San Antonio Weekend

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You and I arrive back at our very nice room, a suite actually, after a long day seeing the town. We have spent the day laughing at the little things that make life fun, and funny, when you are with someone special. We saw hallowed ground, the Japanese tablet and the cenotaph, and walked the river. We saw the market, saw the Menger, and did the whole tourist thing.

I am happy to be back at our room. I wanted to leave the hotel bar and retire for some time now, but you, maddeningly, wanted to linger over your Perrier and white wine. You even laughingly chided me for my masculine impatience. Finally though, you were finished, ready to leave and ascend to our suite, specially chosen for its view of the old HemisFair and downtown. That is not a view I am interested in tonight, though.

You unlock the door. That surprises me, you have found your key card before I produce mine. This is an auspicious beginning to a lovely night, or so I hope. You go in ahead of me and tell me to wait in the vestibule. I do, and after a while, as I patiently wait, your voice from the next room tells me to remove my tie and jacket. Then, there is an improbable scent, here? I smell incense and flowers. Flowers, well that’s not too surprising, but the incense, where does that come from and why?

After an age of anticipation, perhaps ten minutes, you return to me. Your hair is up and has a flower in it. You look like a virgin sacrifice on some south sea island. My body stirs. You are wearing a shimmery, see- through nightgown. This one I do not recall seeing before, although I must confess to focusing on the woman within. I can see your luscious breasts wobble a bit, begging to be kissed. Your full, erect nipples ask, plead to be sucked. You lift your head, and look into my eyes, and kiss me. Your tongue is sliding into my mouth and your lips are sucking my tongue. You breathe into me, and I feel the warmth filling my chest. My cock, stiffening, quivers and engorges as you offer your warmth, your breath, your touch, to me. I kiss you again.

“Well, Victoria, what does my sweet Yankee lady desire from this Texas gentleman…?”

Again we kiss. I feel your mouth and the warmth of your breasts against me, your nipples hard against my chest. Your lips caress mine, your tongue darts into my mouth. You press into me further, silently sucking my tongue. I feel your warmth-it runs through me, and starts to fill me up. I ask again you what you want, and your reply is mysterious, delivered with a small smile, a little upturn of your lips.

“I want nothing sweet man, but I give you myself.”

You giggle a little, and continue, “And more.”

What do you have in mind?

You walk me into the sitting room, and then help me remove my shirt while kissing me. I feel the heat from your breasts. I open your gown, and then my hands, unbidden by me, encircle your breasts, my palms gliding over your hard nipples. My thumbs roll the swollen flesh between their forefingers, and I pull them sharply. Your eyelids flutter from the building pleasure, and you shudder, and gasp, quietly.

You continue to kiss me as I fumble with my belt. My shirt is crumpled on the coffee table; my holstered sidearm is laid carefully down beside it. I melt to your kisses. Your touch is urgent, insistent, wanting me. Then, in the middle of a kiss, you stop and take my hand. By now I am wearing nothing, my slacks lie in a heap on the floor, along with my discarded socks and briefs. My cock is hard, straining for you. A little drop of pre-cum shines on Urfa Escort the head. I want you, desperately.

My heart shouts, silently, “Lead on, sweet lover, as long as where we go leads to you.”

The rest of me can only manage a growl of desire.

Like a child with a nurse, I allow myself to be led over to the big bed. Improbably, I see that there are satin sheets on it. I wonder where those came from. There are candles on the bedside table, and in the flickering shadows, I see, yes, a bowl of incense. You motion for me to lie down. As I do you kiss me. I feel your tongue in my mouth again, and then you kiss my neck and my chest and tell me to lie still. I lie still, and then, sweet wonder woman, you kiss me again. I can feel your kisses on my chest, and then down my belly.

You whisper to me, “Close your eyes” .

Again, I feel your kisses on my belly, and then on my aching cock. It strains toward you, like a flower to the sun. Then I feel your kisses again, all over my hardness, brushing like butterflies, followed by the warmth of your mouth as you suck me in deep. My body tingles with desire, longing for your touch. Then you giggle again and ask if my eyes are still closed like I had promised. You sound more like a 10-year-old at a birthday party than my sweet and sophisticated lover.

