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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.

All participants in this story are over eighteen years of age.


Two men rode in, both older. I been watching them from way out on the range coming in. Clay was out to check cuts in the small hills nearby. Sometimes the cattle get caught in there. I got Mary and got her hid in the house and made sure nothing was on the drying lines that indicated there was anybody but me. They rode in and tipped their hats and got their horses unsaddled and in the corral and fed. There was already water there. They looked at me and turned and went in the barn where it was cooler. I already had coffee made and cooking started. I took the coffee out and they said who they were. I nodded and went back and finished up the cooking.

Using my apron from the heat I got some spoons and took the plates out. They would have their own knives. I loaded the plate down with bread, piled around the meat, beans, and found. That usually worked well. It looked like a lot of food and the air in the bread filled their bellies and they was satisfied. I let them be and they probably went to sleep on the hay. It was usual. I kept an eye. Later I saw one of them check on the horses so I got more hot coffee and took it out. They asked a few questions about traveling and thanked me and went on their way. Times were much better since all those men killed each other. They’d had enough for a while. Mary was inside peeking out from behind something she was holding up to the corner of the window. I was starting to feel for her. Time was getting on.

Clay was in along near dark. I told him about the men. He looked towards the house and Mary was throwing out the pan water watching Clay. He knew I always kept an eye and hid her.

He said, “I hear in town they’re running cattle again. Maybe a year.”

I nodded and waited a beat or so and said, “Sounds about right.”

He wasn’t talking about the cattle. I always tried not to ask Clay too many questions. Never seemed right asking a man like Clay too many questions but on this occasion I thought it proper.

“You thinking about Mary?” I said.

He just nodded at me and went on towards the house. Mary bout had supper ready. Mary was ready smart. She rode to the town school, day in and day out, for a long time. She went all the way through the 6th grade. That was a many year ago. She went over teaching some after that and helped work this place while at it. I didn’t do anything that day but the next I got Mary and we went and made up Clay and my bed and straightened up everything else. Mary looked at me every now and then but didn’t ask anything. We got some fresh water in the jars and drinking cups on the tables and some cloths we use for cleaning. They were clean ones.

I got one of the small rocking chairs on the porch and put it next to the bed, near the bottom end. I wouldn’t do any sewing cause there wouldn’t be enough light but I wasn’t thinking of it that much right now anyway. After we ate Clay came to bed. I was sitting in the rocking chair already. He looked at me a long time then looked away and walked around the bed then looked at me some more. He went out to the well and washed. I watched him through the window. He went around on the other side and I saw him drop his belt down and his pants. I looked away and when I looked again he was walking towards the house. Clay didn’t wear spenders.

He got his clothes off. He always kept his long johns on. It took a long time before I could watch Clay do that and I did this time. He got in bed and looked at me. I went to get Mary, he was ready. I got Mary’s hand and led her off. I hadn’t said anything but she suspected and I don’t think she had any firm objections. Mary talked to her pa more than I did. He was more tolerant of her because of her youngness I guess. That got them closer than Clay and I and I wasn’t worried. They would both do what they could and not what they couldn’t. I knew Clay was going to have to break her before she could fully be a woman and go the new way.

Mary had her gown on. It had long sleeves and went all the way down to the floor almost. High enough it doesn’t get under her feet. I led her over to the bed and let go and sat in my chair with my hands held in my lap. Mary was looking at Clay. She pulled the cover back and Pendik Escort climbed in bed and moved over next to him. They had the covers under their arms. She lay there looking at his face. He leaned over and kissed her forehead and cheeks, both. She was turning her head when she knowed what he was going to do.

Clay lifted his hand and arm off his hip just enough he could move it without dragging it on her gown and put it on her waist with most of his hand on this side. I raised up in my chair a little and took in a breath. I’ve never witnessed two others in bed before. I didn’t want to be here but if I didn’t know what Clay did our marriage would never be the same again. I didn’t see him pull or even move his fingers but Mary moved right over to him. It looked like they were touching under the covers. I couldn’t image what it must feel like to Clay if he could feel her breasts under her gown.

Mary raised a hand over on the back of Clay’s head and they kissed. I could see their lips touch the first time. While they were kissing she put both her arms around his neck. I knew he was feeling her breasts now. Her feet moved and her legs moved and Clay moved. She could feel him for sure and he could tell where her hips came together at the bottom. I was on the edge of the chair with my elbow and arm along the bed. I could feel the bedding move when they moved. Clay lifted his head up and put his cheek against hers. Mary couldn’t see us. Clay looked right at me. I waited a moment and for a fleeting time thought Clay wasn’t man enough then he smiled and I knew it was as good as done.

