Our Favourite Pub


Sunday evening Steve and I went out for a drink at our favourite bar, the one we had previously met Tracy in, its nice and quiet, sometimes deserted, with lots of dark secluded nooks, which allow us to play around if we get the chance for fun.

Some of my former work colleague’s occupied one of the secluded booths, calling us over when they spotted me, insisting on buying our drinks and making a fuss of me.

It was nice to catch up on all the gossip and news since my leaving for a new job several weeks before.

All of the guys were on the sales team, full of stories and bullshit of life on the road, out celebrating because they had secured a large contract, which in turn meant large bonuses, by the state of them they had drunken most of whatever they had earned already.

Mike, one of the sales managers, kept giving me sly little looks and when I said it was my turn to buy the drinks he insisted that he accompany me to the bar to help carry them over. Once we had placed our order he winked at me and said.

“I hear you enjoyed the temp work in the warehouse the other week.”

He was obviously referring to my adventure, with three warehouse employees while doing some part time hours. I was being paid to stock take but let’s just say that I was having too much fun to concentrate on my work. (See my last submission).

He reassured me it wasn’t the lads who had told him what had happened, but my friend Rachel who, being as sexually adventurous as myself, I had regaled with my erotic encounter over drinks, recommending she take a trip down to the warehouse for some no strings fun.

Rachel was a petite woman, blond, very slim in her mid thirties with an appetite for adventure that matched my own.

Apparently the other guys at the table had heard the story from her too and either didn’t believe it or wished they had been there themselves.

This evening might not turn out as the quiet drink we had planned, all the guys were slightly drunk so it would be fun to tease a little without the danger it would get out of hand, besides Steve was there to keep them in line.

Mike had the idea of buying a bottle of Tequila and doing shots; one of the other guys Pete suggested making things more interesting with a game of truth or dare, starting one end of the table and working clockwise until everyone had a turn, downing a shot between each person’s go.

Being the only girl in the group it was obvious that I was going to be targeted by most of the chaps.

The dares starting off silly for the first few rounds, with suggestions of Pete going to the bar with his shirt and tie on backwards to a couple of the guys dancing a waltz in front of the jukebox, then one of the guys, Barry, chose ‘truth’ for me and asked if the warehouse story was real or made up.

Leaning over the table so I was almost nose to nose with him I gave my best suggestive look and breathlessly said.

“All true, everything you heard…and more.”

Leaning back he raised his glass to me and said.

“To the warehouse guys…the lucky bastards.”

Everyone laughed and downed their shot, the game had moved on and the questions became ruder and ruder, some of the answers were plain bullshit as each of the guys tried to out do the other.

When it came to my turn I was expecting a ‘truth, but instead got a dare.

Barry was the youngest of the group and by all accounts a cocky little git, said that he had a dare for me, when I told him it would have to wait as I really needed to pee he said, “Then the dare is to use the gents instead of the ladies.”

He thought I would chicken out but making my way over to the toilets I paused by the gents so that he could get a good look then slowly pushed the door open and made my way inside.

There was only one fellow in there who I swear peed on his shoes as I walked past saying. “Don’t forget to wash your hands.”

When I returned to the table the guys all cheered, Steve said that he needed to go.

When he had left the table I asked the guys if they were up for a bet.

Everyone said that they were, telling them to each put a twenty on the table I told them the bet was that I could get Steve to taste my pussy right there in the pub.

With the warehouse story fresh in their minds and by the look of lust on their faces they were all picturing me splayed naked on the table giving them a right show.

Adding to the mystery I said that Steve would not even realise he was tasting pussy.

Puzzled as to how I would pull that off they all agreed the bet was on.

Picking up Steve’s bottle of Coors I wiped the damp neck with a tissue reached under the table and slipped it under my skirt, eased the crotch of my thong to one side, rubbing the neck along my moist slit.

The cool bottle felt really good as I touched it to my pussy lips and it was all I could do not to give the show they had been expecting.

As I replaced the bottle on the table you could have heard a pin drop, all the guys guessed what I had Betturkey just done because the neck of the bottle glistened with my juices. But none of them could really bring themselves to believe it had happened right there in front of them.

Steve came back settling back in his seat, taking a long drink from the bottle, he kind of paused and slowly moved the bottle away puzzled as to why all the guys were staring at him with stupid grins on their faces.

“What’s up with you lot, what’s happened?” He said, shooting a ‘what have you done now’ look in my direction.

They all started laughing and slapping him on the back, I put the money in my purse as Mike told him of the bet; Steve just shook his head, earning a playful slap from me as he said, “that explains why the beer tasted fishy.”

Mike said he wasn’t one for sea food but he would make an acceptation in this case, earning him the second slap of the night.

Steve was up next and in revenge dared me to let the guys take the salt of their next Tequila shot from a part of my body.

Never one to back down I picked up the salt with one hand, undoing the buttons of my top with the other, their eyes never left me.

