Parental Control

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All characters are 18 years of age or older. Here’s another one shot. I’ve been working alongside with this one with a few other stories. Feel free to comment and vote all you like. If you have any critique please tell me so I can get better.


Proxima Erotica:

It was late Friday night, early Saturday morning when I got the text from an unknown number. I had just dropped Julia off at home. The date had been nice. It was our third time going out and ended in some heavy petting but no further. Julia liked to think of herself as a good girl. She didn’t fuck on the first date. There was a three-date minimum or, so she said. I respected that. I looked at it as one hell of a tease. I stopped along the long drive way and read the text.

‘My car will pick you up tomorrow at noon. Dress casually and don’t be late. I abhor tardiness.’

It wasn’t signed but I suspected by the timeliness and where I was when I got it that Julia’s mom had sent the text. I drove home and watched the mansion’s lights fade into the distance. Julia came from a shit ton of money. Her mother was a professional wife. She married often and divorced just as often. She had just cut loose her ninth or was it tenth husband. She had gotten one hell of a settlement and was celebrating. Julia had kept me in the loop as the end of her mother’s latest marriage went from critical to terminal. Proxima, Julia’s mother, got bored of men quite easily. She was barely in her thirties and already a multimillionaire. I hadn’t met her yet, but I had looked up pictures of her on the net. She was the kind of beautiful that poets and warriors languished over. She had started out life as a runway model and did quite well from her teens on.

‘Marry well, but divorce better,’ her mother had told her.

She had shared that in one of her television interviews. It looked like she had taken that advice to heart. Did she want to meet me since I was dating her daughter? Julia had always been hesitant when it came to her mom. I only brought it up since she seemed to be the old-fashioned type. She was only the second girl I had ever dated. I hung out with my friends and some of them were girls, but they were always dating someone else.

‘I’ll be there by noon,’ I texted her back. ‘I like to drive.’

My car left the gated community of Rose Garden Heights. The main drag wasn’t as well lit as the private space behind me. The road dipped into the valley and a light fog crept up and surrounded me. The further down I went the heavier the fog. The night took on a surreal quality and a strange silence engulfed the car. I slowed and turned on the radio. My MP3 player was hooked up to it and a moment later Blue Oyster Cult’s Veteran of the Psychic Wars was blaring from the speakers.

I half expected to see a buxom Tarakian to come swooping out of the fog on her winged war beast. Getting in the mood I grabbed the player and set Sammy Hagar’s Heavy Metal Noise next. You could always tell when an 80’s song came on. The opening had a power and uniqueness to it that screamed this is real music mother fucker. Soon I was singing along with my music as the unceasing fog continued to obfuscate the world around me. There was the occasional set of headlights from the opposite direction but nothing in front or behind me. My side of the road was empty except for me of course. I turned down my street and god damn if it didn’t look like something out of a slasher film. There were few houses with any lights on and the fog obscured the light posts to the point where they were diffused globes of pale radiance. I pulled onto our driveway and parked. Mom opened the front door the minute I closed the driver’s side door. The fog robbed the sound muffling it to a dull thud.

“Brooklyn, get inside.”

“I am coming.” I replied as I crossed from the ethereal back into the real world.

“Thank god you are home.” Mom said hugging me tight reeking of alcohol. “I was so worried when this fog sprang up out of nowhere. Did Julia get home okay?”

“I dropped her off.”

“Come on in, I made some coffee to warm up unless you are off to bed.”

“Nah, you look like you could use some company. What’s wrong?”

“It’s your dad…” She began slurring her words badly.

I waved her off. The sperm donor had left when I was still in the womb. I had little use for him. Mom looked shocked at my callous reaction but what the hell did she expect. He had abandoned us and never looked back or called once. If he was dying, then good fucking riddance! Poor mom was drunk as a skunk and that surprised me. She hadn’t mentioned him in years. Now, out of the blue she seems busted up over him dying.

“Why now?” I asked as she stared at me.

“Now, well now it is too late to make up for what happened.” She said her eyes half focused. “I used to make movies you know.”

“Movies? What are you going on about?” I asked as she sipped her coffee.

“I was the finest cocksucker at the studio. I made a ton of money sucking dick.” She said gaziantep ofise gelen escort looking past me. “That is how I met your dad. He was hung like a minotaur. I used to say bull, but he used to joke it was bigger than that. Are you hung like a minotaur kiddo? Do you take after your dad?”

