Endless Love

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(Author’s note: The audio of this story is available too, which our voices have been slightly altered to protect our identities. This is a true story, and wanted to share our passion for each other with similar couples or those who have ever felt the same desires or thoughts. A big thanks to Mimi for her exquisite editing skills.)

* * * * *

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* * * * *

I knew Sharon for practically all of my life. I was best friends with her son, who the same age I was at the time, 18. Growing up, I saw a lot of her and vice versa. It was your typical kid vs. mean parent kind of relationship, and I honestly never considered her as any immediate choice in as far as mates, or someone to make love to. She was just my friend’s mom, and it didn’t go beyond that… at least until tragedy struck.

While having a spat with his old man, my best friend was killed in a horrific car crash on the way to my house late one night. It was a key event in forever determining the rest of my life, and whom I would spend it with. I had never lost anyone close to me, and the loss was quite traumatic. I had many people to turn to, and thankfully, my (then) girlfriend came to my side as one would hope to expect during a terrible time.

During this ordeal, I felt it was on my shoulders to visit each friend and family member of my buddy. I felt that was what I had to do, and I did it without question or regard. I felt as if some of it was my fault, and at times, blamed myself for his death. It was, for an 18-year-old, a sort of “hell on earth” if you will.

His mother Sharon lived downtown in a plush condominium by herself, and had not remarried or dated much since her divorce 8 years prior. I didn’t understand why she was single, but didn’t really give it much thought. She wasn’t ugly by any means… she stood about 5’4″, and had a rich hourglass figure with a fantastic wide ass that I often looked for in my girlfriends’ closer to my age. She was Jewish, so she was genetically disposed for bountiful sweeping curves for any man or woman to admire and love. To me, she looked liked Barbara Streisand with the same deep buttery skin that just begged for or an appreciative tongue. She had shoulder length brown hair, and wasn’t someone that would make you drop your jaw at first glance. Sharon was the kind of woman you had to do a double take on, and seek out the beauty within.

I had grown into a young man with speed and determination, and I only saw Sharon in passing a handful of times prior to my friend’s death. I still looked upon Sharon as the ‘mean old mom’ but as with any women I knew, I began noticing her in modest, passing moments. Before my friend died, I had caught several glimpses of Sharon on the way out the door, or in the kitchen during my visits. Of course, I never said a thing to anyone, but privately, I had welcomed the fleeting sinful thoughts of what it would be like to bed Sharon.

Before puberty, Sharon was just a woman with nice thick dark hair and a big ass… now, as a man, that ass started to look very enticing to my wandering eye.

But this wasn’t the time to let a selfish fantasy come between a grieving mother and me.

When I arrived, Sharon answered the door with reddened eyes and a raspy voice. Dressed in an ankle length fluffy pink robe, I could tell she had let herself go for the night as a bottle of wine was out sitting beside a box of tissues. I could tell she had been crying, and without a beat, I took her into my arms as she let loose in my embrace. I too began to weep as the reality once again hit us both, and we found solace in our enduring embrace.

Anything remotely sexual was the very last thing on my mind this night, and I did my best to comfort this heart broken woman of 38 years. I walked her to the couch as I sat beside her to pamper her in whatever way I could. We were both smokers then, so we shared cigarettes as the tears subsided. Propping her legs up on a stool, I got a clear shot at her nice smooth and dark glossy skin of her legs until the folds of the robe creased below her knees. I had come to ADORE glossy tan skin in my youth, but set that urge aside for the moment… but the instant that skin came into view, it struck a nerve deep within me. Something or someone had pulled a trigger.

I must have smoked half a pack as I never left Sharon’s side that night. We both laughed, shared, and cried as all we could do was remedy our wounds just by being with each other. But throughout my time there, I kept sneaking peeks at Sharon’s unclad, oily legs… even the innocent sight was enough to get a young man’s eye, and for a split instant, I actually wanted to find out what it would Ankara travesti be like to make love to my best friend’s mother.

