Perfect Air , Perfect Heir

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She believed in things being natural, as it was in nature; but, was what they did at their secret beach a natural sort of activity between a mother and her son?

It was one of those days where the air was perfect. It was the right temperature, the right humidity, a slight breeze, perfect. You know how that feels, when the atmosphere is just exactly at its most comfortable. It is a sensation that makes you want to be nude, shed your clothing and have the air touch every square millimeter of your skin. The senses are alive with a heightened sensuality from experiencing that light touch of air on your whole body; your very pores seem to drink in oxygen and energy.

That must be the way we came out of the trees, but now we are the “naked ape” to use Desmond Morris’ phrase. And so much the better! To have the full contact of air with bare hide, with nothing to hide our epidermis, neither fur nor fabric to hamper our frolic, to stifle our freedom of being uncovered to the elements is certainly the excellence of exposure. That day the air was perfect, sun bright, water cool, stones warm and smooth, the sand soft and fine like sugar.

In their ‘secret beach’ Jenny, and Joey her son, took advantage of the day to be natural. It was a hidden cove that Jenny had come to for many years, though not since her husband had been killed in the war. Now the young widow returned for the first time, at last thinking she could handle the emotions of the memories the shore held. Here they had first made love, her first time too. Here between sheltering rocks they had conceived Joey. Here they had said good-bye before he was shipped off to die, a day of intense passion and racking grief at parting.

Yet Jennifer Dalton thought she could handle it. She had a smile on her face and she knew what a perfect day it was for being a naturist, an interest her spouse had introduced to her and which she joyously embraced. They could not afford an expensive camp on Army pay, but they could borrow a jeep. One day while exploring they had found this hide-away tiny bay, accessible only by an all-terrain vehicle. Where could somebody get one of those back in the forties but from the armed service? Thus jeep-ers (so to speak) were able to hide from the ‘peepers’ in private at this their secret beach.

No trash was ever left nor did any other evidence indicate that others had been there beside themselves. By the end of the millennium the spot was over run; but now, mid-twentieth century, it was isolated and as devoid of humans as any place had been since creation. Here they were Adam and Eve, not in a garden of innocence, but at the shore of knowledge, carnal and otherwise. He had given her an Ankh, the Egyptian cross of eternal life and promised to return. He didn’t mean to break his promise, she forgave him, still she grieved for a more than a year.

Her heart finally could no longer bear the burden of his death and so she had looked to the renewal of life, hers; and his – for in her son she saw the perfect heir. Joey was the splitting image of her husband, David. Jenny could not help but bear up to the responsibility of raising a carbon copy of the man she had loved so totally. This new man, a grown boy, now just turned eighteen, had become her new purpose, the resurrection of her beloved and the being that gave life a vigor and vitality that burst from her like the dawn’s rosy rays.

So she had brought Joey here. It wasn’t that he hadn’t ever been before; but now as an adult, it was time to become acquainted with the naturist tradition his father had shared with her, which she had come to enjoy as well. He would be taught by his mother that it was not just fun to go naked, like running around the bedroom as he had done as a child, waiting for the bath to fill at home; but that it was special to be in the open on a warm, soft, perfect day, outside and nude. Jenny could bear that responsibility to educate her son about being bare. To convey to Joey the raw truth of the matter, that we are born without clothes, that it was natural to be undressed.

Joey loved to come to their secret beach. Kid at heart he relished the rumbling ride across the rough region between road and rocky seaside. There the water was cool, but not cold, the sun heating the shallows to make the temperature of the inlet comfortable much of the time during the summer. The waves were wonderful, but the topology prevented unexpected undertows and discouraged dangerous wild life. The spot was a paradise as his parents had proved.

When he was last here, some time before his dad had died, the whole family had skinny-dipped. At the time he thought it was because they had somehow forgotten their swimsuits. Innocent back then but more knowledgeable now, today he understood from talking with his mom on the way to their special spot, that this was a philosophy of living, a way of life – at least when in private and when here, at their secret beach. Jenny had instructed him that they would leave their clothes at the Land Rover. She had bought the vehicle gaziantep olgun escort for practical – as well as sentimental reasons. They disrobed and followed the path down to the isolated beach.

