Pro Golfer’s Wife’s Affair


Ellie’s husband is a pro golfer from AUSTRALIA, he signed contracts with two of my companies as sponsors. Ellie and her husband learned very quickly learned that I am a possessive man. It is part of who I am. Deal with it.
They also learned my money and power can make or break a career, that when I wanted a woman I got her. I threw a party for all the golfers and their wives, Ellie came down the hallway it is filled with loud, drunk people. She recognized many of them from the PGA tour. Not seeing me, she began working her way down the narrow hall,having to press her ass and her boobs against people. Some of them said ” hi,” other just smiled. Several hands brushed against her body. The family room is filled with more people, but she didn’t see me. She noticed Manny standing next to her, she asked where I was. ” I haven’t seen him,” he said. Ellie didn’t believe him. She stood in the doorway getting jostled by people for a while, and then moved back down the hallway. As she inched her way down the crowded hall, she feels a hand on her butt. That hand guided her towards a empty bedroom, my other hand squeezed her butt, then was on her thigh, and then grabbed her crotch. Ellie finally said, ” Stop it!” I pushed her into the room, closing and locking the door. I pushed her against the wall, my hand reached inside her shorts, working under her panties and touched her bare butt. My other hand reached into her tank top, Ellie squealed as it forced its way into her bra and touched her bare breast. Soon her top is pulled down below her bra, along with her bra straps, and her small breasts and pink-brown nipples jiggled out. Ellie cried out, but her voice can’t be heard as my hand covered her mouth.

Ellie looked up to see me standing in front of her. I’m taller than her, and had a dirty smirk. ” Hi, Ellie,” I said, disrespectfully calling her by her first name. I turned her around to face the wall, I’m behind her now, I press up against her, reaching around with both hands, grabbing her exposed breasts. She looked down to see that her shorts are unzipped and her white panties are exposed. As I pull the shorts down, she sees a wet stain at her crotch. Her shorts and panties are pulled off of her, and her top and bra are yanked off. Standing naked, she is being felt up by me. I notice her arms and shoulders are very sensually feminine, something about the cotton tank top she had on. I notice her curving hips, and her soft belly. I see the lines of her pelvis. Her bare thighs. Her nice ass and her long legs. She has beautiful hair, and beautiful eyes. Her lips, made me want to kiss her. She is a very attractive woman. My wanting her is an unconscious though constant desire. I suddenly pull her away from the wall, pushing her towards the bed. I push her hard against the bed, Ellie sprawled waist first into the bed. I’m behind her standing over her, on her belly on the bed, her legs splayed wide, her legs dangling in the air. She is able to get her hands in front of her in time, her feet coming off the floor, her heels kicking up behind her. Ellie lay there stunned, I instinctively lean over her, pressing my right hand down in the middle of her back. ” You’re not going anywhere” I growled.

I feel my balls tingling, my cock getting hard. Ellie’s back is hot under my hand. Her bare ass and bare thighs are one of the sexiest things I’d seen. I noticed how her hair looks wild, half covering her face, her eyes peering out hotly from under it. Ellie wriggled until her high heels toes touched the floor. Her legs straight out behind her, she feels vulnerable, but is angry at me as I stared at her pussy. Her ass is thrust up on the bed edge, her
legs spread wide apart. I see between her legs, and my cock is raging hard. Her soft little bare pussy, the slit spread open enough I see the lips of her pink pussy. ” Let me up, John. Let me up. You have no right” Ellie yelled at me, recovering her senses, wiggling and fighting to push herself up off the bed. I push down on her back. As she tried to get up from under my hand, I suddenly grabbed her left arm behind her, and then grabbed her other wrist, pulling it behind her as well, holding her two slender wrists together behind her back, one on top of the other in my one big hand, pushing down on her. In one motion I pinned her kicking legs under me, pressing my knees behind hers so she can’t kick. The heat from her legs on my thighs, that energy passing between them is so erotic. My balls feel hot and full. My cock is straining in my pants. The big head pushing against the thin fabric of my old jeans. Ellie is shocked by my brute strength. She’d never, ever been treated this rough before. Here she is, bent over the bed, her ass pressed up, her legs spread, my weight against her, my legs pinning her open.