“MOM,” I fired back in surprise. “Jeez… yeah, I take after dad.” I said, and she smiled. “You did pornos when you were younger huh. With a body like that I shouldn’t be surprised.”

“Ooh, did you just compliment my tits? Naughty boy, sons shouldn’t lust after their mothers but in my case, I will let it slide, right between them.” She said cupping her breasts. “Where was I?”

“You and dad and why he never called or wrote.” I reminded her.

“He is in jail of course. After the robbery he and the others were caught. They never recovered the money and they never will now.”

“Money, did dad rob someone?”

“He and his friends robbed a bank,” she smiled. “It is one of the biggest unsolved robberies. Sure, they caught those involved but never recovered all that money.”

“How much exactly, and how do you know so much?”

“Six million and I hid it for them.” She admitted. “I was the one that converted it all to gold coins. Six million back then but now… something like twenty-four million give or take.”

“Holy shit mom! Why are you telling me this now? Oh, he is dying. Is that why we moved around so much when I was growing up?”

“Yeah, he got me pregnant just before the robbery. He has never even seen a picture of you. It broke his heart but that is how much he loved us. He only wanted to protect us and now no one knows. It is your inheritance. I’ve got all the paperwork written up should something happen to me. I miss his cock so much. He used to pound the shit out of me like a god damn machine… I am so drunk.”

“I never knew. I hated him for so damn long.” I admitted, and mom broke down. “You really do have nice tits.” I joked as she hugged me tight.

“Show it to me,” she moaned as she rubbed my groan. “Ooh, it is big! Let me see it just once.”

“You really are drunk,” I told her even as her clever fingers unzipped me. “MOM… your hands are cold.”

“Damn, it is bigger than his. The head is so cute, like a big ‘ol mushroom. Can I taste it?”

“UNNNN mom, cut it out… quit stroking it like that…”

“MMMMM…” she moaned as her hands moved faster. “Just a little taste of precum… a girl can tell a lot about a man by his cum.”

“What’s gotten into you?” I asked.

“If I get my way… you.” She giggled. “If you don’t like this why are you so damn hard? Your mouth says no but your cock says yes.”

I tried to argue, to stop her but she was on her knees and licking me like a woman possessed. I grabbed her by the hair but that just made things worse. She opened her mouth and gobbled up the head in one go. I gasped and as my fingers dug into her hair her tongue swirled around the sensitive flesh. I pushed her head back, but she would then push forward. We set up a rhythm without my meaning to. Soon she was taking half my cock between her lips. My strength wavered as the pleasure increased. It was obvious I couldn’t stop her, so I decided to finish it as quick as I could. I grabbed the other side of her head and began pumping my hips. Mom let me take over and focused on pleasuring me. She hadn’t lied. She was the best little cocksucker I had ever been with. The forbidden thoughts came without me wanting them to.

“I bet you fuck like a fiend too.” I said without warning. “Damn, that set you off. Shit woman, your mouth is driving me crazy!”

Her head pistoned forward and back until I warned her how close I was. She never relented and when I climaxed she swallowed my load. She kept stroking the shaft until I had quit shaking and the cry died on my lips. My mom looked up from her spot and tipped her chin up and swallowed one last time. One moment we had been talking and now my sperm was heading for her stomach. She stood triumphant and a gleam of wickedness blazing in her eyes. She lifted her shirt up revealing her naked breasts. Mom had it off and on the floor in no time. She liked the way I stared at them and turned around. She bent over at the waist and tugged off her bicycle shorts. She wasn’t wearing any panties of course. Mom was obviously aroused, and her wet slit was proof of that.

“I haven’t had a man look at me like that in some time.” She moaned. “You can see how wet I am… oh god… is that your tongue?”

“Fair is fair,” I said before I returned to eating her out.

“You are good, really good,” she praised my technique. “My clit… oh that’s it… MMMM damn it I have missed this.”

Her sweet pink pussy was soaked now, and I lapped at her flowing juices. She thrust her ass as high as she could. I gripped her cheeks and pulled them apart. It wasn’t going to go any further than this I promised myself. A little hanky panky gaziantep öğrenci escort was wrong but we hadn’t crossed that line yet. We hadn’t fucked. Mom’s scream split the air as she ground her pussy against my face. Her legs trembled and with a final muffled cry she collapsed to the floor. I wiped her juices from my face and grinned in triumph.