I immediately butchered that thought as we both noticed it was 30 minutes past midnight. I felt I should end it, but with both of us out of school and work for the funeral, I settled back onto the couch and lit another smoke. It was then Sharon got up from the couch to go into the kitchen, giving me a nice long look at her sweet hourglass body, all tucked beneath that robe I wanted to see slip off with each passing moment. And as my instincts surfaced, my eyes fell to her luscious wide ass and gloriously round hips. I cursed myself for never taking notice sooner as I lowered my head in shame as I tried to put those morbid thoughts out of my mind.

Finally, after some wonderful conversation and countless stolen glances– around 2:20am, I told Sharon I had to leave. Walking me to the door, she gave me a long meaningful hug at the door. This time, I intentionally lowered my arms so I could swallow her small waist in my arms. In doing so, I let out a low moan of comfort and peace… kind of like sticking my toe into the water to see if I liked it.

And I did.

Sharon whimpered too as we both lingered in each other’s warm embrace.

“I’m so glad you came by.” She softly said.

“I am too.” I replied as I leaned back, trying to be a good boy.

We both looked into the other’s eyes, and gave a much-needed smile. By now, her robe had slightly fallen apart, giving just the faintest hint of her savory large sized breasts that hung deep in the shadows of that damn robe. I secretly swore to myself that my mission was to shred that damn robe off from that bronzed flesh, and soon. The conflict within got to me… here I came down to provide comfort and sympathy to a grieving mother who had just lost her son, and all I would walk away with was a massive boner that wanted to stab her repeatedly for as long as one could endure.

As we drifted apart, her right hand lingered on my face as I took a step outside into the frigid winter night. I sensed she wanted to say something else and stood by as silence got the best of us.

“You turned out so handsome, Chris.” She complimented me, running her fingertips in my hair.

I did my best “Awww-shucks” kind of smile, and bashfully thanked her. After all, she was still that mother figure to me, and to hear that was almost as embarrassing.

“I wish I was.” Was all I could say in return.

“Ooh, you’re girlfriend is one lucky girl.” She said, letting go of my hair.

I could tell she was regressing back to her old self, as I knew it was time to leave. As I said my last goodbye, I turned to walk off, but then stopped… I wanted to end it better than this.

“Can I call you tomorrow? Just to see how you are?” I asked with a concerned smile.

Sharon’s heart melted as I could see it in her eyes. She didn’t say anything, but I knew I had triggered something deep within her … just as she did to me earlier when I saw those greasy bronzed legs.

“No, I just meant… you know, just to check in. I’m sorry if I…” I started as she interrupted.

“No, its okay.” She tried to say amidst the tears. “I just… I just can’t remember the last time someone wanted to do that.”

I looked at her, as if to say, “Really?” but my face said it all. I found that hard to believe.

“Well, I mean it.” I started. “You’re my best buddy’s mom, and… maybe that can helps things for the better.” I stammered.

Of course what I really wanted to say was that I wanted to bury my face in her big tits, and grasp her cloying ass with my hands.

Sharon paused, and leaned against the glass door with a slight smile.

“I’d like that.” She replied.

“Then I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” I shot back before walking off.

As I walked off, I noticed her smile grow to a beaming grin as it ended with the hopeful prospect of something… dare I say, romantic? Me with a 38 year old woman? The mother of my best friend? Oh my God, what was I thinking? All the way home, I couldn’t get her smile out of my mind. Honestly, I was sick of my current girlfriend and her ridiculous behavior. She and I had run our relationship to its finish, and I couldn’t help but think that this might be the perfect time to end it so I could pursue Sharon.

I played out numerous scenarios in my mind as to getting Sharon in sack, and all of them left me with an unbelievable hard on that was practically ripping through my jeans. I couldn’t stop thinking about her voluptuous body… those salacious thighs and ripe ass.

That night when I got home, I slipped into my twin bed without any clothes as I reached under the bed for my trusty jar of Vaseline and a worn out Penthouse. Already hardened by the lingering thought of Sharon’s beautiful legs, I Antalya travesti quickly greased up my right palm and nearly lost it when I finally began smoothing away the aching burn in my cock for Sharon. I barely glanced at the glorious lesbian spread in Penthouse before I took my left hand to shut off my nightlight… I didn’t need any visual stimulation whatsoever… it was all in my mind. Just the image and thought of Sharon was enough to propel me to wonderful heights of this newfound ecstasy.