She feels the heat of my legs on hers, my energy electric, pass into her. She feels it inside her, it feels good she is surprised to acknowledge, warm, familiar, her feet outside mine, her calves hooked on the outsides of my shins, forcing her legs spread wide, only the toes of her shoes touching the floor, my knees pushing hot into the back of her legs, bending her knees enough she didn’t have any leverage. She didn’t know yet that my cock is straining in my pants, that the hardness she feels bump between her legs is the underside of my erection, that the big swollen head of my cock is pointing up and straining inside my pants just above her ass. ” John…I’m married…Please stop?” she breathed, a sense of urgency, of worry in Sex hikayeleri her voice. She realized the precariousness of her position, my power over her, gripping her wrists, her arms behind her back, my hand on her leg, my cock hard and pressed against her hip, her ass burning hot, her pussy throbbing, slippery wet. Ellie is so turned on. She thought she should fight, but
how can she fight, when she likes it? She didn’t want to admit it to herself. Even if she is married, I’m surprised by how turned on her struggling made me. My balls hot, my cock hard, I feel wild primal lust for her. The primal lust swept through me like a wild fire, gripping me, taking me over. So much so, whatever inner conflict I may have felt is swept away, overpowering me. By the sheer sexual arousal I feel for her. It is the same for Ellie. She feels herself submitting to my strength, my forcefulness, wanting it, admiring it, desiring me for it.

Seeing how wet she was, She was so warm, so soft, so smooth. I slide my hand up her thigh, She looks back at me over her shoulder, the side of her face pressed into the bed. I was in love with her in that moment, so captivatingly beautiful. The way her legs are spread, her knees bent, her on her toes, her ass thrust up, I can’t take my eyes off her. I can smell her soft fragrance, a perfume she wore, and I inhaled her. I rubbed my hand up and down her upper thigh, taking her in, all of her, her fragrance, her heat, her sounds, her breathing. I couldn’t stop myself if I wanted to, and I didn’t want to; and I wasn’t, not for anything. I’d gone too far, knew I was going to go further. Ellie laid still. Only moments had passed. She is still breathing hard from the exertion and anger of our
tussle, from the sudden jolt and then the heat of the spanking I had given her. She is amazed at how quickly she’d tired. It is true, she’d heard fights only last seconds, minutes. She’d submitted. She didn’t want this to end, whatever this, was. She is wet, and hot and wanted more. She feels the exact moment when she completely submitted to me. ” Oh god, he’s touching my pussy…Oh god…only her husband has touched her…Oh God it feels so good.” She can’t help it. She closed her eyes, her mouth open absorbing the feeling of my hand pushing against her throbbing pussy. Feels, so, good, she purrs inside. Again feeling she should resist, she feigned trying to get her leg out from under mine. I push down on her wrists, just barely, each time she tries, turning me on even more. I growled. Pressing my fingers against her clit. Pushing down on her wrists behind her back just enough to show force. Just enough to pretend we were both struggling. Ellie feels her pussy creaming. Her breasts aching. Her nipples swollen and hot.
I’m was hypnotized by her smooth, bald little slit, pink and shiny wet, her juices flowing, her so soft pussy, so tender in contrast to the lacy black of her panties. She is obviously shaving her pussy. The sight of her cunt so open, so raw, so shiny wet made my cock ache and throb. I push my cock against her hip, begin almost dry humping her hip, this beautiful blonde writhing under me, urging me to fuck her. I can’t help but see how truly beautiful she is,
how perfectly sexual she is, how I knew in that moment, I’m going to fuck her. The scent of her wet cunt is in me now. I’m like an animal who isn’t going to take no for an answer.

