Brianna’s Surprise Ch. 03

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Brianna and Howard had settled into a very comfortable and frequently adventurous relationship. They had established two very structured dynamics but, they frequently bled into one another. Brianna was always in charge, even if on the surface, for the benefit of other family, it appeared as though Howard was the authoritative father figure. In reality, Howard always craved being submissive to his beautiful, young daughter. Rachel, his wife, traveled often, so Howard and Brianna frequently got to let their guard down and just enjoy the kinky, erotic dynamics that had developed between them.

When Brianna’s boyfriend, Jerome had cum all over her daddy’s face and Howard had enjoyed it so much, it opened new avenues for her to pursue. She had been surprised by her father’s willingness to suck another man’s cock and eat his cum. Brianna was also keenly aware that a big part of what made it so exciting for them both, was that Jerome was black. Howard was apparently just as turned on by black cock as she was. This gave Brianna an idea and she came up with a plan that would push Howard to new levels.

Jerome’s once a month poker night was approaching and Rachel happened to be traveling again so Brianna suggested that Jerome host it at her house. Initially he objected, saying it was a boy’s night and he wanted it to stay that way. Jerome only gave in when she said her father should play and that he is terrible at poker adding, “If you and your boys play your cards right, I could end up being forced to work off his losses”. As much as Jerome didn’t care to have his girlfriend intrude on poker night, he couldn’t help but imagine her being gang fucked by his poker buddies. Jerome agreed to have poker night at her house and invite her dad to play under the condition that she would be a cocktail server and, if Howard fell in the hole then she would offer to work off his obligations.

Poker night arrived on a Saturday and Howard was excited to be included as “one of the guys”, completely unaware that losing too much could prove to be costly on two fronts. He had $500 cash and had decided he would play until morning or until that was gone, whichever came first. Brianna was to be their cocktail server and had decided to dress the part. She had on a short, pleated, plaid skirt, a tight fitting t-shirt, with a very thin lacy bra under, and a pair of thigh high tube socks with converse tennis shoes. Howard’s jaw dropped when he saw her walk into the living room all dolled up with her hair in pigtails, looking like a slutty school girl.

Jerome was already there, to help greet his poker buddies and show them to the game room. They arrived one by one, 5 rather large, athletic looking black men. Tyrell was the first to show. Tyrell, followed by Jim and Rick, James and Chuck were the last to arrive. Brianna answered the door, introduced herself and then led them each to the game room. In the game room they all greeted Jerome as they arrived. No one said much to Howard, just a head nod from one or two of the men. Jerome did not introduce Howard, nor acknowledge him at the table until they were ready to start playing.

Jerome said “Okay guys, five card draw, no wilds, $5 ante. Nothing was different than normal, except that Howard will be joining us. He is my girlfriend sissy father so you aren’t expect to speak to him outside of what is called for in the game itself. Feel free to order drinks and food from Brianna; she will be our hostess all night.”

With that everyone put in $300 for chips as cards were dealt. Brianna went from one of Jerome’s friends to the next taking drink orders. Each man took time to look her over, a couple teasingly rubbing a thigh or slapping her ass. She just smiled, giggled, and went for drinks. With drinks up, poker chips out, and cards dealt, the poker game began.

After a few hours and with everyone, except Howard, a few drinks into the night, it became clear that Jerome and his friends were much better poker players than Howard. Howard had already spent the $500 he intended but, was still playing. Once he had spent his $500 limit, Jerome suggested everyone lend him some money so he could continue to play, try to win back some of his loses. At this point he had lost his original limit and was another $500 in the hole to Jerome and his friends. Not willing to lose any more money, Howard said, “I’m out fellas.” As he began to stand he said, “I’ll go get some cash to pay you what I owe”.

Brianna, in the room and walking around the table, being a good hostess, interjected. “Um, no dad, sit back down. I think these fellas have earned a little more than just some of your hard earned cash. In fact, I can’t tell you how sexy it is to see these big, strong black men take your money. What I can tell you though, is that I think I want to show them in my own special way.” Looking at Jerome, “You don’t mind do you baby?”

Jerome responded quickly, “Nah, in fact, I told the fellas if your daddy lost too much taksim escort money, you’d take care of his debt.” He nodded to his friends and they all quickly cleared the table of poker chips, cards and any food or drinks as Jerome took Brianna’s hand helping her onto the table.