I didn’t know about Clay but I was specting a boy for him. With an added season for Mary to be normal would make a year then she would be watching for a drive to come through. We would raise the baby and Mary would be ready for a man. These days they don’t like a woman that’s not ready and wouldn’t match up with her.

I slowly sat back in the chair and looked for a little longer and I saw his hand sliding down her waist. He didn’t stop. He had to get her possessed, more and more. His fingers went down to her leg and on down as far as he could then came back up and went over on her ass. I heard Mary. She wasn’t worried about making some sound or being quiet about it. Clay went down to the bed and back up over her ass again. He pulled his hand up and dropped it under the cover and I saw it back on the middle of her waist.

The cover was wool, even tho Clay hated sheep, and thick. Under the covers she had her thin cotton gown on, one of my old ones, washed and worn for years and years. I got up and went to the bottom of the bed and pulled the wool cover down and off as slow as I could. Clay looked at me, not smiling, but he didn’t call me on it. I don’t think he wanted me seeing how he did this. I think even for his wife it’s something I’m not supposed to see but if I go out the door she goes out the door and this is something that needs to be done and he knows it.

He was back at it, fingers over on her ass and staying there. He was pushing down in. Mary was pushing herself away from his fingers but I knew she was running into something else. He was giving her an education of another kind. When she pushed he did too and he did it steady so they pushed into each other steady. He pulled his fingers out very slow but I think he kept pushing with his fingertips because they kept it up. She still had her head under his, cheek to cheek. His hand went on down the side of her hip and leg as far as it could.

In a moment he started pulling her gown up her leg. When he got the gown up so it passed his fingers he let his fingers down on her skin. Mary came out from under his cheek and got her mouth on his and kissed him hard. Clay worked her back just as good. All this time his hand was sliding up under her gown right on her ass. His knuckles broached backwards so his fingers were going back down in. I could smell Mary. Clay got his other arm under her and down on her ass. He pulled her gown all the way up around her waist and left it there. She must have lifted up but I didn’t see it.

I could see Mary’s bare ass with a grown man’s fingers down in her. I would never forget these visions in my whole life. Clay lifted his upper hand out from her ass and stroked her hair down there a little. After some tender moments, kissing and stroking he slipped his hand down in between them. I could see his wrist as it Kurtköy Escort was moving around. Mary was still lightly kissing Clay and waiting. I finally figured out he was undoing his long john buttons at the bottom. My face got a little flushed. There was nothing between them at all. No clothes, nothing.

Clay put his hand back on her ass and pressed with his fingers. Quickly they were both pressing into each other like before. He was against her and she was against him and they both knew it for sure. Mary became a little more animated and her arms and fingers seemed to move around more. She lifted one of her legs and immediately put it back down. She did that three times. It was moon bright and I could see fine. Mary was starting to lay back and Clay was filling up the empty space with himself.

I saw Clay for real about the tenth time ever. It didn’t move that much. Right then I was so proud of him. Mary was on her back with her knee down on the bed over towards me, close enough for me to lay my hand on it. I didn’t. Clay was still following her over then I saw her other knee push under him some. With me taking the covers off he still kept her covered up as much as he could and still go ahead. Some of it was to keep her possessed. I got a good look at her hair. It was thick. Clay settled between her legs and I was back on the edge of my chair watching like a hawk. They were about three feet from me.

He worked his body and Mary moaned several times. I think he was holding way back. He would know when. He moved his ass left and right and a big dimple appeared on this side and he pushed but not that much. Mary was kissing him and holding tight around his neck. His dimple came back and he pushed again. Mary squealed a couple of times. Clay didn’t come back but pushed again. He was in. She was broke. It was done. Now he would go until she was seeded before he let her find out about being a woman. He kept going. It was the damndest thing to watch. I knew how that felt but I was froze so much I couldn’t stop watching and let them have their privacy.

Mary’s reactions were like mine. She moved and did the same things about the same times. Clay got a hand under her gown on her breast, on my side so I could see, I think. He didn’t do what he does to mine. I thought maybe he should. Mary was very vocal and active. She did some things I haven’t like going up at Clay and unbuttoning his long johns all the way down and sticking her arms in on his bare back. He had his hands up under her gown under the back of her shoulders on her skin. I stared at that for the longest time. He’s never done that to me. He got his fingers back down on her ass. He would have had his fingers where he was at before or very near. I thought that would feel really good. They went a long time. I thought he may be holding for Mary.

I was expecting it when Clay started to seed. He got faster and harder and almost howled and finished up. He only howled with me the first 20 or 30 times. Clay turned over and closed his eyes. Mary lay there with her eyes fully open remembering everything that happened. I got up beside her and we held each other. I pulled her gown down. I peeked over on the bed and there was only a little blood spot there. Not much at all, about as big as my thumb.