I press my fingers through the lips of her soft pussy. She is so slippery, creamy, pearly wet I wanted to taste her. I hear her breathing change, and her ass shift, her pussy pushing for more. Emboldened, I slide the tip of my index finger into her. She is so soft and satiny smooth, my cock throbbing. ” No, John,” Ellie purrs more than protested, ” you, you shouldn’t, John. It’s wrong, John. You, you shouldn’t, touch me, my, pussy, like that, John,” she moans. Ellie didn’t want me to stop. My finger slides into her. ” Nnno, John, not, in my pussy,” she gushes. I would have none of it. I simply said, ” Shhhh,” as I look into her eyes and cupped her entire pussy in my hand, rubbing the flat of my fingers over her panty covered mons, pushing just slightly on her clit, moving my fingers in circular motions over her clit, pressing, pushing, rubbing. Her eyes closed. Holding her so firmly, I turn my hand just so, to push her panties aside to slide all four fingers into the slit of Ellie’s panties. Her ragged breathing is interrupted only by the soft mewling moans she tries to contain, her shaking her head, ” No,” her swaying her ass to my hand, now openly rubbing her hot, aching, dripping wet pussy. ” Nnnn, touch me John,” She purrs. She protested again, not believing it herself at all, panting to my touching. ” Nnnno, John, nnno. Stop, John, you shouldn’t, do this, John” even while saying to herself, don’t stop John, don’t stop, feels, so good, John. Fuck my pussy, John. Her mind is slowly reeling. Not through thoughts of protest, but thoughts of how she’d never been so hot before, that she wanted this, and can’t admit it, can’t say it to me, can’t ask for it, and denying this, hiding it, concealing it even to herself made her even hotter. Her entire being buzzed with nervous sexual excitement, turning me on even more. I look at her. Her eyes closed, she is slightly shaking her head, ” no.” Her lips are moving, saying, ” no,” but no sounds are coming out except her breathing getting louder, her mouth forming the word ” no,” and her entire expression one of pure lust and pleasure as I slide my fingers over and around and Sikiş hikayeleri through her slippery pink pussy. ” No, John,” she breathed out. ” Shouldn’t, be, touching me, there… John. Shouldn’t, be doing this, John. Touching, my, pussy, John,” hinting at her desire’s. ” I’m married, John. Stop…I can’t…John…John
…I’m married…John…No…No…this is wrong…John.”

Ellie is now rocking her hips to my ministrations, her legs spread wide, she let her weight rest entirely on the bed, pushing up on her toes, her knees bent, her ass pushed up and out, I’m fucking her with my fat fingers, her back arching in kittenish reply. My voice softened. It is firm, confident, but not angry. ” Are you going to give me a hard time anymore, Ellie?” Ellie can barely answer. My finger is so deep in her. It isn’t fair that I asked, not fair at all. My other fingers spread her open, sliding through her creamy folds. Her pussy is hot, on fire, her nipples
and breasts throbbing and aching, writhing under my touches. She shook her head. ” N, n, no, John. Hnn-nnn.”
A moment passed before I whispered, ” I don’t believe you.” I’m a beast. She loves it. I continue finger fucking her.
Her breasts push and slide against the bed, her nipples hard as pebbles, the straps of her tank top down over both shoulders. The motions of her struggle and her dragging across the bed had begun to work her shirt down over her breasts. I let go of her wrists, and at first she held her arms there on her own behind her back, and then her arms slowly slide from her back down along her sides. She made no effort to move. I left my hand in the middle of her
back. Shaking her head, “no” she raised one leg, lifted her knee onto the bed, her pussy thrust perversely, spread open for me. ” Ohhh god, you do want it, don’t you, Ellie.” Her eyes closed. Ellie feels the head of my cock touch the heat of her pink wet slit, then push through the slit in her panties, spreading the lips of her hot pussy open. I’m going to fuck her right through the slit in her panties. She pushes back with a silent groan enough that I slide inside her, just the bloated crown of my cock, and she begins cumming again. I found her entrance and pressed against it but it would not yield. I feel Ellie’s whole body wincing. I press again, harder this time, and I feel her little belly beneath me tighten as she drew in a quick breath and held it. The head of my cock is inside her now. I keep working, prying, pushing in small incremental thrusts. Ellie’s pussy is tight, unbelievably, delightfully so, but the effort to bar my entrance is too much. Ellie releases her breath, she is holding with a ragged sigh into my ear as my cock drives into her all the way to my scrotum. It would please me no end to tell you that Ellie and I proceeded to fuck each other savagely for the next four hours in different positions, but that is not how our first night together unfolded. Instead, I feel Ellie’s body start to unclench. She loosens her arms from around my neck and allows her hands to wander down the flanks of my back. Instinct took over and she begins lifting her pelvis in a rhythm to meet each new thrust. There are moist trails down her temples where first there had been her tears, then our sweat. Ellie utters a thick, sibilant ” Yes!” and her mouth sought out mine. Within minutes I lay on top of her, ejaculating, while her mouth molded itself around my tongue.