Brianna took center stage on the table as Jerome put some music on the stereo. She started to dance slowly, turning so everyone, including Howard would get a good look as she wiggled playfully. Her skirt was so short everyone at the table, looking up at her dancing, could see her damp thong pressing into her bald pussy lips, and the bottom of her firm, bare ass cheeks. As she danced she rubbed her chest, through her top, her nipples straining through the thin bra and t-shirt. As she danced through a few songs she became aroused by the men looking at her, often whistling or making lewd comments about her body. Brianna began to get do things that were more erotic as she danced, often lifting her skirt to shake her ass and bend over to show her, now dripping cunt, as she pulled the thong up tightly into it, between her lips.

Howard knew his place and sat quietly, watching his beautiful daughter put on this obscene show for her black boyfriend and all his black friends. He was at once both angry and aroused. His cock grew in his shorts as he watched Brianna and listened to these black men talk to her in such demeaning ways.

He knew that it was his fault. He had been so eager to join the poker game, be one of the boys. He wanted to bond with Jerome, not as the submissive father of but, as Howard, his girlfriend’s dad. Howard knew he was not a good poker player and that he’d lose money. He expected it would still be a chance to befriend Jerome. He failed to see the plot that Brianna had laid out. To this point, he was still not aware this was all part of Brianna’s grand plan for the night, so in his mind, this was all his doing.

Brianna’s next move brought Howard back out of his thoughts and into the moment as he watched her get on her hands and knees on the table, then reach out to unbutton Tyrell’s pants. His pants undone, Tyrell lifted his hips and pushed his pants and briefs down past his knees, letting them fall to his ankles. Tyrell sat back as Brianna took his massive black cock in her hand and started to gently stroke it, until it was fully erect. Brianna stayed on her knees as she turned from one man to the next, taking off their pants and stroking their cocks hard. She only skipped Howard, looking at him and smiling as she went to the next man. Brianna worked the entire table, stroking each of the six black cocks to full erections as the others watched her, ass in the air and exposed, her thong buried deep in her puffy, swollen cunt.

Jim was quick to respond when Jerome said, “Boys, you’re gonna have to do a little bit of work here, she ain’t gonna suck a dick that doesn’t come to her. With that Jim stood and moved close to the edge of the table, Brianna turning to meet him. She reached out and stroked his cock with one hand as she rubbed his heavy ball sack with the other. She looked at Howard first, winking at him and smiling. Then she looked a Jerome, gave him a big smile and said “Thanks for helping me set this all up baby.”

Brianna took Jim’s cock deep, all the way to the back of her throat. She didn’t choke or gag. Brianna had plenty of practice sucking large cocks. She held it deep as her throat relaxed, then took him deeper. Brianna breathed, as best she could, through her nose as she took Jim’s cock deep into her throat, her mouth working up and down his cock as he held her head. Tyrelle and Chuck moved to either side of Jim. Brianna reached out and started to stroke their fat, black cocks as she sucked Jim. Howard sat watching as his princess sucked and stroked three massive black cocks. She alternately sucked them, always keeping one in each hand to stroke.

James stood and moved behind Brianna next, leaning forward as he pulled her thong down and off. He took a deep breath, getting as much of her scent as possible, before putting his tongue on her pussy. He placed his tongue flatly on her sensitive folds and began to lick them slowly up and down along her slit. James pushed his tongue between the folds, flicking and teasing her clit with it as his hands groped and rubbed her firm ass. James pulled her cheeks apart, drug his tongue through her pussy, along her taint, then pressed it firmly against her tight little asshole. Pulling her cheeks wide he pressed firmly with his tongue until it penetrated her ass, sending her lurching forward, where she choked on Chuck’s cock deep in her throat.

Howard nearly came in his pants watching his daughter get her ass licked and sucked as she took a long thick cock down her throat. At this point Brianna was on all fours on the table still, with a cock in her throat, a tongue in her ass, a cock in each hand and now two topkapı escort men reaching under her to pinch and rub each of her nipples. He wanted to touch himself, to stroke his cock. Howard knew Brianna’s rules though. He was only permitted to touch his cock for pleasure when she gave him permission to do so. So far tonight, permission had not been granted so he sat and watched as six young, fit black men used his sexy little princess.

