unexpected, hammered like tonnes of bricks, and sent my heart racing at the speed of light. I would be dishonest if I were to write that I was not tempted at that moment. My body had been in constant sexual arousal throughout the night, courtesy of our sexual talk.

My previous truly satisfying fuck was 17 days ago in Auckland with my mum. The thought of my mother momentarily reminded me of my responsibility as an elder brother.

“Michelle, I’m honoured but I don’t think it’s a good idea. You are my sister. Mum will kill me if she finds out!”

She smiled as she accepted a kiss on her forehead. “No, she wouldn’t. Not if we keep this secret to ourselves.”

I was completely captivated by the sexy creature on my lap. She was right. I struggled but managed to keep calm, just.

“We better go back to our own beds before we both feel sorry.”

She sat up, accepted another kiss on her forehead and then allowed me to leave for my room.

“Goodnight Michelle.”

“Goodnight, John.”

Episode Three: The Sisterly Act One

The scene on my bed was as stunning. Lying next to Rosalind was Adelle. Both turned to face me as I opened the door, smiling as if to say, “Why are you coming back to this bed? Aren’t you supposed to be fucking Michelle?”

Rosalind’s encouraging smile and tiniest nod of her head was all I needed to make up my mind. I closed the door again, without stepping in. I suspected my sisters did not drop in too early or unexpectedly!

Michelle looked nervous as she saw me coming into her room. I could not blame her for being so tense. Her bashfulness added to her sexiness, my excitement. She was so desirable.

If the thought of taking Michelle’s cherry was not enough to send my cock stiff with anticipation, the conditions of her superb nipples and areolae, so precisely moulded by the thin fabric of her t-shirt, must surely did. I could not get my eyes off those attractive breasts.

She waltzed towards the bed. I followed her, wrapped my hands around her waist, and smelled her silky flowing hair. She took a deep breath as my hands moved to cup her breasts, massaging those two hard nipples through the fabric. She turned her head, tilted her lips to me. I kissed those moist luscious lips…

Our kiss lingered on, my hands wandered down, inside her oversized t-shirt. I felt smooth tender skin as my palms stroked along her inner thighs, up both sides of her panty, deliberately avoiding the central pussy area. As my hands moved up her abdomen to touch her naked breasts for the first time, my legs became weak. Oh, my goodness, they so firm, soft and smooth.

Tongues probed and danced wildly in each other’s wet mouths. Michelle moaned, and breasts heaved excitedly as my palms enjoyed their fullness. Her legs weakened, body wobbly, causing us to break off the kiss.

She removed her t-shirt to expose those exquisite naked breasts, raising them playfully with her hands. I kissed her young breasts, sucked her large pinkish nipples. My unusual clumsiness caused her to fall to the bed, giggling in seductive manner.

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