Rachel’s Wish, Part IV


Of all the suggestions Marcus had been given on training a submissive, his favorite, by far, was establishing Rachel’s morning routine.The alarm sounded, and Marcus pulled down the blanket on Rachel’s side of the bed and took in the view. At his instruction, Rachel slept nude every night. And as soon as she heard the short beeping from his phone alarm, had rolled to her stomach, with legs spread wide apart. Had it been a bell ringing, she would have risen, moved to his side of the bed, kneeled on the floor, opened her mouth and clasped her hands behind her back. A doorbell? In that case, Rachel would have been on all fours, breasts brushing the mattress, ass tilted in the air.Altogether, Marcus had taught his good girl eight different alarm commands and had dreamed up a ninth while he slept. He still loved the wide-eyed excitement she’d shown when he introduced her to this routine.  She had been so pleased and eagerly sought out to fulfil Marcus’ expectation.  For over a month, he’d woken to her in position, ready to accept his cock when the alarm sounded.Marcus brushed her hair from her cheek and drank in the erotic lines of her body. Before this new dynamic, Marcus hadn’t given Rachel’s ass much attention. It was round and perky, and sure, he enjoyed looking at it and holding on to the globes of her butt when fucking her.  But he’d never had a girlfriend who enjoyed anal, so he wasn’t predisposed to consider it as an option for fucking her. Hadn’t even tried.  In the few conversations leading up to their night with Jim, Marcus had come to understand just how much Rachel had desired to be taken that way. He wasn’t certain when Jim offered to demonstrate. But after Rachel’s reaction that night, he changed his mind. A submissive, particularly one who thrived on being treated as a sex object like Rachel, needed all her holes used. He couldn’t say this was a hardship on his part, and although he knew he would offer her mouth and pussy to others if he was in the mood, he was pleased that he’d not let Jim take Rachel that way.  That ass would be the hole he wouldn’t share.  It was his alone to use.“Good morning, slut.”   Marcus kissed her cheek.Rachel turned her head and offered up a sleepy smile.  She lifted to kiss him on the lips. Marcus smacked her ass. “I said good morning, slut,” he repeated.“Good morning, daddy,” she demurred and tilted her butt higher. “Please fill me, daddy.”Marcus watched her hump her hips into the mattress.  The dripping need in her voice sent blood rushing to his cock.  He stroked himself with one hand, and with the other, played with her tight, pink rim. “Which hole should daddy use this morning?”Anxiety clouded her expression.Marcus did not like that look. He smacked her ass. “I asked you which hole, slut.”“I need daddy to choose,” Rachel whined. She’d been doing that more lately, showing signs of stress when asked to make a decision. Any decision.  It was as if she needed Marcus to decide even the most inconsequential of choices now.  He suspected she loved her alarm commands because it required no judgment on her part. She woke up and knew exactly how Marcus wanted her. Marcus decided not to push the issue until he’d had a chance to seek advice from Jim.  Marcus pushed a finger into Rachel’s ass, and after a soft yelp, she let out a relieved sigh, obviously pleased that he’d chosen for her.“Legs together,” he said.  She immediately complied, and he grabbed the lube from the bedside and straddled her.  He slicked up his cock, loving how, even with his weight, Güngören escort she arched her backside. Her submission turned his crank so much; she was so eager to please him. So eager to be fucked.  The sex they had beforehand wasn’t even close to as hot as she got when he took control. He lined up with her ass and slid in swiftly past the first tight ring of muscle. She didn’t struggle; her only sign of discomfort was the sharp inhale and slow exhale. He praised her, staying upright, and made shallow thrusts to give her time to relax a bit and him time to compose himself. With her legs squeezed between his thighs, her passage was even tighter than usual, and he wouldn’t last long.“Look at you, being such a good little slut for daddy.”   He praised her and watched as his cock slid into her tight hole. She really was remarkable. The image was enough to combust, but he wanted to take more time with her. When he felt the intense pressure around his cockhead relax , he leaned forward and pushed in deeper.She gasped. “That’s it, Rachel. Take all that cock, baby girl.”  He reached under her and felt for her nipple to pinch as he fucked her. “Tell daddy how you feel.”“So good, daddy.”“Yeah. You needed this. Didn’t you? Needed my cock in your ass.”