I couldn’t believe I was jerking off to her, imagining what it would be like to feel her below me as I mounted her and made mad passionate love to. Had I lost my mind? She was as old as my own mom! I had just made love to my girlfriend a couple of days before, and I was already this turned on? I told myself to visualize her naked backside before me, all hunched over, on her knees as I took in the full glory of that big wide ass of hers. I was sure it was round and full, loaded with shape and texture… it just had to be. I let out a long gasp as I imagined what those ass cheeks would feel like in my hands– how soft they would feel… the width and radiant breadth. I shuddered because I was all about a woman’s ass… I loved it, and I wanted Sharon’s so incredibly bad.

I played out numerous scenarios in my mind… what her ass would taste like, what she would let me do, and how far she would let me go… does she suck cock? If so, would she swallow? Then a thousand shivers shot through my body as I envisioned her nose pressed to my pubic hair with my dick lodged all the way down her throat. I nearly came right there, but held back… I wanted this gratifying act of masturbation to last as long as I could.

My imagination went wild… images of Sharon aroused, her hair wet, sweaty from our hot sex… taking it doggy style… me eating her out… fucking her in a steamy hot shower… all of it drove me mad. I wanted nothing more than to fuck the living shit out of my friend’s mother and to make her mine… ALL mine.

When I came, I buried my face into my pillow as I shouted out her name over and over. I felt dozens of hot spurts of my cumm drop about me as I thrashed about, imagining all of my cumm going deep inside Sharon at all costs. To really consider such wonder blew me away… to actually cumm inside a woman twice my age… could she still become pregnant? And if so, how would I feel looking at her seven or eight months down the road, and know it was ME that made her that way… I wreathed upward and sideways violently, shuddering and gasping… God, this was the best orgasm ever… better than with my girlfriend… better than all the rest.

The next day, I called Sharon around 1pm to see how she was. Seemingly much happier, she wanted to meet me at Ponderosa where she wanted to treat me to lunch. I cleared my schedule so as to meet Sharon, and was out the door. I told my mom a lofty lie to get me out of any commitments to her or my girlfriend.

Walking in the restaurant, I saw Sharon waiting for me at the front counter as we mutually embraced as we did last night. As always, she was dressed conservatively, but looked oh so sweet in a black sweater and form fitting slacks. Our embrace was quick, but so very nice as we got to our table and caught up from where we left off the previous night. I think the both of us felt a little relieved to be together as I wolfed down some salad and a tasty meat loaf sandwich.

“When did you get to be so good looking, young man?” Sharon said as she sipped her coffee.

My heart leapt from my chest hearing that. I raised my eyebrows and was at a loss for words.

“I mean, I saw you all the time, but just never really noticed until now.” She continued.

“I’m not that good looking, come on.” I scoffed.

Sharon shook her head with a low growl of disagreement. “Oh no, mister. You have no idea how handsome you are. You’re a heart breaker.”

I chuckled as I took a sip of my coke, trying to be coy and innocent. I had to laugh to myself because just eight hours earlier, I was jerking off to the thought of this woman thrashing atop me like a primitive beast in the throes of exquisite, impassioned lovemaking.

“Well I uhmm…” I started, trying to think of a comeback. “I think that uhmm…”

“Cat got your tongue?” Sharon demurely replied.

“Yea.” I admitted. “I don’t hear many women say that to me.”

“Its because you date women who are way too young, darling.” She replied. “You were born old, and I’ve known you long enough to know wisdom and maturity when I see it. You have it all, and most women would die to have someone like you.”

I couldn’t believe what Sharon was saying. I mean, she was always very brash and confident in her words, but to hear her verbalize this was beyond my wildest expectations. I felt slightly dizzy, it hit me that hard.

“Well, İstanbul travesti believe me,” I started. “Some guys would love to have a shot with a woman like you.”

“Huh.” Sharon huffed. “An old divorcee like me? Yeah, right.”

“Uhhh, I don’t agree.” I replied, gathering all of my courage. “No, you… you are what most guys would love to have.”

“Ooh…” she started to object.