“Time for this to… oh no you don’t… get your hand off my… damn it woman… we can’t… I can’t…”

She had struck while I thought she was weak. She had me pinned with her breasts in my face and her hand on my erection. She aimed it skyward and I felt the soft petals of her sex open to me. I tried but it happened too fast for me. Mom greedily impaled her pussy on my cock slowly. God help me I let out a soul wrenching moan as I felt her wrap around me.

“Oh yes,” she moaned as the tip kissed her womb. “So deep… unplumbed depths… Carl I have missed you so much!” She whimpered as she called me by my father’s name. “I love you so much!”

She began moving now. Her hips lifting and dropping slowly. Mom kept her tits pressed to my face and urged me to lick and bite them. The line was crossed, and I couldn’t see the harm. I opened my mouth and began suckling. Mom’s pussy clamped down tighter. The language that came out of her mouth belonged to lovers and one night stands not that of mother and son.

“Fuck my tight little cunt,” she urged. “Come on Carl, shove that cock into me just like the old days.” She begged for it and I gave it to her. “Oh god yes, harder… give it to me harder!”

I closed my eyes and tried to think of her as some other woman, any other woman. I slammed my hips up as she dropped down. Our bodies smacked together, and I bit her nipple harder as I got close to climaxing. When my cock swelled inside of her she lost it. Mom lifted and rode me as hard and fast as she could manage. I warned her, but she didn’t let up. She was going to take my cum inside of her. I was helpless as how this had started to stop her. I opened my eyes and stared up into her emerald depths. I was torn and a part of me wanted to cry while the other half wanted to scream.

“What the fucking hell?”

We both looked over to see my younger sister Dakota standing there. Sis dropped her luggage and stared at us in disbelief. Mom tried to get up, but her legs were too weak from her orgasm.

“How long has this been going on?” Dakota asked.

“It just sort of happened,” I blurted out.

“What… you tripped, and your dick just happened to slide into her pussy?”

“NO,” mom growled. “This was all my fault. Brooklyn’s dad is dying. I lost it and things got out of hand.”

“Mom, get off me,” I whispered and rolled off revealing me and my cock slick with our mixed fluids.

“Oh damn,” Dakota gasped. “I get it now. No wonder you fucked him. Jesus ‘big’ brother I understand the appeal. Don’t let me interrupt… have fun.”

We stared as my little sister went upstairs and left us alone. I went to the sink to wash up and mom yelled at me. She hurried over and licked me clean. She told me a proper woman cleans her man’s cock after the fact and that I should never forget it. I told her I wasn’t her man. My anger trickled through, but mom stood defiant. I tucked my cock back in my jeans and zipped up. Mom kissed my cheek and left me standing in the kitchen an emotional wreck.

“She tells me why my dad never got in touch and then fucks me senseless. What the hell?” I muttered to myself and then I remembered. “Gold, twenty-four million in gold coins. I get it. We traveled around so much so that mom could buy all that gold and not draw attention her herself. You buy too much in one place and boom the cops and feds descend. But travel all over the country, be patient, and boom all that cash is now untraceable. Where would I hide it?”

A sudden yawn and I knew it was time to go to bed. Too much had happened already, and I was physically and emotionally exhausted. I climbed the steps and went directly to my room. I walked into the darkened room and was taking off my shirt when I spotted movement in the corner. Dakota turned on the light next to my bed. She was dressed as I had last seen her, a part of me worried she might have slipped into lingerie or nothing at all.

“So, how was it? Has she lost any of her charm?”

“You knew? Did she tell you about doing porn?” I asked.

“Not until one of the guys I went to school with told me. I looked just like her as he was fucking me doggy style. It was a strange moment, not unlike walking in and finding you two going at it.”

“I… I didn’t start it.” I said, and she believed me. “So how was the visit to the campus?”

“Eh, it was okay. I thought it would be more impressive somehow. On the up side there are a lot of cute guys I spotted while I was there. So, getting laid won’t be a problem.” She paused for a bit and then asked. “What was it like?”

“It was like dealing with a oğuzeli escort drunk octopus. I was tired, and she really wanted sex.” I said but she wasn’t satisfied. “She hasn’t lost her touch, satisfied?”

“As far as I can be, for now.”

