Sandy, Mark and Helen Ch. 07



The startling discovery of their parent’s fortunate indiscretions was the subject of discussions for weeks, as you can imagine. To have their sisterhood confirmed scientifically, as well as emotionally, had a bigger impact, psychologically, than I would have expected. It took a while for everything to settle down. Aside from that, however, a pattern developed in which Sandy and I had our school obligations and Helen stayed home and made life easier for us by taking care of the house. She was planning to resume her professional career after the babies were born, but instead of worrying about day care when Sandy started teaching again, Helen decided that she would postpone her ambitions and be a stay-at-home mom until both children were ready for day-care. A household with two women was going to be quite convenient!

However, before we got to all of that, something unexpected happened. It turned out that if Helen had opted to stay in the suite, instead of living upstairs, it might have been somewhat crowded down there.

About three weeks after her New York field trip, Sandy received a call from Frank saying that he would be in town seeing his old adviser to wrap up some details of his dissertation research as he considered publication. Naturally, he wanted to get together, i.e. sleep with her, if they could arrange it. Sandy was hesitant and promised to call him back. Her only reservation was Helen. She asked me and I just said to check with Helen, not with me. Sandy admitted that she was a bit embarrassed, but, finally, she explained the situation. She and Frank would be spending the night in the mother-in-law suite and she felt funny with Helen here. Helen’s reaction was prompt and unequivocal.

“My god, honey, this is your home – well, our home now, I guess – but, regardless, you can do what you like. If Mack is ok with you sleeping with him down there, I certainly have no objection. You told me all about your affair and I completely approve.” Then, giggling, “Besides, I’ll be upstairs sleeping with your, no, our husband at the same time! That’s sexy!”

I came in and heard the end of their conversation and added, “I like this! Now I have two wives and if one is being screwed downstairs, I can screw the other upstairs in our bedroom!”

“Well, I guess that’s fair. Frank fucked me up there and now you can have Helen!”

“Yeah, and maybe we’ll watch you get fucked!”

“Don’t you dare! Helen wouldn’t want to see that and, besides, I’d be embarrassed if I knew both of you were watching.”

Helen jumped in, asking, “What do you mean about watching? How would we do that?”

“Oh, didn’t she tell you? We have a video camera set up down there so I could watch them and/or record it so we could both watch afterwards. It was fun for a while, watching Sandy being spanked, for example!”


Grinning, I replied, “Oh, didn’t you tell Helen about that! That was quite entertaining!”

At that point, Helen joined in, saying, “You know, I’ve only seen one porn film in my life and I’ve never seen a live sex show. It sounds like fun, particularly since I’ll know the female lead!”

“Mack, I’m going to kill you!”

“Oh, come on, honey, you put on a good show and I know that you’ll enjoy having a bigger audience. Call Frank and set up your rendezvous and I’ll check to make sure that the camera still works.”

When we were alone later, Sandy, understandably ill at ease, asked me, “Honey, were you serious about you two watching Frank and me? You and I had a lot of fun watching the recordings in the past, but that was just the two of us. I’m really afraid that Helen would be…well, shocked might be too strong, but something like that. It’s one thing to know that I had an affair with Frank and another to see him fucking me. What would she think seeing me sucking him or, damn it, him spanking me! Why did you mention that? Anyway, that’s not going to happen, but you know what I mean. I’m afraid that she’ll think less of me! Actually, as you know, I was shocked myself when I saw things I did or heard things I said. I…I just don’t know if I can be myself if she’s watching.”

“Look, Sandy, you do what you want. If you have concerns like that, I’ll see that the camera just won’t work. I don’t want you to be embarrassed or inhibited. Actually, I’m sorry I mentioned anything about watching without talking about it with you first. I really was teasing and it got out of hand. Ok, the camera will be out of action unless you change your mind. We’ll just tell Helen that the equipment won’t work anymore.”

“That makes me feel better, dear. I suppose it’s silly, but it did worry me. Thank you!” The relief on her face made it evident that she had been seriously concerned.

I assumed that the issue was decided and I wasn’t particularly disappointed. While Frank had Sandy in the suite, I would have Helen in our bed. I certainly had seen the porno show they put on and had stopped watching long ago, so I wasn’t out anything. However, there were discussions Urfa Escort going on of which I was not aware.

