Lingerie Shopping and Dinner

Big Tits

Ruthless and rich, John Malone is surrounded by beautiful young women with others at his beckon and call 24/7. His live in girlfriend Shelly is busy learning to run his international empire. Three years ago Ellen was brought to John’s attention. Ellen was a reporter/anchor at an Atlanta Ga. TV station, It was a shock when John showed up in Atlanta bought her contract. Ellen moved to Dallas and given a reporter/ anchor job at John’s TV station. Ellen steps reluctantly into his world of glitz and glamour, then willingly into his bed. Ellen is enjoying a 27 million dollar penthouse, private chef, housekeepers, expensive car of her choose, generous clothing allowence, and salon twice a week. But there can be no future for their jet-set affair, for he’s a hardened playboy and she is his innocent mistress.

Ellen arrived at the penthouse after shopping for lingerie, it is still dark as I hadn’t arrived home from a late meeting. Opening the door, she flipped on the light and dropped her keys on the small table. Bypassing everything else, she heads straight for the bedroom. Ellen figured she had a little while before I would arrive home, and she can’t wait to show me the new lingerie. She is most eager to to see if it had the same effect on me as it did on her. She threw the bag onto the bed and begins pulling her clothes off, throwing them into the hamper. Once nude, she strode into the bathroom and turned on the shower. While she waited for the water to heat up, she studied her naked form in the mirror. She hefted her full breasts and let her thumb stroke over the light brown nipples. Her eyes trailing lower and took in her waist flaring out to her hips. The junction between her thighs is bare from weekly trips to the salon. The thought came to her that she had never truly appreciated the beauty of the female form.
Heaving a sigh, she steps into the shower, letting the hot water run over her. Grabbing the soap, she lathered up the washcloth and begins to run it over her heated skin. As sensitive as she is, Ellen almost instantly feels the tugs of desire again, but steeled herself to finish up washing. At least, that is, until she slips the washcloth between her legs and made contact with her swollen lips. The low, smoldering that is her sexual need flashed over into a wild fire burning her to the core. Her breath skitters for a moment and she simply lets the cloth drop, her fingers soft on her vulva. She slips them past her lips and up inside her while the other hand reaches up to grasp the top of the shower door. With one finger inside of her, she moves her thumb around so that it cover her clit, rubbing it back and forth. Gasping again, she is able to quickly propel herself up and over the edge. The orgasm this time isn’t as hard as in the parking garage, but no less intense.

Her mind swimming as the waves thundered through her blood. Soon, her legs give out and she lets go of the door, collapsing to the floor of the shower. Still manipulating her button and stroking her finger in and out, as she palms her breasts, tweaking the nipples. The water poured over her as she rode from climax to climax. When she couldn’t take it any longer, she let her hand drop from between her thighs and away from her breasts. As she lay there trying to catch her breath, she realized the water had become lukewarm and is rapidly descending towards cold. Hauling herself up on legs made of rubber, she managed to turn the shower off and reach out to grab a towel. Quickly drying herself off, Ellen stumbled back into the bedroom, the fog in her brain lessening by degrees until she looks at the bed. She knew that I had not arrived home yet, but something is definitely different. The bag from ” Gift of Bastet,” is gone, and the lingerie is laid out on the bed. The teddy and matching panties are laid out on the bed, but now there is a pair of thigh high stocking accompanying them as well. She looks around for a second before the fog threatened to cloud her thinking again, and she decided to simply add it up to the weirdness of the evening.

Looking at the clock, she figured that she had a few minutes before I arrived home and set out to make sure that things are ready for me. She slips the lingerie on marveling at how soft it feels against her skin, at how the sheer black stockings slide up her legs, and the utter sensuality of it all. Realizing that if she gave into her urges, she would never get anything done, she pushes down her desires for the moment. She padded around the room, dimming the lights, pulling on a pair of strappy high heels, and turning the bed down. She is lighting the incense when she hears the front door open and my voice call her name. She responds by telling me she is in the bedroom, and her body responds with a fresh flow of heat. When the door to the bedroom opens and I step inside, my eyes widened slightly with the sight before me. Almost as in a daze, I move towards Ellen, pulling on my tie. She met me in the middle of the room, watching my eyes roam over her body. Taking in the sheer nothing she is almost wearing, and sees the desire flame in my eyes. An desperate hunger came over her at the same time, her nipples popping out to hardened points and her belly tightening. With little warning, I reach out to grab her by the shoulders, dragging her body against me and capturing her mouth with mine. The fire and need for me spiked and, as our lips open to allow our tongues to intertwine, she slips her hands under my suit coat and rips my shirt open. The buttons popping off and flying across the room. Underneath, her nails scrapping across the bare skin of my hairy chest as she fought to free the shirt tails from my trousers.