Ellie feels me push the big rubbery head of my swollen hard cock penetrate her, her wet pussy lubricates the head with her juices, and then I push harder, her opening stretching to try to adjust to my girth, feeling the pressure increasing inside her, stretching to the limit, pain increasing from the stretching and the pressure from my thick shaft, I continue forcing my way into her, sliding with difficulty into her tight passage, my hugely swollen cock causing friction against the tender vaginal walls as it slides back and forth, gliding into her, deeper, and deeper. ” Oh god, ohhh, John,” she moaned. ” Nooo..noo..nooo…fuck John…nuuugh…fuck me.” I’m deep inside her, I’m fucking her hard, ” Ohhhh…God…He’s fucking me…Nnn…yes…ohhhh…John.” I feel her pussy become drenched as I finally slip all the way inside her. I pull Ellie’s head back by her hair, slamming my cock up into her hot pussy. ” Feels good, doesn’t it, Ellie? ” Nnnnnggh…so hot…so tight for me…Mmm, so wet….You’re loving this..aren’t you. ..Ellie?” I’m loving her sweet pussy. “Oh God..Ellie…you’re so hot and tight and wet around my cock…That’s my married slut…yesss…take all of me…Ellie…Yess…open your pussy for me.” Ellie can hardly breathe trying so hard to not surrender to me. ” Yes, she loves it. Yes, yes, yes,” she said over and over. My cock, inside her, in her pussy. ” So tight for me. You’re pussy feels so good wrapped around my cock. It’s okay, Ellie, I know you don’t want this, that I’m is making you do it, that I’m is making you get so wet,” I growled into her ear, ” it’s not your fault, Ellie,” slamming my cock into her soft tight wet pussy. Burying myself inside her. ” You can tell your husband that I fucked you, and you couldn’t stop me. That I made you. Mmmm, yes Ellie, take my cock, good. Look how beautiful you are, your beautiful pussy opening for my cock. Mmm, so sexy, fucking you through the slit in your tight panties. Tell me, Ellie. Tell me how good my big hard cock feels inside you. How hot and hard my cock is inside you.”

Ellie let out a huge breath. She gushed her Erotik hikaye arousal, her pleasure. A huge orgasm is building in her. I’m saying I was making her, forcing her, raping her release it. I feel her flood my cock. Her body is shaking. I’m pulling her hair in my fist, pulling her head back, fucking her so deep. Taking her. She didn’t answer, couldn’t answer, her orgasm ripping through her. My cock is so amazingly hard, so amazingly big, throbbing hot inside her, stretching her open, fucking her. She knew she shouldn’t be liking this, but she did. She loves it. She loves every dirty, naughty word out of my mouth. My big hands all over her tits. I’m squeezing, groping, fondling her hot swollen tits. My swollen fat cock rutting up inside her. ” Ohhhh Ellie, yesss, cum for me, Ellie. Mmm, you’re so wet, cumming on my cock. I whisper in a gravelly, hissing hot voice, nasty things in her ear, with my cock buried in her, throbbing hard, swelling, sliding, gliding, stretching her open. She held her breath. As long as she could. It feels so, so good, my cock fucking her from behind, so, so deep inside her. She suddenly wanted me to cum, inside her, feel my cum blast inside her. Nodding her head, ” Yes,” her sucking my cock inside her, pushing her ass up to me, pushing back at me, her voice dry, words she would have never expected to say finally burst.