Oh yes Joey knew this was a special moment, the first that they had been back in a long while, since his sire had died under fire. It’d also be the first he and his mom would expose themselves to each other since his pop was killed. He understood it was a rite of passage, even if the term was not consciously thought about. He comprehended that today he would become a ‘naturist’; which his father had believed a birthright of every human being. Nonetheless, Joey was eager to be risqué, to prance on the stones like a monkey, devoid of civilization; to romp with his rump bare-assed and flounce his cocky dick in the salty sea air.

AND SEE HIS MOM NAKED! Jenny might think he was mature enough to distinguish nudity from sexuality, but he was a youth with hot hormones and curious about the female form, reproductively and the fun of playing with the opposite sex and of course intercourse. He would do his best to act grown-up, but the thing most grown was the pointed prow of his peter. He took every chance to steal a glance at his mother’s body at home, not wanting to be too obvious about it. She was beautiful, not like a movie star with a large bust, but like a pretty college girl more his own age rather than ‘old enough to be his mom’. Today he intended to get a gander at her charms without having to be so shy about looking at her body.

Jenny was, in our modern parlance, comfortable in her skin. And comfortable to be only in her skin, even in front of her son. She didn’t mind him looking at her; the youngster had to learn about females sometime. Nor did she mind looking at the image of what her hubby must have appeared to be like as a teen. Joey’s erection didn’t bother her; it was a natural reaction to being out in the open, with the draft across his fluff covered balls and cute tush. He was only being male, after all. Jenny liked males, and she loved the memory of her husband, her lover reincarnate in their son.

It was okay with her that her breasts were smaller than the voluptuous cover-girls. David had taught her not only NOT to be self-conscious about her physical self – but to be aware that her physical attributes WERE just as attractive as any other gal. She knew that her nipples had just as many nerve endings as the big busted bathing beauties in the magazines. She had a flat tummy many women her age would give a tiara for, and it was crowned with a magnificent bush she trimmed to keep from being too tangled. Her navel was a setting for a jewel and her hips the slender girlish figure so many ladies lost with middle age.

She wore the looped cross of eternal youth, the Ankh, ancient pagan symbol of everlasting life, draped from her neck so that it hung directly over her heart, as a reminder of her connection with the male virility that made this place special in her life. It stood too, in her mind for the female fecundity that gave birth to the offspring of Jenny’s and David’s union, the youth with prick now proudly piking toward the blue sky. It was all natural, the way it was when humans were first coming to understand their place in nature and how the world was also changed by the forces of creation and life. Pregnant Venus figures appeared as early art and were venerated as the mother-earth goddess back then, nude statues of fertility.

Jenny felt a connection with that primitive sense of being one with the natural world when she was naked – no – nude. As she had explained to Joey on the way to the seascape of serene privacy and secluded sensuality, being nude was being natural, unclothed and innocent. Nakedness was naughty, Adam and Eve had realized they were naked after having tasted the apple. Before they were simply nude like the animals, but when lust came into the world and sin entered peoples’ hearts, then divesting of modesty was associated with animal behavior – indiscriminate appetites for all things lascivious and licentious.

Joey had the hots for his mom and almost any nice looking gal for that matter, but especially for his mother because she was so lonely since his father had left. Now they were here once more at their secret beach, alone, nude – well she was, but he was naked – and he knew the difference. He was unsure how he could take away the pain, but if it was to be in a physical sense, there would be no better time than this day to do it. No wonder he had a stiffy, and his mother made no pretense of not seeing it, in fact she gazed at it longingly, as if she was looking at an old photo of his father.

“Joey”, his mother broke the silence, “It’s okay if you want to look at mommy’s body, I don’t mind. And I will observe yours too. You look so much like the photos of your father when he was your age. Handsome and masculine and with his sweet smile.” Jenny sighed.

“Gosh! Mom you’re so pretty, gaziantep oral yapan escort I can’t help it, it8s really all right?”

“Yes, darling go ahead, look all you want, this is your chance to see that there is nothing wrong with being without clothes; that the human body is beautiful. A wonderful creation, special and unique among the animals on earth, because we alone know we have the choice to be covered or not. It is our brains, not our bodies that lift us above the beasts.”