She manages to get them free, and then pulls off the shirt and coat, somehow undoing the tie as well, before throwing them all to the floor. Next, she went straight for my belt, unbuckling it and undoing the snap to my trousers. Her hand slithers inside, under the waistband of my boxers to touch the tip of my cock. A moan tumbles from me and across my lips to vibrate on hers. She rubs the spongy head with the tip of her finger for a couple of strokes before pulling her hand free. The muffled sound of protest from me is cut off by her unzipping my trousers and shoving them, along with my shorts, down to the floor. My rock hard cock jumps free and rubs along the inside of her thigh. Breaking the kiss, Ellen drops her head to run her tongue along the length of my chest and down my stomach. Gripping my hips, she pulls me over by the bed and sat on the edge, coming eye to eye with my phallus. My sack hung low and she gently cups my balls, rolling them in her fingers. She leans in and sweeps her tongue around the head before popping it into her mouth with firm suction. My fingers tangle in her hair and she can tell I’m looking down, watching her as she took my entire length in and out of her mouth. She can picture what I saw and another lurch of desire took control of her. Using her free hand, she hikes the edge of the teddy up and slips her hand under her g-string to play with her clit. She varies speeds as she bobs up and down on my shaft. I groan my appreciation and she kicks up her efforts another notch, feeling my testicles respond, the sack tightening under her fingers.

With a grunt and a sudden motion, I both pull out of her mouth and pushed her back onto the bed. Kicking completely free of my trousers, I managed to get my shoes and socks off also before dropping Sex hikayeleri to my knees on the floor. With her ass perched on the edge of the bed, all I had to do is grasp her thighs, separate them, and lean in. I pull the crotch of her panties to the side and dive in hungrily. As I swipe my tongue up and down her swollen lips, she raises her head to watch me and one word came to mind to describe everything that has happened so far, magic. That is the only thing that can explain both of their reactions, the sudden need, and lust that flooded through both of them. Then all thought came to screeching halt as my lips and tongue came down on her clit. On a sudden gasp and buck of her hips, she slams head on into another orgasm. Her legs resting on my shoulders and her thighs clamped tight around my head. I slide my hands over her hips and use them to steady her wild gyrations, while sucking and teasing her into one climax after another. My tongue sweeps down to explore her pussy, extending up inside her as far as I can go, her juices coating my tongue, before I came back up to concentrate on her clit. I swirl my tongue around her nub. Ellen’s breathe came in short gasps as she rode one crest to the next.

With no warning, I pull away and rose up between her legs, my cock jutting out long and thick before me. Standing up, I grab her thighs and lift them, exposing her overheated slit. Using one hand, I guide myself to her slit, the head slipping inside with ease. Forgoing any gentleness, I drive himself all the way in, her velvety walls gripping and pulling at me. She let out a small scream of pleasure and grabs my forearms as I begin to piston in and out of her. The sensations piling up in her head, threatening to drown her, and she gives herself up to it all. She has never experienced this much stimulation, this much sexual excitement, and wished it would never end until she became my lover. One after another, the orgasms roll through her. I drop one of my hands down and cover her clit with my thumb, and she threw her head back in sheer delight. I toyed with her button for a few minutes before sliding my hand up to cup her breast. I gently, but firmly, roll the nipple in between my fingers. I pull almost all of the way out, then slam myself all the way back in. I did this repeatedly, and Ellen feels the vibrations travel through her body from the force of the impalements.