It was Helen that broached the question of whether she should watch the show. “Sandy, honey, I hope that you don’t mind me watching you with Frank. I think that it would be fun. You’ve told me about all the things you did with him, even – it’s hard to say this – ass fucking! I wouldn’t have the nerve to do all the things you talked about, but seeing you with him would make it more real!”

“I don’t know, Helen. It’s one thing to hear about me being intimate with Frank and doing lewd things, but if you see me do them, I’m afraid that I will come off as wanton and depraved! When I, myself, think of a married woman doing the things that I did, wanton and depraved fits! I’m really afraid that you couldn’t help but condemn them, even if you denied it.

“My god, Sandy! You’re talking to a woman who has committed adultery quite a few times with a married man, you’re husband! He’s fucked my ass! I’ve sucked his cock! I’ve done other lewd things, like licking your cunt! What on earth would cause me to lower my opinion of you because I saw you doing the same things with another man? Frankly, I admire you for your courage! Now, if you would be embarrassed or just want to keep your relationship private, I absolutely agree that watching would be wrong. However, thinking that seeing you….in action, I guess….would lower my opinion of you is ludicrous!”

“I suppose that you’re right, but I did things that I didn’t understand afterwards. Actually, I sometimes was embarrassed when I thought of them or when Mack asked me why I did something particular. But, if you really want to watch and you promise not to think negatively about me – or laugh at me – I guess it will be ok. Mack will tease me like mad, though.”

“Ok, I promise. There is one thing, however. Mack was teasing you about being spanked. Did Frank actually spank you?”

“Damn, I told Mack that I was going to kill him! That’s the kind of thing that happened that I had to figure out why I did what I did and then explain it to myself as well as him. Oh, well, I might as well tell you the story, otherwise curiosity will kill you instead of him.

“The first time Frank had me in the car, I forgot to look for my panties when I got out. Frank returned them to me and said how much he had enjoyed having them to prove to himself that what he remembered actually happened. The next time we screwed, I once again didn’t remember to look for my panties in the car, but this time he kept them as what I called a trophy. After that, he confiscated my panties nearly every time, saying he had a special drawer in which he was storing his collection of them. Actually, I sort of liked him doing that, but I complained about it anyway. However, one time I decided to fool him by. I took my panties off and put them in my purse before we left the party and came home – we were using the suite by then.

“I undressed, with his help, and when my skirt came off, I said, triumphantly, ‘If I wear panties, something always happens to them! So, I decided that there was no purpose in wearing them if they somehow just vanish – or are stolen as souvenirs or trophies!’

“He said, quite accurately, that I would never go to the party without panties so they probably were in my purse. For some reason, I adamantly denied that he was right, and insisted that they were not in my purse. Naturally, he grabbed the purse and held it up over my head and threatened to check. I knew perfectly well how that was going to turn out. I continued to deny that the panties were in the purse, struggled to get it away from him, lost the battle, and he opened it.

“He looked at me with an ‘I told you so’ expression and said, ‘What have we here? By god, it looks like a pair of panties. I wonder how they got in there without you knowing. Now, what do we do with naughty little girls who tell lies? I think that they deserve a spanking!’

“That, of course is exactly what happened. I was naked and, shortly, I was over his knee having my bottom spanked, which I, obviously, wanted! I don’t think that I made a conscious decision, but that’s the truth – I wanted him to spank me! There was just something in me that made me want to be submissive right then.

“Actually, that was far from the first time that I had done something like that. Back in the early days of Mack’s and my relationship, we had indulged in what might be called ‘fun’ spanking. We both knew what was going on – I would deliberately do something that he told me not to do, leading to a confrontation that resulted in him having me over his knees, my bottom bare and ripe to be spanked. Believe me, I’m certainly am not a masochist, but I ultimately admitted the obvious – being spanked turned me on and that I even enjoyed the pain and subsequent soreness that was the result. Normally I’m a strong and independent woman, but once in a while I found it to be erotic and sexually arousing to be little Urfa Escort Bayan and weak under the control of a strong man – namely Mack! I’ve heard that that is a common female fantasy and it worked for me. We had stopped that after a year or so, but I guess the urge returned with a vengeance that night!”