After all six men had taken turns eating Brianna’s pussy and ass, or fucking her throat, Jerome instructed them all to give her a short break. He reached out and helped her down off the table. Once on her feet Brianna took her t-shirt and bra off, exposing her red, swollen nipples. Walking over to Howard in just her short skirt, knee socks and tennis shoes, she said, “Well daddy, enjoying the show so far?” Not giving him time to answer she continued, “You might as well get comfortable, we’re going to be a while. I want you to strip, sit and watch as these black studs fuck your little princess. You can play with your little cock but, don’t you dare cum.” Then looking back at Jerome and his friends she added, “Try not to laugh too hard at his little dick but, feel free to make fun of it and tell him how good my cunt, ass and mouth are.”

Brianna sat up on the edge of the table and spread her legs wide, motioning for Chuck to come to her. She grabbed his fat hard cock and guided it into her wet pussy. Chuck moaned loudly, “Fuck your pussies tight. I’m gonna fuck the shit out this little white cunt!” He looked directly at Howard as he grabbed her hips and start to thrust his cock into her deep and hard. His ten inches of fat, black meat was stretching her pussy and filling her deep. Brianna was moaning and begging for it harder and deeper as she looked at Howard with a wicked little smirk.

“Oh fuck Daddy, he’s so big, so much bigger than your little dick! Look how he’s stretching my little cunt. Fuck!” She kept talking and moaning, looking at Howard and making sure he was seeing how much she enjoyed it. Brianna let Chuck fuck her a bit, then pushed him off and motioned for James. She took each of them one at a time, until all six big black cocks had fucked her pussy and left it gaping and wet. Looking at Howard again she said, “Don’t you just love it Daddy? I know I do. I think I need to be filled in every one of my nasty little fuck holes.” Then looking back at the men she added, “If I’m all full, feel free to have daddy stroke your cocks or suck them, to keep you ready for me.”

Jerome got on the table on his back as Brianna approached. James and Chuck helped her as she climbed on the table. Standing to face her father, she slowly lowered her ass down onto Jerome’s monster cock. Jerome held her hips, pulling her tight ass down as he thrust up, filling her ass with his cock. Jim moved in between Brianna’s legs, pushing his cock into her gaping cunt as Jerome held her still. She let out a loud moan as her pussy and ass were filled with the big black dicks. Chuck quickly climbed onto the table, stuffing his cock down her throat as he straddled her face. Jerome and Jim began to work their cocks in and out of Brianna’s pussy and ass in unison, matching rhythm as they fucked her holes deep and hard. Chuck held fists full of hair and roughly fucked her throat.

Howard sat, stroking his hard seven inch cock. He knew seven inches wasn’t really small but, compared to these black men, who all had nine to eleven cocks, it was. He was so aroused seeing his petite little princess getting all her little holes fucked at once, even reaching out to stroke James and Rick’s hard cocks too. Brianna, the little white slut being gang fucked by a bunch of black men. She was such an eager and willing cock slut, so different from the dominant woman who controlled Howard’s every sexual move.

Chuck looked back at Howard, sitting and stroking. “God damn your girls got some hot, tight fuckin holes. She’s a real black cock whore ain’t she? Look how she takes all that nigga dick! A real champ!” They were all thrusting into her, filling her deep. Brianna was having orgasm after orgasm as they pounded into her pussy, ass and mouth. Her juices filled the air in the room. Jerome stayed on the table with his cock in her ass as the other men started taking turns in her pussy and mouth, or being stroked by her. They were all edging toward cumming the pulling out, pushing her to her limits as she climaxed again and again on different cocks.

Tyrelle had stepped back to watch a bit and got bored. He moved toward Howard and said, “Jerome and Bri say you’re a good little cock sucker.” Not waiting for an answer, pushing his cock into Howard’s mouth, he said, “There you go, suck on that fat black cock, fuckin sissy.” Howard did not hesitate, knowing Brianna had already given them permission and by that, given him the order to do what they wished. Aside from that, tuyap escort he really did want to suck Tyrelle’s cock.

Howard took Tyrell deep into his mouth, to the back of his throat. He held it there as his throat relaxed, then took it deeper, into his throat. Howard began to move his mouth up and down, sucking Tyrelle’s cock with sloppy wet noises. Tyrelle gripped a handful of Howard’s hair and start thrusting, deep, fucking Howard’s willing mouth. Howard was moaning and sucking as Tyrelle looked over at the table and said. “Y’all hurry up, this fuckin sissy has me bout to blow my load. I want to get into that pussy to cum.”