” Ohhhh god, John, yesssss. Cumming John. Cumming on, your fucking big cock, John. Yess, feels so good, John.
Oh my god, John, cumming, again, John. Nnn, ohhh, John. So good in me. Oh, fuck, John, Whenever you want, John. Just don’t stop.” I groaned a growl of approval, the torrent of Ellie’s words making me fuck deeper, harder, inside her. I pull back on Ellie’s hair, pulled her hip, her knee raised, her lovely ass thrust up for me, her lovely pussy taking my cock. She looks back at me, her eyes hungry, her mouth hungry. I slid my hands up her ribs, took both of her breasts in my hands. ” Nnnggh, yes, baby. Feel my cock. My cock so deep in your tight pussy. You’re so sexy, Ellie. So beautiful. I love fucking you. Oh god, Ellie, you’re so hot. Take my cock. Mmm, love fucking you, Ellie. Take me. Yesss, so deep in you” pumping into her, her body sliding, up and back in front of me, jiggling with each bump of my hips into her laying on the bed. I turn her head by her hair and thrust my tongue into her mouth, bucking my hips into her ass, slapping against her ass. I lean back, and watch my cock disappear into her, again, and again. Slide through the slit in her soaking wet panties, through her pink wet folds stretched so tautly around my girth. I’m so deep inside her. The glove of her hot cunt so amazingly tight.

” Mmm, Ellie, I’m not going to stop. I will fuck you like this whenever I want, Ellie. Such a hot, tight, wet pussy. Your pussy belongs to me now. C’mere Ellie, kiss me. Mmmm, yes, my fuck toy.” Ellie sucked in her breath yet again, her tongue in my mouth. How did I know? She’d wanted to hear dirty talk for so long. She moans into my mouth, her tongue in my mouth. It is so erotic, so hot, our kiss making her pussy cream, and cream on my raging hard cock fucking up inside her. ” Oh god, yesss, John. Y-your fuck toy, John,” she hissed, pushing her tongue back into my waiting mouth, turning as far around toward me as she can, I’m gripping her hips, pulling me into her, fucking that monster hard cock inside her tight pussy. Ellie feels herself cumming again, hearing those words come out of her. I’m making her mine, making her my slut, my fuck toy. The orgasm starts deep inside, and then, at the same time, her clit begins vibrating like it never has before, my hugely hard cock sawing in and out of her hot wet aching swollen pussy. My words making her hotter and hotter, I’m taking her, making her, making her cum again, and again. Ellie looks back at me, her face full with hungry lust, the look on her face making me so hard, her moaning again, and again as I drove my cock deep inside her.

I pull Ellie to my chest, wrapping my arm over her shoulder, her breast in my hand. I slammed my cock up into her, her tight hot wet cunt sucking on my cock, squeezing my cock, so hot, so deep, gliding in and out of her from behind, her soft ass, her panties squeezing my cock sliding through the slit, inside her. ” Yess, love fucking you,” I hissed into her ear. ” Making, you take my cock.” We are breathing so hard, so turned on. ” Ohhh, ohhhh, John, cumming, cumming on your cock John. Ohhhh, John, yess” Ellie squealed, hummed, moaned, ” Fuck me, John, make me, John.” ” Oh Ellie, your pussy is making me cum, too. Oh god, Ellie.” Ellie smiled feeling so close to me, being fucked by me, her eyes closed, so close to me, my cock so deep in her. She belonged to me now, she is mine. She milks my cock inside her, her ass so hot and wet with our juices, I’m sweaty hot, wet, my thick hard cock slicing into her through the slit in her soaking wet panties. The heat of my pelvis slamming into her, Ellie whispers hotly, still cumming, ” I, want you, to cum, in my mouth, next time, John.” Delighting in my long growling groan, bucking up inside her, cumming deep in her. ” Nnnn, John, nnnooo, please don’t cum in me, John.” she moans as I turned her face toward me by her hair, and pushed my tongue into her hot mouth. My arm over her shoulder, gripping her breast, gripping her hips, pulling her tight against me, coming down from the torrential high of our orgasm, our sweaty hot kiss bonding them together as lovers, I’m breathing hard, telling Ellie in a hot, panting whisper, ” I’m going to fuck you again soon,” Ellie groaned. I wrapped both hands around her belly, kissing the nape and round of her neck.

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