In one rapid motion, I pull out and flip her onto her stomach, planting her feet on the floor and spreading them slightly. The sudden emptiness from my sudden withdrawal is quickly replaced as I drive into her from behind. Feet on the floor and bent over the bed, all she can do is spread her arms and grip the bed covers, holding on for dear life. My hands gripped her hips and the teddy rode high on her waist. Her breasts swayed back and forth as she and I strained together. Letting go of the covers with one hand, she slips it under her body and her middle fingers came down on her clit, rubbing wildly. Ellen feels my shaft get thicker inside of her and knew I was going to come soon. With one last deep thrust and a guttural cry, I erupted inside of her. The feeling of me spilling my load and pulsing within her sent her over the edge once more, her orgasm ripping through her. With her head thrown back and eyes closed, entire constellations of stars exploded in her vision. Her body took on a mind of it’s own, quaking under the power of her climax. All too soon, it begins to taper off and she slips off my juice covered shaft to collapse on the bed. Taking one trembling step forward, I fell onto the bed beside her, my lungs taking in great gulps of air. Reaching out to take her in my arms, I look down in appreciation at the lingerie she still wore.

” I don’t know where you got this from,” I said as my fingers danced over the lace of her bodice, ” but if you ever want to shop there again, I’ll give you my credit card.” She reached up to pull my face in for a deep kiss while, at the same time. After great sex we get up and take a shower together, then dress for dinner out. The night is hot and humid as we walk from the restaurant, a little place that we have found by accident near the penthouse with a great atmosphere. Romantic, but nothing too heavy. A coziness that lends to the feeling. Ellen is wearing a dark red button-up blouse with a pair of blue jeans and low cut cowboy boots. The blouse is open to the second button, exposing just a little cleavage, only enough to get the imagination going. I am wearing a pair of blue jeans and a gray shirt that brings out the color of my eyes. And I have my cowboy boots on. The dinner that we have shared was filled with laughter broken occasionally by smoldering stares that promise of things to come soon. From time to time, our feet would find one another and dance beneath the table, provoking sly smiles as the waitress came over. She having no idea what our feet are doing. As she talked to us about our orders, my foot slipped up and slides along the inside of her thigh, making her stutter for a moment as she tried her best to reveal nothing. The seats we were in was a corner booth built for 2 people. As the evening progressed, we slowly slide closer to one another until we are sitting side by side. Ellen gets even when the waitress comes over and asks if we would like desert. As I politely decline, my hand, which until now has been sitting patiently on her thigh, moves over and strokes the inside of her leg up near the crease of her lap. Ellen stutters only briefly, blushing just enough that I can see as I am looking for it.

As the waitress moves away, I turn and give her a look that says, ” soon, I’ll get mine again soon.” I almost have to laugh at this, but I stay quiet, grinning on the inside. You sense my quiet laughter and smile in return. Later, as we walk to the penthouse, our arms slip around one another and I lean over to whisper in her ear, ” I love you so very much.” Ellen smiles and leans her head on my shoulder in answer, leaving the words unspoken but unmistakable none-the-less. The mere closeness of our bodies gives me more pleasure than words can express. We reach the building and go inside. Once we get into the bedroom, we take off our clothes and throw them in the closet. I kick my boots and socks off to make myself more comfortable. Ellen smiles at me and I take her in my arms, kissing her with a passion and heat that makes the sun look like a sparkler ” good, ain’t I.” I whisper. We break the kiss and catch our breaths, gazing into each others eyes and feeling the emotions pass between us again, words being completely unnecessary at this point. I lean down and kiss the base of her neck as my hands slide up and down her back, working lower and lower until they are resting on her ass. Her hands are busy sliding up my back and side as she let out a small moan of pleasure.

Her hands come around to the front and unbutton my shirt, pulling from the waist of my jeans. She slides them up and down my chest and I work my lips up and down her neck, planting kisses over all the skin my lips can reach. My hands slide up her sides until they are resting just below her breasts and that’s where they stop. She takes one hand from my chest and, taking my hand, places it squarely on her breast. Being the sensitive, intelligent man that I am, I take the hint and begin massaging the flesh gently, making sure to keep away from the nipple for now. She leans her head forward, Sikiş hikayeleri resting it on my shoulder and, nuzzling the shirt out of the way, starts kissing and lightly biting the skin of my shoulder. Her hands slide around to my back under the shirt and begin softly stroking her nails down my back (Ellen is one of the women to ever realize exactly what that does to me). I shiver as she does this, chills running up and down my spine, and I enjoy every moment. I start kissing my way downward and unbutton the first button of her blouse using just my lips, teeth, and tongue (told her I was very talented). From there I move onto to the second button. Moving the fabric out of the way, I start to kiss the tops of her breasts, just above the cups of her bra. She moans into my shoulder and reaches down to feel along the inside of my thigh.