“Did it hurt when Frank spanked you?”

“Oh, yeah! The smacks were not patty-cake-type slaps – they stung, but this was not a punitive spanking designed to give real pain. However, I’ll admit that I got a bit more stinging than I had expected. My ass hated that, but my cunt loved it! And I got an incredible amount of teasing from Mack along with a threat to punish me that way. He hasn’t done it, however.”

“Did Frank do it again?”

“A few times, but not often. I had to be in the mood to deliberately provoke him, and he never initiated the action. And, of course, it really was consensual, and we were both really fired up afterwards!”

I came into the room about that time and caught the tenor of the conversation. “So, talking about getting your little bottom spanked, huh? Helen, did she tell you about how cute and sexy she looked?”

Sandy jumped in before Halen could reply, threatening me with, “You had better stay out of this! You’re in deep water already!”

“Now, honey, Helen should know all about your little adventure. You have to admit that

you really looked little and cute as you struggled with him and you looked very sexy turned over his knees! Picture this, Helen. Little 5′ 2+” Sandy, completely naked, stretching up on her toes, hands high up as she reached for the purse that Frank was holding tantalizingly over her head. Her body couldn’t have been displayed better. Very shortly afterwards, she was face down over his knees, her curvy, plump little behind in perfect position for what was coming. It was a very erotic sight. It became even more so as he spanked her and I watched how the cheeks of her ass indented as his hand smacked down and sank in. They quivered as he did so and rebounded as if made of rubber as his hand pulled away. Her legs were kicking, there was a continual chorus of “Ouch, stop it, oooh, etc.”, all followed in time by, “I’m sorry…you can keep my panties!’ And watching the recording afterwards, she got hot looking at herself!”

“Mack MacAndrew, it’s a good thing that you have two wives now, for you damn sure aren’t getting anything from this one!”

Helen was grinning throughout this description of Sandy’s experience and, obviously, taking Sandy’s complaints with more than the proverbial grain of salt, responded, impishly, “Oh, I would have loved to have watched that! I’ve never seen anyone being spanked and it sounds like a lot of fun! Could you do that again while we’re watching you tonight?”

I almost choked with laughter as Sandy jumped up and stomped out, shouting back, “Damn it, you’re as bad as he is! I’m not going to be spanked for your entertainment! It’s not fun, it hurts! I’m going to tear that camera off of the wall! You’re a pair of voyeurs!” Her voice disappeared as she slammed the bedroom door as she got ready for her assignation. Her exit was somewhat less dramatic than she would have liked, because seeing someone her size reacting that way, gives the impression of a childish tantrum rather than high dudgeon.

Still, Helen with less experience with Sandy in these playful situations, asked, “Is she really upset? Should I go up and apologize? I was just teasing her!”

“Don’t worry, dear. She’s fine. She’s probably a bit embarrassed by what I said, but she’s not mad. She agreed with everything I said about that first spanking when we watched it and she really got excited by how sexy she looked. Don’t worry.”

My analysis was confirmed when a half hour later she came downstairs, looking very pretty in one of her favorite negligees. We were still sitting on the couch when she appeared with a smile on her face as she pirouetted in front of us, asking, “What do you think?”

Helen brightened as she with relief realized that Sandy wasn’t unhappy. “You look lovely, honey! Have fun!”

I grinned at her and, with a wink, added, “Very nice, dear – for an old pregnant married woman!”

“Watch that ‘old’ buster! The woman you’ll be sleeping with is the same age – and she’s pregnant, too!” She kissed us both and, as she headed for the suite, she called back, “You two have fun and I’ll see you in the morning.”

Helen and I went upstairs into the bedroom, turned on the TV and saw Sandy sitting on the bed waiting for her lover. Helen, rather hesitantly, commented, “You know, I feel a little funny about this. Maybe Sandy is right and we are just voyeurs eager to watch her….well, committing adultery with Frank. We are spying on them with, I’ll admit, a prurient interest in seeing them having sex. It just seems wrong, somehow. Exciting, but wrong.”

