Ring of Truth 01

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Author’s note:- It is my usual practice to compose a complete story in my head before I even touch a keyboard, then I flesh it out as I type. When I was typing out “Ring of truth,” an alternative scenario occurred to me. I couldn’t make up my mind which one to submit, so I decided on both.

As a result, the lead up to both stories are identical, so bear with me.

The second version is submitted as “Ring of Truth 2 — Aunt Jess Learns.”

I’ll leave you to decide which one, if any, you prefer.


Ring of Truth

I was in my room watching some porno after dinner when the phone rang. Mom was in her office downstairs, and had asked me to field all calls, because she needed to concentrate on some tricky corporate law cases she had brought home to work on over the weekend. Hastily pulling my pants up, I bolted down the stairs three at a time, and grabbed the receiver in the living room but it stopped ringing before I could answer.

“Hello, who is this?” Mom’s voice coming through the partially open door sounded a bit cross, but then her tone changed. “Oh, hi Jess. Sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you, but Mark was supposed to be taking the calls so I can get some work done.” She gave a dirty giggle. “He is probably in his room spanking the monkey, the filthy swine. You know what sons are like. All hormones and no brains.”

She laughed again, and I felt a stab of resentment, partly because of the way she had talked about me to my best friend Wayne’s mom, but mostly because she had guessed what I had been doing.

“No, it’s OK, I’m glad you rang,” she went on. “I needed a break anyway. So what’s happening?”

I moved closer to the door, wanting, but not wanting to hear what else she would say about me in the one sided conversation.

“Really? You have to be kidding me? Again? You lucky bitch. That must be what? At least five times this week? If Mark fucked me half as much as you say Wayne fucks you, I’d be over the moon, but I don’t think he’s interested. It’s not for want of trying. Heaven knows I’ve sort of accidentally let him see my boobs often enough, and when I was doing my yoga the other day, I let my leotard slip so he could see half of my pussy, but even that didn’t work. I swear if he ever touches me I’ll cum like a waterfall. I’m wet just thinking about it.”

I chanced a quick look through the gap in the door. Mom was leaning back in her chair, with her feet braced against the edge of her desk. Her skirt was raised and her rapidly moving hand was pushed into the waistband of her panties, as she spoke breathlessly into the phone. In total shock I fled back to my room, trying desperately to process what I had seen and heard. I couldn’t believe what she had said to Aunt Jess — not really my aunt, but I had known her my whole life, so to me she was Aunt Jess, just as mom was Aunt Hannah to Wayne.

Most of what she had said was pure bullshit, because I had never seen even the tiniest hint of her tits, let alone her pussy. Not that I didn’t want to, because I had tried often enough. After all, at five feet seven and a fairly slender forty two years old, with shoulder length auburn hair and green eyes, she was definitely worth more than a casual glance. What I had just seen wasn’t bullshit though. Even a blind dog could have seen she was feverishly fingering her pussy, and my cock was standing up like a ship’s mast. İstanbul Escort

Lying on my bed stroking my boner, I thought again about the conversation. Growing up and hanging out together, Wayne and I had often joked about how hot each other’s mom was, and no doubt he had fantasised privately, and maybe even jerked off at the thought of seeing mine naked, just as I had about his, but hearing that he had actually fucked his own mom had floored me completely. The whole idea was inconceivable, and even more inconceivable was the fact that she had boasted about it to my mom, even though they had, like Wayne and I, been best friends since childhood.

The strangest thing though, was that I was not nearly as shocked at hearing mom confess that she wished I would fuck her. It was almost as if I had fantasised about it so much and so often, that she had somehow picked up on my thoughts, and felt compelled to admit she wanted it as much as I did. Of course, being mother and son, neither of us felt we could admit our carnal desires to each other, so she had confided in Jess. Perhaps, I told myself, it was meant to be that I was in the right place at the right time, to overhear her conversation.