“And it’s okay with you that I have a hard-on?”

“An erection, yes, that is a perfectly natural phenomenon, for young males to sport their potency. But let’s go for a swim. That will cool us down and shrink that nice looking lance.” But somewhere in the back of her mind, she sort of wanted his manhood to continue being displayed in rigid arousal. But she did not want Joey to feel at all embarrassed about his butt being buck-naked, nor cocky of his endowment, nearly as large as his father’s had been, and with his final growth spurt still before him.

She tried to put aside her thinking about his member – arousal, cock, rigid, spurt; goodness she thought to herself, that was getting far too sexual. But then she realized that she was only human too, and had buried her sexual needs since the crushing news of David’s demise. Even if it was her own son, a naked – no, nude – male, handsome and well hung, had to have an effect on her, naturally!

Joey took her hand, interrupting her musings and pulled her to the water. The sea was a perfect contrast to the heat of the late afternoon sun as they bathed and splashed and played, skipping stones and dipping into the deeper part where a pool beside a low flat rock made for a natural spot to plunge into the wetness. Even in the ocean, Joey’s flagpole did not become entirely flaccid. Contrarily, her nipples hardened and pouted with the dripping of the chilled water off them.

Eventually, they had their fill of aquatic amusement and stepped ashore to dry off. Joey took his towel and with a gallant air began drying her back, starting with Jenny’s shoulders and moving down her back to her backside where he brazenly patted her buns. She smiled at his little examination of her posterior. Mother turned to son and as his eyes zeroed in on her aureoles, she used the towel she had been drying her hair with and flipped it completely over his head, effectively blinding his sight of her charms, and tousled his hair to get the excess dampness out.

Joey giggled at the sensation like he had as a tike, and pushed the terrycloth in his hands forward to try to sponge the droplets from her front. This was poorly managed as he was sightless, his head being covered, yet with the fumbling he still managed to mash her chest with his palms, the fabric the only barrier between her bosom and his fingers. They firmed again with his bungled bumping. She slipped the towel from his head to his torso to protect against his clumsy attempt to cop a feel of her tits.

As she stroked the cloth downwards she encountered his cock and dangling nuts, her light brush renewed the boner to what seemed like its natural position when exposed. Jenny smiled at the sneaky touching both had delighted at. But now as evening began to approach, with the sun low, the wind picked up and the evaporation made their skin tighten with goose-bumps. “Let’s watch the sunset from our blanket before we have to go,” She suggested to her son.

They walked hand in hand to the sheltering cliff where sand had collected to make a smooth pliant flat section. The higher rocks acted as windbreaks, but their view of the horizon was open and the sky was beginning to take on a ruddy hue. They settled side by side, silent for a moment. Jenny remembered this very spot. She had gained a spouse, lost her virginity, conceived a baby, lost her husband exactly there; where now she and that son, the perfect heir of his father’s physique, sat. She lay back as the memories and emotions washed over her in waves of love and lust. The surge of feelings were like being drowned in the pain of loss and the sight of her boy next to her was like the air her heart was gasping for.

Joey stretched out next to his mom, quiet, understanding that her mood was reflecting the many associations she had for their location. Jenny realized that her son was looking at her with concern. “Don’t worry Honey,’ she reassured, “I’m okay. Do you want to know a secret?” Joey naturally did. “This is where your daddy and I made you, we started the baby that became you, right here on this very site, I remember those rocks looking down on us as we made love and made you!”

“Gosh! Mom! You guys screwed right here?” It was not quite the direction Jenny meant the conversation to go but she affirmed the fact, nodding her head. “How many times did you do it?” Joey was wide eyed and eager to hear as much as his mother would share.

“It only took . . . well, it just takes once to become gaziantep otele gelen escort pregnant, but I think we made three efforts that day, once in the morning and just before our afternoon nap, but I’m sure that the third time – right at sunset – was when I got pregnant with you.”

“No, I mean how many times did you and Pop have sex here at our secret beach all those years.”

“Oh! Heavens – it was every time, usually twice a visit, at least. I think we came any time he had liberty and the sun was shining. That had to be almost twice a month in the summers, for let’s see . . . SAY! Why do you want to know that?”