“Yeah, daddy. I need… Fuck, yes. I love it.”“That’s right. You love being my little whore, don’t you?  Just a place for daddy’s cum.”   Marcus thrust deep and drew a long moan out of Rachel. God, he loved that noise. Her pleasure was everything. Without it, he couldn’t be who she needed. Couldn’t fuck her hard and rough.  Couldn’t say she was nothing more than a repository for his cum unless, between her cries and his harsh words, he heard that unmistakable moan of pleasure. He rode her harder, slamming into her as her pleas grew more desperate.“Please, daddy.  I need—,”  she shouted.“Don’t you cum, slut.”  Marcus reminded her and tugged her nipple hard enough to keep her back from edge.  He twisted her nipple harder, and on her single stifled scream, he exploded into her.“Good girl, baby.”   He praised her and lifted from her body. “You did so well for me.”   Rachel smiled as she turned to face him.  She didn’t move, which was another rule he’d established.  After he fucked her, he liked her to have time to think about how debauched she felt.  How dirty and slutty she’d been. “I didn’t cum, daddy,” Rachel declared proudly.“I know. I’m so proud of you,” Marcus replied, stroking her hair, loving the purring noises the affection elicited. Rachel tended to be anxious about her work day and, through trial and error, Marcus had realized on the mornings when he’d give her a good hard fuck, she’d be more relaxed. Orgasm denial was part of her training and Rachel achieved the highest levels of relaxation when she felt successful with her most difficult commands. Her ability to hold off an orgasm until Marcus allowed it had improved dramatically with use of the whip Jim had given them. Marcus hadn’t whipped her for the infraction in over a week.  And when he did whip her, Lord, did she climax hard when he finally let her go.  It was a truly a remarkable sight.Marcus sat up and removed the plug from the bedside table. “Bottom up,” he spanked her gently. When she lifted her well-used ass into the air, Marcus placed her plug.“Thank you, daddy,” she smiled. “How long do I have?”Marcus glanced at the clock. “About ten minutes. I’ll set your timer. Now you lay there and think about what an obedient slut you were for me. İnnovia escort bayan I want you to feel proud of yourself. You were so good, Angel. You’re all plugged up, so not a drop of daddy’s cum drips out, but try to be still. Is your ass sore enough to relax?”“Yes, daddy. Thank you.”“When I come back, I want to know one thing you want that daddy hasn’t given you yet—a reward, not a punishment.”Rachel swallowed nervously. “But daddy picks my rewards.”“Rachel, I won’t tolerate back talk. You will give daddy what he asks for.”“I’m sorry,” Rachel replied, clearly miserable at having upset him.Marcus showered while Rachel had her quiet time to reflect. He was still so new to his role, and there was so much to learn. Jim had introduced him to other men in similar positions.  They shared ideas and experiences, and Marcus felt like he’d been drinking from the fire house trying to keep up.  Marcus worried that Rachel deferred more and more to him, refusing to state so much as an opinion lately. That couldn’t be a healthy balance. Not after what her ex-husband had put her through. Marcus needed a way to give Rachel what she needed, without allowing her to sacrifice her own mind.When he finished dressing, he called Rachel into the bathroom. “Time for work,” he reminded her.“Did you pick out my clothes, daddy?”He sighed. “No, you choose today. But I did choose your panties and bra. And daddy wants you to have on no stockings today. It’s hot out.” He’d chosen breathable cotton because Rachel often wore her silky, lacy bras and thongs too small.  He didn’t want her to be uncomfortable, and as much as he was using her, he didn’t want to risk her getting an infection.She nodded.“Did you pick your reward?”“I want you to choose,” Rachel responded, her pout unmistakable.Marcus frowned. “You did not pick your reward as I instructed, so you are to wear your plug all day until you give me one opinion of your own. Daddy commands it, Rachel.”She stomped her foot and whined. Marcus smacked her backside. “Enough,” he barked, frustrated. He briefly considered whipping her, but he really didn’t have time.He left Rachel, still pouting and unhappy, as she entered the shower. Marcus felt like a failure; his girl should have been on a high.  She’d submitted so well, but it was always this obstacle spoiling their play. On his way to work, he called Jim and explained the challenge he was having.“Well, what did you discuss before you took her as a submissive?”  