With the image of her fingering herself still fresh in my mind, my hand flew up and down my cock, until a powerful jet of cum splashed over the front of my tee shirt.

I slept late on Saturday morning, and picking up my cum stained tee shirt, I took it into the laundry and buried it under the clothes in the half filled washing machine. Mom was squatting in the lotus position on the living room floor, and I took a seat on the couch facing her, trying in vain to make out the outline of a cameltoe in her tight leotard. I had no better luck with her nipples, which were flattened by the lycra fabric.

She saw me studying her and smiled. “A penny for your thoughts?”

I shrugged, hoping she hadn’t noticed exactly where my eyes were focussed. “Nothing much mom, I was just thinking how nice you look.”

She gave a tinkling laugh. “All boys say that about their mothers, even if most times it isn’t true. Even Wayne says it about Jess. I must admit though, they are very close.”

I nodded non committally. “Why shouldn’t they be? They are mother and son after all.”

“I mean really close.”

Thinking I saw an opening, I tried to keep a straight face. “I know,” I lied, “Wayne told me.”

Her surprise showed. “Really? What has he told you?”

“Nothing much. Just that he thinks a lot of her.”

“Oh, I see.” With a thoughtful shrug, she rose to her feet and went into the kitchen.

I stood in the doorway watching as she filled a glass with water and took a long drink. The sight of her in her leotard had become so commonplace that I had hardly given it a thought, but what I had overheard last night made me really look at her for the first time. The snug lycra trimmed her waist and flattened her belly, but even more appealing was the way it rounded off her butt, and I felt my cock stirring as I stared at her. Without realising I had moved, I found myself standing close behind her, with my fingers gripping the slide of the zip at the nape of her neck. I pulled it halfway before she spun round and glared at me.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?”

With a calm confidence I didn’t know I possessed, I put a hand Anadolu Yakası Escort on her breast. “I’m doing what you want. I heard you talking to Aunt Jess last night.”

She pushed my hand away. “I don’t know what you think you heard, but you couldn’t be more wrong,” she snapped.

“I know what I heard,” I said, replacing my hand and squeezing gently. “I remember every word.”

She left my hand where it was for a couple of seconds too long, before removing it again, and there was a tremor in her voice when she replied. “Whatever I may or may not have said, it was for her benefit, not mine. I only told her what she wanted to hear, but that doesn’t mean I meant it.”

I pressed a finger against her pussy. “Did she want you to touch yourself here?” I persisted. “Jess couldn’t see what you were doing, but I could.”

Whether she was shocked at my touching her so intimately, or whether it was for some other reason, I had no way of knowing, but she didn’t move. “Maybe I was a little excited by what I was telling her. After all I’m only human, but it still doesn’t mean I wanted to do what I was saying.”

“Are you absolutely sure of that?” I whispered, stroking her slit through the moistening fabric, “Or are you saying it because you think you should?”

Her face seemed to fall, and her eyes welled with tears. “Damn you Mark,” she whispered helplessly. “Damn you to hell. Damn us both to hell.”

With all resistance gone, I started to one of the straps of her leotard over her shoulder, then I stopped. “If you don’t want me to go any further, say so and I won’t,” I said quietly.

She shook her head. “You know I can’t say that, and I’m not entirely sure I want to. I honestly didn’t mean what I told Jess, or at least I didn’t think I did, but now I’m not so certain. Maybe I’ve wanted it all the time without knowing.”

Still stroking her slit, I slid the shoulder strap another inch lower on her arm. “If I take this off there can be no turning back.”

In her first overt response, she pressed her pussy against my fingers. “I know.” She paused. “Would you really stop if I asked?”

“Of course I would. Do you really think I would do anything you didn’t want?”

“I would hope not, but what makes you so sure I want this?”

“Because you haven’t actually told me to stop. But it’s still not too late.”

For the first time she looked down at the boner straining my boxers. “I think it already is too late.” It came out as the faintest whisper. “But not here.”