Jerome looked at Chuck, “Let’s both take her ass, see how much she can take.” Chuck withdrew from Brianna’s pussy and started to slowly squeeze his cock into her ass, alongside Jerome’s. Chuck pushed slowly, until his full length was in Brianna’s ass. She had never had two men in her ass at once and she nearly screamed in pain as she waited for her ass to adjust. Chuck and Jerome began to slowly fuck her ass, working both in and out together.

Tyrelle left Howard and moved into a squatting position between Brianna and Chuck. He quickly plunged his long, thick cock into her pussy.

Brianna was reeling in rolling orgasms as she felt her pussy and ass stuffed so full with three big, fat black cocks. She was moaning and begging for more. “Fuck yes, fuck my holes. Make me your black cock whore! Fill my cunt, my ass. Fuck, I’m your whore. Fuck, more. Harder. Deeper.” So many incoherent thoughts were said as she bucked and rode on the massive cocks. James filled her mouth quickly but, she kept mumbling and moaning onto his cock as he fucked her throat.

Jim and Rick walked to Howard, Rick saying, “Guess you better get to work on us, until they bust a nut in your little princess.” With that Howard took their cocks in his hands, stroking one and sucking the other. He alternated sucking and stroking, keeping them both hard as he watch the other four fuck Brianna hard and rough.

Jerome was first, thrusting hard and fast as he screamed out, “FUCK YES! Take my fuckin load!” He filled her ass with cum as he powered into it over and over. This set of Chuck, who was also deep in her ass. They both came together, filling her ass with their seed. Tyrelle couldn’t hold back, cumming hard next, deep inside her pussy. Finally James pulled out of Brianna’s mouth and stroked his long, fat cock until he erupted, cumming all over her face and tits.

Brianna reached up, stroking James’ cock to get all the cum out, dropping the rest of his hot load on her face and tits. As the four men got off the table Brianna laid back on it, propped up on her elbows. She was covered in cum from head to waist and her pussy and ass were gaping open with pussy dripping out. Looking at Howard, sucking and stroking Jim and Rick’s cocks.

Howard stopped what he was doing, staring at his daughter in disbelief. She looked so dirty, slutty, nasty… Sitting there cum covered and dripping. Rick and Jim looked to and moved toward Brianna quickly. Jim picked her up and set Brianna down on his cock, filling her gaping cunt. He could feel the cum in her as he started to fuck her pussy hard. Jim walked to where he was standing right next to and over Howard, making sure Howard could see his cock filling Brianna’s pussy.

Rick moved to stand behind Brianna, sandwiching her between himself and Jim. He pushed his cock deep into her gaping ass. The men both began to thrust as the y lifter her small frame up and down between them. They were fucking her gaping ass and pussy hard and deep as Howard look up at their cocks going in and out. Cum was dripping out of her holes as they used them. Stroking his cock as he watched Howard kept his eyes on her pussy and ass, and those thick black cocks.

Brianna came hard, which got Jim and Rick to both quickly follow suite. The three of them stood over Howard cumming together as he watched. She looked down at her daddy from between them as she said, “After they leave, you’re going to lick my fuck holes clean, every drop.” Howard sat back grinning and stroking his cock as he watched them finish up.

The men all dressed and left.

Brianna stood in the middle of the room, naked except for the socks and shoes now. She was covered in cum and it was dripping from her holes. “Daddy, do you want to cum tonight?” Not allowing him time to answer, she looked at Howard. “I will let you jerk yourself off and cum but, only after you have licked all the cum off my body and sucked all the cum out of my pussy and ass. If I’m not perfectly clean, you don’t cum.”

Brianna lay down as Howard quietly, obediently, began to lick the cum off her body. He licked from her face first, down her tits and flat tummy. Howard got every drop of cum and swallowed it before spreading her legs. He then placed his tongue on her pussy and licked her pussy, taint, and ass, getting all the cum from around her gaping, sore holes. Next he pressed his mouth to her ass, sucking what seemed like gallons of cum out of her ass. This got Brianna aroused again so she rubbed her clit as Howard sucked and tongued her ass clean. Finally he moved to her pussy and dipped his tongue in deep. He scooped out the hot sticky loads of cum as Brianna rubbed her clit.

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