“Gee mom! I think that fucking outside must be really cool, I mean hot – you know – very exciting.”

“Yes it certainly is, and your father was excellent at it. But don’t say that four-letter word when what we were doing was making love and a baby. You wouldn’t say, ‘My mother fucks a lot.’ would you?”

“Well, I couldn’t right now because you don’t have a boyfriend, nor married, but you and daddy did do it right here, dozens of times?”

Jenny laughed, and pulled he son close to whisper in his ear, “Yes and mommy liked it every time, but that is just between the two of us. We want to keep that in the family. She suddenly realized that her hug had brought them together so that her breasts pressed against his chest and his peter poked her tummy. The twist of the conversation from baby making to love making to her admission of liking sex had begun to turn her on. Joey was her son, but a male as well, and the setting was rousing old feelings with this perfect copy of her only lover.

Jenny slowly rolled back away so as not to appear to be negatively reacting to their touch. Actually the opposite was true; she had started to dampen between her thighs. A natural thing, considering everything that this emotion laden place stirred up, she reassured herself. But Joey had other ideas about continuing the bodily contact. He turned toward her, so he wound up half lying on Jenny, one leg over hers, his respectable root on her thigh where she could detect a hint of pre-cum which dampen her bare skin. Why shouldn’t he be like his father in that respect, she thought to herself, for that matter as horny outdoors just like both his parents, truth be told?

It came to her she was horny now too. The seaside paradise, the hidden haven of a little heaven on earth beside the sea was ideal for temptation. That is why so much had happened here. She felt safe and protected, private, and secure enough to give herself freely to nudity, to her husband, to losing her maidenhead, to making – no, she’d use Joey’s vernacular – to fucking. Only they knew what went on, what came off, what went in and how many times they came. And what came out of it all was this perfect copy of the man she loved.

Jenny was lost in a moment of memory and clutched her son to her as she had her husband that last day of passion, before the shock of grief. Spouse and son were for an instant one and the same, she kissed him and called, “David . . .” Joey, confused but game for a sexy kiss, even – no, especially from his mom, bussed her back with enthusiasm. His warm lips made Jenny’s mouth naturally open up to a French kiss, and for long moments their lingual digits danced the duet of lovers. A splash of spray from a strong wave bursting on a nearby boulder brought her back to the present. She lifted her brow in surprise at what they had just done and she put her hand up to cover her mouth in shock.

Jenny gasped, but Joey knew that she was not upset. They both laughed, the tension broke. “For a minute there, I thought I was back in your father’s arms and making love to him!” The mother smiled to make light of her inappropriate action.

“That’s okay mom, I know I look a lot like dad. I know you loved him a whole lot, and I’m glad you love me too. It was fun and I didn’t mind. After all, this is our ‘secret beach’ and no one knows what goes on here, it stays in the family, just between us. And just between us, I wish we could do it again.” That made Jenny’s eyes go wide, but she didn’t move and they remained in the clench. “And just between us,” Joey now was the one leaning close and speaking in a breathy soft voice, “I wish I could do what daddy did.” With a not too subtle hint he pushed his stiff dick higher on her leg and gently cupped a nipple with his palm.

Jenny thought about the youth’s proposal, but she knew that would not be what should normally happen with mothers and sons. Still her pussy was damp with erotic fluids, as dirty thoughts flowed in on a tide of lust. “No Joey, you can’t take daddy’s place, Sweetheart.”

“Not in your heart, but I could in your body!” Joey maneuvered himself higher on her prone form. “Weren’t you and dad planning on another baby when he got back from the war? Don’t you want another baby?”

“Joey! We couldn’t, it would be right, what if someone found out?”

“Who’s going to find out – since we are here, no one will know!”

Jenny threw her head back and laughed at her child’s lack of logic. “Babe! If I have another baby, everyone will know I got knocked-up, and since – as you pointed out – I have no boyfriend or hubby they will wonder who the father is. When he comes out looking like a carbon-copy of you and your dad, they could pretty well guess who the father is then. That would be a scandal that would haunt us all our lives!”

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