Her hand shook as she took mine and led me to her room, where she turned and looked at me nervously. “Quickly Mark, you’d better take my leotard off before I lose my nerve.”

I peeled it down to her waist, and smiled with delight as her surprisingly firm breasts were revealed to my avid gaze. In all the times I had fantasised about them I had built a mental picture of how I thought they would look, but without the restricting lycra they exceeded my wildest hopes. Large enough to be irresistible to hands and lips, but small enough to resist gravity, they were tipped with coffee brown nipples, set on slightly lighter areolae. She held my head, breathing deeply as I sucked the hard buds, then she whispered “leotard.”

Heart hammering in my chest I sank to my knees, drawing the garment down her slim legs. One by one I lifted her feet free Kartal Escort and placed them wide apart, gazing in awe at her exquisite pussy. Unable to resist the lure of her exotic scent, I pulled her close, seeking her swollen clit with my eager tongue. I must have underestimated the extent of her arousal, because I only gave her wet slit about four or five licks before she gasped and started to cum.

Taking a half step backwards, she fell back onto the bed, her eyes pleading. “Please Mark,” she begged, “Do it now!”

Her eyes widened and she stared hungrily at my rampant cock, as I dropped my boxers and moved between her spread thighs. With matching hunger, I watched the bulbous head part her pouting pussy lips, then with a single urgent push I was inside her.

Almost immediately her briefly interrupted climax resumed, and she clung to me, hips rising to meet me. “Oh Mark. Oh Mark. Oh Mark,” she chanted breathlessly with each thrust.

Her inner muscles tightened and relaxed rhythmically around my shaft as we fucked, and when I reached down to stroke her clit, she became even more frenzied, thrashing beneath me and raking my back with her fingernails until my cock erupted and flooded her clutching cunt.

Those incredible muscles continued to milk my shaft until I was drained, then she relaxed with a dreamy smile. “That was wonderful, Mark. Thank you for making me give in. For making me give myself to you.”

“I didn’t make you do anything, Mom,” I smiled. “You just needed a little nudge in the right direction. Besides, the pleasure was all mine.”

“Not quite all,” she giggled. “I had almost forgotten how it felt to be fucked. For the first time in I don’t know how long, my pussy feels alive.”

I grinned ruefully at my limp dick. “I’m glad something does.”

She smirked and flicked it with her finger. “Never mind, I’ll bring him back to life soon enough, then I’ll put him to sleep again.”

Her calm acceptance intrigued me. I was still finding it difficult to believe that not only had I achieved my dream of fucking my own mother, but that she had wanted me to. Admittedly she had resisted at first, but the instant my cock was inside her warm cunt, she had responded as though incest was a normal every day part of her life.

She saw me staring at her cream filled pussy, with its fringe of auburn hair matching the hair on her head, and her clit peeping almost shyly from between the redly swollen lips. “Like what you see?” she smiled, parting her legs. I nodded mutely, and she curled her fingers around my cock. “Me too, I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him.”

I sighed in response to her stroking fingers, and with a fluid motion she straddled me. “My turn to fuck you now,” she murmured, lowering her pussy on to my stiffened shaft. This time she rode me in silence, shivering as I fondled her tits, and when I started to thrust to meet her she shook her head. “No, don’t move, I want to do it all.”

It took a great effort of will, but I did as she asked, until she began to tremble in orgasm, and she broke the silence. “Now Mark!” she gasped. “Fuck me! Cum in me again!”

Grasping her waist, I drove up into her as she bounced wildly up and down, and as her amazing muscles worked their magic on my cock, I flooded the innermost recesses of her cunt with a hot fountain of cum.

With my pulsating tool still buried, she leaned back, supporting he weigh on her hands with a satisfied smile. “We really must thank Jess when we see her. If she hadn’t called when she did, you would never have heard me telling her I wanted you to fuck me, and I wouldn’t be sitting with a pussy full of your cum.”

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