Sliding her hand up, she feels my hard erection along the inside of my pants. Now it’s my turn to moan as she grazes her fingernails along the outside of my jeans and down the length of my cock. I bend my knees slightly and work the third button of her blouse loose using only my mouth, then the fourth one. At this point, I’ve almost reached the top of her jeans. I take the fabric just above the jeans in my mouth and pull, her blouse sliding smoothly out of her pants, leaving her with just one button holding her shirt together in the front. In just a few seconds, that button is undone also and the blouse is just hanging on her shoulders. My hands slide up her side and brush the blouse from her shoulders, which falls to the floor where it lays unnoticed. Her hands return the favor and my shirt slides off to join hers on the floor. The light falls softly on her shoulders and the tops of her breasts as I return to kissing her shoulders and neck, my arms encircling her pulling her close to me. She brushes her hand across my chest and down my stomach, pulling teasingly at the hairs that she finds there. When she reaches the waistband of my jeans, she pauses. Taking the end of my belt in hand, she pulls it and it comes undone in her hand. Pulling with just a little more force, the belt slides around through the belt-loops. I pull her up to face me as I kiss the base of her neck as my hands slide up and down her back, working lower and lower until they are resting upon her hips.

She reaches out with trembling hands and unbuttons my shirt, pulling from the waist of my jeans. She slides them up and down my chest and I work my lips up and down her breast. My hands slide lightly up her back to her bra and with two fingers I unsnap it, letting it dangle from her body. I move my head over to her other shoulder and slide the strap down her arm with my chin. Her bra is now just hanging on her breasts. Her hands move to my waistband again and, sliding under it, undo the top button. I move my mouth downward, kissing and nibbling the tops of her breasts, sliding the bra lower and lower until it falls off to the floor between us. I lean back slightly and admire her breasts before continuing with my kisses all around her breasts. She pushes her chest out slightly so that I can get to the nipples easier, but I ignore them and work my way all around, just skirting the edge of them and frustrating her just a little bit (remember, patience is a virtue.) She reaches further down and pops open the second button of my button-fly jeans. My hands in the meantime have come back around to the front her jeans and are working at undoing the belt. The belt comes undone and I unbutton the top her jeans. Her hand works down to the third button on my jeans and pops it open. Suddenly, her hand darts into my pants and strokes the top of my pubic hair. My mouth works it’s way to the underside of her breasts and back to the top again. My hands slide the zipper of her jeans down to the bottom and come back up to tug the waist of her jeans downward. They slide over her hips and down her legs to reveal her panties (the black silk thongs, she knows those that drive me nuts).

I maneuver her over to the bed and sit her down on the edge of it. Reaching down, I pull off her boots and socks one at a time, setting them off to the side. Once I get them off, I pull her jeans off the rest of the way. She sits back up and, scraping her nails lightly across my skin (she likes doing that), she grabs the waistband of my jeans and pulls them downward slowly. Once they get to a certain point, my erection pops up and looks her in the face. I put my hands on her shoulders and push her back onto the bed, straddling her body with mine. My lips fall on hers and we kiss again with passion and fire, our bodies grinding against one another. I leave her lips with a little reluctance and move back down to her breasts, where I give her nipples what they so want and place my lips on her right one.
Ellen gasps as I start to kiss, lick and nibble on the tender flesh of her right nipple. She raises one leg slightly and hook her toes into the waistband of my jeans and push them the rest of the way off. My hands slide up and down her body, stroking her flesh tenderly. I start working my way down her body, taking my time and tasting every piece of her skin that my lips and tongue can reach. I reach her belly button and take a moment to tickle it lightly with my mouth. She giggles before I move on to more fun places. I move down to the top of her panties and my tongue slides along the skin just above it before I move to the inside of her thigh. She is moaning as I move my mouth along the skin just below the panties. She moves her hips slightly trying to get my mouth to move over a few inches, but I very carefully keep my mouth out of that area for now. I move my mouth over to the inside of her other thigh and she starts to squirm just a little, wanting me to place my mouth and tongue in more pleasurable areas.