After a while Clay went out to the well then back. I took Mary out and we sat out there for some time while she washed with a cool wet rag then dried off. I washed her sides and under her arms and neck and face.

I said, “Do you know there’s more?”

“Yes,” she said. “It was easier than I thought it would be and I liked it more than I thought I would. Is that bad?”

“It wasn’t for me,” I said. “Still isn’t. You just need the right man. He’ll be along now that you’re ready. You still have to be shy.”

“I know what to do,” she said, a little stern. “It’s been told.”

I wondered who but wasn’t going to ask. We went back and Mary got in bed with Clay. They were over near me so I moved my chair up the side of the bed so I was near her head more. Clay had her facing me and he was in back. He rubbed her slowly all over and started playing with parts of her body. He didn’t rub her between her legs. He only started doing that with me a few years ago. He started pulling her gown up until it was well above her belly button. I could see her whole front. She smiled at me. She didn’t mind in the least.

Clay slipped Maltepe Escort a hand between her thighs and lifted her leg. I could look down and see her hair but nothing more. His fingers ran up her hair and back down. She had her eyes closed and was smiling and breathing more. She dug a foot in and moved her ass up. More rubbing then she did it again. Clay ran his hand under her gown on her breasts. Her nipples have been pushing out all this time. He played with them some and she lifted her ass up the bed again. Clay was still unbuttoned all the way down his front.

He got both hands down at Mary’s lower hips and started working into place and getting her ready. He settled downward a little and got in closer. She had her eyes closed and she slid backwards a little more, and more up. I could see Clay’s hips shift as he got in. He started slow but got faster. He had a hand over down in her hair, moving. I knew what he was trying. We never talked about it. Nobody did. If it worked then it worked. If not then not. Clay was going faster and looser than when he broke her. She was moving with him and I was impressed how much. I was going to do that.

It actually wasn’t that long. Mary dropped her head towards her chest and gritted her teeth and grunted a long grunt. She was still fairly possessed from being broke. Clay was going furiously on her front and I was hoping the bed would stay together with the both of them going at it. Mary almost screamed and started thrashing and Clay held her lap firm and kept going in her until she was like a mad dog. It’s the way I was. I smiled, beaming at Clay and he kept going with his eyes closed. It dawned on me he was going to go again. Twice. I never heard of such a thing. They both had a war with each other and finally went normal like Clay and I do. It was done. She could be a full woman. It was to show her what she could do. Now it was up to her to get it.

It was dark and the moon was still out but we went to the kitchen and lit some lamps and made coffee. We were going to miss the morning after we got the feed and water out but it’s worth it. A week or so later Mary thought she saw a smudge way out. When Clay came in for food she told him. He had a thin fat soaked board with a thin slit carved in it and a black cloth nailed to it to put over his head. He sat it on the far fence post and looked through it for the longest time. He got a rope and tied it until it was pointed at the smudge. Along about evening he looked again and the smudge was still in line.

He said, “Coming this way.”

Clay and I were going to lose the baby. He knew it and I knew it. We were going to raise it as ours. I’ve been dry for some time, since Mary, but we couldn’t hold Mary up if there was a chance. The next morning he looked again and said the same thing. That night it was much, much closer. We knew it was a dust cloud from a herd. The next day Clay came in a little early for food and stayed after. Some men came riding in. Some young men. He went out for a conversation. Mary and I made coffee. Mary took the coffee pot and I took cups. Mary followed me around and pored coffee. All the young men got a good look at her. They finished their coffee and rode away. Clay stayed at the house. The next morning two of the young men rode in again. One stayed at the corral and one got off and walked towards the house, stopping well clear.

Clay went out and they talked. Clay motioned for Mary to come out. They all talked a little and Clay came back to the house. Mary and the boy sat on the side of the water trough and talked for a while then she came back to the house with the boy and told me his name, Brandon Hightower. He told us about himself and said it was his dad’s herd and he lived over in the far side of the next county. Mary packed as many of her clothes as they could take and they left. The next morning Clay got the wagon and we went to a small bluff we knew about above the arroyo. Someone waved from the chuck wagon as they went by. We waved back. I didn’t actually see Mary. I cried for a day and a half watching the dust cloud go away.

About three weeks later her and Brandon came back with a wagon to load and they stayed three days so he and Clay could get to know each other. He said we’ll get to see them several times a year. They were already married. They had a son about 8 months or so later. We hoped it was Brandon’s but we’ll never know for sure and Mary won’t concern. People are starting up smaller ranches around us and some are planters. Supplies and things are getting easier and the neighbors watch who’s ranging and Clay and I can hire somebody to look after things while we go see Mary and Brandon and our grandson Clay Hightower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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