She left me there in my room haunted by those two words, for now. I changed into pajama bottoms and went to sleep. I dreamt of gold coins and my mother’s naked body atop a pile of them. She beckoned me to join her and, in the dream, I did. I went to her willingly and took every pleasure I wanted. She gave it up eagerly and I was the greedy one this time. Mom had become my complacent dream slave. I was content to let it pass into the realm of dreams and be forgotten. I tried to hate her but even in that I was helpless. I awoke, and the house was quiet. I washed up and got dressed. I went down and started breakfast. I should have known the dynamic in the house would change. I was blissfully unaware of how bad things were going to get. The cooking bacon blinded my nose to my sister’s musky scent as she snuck up behind me.

“Morning.” She said as she hugged me from behind.

“Shit Dakota, you scared the shit out of me!”

“Mom is still asleep. She finished that bottle of tequila last night. Do you need a hand?” She asked her lips brushing my ear. “…or two?”

“Aw come on… you can’t be…” I said looking over my shoulder. “…serious. What the hell Dakota? What are you wearing?”

“It is called a mesh body stocking. Do you like it?”

“Um, it doesn’t hide much does it. Why are you doing this?”

“I thought you would like it,” she purred. “I figured if mom got to ride it you’d go ape shit for me.”

I returned my attention to the bacon as she pressed her body against my back. It was mom’s footsteps on the back stairs that saved me. Dakota fled the kitchen and up the front stairs. I set the bacon out to cool just as mom poured her first cup of coffee. I glanced at her and she looked wrecked. Her eyes were bloodshot, and her long brown hair was a tangled mess. She sat and let me fix her plate. Sis reappeared wearing one of her terry cloth robes. I suspected the mesh body stocking was hidden beneath. I fixed her a plate as well before doing my own. I sat opposite of them, so I could keep an eye on them. I didn’t trust them one bit. Mom had tasted the forbidden fruit and Dakota wanted a bite or two.

“What is dad dying of?” I asked souring the mood deliberately.

“Stage four cancer,” mom replied sullenly between bites of egg and bacon. “I can’t pronounce it. But it is everywhere, it spread before they even diagnosed it. He’s got maybe a month.”

“I’m sorry Brooklyn,” sis said frowning.

“I’m not… sure how to feel.” I admitted. “How can I mourn someone I’ve never really known?”

I looked from mother to daughter. Dakota had mom’s amazing green eyes and as her robe slipped open I got a better view of her breasts. They were equally large and attractive as her mother’s. Sure, they were rounder and firmer, but they shared the same large areola and perky nipples. In the dark it would be difficult to determine who was who. For now, still haunted me and the way sis was smiling she had caught me checking her out. What was I supposed to do? How could I keep them at bay without hurting their feelings? I had a dad I had never met that was lost to me. I sure as hell wasn’t letting them slip away over something as stupid as sex.

“I am meeting Julia’s mom for lunch.” I announced. “She texted me last night.”

“Dress nice and be on your best behavior.” Mom ordered. “You want to make a strong first impression. Keep eye contact and for the love of god don’t stare at her tits.”

Mom went back to bed and I loaded the dish washer. Sis watched me, and the tension was intense. I had two possible outcomes. I walked on eggshells until she left for college or I just gave in and fucked her senseless. I wasn’t sure I could endure the first and the second was plain wrong. As I rinsed the plates a thought came to me. It would fix things for now and give me some breathing room. I closed the dish washer, walked behind Dakota, and then grabbed a fistful of her hair. I tightened my grip and pulled her head back until I had eye contact.

“Here is me making eye contact. Here is me making a strong impression. Mom is in the house. I don’t like holding back and keeping quiet. Do you understand me?”

“Uh huh,” she gasped as her color darkened.

“When I am ready I will come to you. When I come I am going to fucking wreck you to pieces. Do you have anything you want to say?”

“Yes…” she grinned up at me. “I think I just came.”

I let go of Dakota and her body shivered as she recovered from her orgasm. I didn’t know I had it in me. I went up to my bedroom to pass the time before I had to leave to meet with Julia’s mom. The house was strangely quiet, and I thought back to the fog from the night before. I paused the sketch I was working on and the only thing that broke the silence was the occasional car, siren, or rumble of thunder. I had to remember to bring an umbrella. I returned to my drawing and took perverse pleasure in placing my sister in a vulnerable position. Dakota was tied with ropes Japanese style and completely immobile. She was sporting a ring gag and a butt plug protruded from her ass. It had been brought about by a blend of frustration and her reaction to my fingers in her hair.

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