After a few moments, I relent and start to kiss her mound through the panties, tasting her juices on my tongue and feeling my body tense in need. But I remain patient until I am done. Her squirming increases as she reaches down and run her hands through my hair. I slide my hands up the outside of her thighs and up under her buttocks. Curling my fingers under the top edge of her panties, I begin to roll them down and she lifts her hips slightly allowing me to pull them off. They come over the swell of her ass and down her thighs, exposing her pubic area for me to see. As they move down her legs, I follow them with my mouth, placing kisses softly as I go. After they clear her feet, I drop them off to the side and begin working my way up her legs again. Once I get to the inside of her thighs, I lift her legs and place them on my shoulders. I lean my head forward and place a kiss on the top of her mound, moving down the side until I reach the bottom of her slit. My tongue slides out and slithers up her crevice until I almost reach her clit, then reverses and makes it’s way back down again. She is moaning in pleasurable agony as I tease her without mercy, her hips heaving up and down in time to my tongue. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, I move my tongue back up and curl it around her clit. A shudder passing through her body as the sensation races up and down her spine. My hands slide up under her ass and cups her cheeks, pulling her hips further into my face. He hands grasp the back of my head and pushes in, not too hard, just enough to let me know that she is enjoying what I’m doing. I twirl my tongue Erotik hikaye around her clit and flick it up and down, listening to her breathing getting gradually deeper and deeper.

I move one hand out from under her and slip a finger into her, sliding it in one knuckle at a time. Her juices cover my finger and soon I am sliding it in and out of her in time with my tongue. I begin increasing the pressure on her clit, moving my tongue up and down and back and forth. Her body begins to tighten as she feels the beginnings of her orgasm deep within her. I feel her body tighten and change my movements. I put my lips around her clit and suck it into my mouth, popping it in and out and at a steady pace. Every few strokes I stop and just suck her clit into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue and driving further into ecstasy. Soon, her moaning gets louder and louder as she pushes toward release, begging me to send her over the edge. I smile slightly and decide to give her what she wants. I slide another finger in and curl both of them slightly, rubbing the inside of her while my tongue dances on her clit.

Suddenly, her back arches and she lets out a loud scream as the orgasm that has been approaching for so long sweeps over her and sends her body into overload. Colored lights flashing behind her eyes as she thrashes back and forth. I continue working her clit with my tongue and as soon as her first orgasm starts to subside, another one comes crashing in. Her hips are bucking up and down and her thighs tighten around my head, trapping me. Slowly she comes down from her orgasm and lays on the bed panting from escasty. I slowly kiss and lick my way back up her body until I am laying beside her holding her in my arms, listening to her breathing coming back to normal. After staring at her beautiful face flushed with passion, I ask in a soft voice, ” did you have fun?” She turns to look me in the eyes and, smiling just a little bit, nods her head. I flip her over onto her stomach, then position her on her hands and knees. I knew she was in heat for me again. I push up against her, my tongue penetrating her swollen lips, she can’t help but cum for me. Her legs are beginning to weaken, she is still in the midst of her orgasm and dazed when she feels me on her back, I had mounted demanding, the feeling of being taken again overwhelms her body and mind. My hand gripping her around her small waist and pull her up into the arch of my body, she feels my hairy chest on her back and my hary abdomen on her bare tender ass, the feeling of warmth and then she feels it, my big hard cock, the image flashing through her mind. I’m thrusting it, she feels it sliding and stroking between her ass cheeks, it feels VERY VERY hot. She had come down from her orgasm and reality came back to her thoughts. Ellen is having second thoughts, maybe this is so wrong, she tried to pull away, then she feels my mouth on the back of her neck and she hears me growl. Ellen remembers the mating process and the males do that when the bitch is trying to get away. She stops trying to pull away from me. I pull her even more back up into my thrusting cock, she feels that precum leaking all over her ass and going inside her ass cheeks. I position her once again, she feels my hot cock sliding and stroking between her cheeks, my pre-cum feels so so hot and it now is coating her swollen lips.