I hold my breath, expectantly and reply, “Of course sweet Victoria, sweet lover.”

Long moments pass as I wait with my eyes closed. I hear you sigh very softly. Then again you kiss my mouth sweetly and lovingly. As you are kissing me, sweet woman, soft lover, a soft, wet warmth takes my cock in and begins sucking again. It cannot be… you are kissing my mouth… but no you are sucking my cock. I feel the heat, a soft touch and a wisp of hair on my belly. A current of desire and surprise surges through me. You tell me to open my eyes and there you are, kissing my mouth. Your lovely, pretty face is in front of me. The sweet full lips that fill my dreams, are kissing me. Your lips are savoring my surprise and pleasure. Your tongue glides over my upper lip caressing me. Beyond you, down at the other end of our bed is a brunette girl. I have never met her, but she looks like the one I saw you talking to and giggling with at the market today. Intent on her task, she consumes me. She lowers her mouth deeper over my engorged flesh, and then slowly, lavishly she tongues my cock. I can feel her sucking, full of hunger for what I have to give her. She gives me a sideways glance and giggles, and then her mouth descends on my engorged flesh again. I stare transfixed. She has full breasts like yours, and her nipples are erect. You kiss me again.

“Surprise, sweet sir.”

After an age in which you kiss my mouth, bite my nipples, and she slowly and lavishly suckles my cock, I feel the familiar heat rising. I can feel her every touch, her every tickle. She runs her tongue on my cock, and slides it all the way into her mouth. I am burning with desire, but not willing to surrender. My pleasure belongs to you, and I cannot give it to her. My body tightens and tenses, and I want to release, and let go, and fall into the feeling, but I cannot. Smiling sweetly, you kiss me again, and tell me to let go, to give in to her. As your whisper you softly caress me, reaching down to my cock. I feel your hand on it, the warmth of your palm, the slender coolness of your fingers. You grasp it gently, slowly stroking it into her mouth, and you kiss me again.

“Let go lover, give her your cum. I want you to fill Urfa Escort Bayan her mouth.”

Your touch, her mouth, and most of all, your words, overwhelm me. Pushed over my edge by your desire, I thrust up into her waiting, hungry lips. My body convulses, wracked by the pleasure of our shared passion, and spurt after spurt of my semen fills her mouth, and she hungrily drinks it. Like liquid flame, my cum leaves me, and I gasp and shout. I call your name and pull your face to mine, and kiss you hard, as I let go for you. For you, my sweet, for you only. As my passion subsides, you whisper to me and you kiss me one last time. You tell me not to move and slide down the bed.

You move to her and look back at me with a smile on your face. She leans over and takes your breasts gently in her hands and kisses your mouth. Her tongue slides over your lips, and your mouth joins hers, as your eyes close, and you touch and savor each other. I see you exchange my cum, from mouth to mouth, she giving you that which is rightfully yours. Sharing it with you, offering it. You take it from her, and swallow, and lick your lips. You turn and smile at me again. Then she leans forward and kisses you on the ear. I see your breasts quiver-I know what a kiss on the ear does to you. Then you turn to her again and kiss her mouth and moan as she pulls on your erect nipples. As she kisses your neck and breasts, you arch your back, then she kisses your belly. I just watch, my pulse pounding, transfixed by the unfolding scene.

Slowly and unhurriedly she runs her hand through your bush and I watch, my breathing heavy, as she slips a single finger inside you. I know how much you love being fingered, and you look back at me and gasp. Then you half turn and lean back against me, thrusting your hips out, spreading your legs wide, opening yourself completely to your brunette, wanting to feel her finger deeper in your wetness. My cock, still wet with her saliva and a little trickle of my cum, slowly hardens again. It brushes the skin of your lower back, and I feel the pressure and heat, but I can do nothing but watch.

She leans over and spreads your pussy lips open, and with two fingers now slipping inside you, she begins slowly licking and sucking your swollen flesh. She runs her tongue over and around her fingers, tasting, drinking your sweetness. She is doing you just the way you like it when I eat your pussy. She knows what you like-is she just prescient, or is this your way of telling me you have another lover?