“No wait, let me finish.” I said, standing my ground. I wanted her to hear this, and I meant every word.

“You have no idea how amazingly beautiful you are. I mean, I look at you and wonder why the Hell I ever asked any of my girlfriends out. You’re just like… everything a guy would want.” I said with the conviction of a thousand men.

“Oh please.” She groaned under her breath.

“No,” I said. “You’re beautiful, Sharon. You’re a sexy woman and to be honest, there’s a lot of you I look for when I ask a girl out. I mean, since we’re being honest.”

She smiled, not knowing what to say. I could tell this had now crossed the line into awkwardness… Biting her lower lip, Sharon gazed off. I could tell I got to her, and the thought of us together was dancing around in her mind.

“Let’s uhmm,” she started. “Let’s just get passed the funeral, okay?”

Oh shit… did I blow it? I nodded my head and went back to my salad as I sensed I crossed a line with her.

The rest of our lunch was rushed as I could tell she was bothered by what I said. I did my best to act like nothing happened, but I could tell I had unnerved her. Shit… now I felt terrible. And as we finished up, Sharon quickly made her way to her car and did a forced ‘goodbye’ as I watched her leave the parking lot. God only knew when the next time we would talk, let alone see her.

Two days later…

The funeral was unbearably sad and heartbreaking. I was finally able to get all those sinful thoughts out of my head about Sharon and focus on what I should have been doing all the time… grieving. I was able to see Sharon throughout the service, and thankfully, she seemed grateful to see me as well. We hugged throughout the service, and before we got to the graveside for our final good-byes. It was then I ditched my girlfriend, and decided to be the man Sharon needed at this moment… a strong source of comfort, love, and strength. My girlfriend understood, and gladly allowed me to step in and be at Sharon’s side at the graveside.

Throughout the final few minutes, Sharon clung to me as I did her. I was able to put aside my lust for her as we both leaned on the other and sobbed. But unashamedly, I did feel proud to hold her in my arms, and to cradle her as a man. I gained an extraordinary amount of confidence in that I could step up and become the man she would need for the rest of her life. I could be what she needed if she would allow me… IF… and that was becoming a huge word for me. On so many instants during that day, I soothingly rubbed her hand in mine, held her as her husband, consoling her with love and affection. As sad as I was, I found solace in comforting this beautiful woman in my arms.

And, honestly, my stomach began to get that wrenching twisting gnaw to it… that twinge of unquenchable love and devotion. I was genuinely falling in love with my best friend’s mother.

That night, I stopped by to check in on Sharon, and found her to be completely drunk. She was, again, in her thick pink robe, but this time it was loosely tied… showing a lot more of that beige glossy skin than the other night. Her eyes batted when she saw me, and I could see her spirits immediately engage. Flinging the screen door open, Sharon quickly fell into my arms in heartbreaking cries. I joined her in her sobs as we both stood in the doorway, inattentive to the cold winter air blowing in the door.

“Oh God I miss him.” She wept into my shoulder.

“I know, I do too.” I replied, stroking her soft mahogany hair.

I burrowed my nose amidst her thick tresses, inhaling the pine scented aroma of her intoxicating warmth. Our arms tightened around each other as I lightly kissed her hair.

“I wanted to make sure you were okay.” I whispered into her ear.

“Oh Christopher.” She answered. “You’re so thoughtful.”

With that, we both leaned back to see the tears streaming down both our faces. Lifting my right hand, I brushed my fingertips across her face to wipe away her tears.

“When I look at you, I see him.” She said.

“Is that so bad?” I replied.

Sharon hesitated, unsure amidst her pain and agony. “I don’t know… I don’t think so.”

We stood in the doorway, arm in arm as if two long lost lovers. I treasured gazing deep into her exhilarating deep brown eyes… wondering… thinking… hoping.

“Oh Chris.” She barely whimpered.

“I’m falling in love with you, Sharon.” I finally confessed. “I know this isn’t the right time or place, but I can’t help it. You’re all I think about… you’re all I could ever want in a woman.”

Sharon’s drunken eyes rolled back in her head before laying it on my chest, sighing in torment.

“No, no, no…” she began babbling. “Don’t say that.”

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