Jim asked, a hint of frustration revealed in his voice“Are you kidding? We didn’t discuss anything. She called me daddy and begged me to fuck her in the kitchen; since then, I’ve just been trying to keep up. I don’t know if I can do this. She won’t give me anything, even when I command her to.”“She’s already submitted to you fully. You’ve allowed her to go very deep into the lifestyle. Sounds like you aren’t limiting play to distinct scenes anymore. You’ve basically consented to a 24/7 power exchange, which makes it difficult. Anything she gives you at this point is tainted by her entire delegation of control to you.”“Shit. I didn’t…How do I fix it?”“Well, she is still working, correct?”“Of course.”   “I suspect she is hoping you will tell her to quit her job. Has she been hinting?”“Umm. I mean she gets really anxious when she goes to work. Her morning routine helps, but yes. I don’t think she wants to leave my side most days. Even when I’m spent, if she’s had a rough day, I let her kneel on the floor by my chair.  Escort Kağıthane I pet her hair sometime just to keep her relaxed and happy.”“It’s crucial you don’t let her quit, but if she has a long work day, she may need a break.  Have you tried giving her a scene during the day?”“No, she’s busy during the day. I try not to bother her.”“Well, I would allow her opportunities to submit during her day, at least until we figure out how to unfuck this mess. This is why I have the group. Too many damn amateurs trying to be doms. You have to crawl before you walk, Marcus.  Never should have taken her this deep.”“I’m…fuck. I’m not sure what to do.”“I suppose I could talk to her. You’d have to be out of her sight, though. I can have the conversation you should have had before you gave her any scenes. We will establish limits, rewards, punishments, safe words. If you take any more submissives, you will not make this mistake again.”“I don’t want—”“Don’t say it. You are a natural dom, Marcus. I witnessed how you read Rachel’s needs and how controlled you are. Rachel is lovely, but she’s intense for a new master, too. She doesn’t respect her own limits. You explained her history with her ex. Once she gave you control, she absolved herself of any responsibility. This is not in her best interest, and as her dom, you will find ways to give her back this power in a safe, controlled way, so as to not overwhelm her.”“Yes, I want that.”“If she sees another submissive who is answering questions and being rewarded, it may help her find her voice. Of course, we don’t know if she is all right with sharing you, as we didn’t have important conversations before we began, did we?”“Fuck. Please help me.”“You tried to force her to take back control. Yes?  This would be very upsetting for her. It would make her question her place.”“Shit.  She is wearing her plug today until she gives me an answer.”“Okay. That’s easier to fix than a misplaced whipping. Give her something she likes today. Something that will make her happy and reinforce your control over her. Make it special.”“So far, she loves being shared. That night with you was the happiest I’ve seen her. Also, she really likes that I send her pictures to the guys. She gets off on it. I keep promising to have another friend over, or to take her in front of others.”“Perfect. I’m busy today, but Sy has made his interest in Rachel known and he works near her office. His own girl, Carmen, is an age player. Only a school-aged girl when they play, so he is amazingly gentle, but he likes a break now and then. Carmen doesn’t object. I’ll text you both the information. You’ll need to find a reason to be out of town this weekend. Tell her you’ll be leaving her in my care. Tell her she is not to be touched until you return, but that she is to answer all my questions. She will be desperate to be used, and we will deny her this to get the answers we need.”“Okay. Thank you, Jim. You’re a lifesaver.”Rachel arrived at work, her ass squeezed around her plug making it difficult to concentrate. She gingerly sat at her desk, reveling in the feel of her dirty secret. Opening her email, she perused her day’s calendar and asked her assistant, Karen, for a brief rundown of her day. The agenda for three meetings, a report to prepare, a presentation to give—“What’s this?”  Rachel pointed to a noon appointment marked “confidential.”“Oh,” Karen said, checking her notepad. “Marcus called right before you arrived. He said I should block out an hour for lunch. I presumed he had spoken to you about it.”“Marcus requested it?”Karen nodded. “Should I cancel it?”“No,” Rachel smiled. “Leave it.”Rachel dismissed her assistant and got to work. Her mystery appointment weighed heavily on her mind, and every movement teased her most intimate place.  She could still feel Marcus’ cock claiming her. 

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