“You’re right in a way, and I had some of the same guilty thoughts when I first watched Frank fuck Sandy. It sounds a Escort Urfa bit creepy, but I convinced myself that it was ok because Sandy wanted me to watch. We’ve both enjoyed it, Frank isn’t being hurt and he gets to have a love affair with Sandy – but, nonetheless, it’s hard to argue that it’s not voyeurism. Frank might be upset, probably would be, if he knew about the camera, but I think, at least I hope, that he would accept it for what he gets out of it. Regardless, I’ve come to terms with it and rationalized my morality issues away. If you have real qualms, we can just turn it off.”

“No, I guess my conscience is flexible enough to excuse this as it has with adultery. I still don’t really understand how you’ve were able to be so accepting of Sandy’s affair as well as your attitude toward Frank, himself. It’s certainly not the traditional way to handle those things.”

“Well, as far as Sandy is concerned, I never believed that she really did anything wrong. She was seduced and, frankly, I think that any woman can be seduced in the right circumstances. Even you! She didn’t try to hide anything, including that it really was consensual and she was adamant that it was a one-time thing. Frank was as shocked by what had happened as she, and he apologized when they next met. It almost certainly would have ended there, but she obviously was confused. If I had told her not to do anything more, that would have been the end of it, but I told her to do what she wanted. She said she didn’t know what she wanted, but she wore her diaphragm to the next party which said a lot about her unconscious desires.

“When Frank drove her home, it appeared that nothing was going to happen. Both wanted something, but neither could bring themselves to make a move. A relatively innocent question about if marks on her tits had disappeared broke the stalemate, and the affair began. Part of the reason that I could accept, actually approve, the rest of it was Frank, himself. He didn’t bring her home that night with the macho attitude that he had fucked this married woman before, so she was his and he could have her again. Many men would feel that way, but he didn’t.

“It sounds bizarre to say that a man who fucked a married woman many times over close to two years actually honored her marriage, but he did. Even when they shared that final three days out on the Cape and he told her that he was in love with her, he accepted the fact that her marriage and I came first in her life. If he had been different, the smug male chauvinist type, I almost certainly would have been less tolerant and probably ended the whole affair. It will sound weird, but I actually appreciated his role in her life – mine too, of course – because he gave her such pleasure outside of her marriage that very few women get to enjoy.”

“And Sandy’s friends call you a saint.”

“Well, that’s stupid, of course. I love Sandy, her affair was a happy one, cost me nothing – certainly no loss of self-esteem – and I even enjoyed sharing her adventure with her….oh, wait, his car just pulled up in the alley. The show is on!”

A short time later, we watched Sandy open the door and greet Frank with a prolonged and quite intense kiss – actually, it was a prolonged and intense mutual kiss since both parties were really into it. The hugging and kissing finally broke up as they realized that it was still winter and the doorway was a bad place to stand. His coat came off and the hugging and kissing started again, but now it was accompanied by a more physical greeting as his hands began to rove down over her hips and up over her tits. Finally, he leaned back and pulled her negligee open and began exploring. We didn’t hear what they were saying during this exchange and activity because, in a gesture, I suppose, to relieve my conscience and give them more privacy, I always had the sound turned down, particularly when they talked in bed. Their voices were recorded, but I never listened to it unless Sandy was watching with me. A sop to my conscience, I guess.

As a result, I missed the beginning of a confrontation between them. The fondling and groping continued as Sandy’s negligee was opened and removed, leaving her standing there in her bra, panties, garter belt and hose. Her bra came off quickly, followed by nipple kissing and sucking as her tits were played with. Next, she lay back on the bed, raised her hips and let him pull her panties off. He threw them on the bed and undressed himself and turned to hang his clothes up. Turning back around, now as nude as she, he looked just in time to catch her grabbing her panties and hiding them under the pillows. Apparently, he asked her what she was doing and I turned the sound up just in time to hear her admit, “I’m hiding my panties! If I don’t you’ll steal them and this is one of my favorite pairs. I wasn’t going to wear these tonight, but I forgot. I’ll get you another pair if you have to have another trophy! You must have thirty pair now, anyway!”

“Actually, it’s more like thirty-five, but I want those! If you had asked nicely, it would have been ok, but now I have to have those!” He dived forward and grabbed the panties by one leg opening and they began a tug of war, her refusing to give up and him threatening her with dire consequences if she didn’t let go.

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