I can feel you shiver from her touch and I hear you moan softly as she continues eating you. As she licks, she slips a third finger inside you and works all three so deep her knuckles slip beyond your swollen lips. She slowly strokes her hand in and out of you. You tense, and push into her every thrust. Finally, after delving deeply, she pulls them out, sticky and wet. Your mystery lover reaches up and smears your juices over your lips and then holds her fingers out for you to suck. You suck from her fingers greedily, taking your wetness off of her fingers. I see your tongue as you savor your own taste. My cock is again pressing against your back, and I can feel you pushing your body against it. It is returning to life, and I can feel it stirring against your flesh, but I continue to watch, transfixed.

The brunette removes her fingers from your mouth and slips them back inside you. She slowly slides them in and out. Your body tenses with pleasure each time, moving into her stroke. Escort Urfa You sway your hips with her, forcing her deeper inside you, fucking her hand. Then, with a smile, she looks into my eyes, and over your moans of protest, she withdraws her hand, and offers her fingers to me.

Her fingers are wet with your sticky sweetness, your pussy juices, and they smell of your perfume, and your body, intoxicating to me. I lean forward to accept this offering. I slowly slide my tongue over her polished nails, feeling the soft skin of her fingers and the sweet salty tang of your womanhood. I suck, and savor you, in this strange way, feeling and tasting you deeply, as you turn to me and kiss my ear, and sigh.

After I lick and taste her fingers, I kiss you. Our kiss is slowly and passionately consummated, our tongues whirling and dancing with each other. She buries her head in your pussy, tonguing you, devouring you and sucking your wetness. You moan softly, and kiss me again.

We continue this sensual dance, three lovers entertwined, for a seeming eternity. The candles burn lower, and the clock in the sitting room ticks and chimes. My whole being seems concentrated on your flesh. Suddenly, you exhale with a moan, and you push against my mouth. I feel you begin to tense. Reaching out, I pinch your nipple and pull on it, sharply. You raise your hips and push your pussy against her mouth. You gasp into my mouth as we kiss and you mew your pleasure again. I kiss you, and feel your tongue against mine, and then you gasp again, and moan. I feel your tension, and your back muscles rigid against my cock and stomach.

This woman knows you very well. As you gasp and moan, she caresses you gently, with a languid assurance. She continues to suck and tongue you, and her three long fingers slip deep inside you, and then withdraw almost to the point of losing contact, and then slip deep inside you again. Her fingers slide with no resistance into your well- lubricated womanhood. I can see the wetness glistening on your pussy lips.

You moan again, and gasp and bite my lip. Then, with a loud, short cry, you grab her hair, force her face further into your pussy. Still you kiss me, and then cry out again. A long moan, which I stifle with my kisses, then your back arches as the tension becomes unbearable. Your body shakes, and your eyes close, and you pant and gasp, and suck my mouth. You gasp and moan, and pant, seeking the very depth of your being in her touch, giving yourself to her, and the pleasure she is giving you. Then slowly, slowly, leaving the delicious wash of ecstasy, your body trembles, and you slowly relax back against me. She suckles you, drinking you, just a bit more. Finally, you open your eyes and kiss me again.

You whisper to me,” This is Colleen. We are old friends, and I thought it was time for you to meet her. MMMMM.”

You break off in a moan again, as Colleen runs her tongue all the way from the bottom of your slit to the top. She is slow, loving, and deliberate. You shudder again. The brunette sits up, and smiles at me. Her face is smeared with your juices. You kiss me again, long and sensually, and smile at me.

“I have fantasy and Colleen has a fantasy. Tonight is my present to you and never fear, we are not finished. Sweet baby, will you help MY fantasy come true? No matter what?”

You look deeply into my eyes, and kiss me.

I look into your eyes. I see that special smile, that lip, just curled a little. I see your breasts, with their erect nipples, and your pussy with the hair wet and matted. The only thing that matters to me now is you, and pleasing you, fulfilling you.


Who could refuse a request like that? Where will this lead? I have no idea, but as long as you are there, sweet Victoria, I will go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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