“ OH FUCK OH FUCK, ” my pre-cum is so hot, it is stimulating her pussy, she loves feeling the heated wetness like this, the more I stroke my cock, the more her ass starts to rise. Ellen knows what I’m doing, I’m priming her for penetration, this foreplay is making her arousal in her pussy grow more for me, she can’t stop this even if she wanted to. She spreads her legs more for me, she is totally surrendering to my animal lust as she lusted for me, she wants me deep inside her starving pussy again, she needs my big cock fucking her again. She raised her ass a little more than bam, she feels her pussy lips flowering and stretching open for the most powerful dominating entry she has ever felt. “ OH FUCK OH OH FUCK YES YES YES” She screams. Her pussy clamps down like a vise contracting and squeezing my cock as she has a massive orgasm. She knew at that moment, I’m not finished with my bitch. Her thoughts of being my bitch, my whore only added to her eagerness, her lust for me. When she is finished with her first orgasm another followed it. I gripped her tighter as I fucked her. This is the kind of fucking her pussy craves for every day. Ellen loved the foreplay, take me…take me…dominate me…make me submit…make me feel submissive…make me feel like a bitch…make me feel like a whore…a lustful whore who wants to be fucked harder and deeper…to feel hot loads of cum deep inside me.

After cumming a few more times she knew what was coming, my big knot, she didn’t think her pussy could take it, to swallow it, during our fucking sessions I have rarely forced the knot at the base of my cock inside her. But tonight her pussy is so hungry for it. I had penetrated her cervix and was unloading my hot pre-cum deep in her womb. I had made her orgasm so many times, I wanted to be tied to her, knotted in her and cumming in her and with her. Her pussy is lustfully thirsty for my huge load of cum. The image flashing through her mind when I pull out of her and see my cum seeping out of her quivering pussy. That fuels my animal lust to knot her. Her pussy thirsty for my cum. She spreads her legs almost straight out to the sides, like she is doing the splits, she digs her nails into the carpet to push her ass higher, thrusting back to meet my powerful thrust, she screams “ YES YES YES BABY YES,” she feels her lips stretching more than ever around my big knot and close TIGHTLY behind it. I release her neck and she sees in the mirror my head shot up and I let out a conquering type howl. I’m now tied to my bitch, Ellen. “ OH FUCK YES OH FUCK YES BABY I’M YOUR BITCH NOW BABY FUCK ME FUCK ME MAKE ME YOUR WHORE BABY PLEASE.” The feeling of my hands gripping her tighter and fucking her deeper is unbelievable. She feels my cock and knot begin to grow bigger. “ OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK ME JOHN FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER HARDER PLEASE.” She is begging me to fuck her harder and deeper, she is thrusting back meeting every one of my powerful thrusts.

The itch deep in her pussy is almost gone. I had her pussy on fire. Her pussy is so alive. The more we fucked together the more I grew, the more her pussy stretched for me. Her lust for me overcame the pain of being stretched to the limit. Ellen has been through pain in our fucking sessions. She is wondering if I’m ever going to stop growing and she is hoping I take her completely. Her question is answered. The unbelievable heat of my cock and knot. It is growing hotter and she is convinced I’m getting very close to feeding her, breeding her, shooting my baby making hot sperm deep into her thirsty womb. The strong scent of sex fills the room, she thought she could taste it in her throat. She knew I’m about to cum in her, she feels it, she wants it, she needs it, she wants to be the best BITCH, best WHORE I had ever breeded. She pushes back harder, squeezing her pussy muscles as hard as she can around my cock and knot.

Soon, we reach the edge and propel ourselves over, our orgasms crashing into us at the same time. Time becomes immaterial as our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls lock together for a brief period. All too soon, it is over and we both collapse onto the bed besides each other. I wrap my arms around her and she lays her head on my chest. As I softly stroke her hair, we drift off to sleep in each others arms.

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