Scooting my bum forwards on the seat I was almost able to lie back, pulling my blouse apart I sprinkled salt on my upper breasts, a good deal of cleavage being on show as I had worn a half cup balconet bra. I told them to each take their shot working clockwise round the table so as not to all crowd in at once.

First Pete then Barry slid over next to me, taking their time to lick the salt from my breast before knocking back a shot of Tequila.

Steve was next and as he bent his head he winked at me placing his right hand on my stomach and sliding his hand up to my bra, as he licked the salt from my breast his fingers found the clasp nestled between my breasts and with a deft twist of index finger and thumb flicked it open.

The cups of my bra slipped away exposing my breasts to the guys, Mikes turn was next and out of the corner of my eye I saw him lick his lips in anticipation.

Bringing the salt cellar up to my chest I sprinkled a trail of salt from the top of my right breast to the nipple, cupping my breast with the other hand so that the salt would not spill off.

Mike looked at Steve who shrugged, “looks like it’s your turn buddy.”

Mike touched his tongue to the salt on the upper curve of my breast, taking his time in bringing it down to the nipple where he lingered for a moment pressing his lips around the hard bud and sucking up the salt. When he leaned back I could see he had a huge hard on straining against his pants.

After a moments silence the other guys realised that I was not about to cover up and asked if it was their turn again. This time I trailed the salt down each breast instructing Pete and Barry to sit either side of me, arching my back and allowing them to cup my breasts as they licked up the salt, leaving wet trails over my breasts, my hard nipples once again receiving special attention.

Steve sat close leaning into me he whispered. “Having fun?”

His answer was a low moan as he dipped his lips to my breast, at the same time slipping his hand under my skirt and brushing his fingers over my damp thong.

This time as he licked the salt from my tits he slipped his hand to my left hip and unbuttoned my wrap over skirt, as he moved away he pulled the fold of skirt with him sliding it over my legs so that I was left sitting there with my blouse and bra open, breasts exposed, my skirt laying either side of my thighs panties on display.

This time I took up the salt and sprinkled a trail from between my breasts to my belly button, over the soft curve of my stomach to the top of my low cut thong panties.

Again it was Mikes turn but the others were sitting forwards on their seats in anticipation of what would happen next.

Mike lifted each of my breasts, very slowly running his tongue over the soft skin there. Moving his tongue in little circles he took his time working his way over my belly and down to my thong. I had my legs squeezed shut but knew it would not be much longer before they were splayed open exposing all I had to these guys.

Mikes tongue reached the end of the salt trail at the top of my thong, but he cheekily pressed its tip to where my pussy created a gentle swell in my panties, leaving a little damp circle there.

Once again it was Pete and Barry’s turn, again I positioned them either side of me, this time running a trail of salt along the top of each thigh, stopping at the crease of my bikini line, where the leg of my high cut thong sat.

They took turns to lick up the salt not wanting to bump heads, running their hands up the outside of my leg as they worked their way towards my crotch, each ending by planting a little kiss on the wet patch Mike had made.

My pussy was soaked by this time and I could not wait for Steve to take his turn, knowing he would sense my need and push things further.

He did Betturkey Giriş not disappoint, I laid a trail of salt over my thighs as I had for the other guys.

Instead of sitting at my side and leaning over Steve ducked down under the table moving my feet so that he could kneel between my legs, forcing me to open up my legs exposing the sopping crotch of my panties, as he parted my thighs they rode up into my slit not leaving a lot to the imagination.

He licked his way up my legs, sliding his hands over my warm flesh as he worked his way towards my thong, pressing his tongue hard against my wet slit through the material, distracting me as he hooked a thumb into the sides of my panties, whipping them quickly down my legs before I could object.

There was a gasp from the guys as I half lay half sat in the soft seat, legs only slightly parted, but enough so that they could clearly see the damp puffy lips of my pussy, I draped my hand over it partially obscuring their view, bringing moans of protest until I brought my foot up and allowed my leg to turn outwards, my glistening lips opening up slightly.

Dipping a finger so it trailed over my lips I said.

“Whose shot is it next?”

Pete and Barry looked at one another as I trailed salt over my pussy lips.

“How about this, each of you gets 30 seconds to play, the one who brings me off gets a special treat and the other two get a consolation prize.”

Pete agreed it was his turn first because of the order we started the game.

Steve would be sitting it out because we needed someone to call time, besides he has me to play with every day.

Wasting no time at all Pete ducked under the table and pressed his tongue to my lips lapping up and down through the wetness a few times before he pushed forward parting my thighs further so that he could insert the tip, swirling it around before pressing the rest of his fat tongue into me.

The feelings as it tickled my inner walls were delicious, after all the teasing I had been craving something in my pussy, all too soon Steve called time.

As he slipped his tongue out of me he gave my pussy lips a final little kiss and said. “Back soon I hope.”

Barry took his place but instead of his tongue he pressed the tips of his index and middle finger to my labia rubbing them back and forth as he applied his lips to my nipples, alternating between them sucking and nibbling while he increased the pressure on my pussy until both of his fingers were sunk deep inside, caressing slowly through my lips, then frigging them in and out making damp sounds as the speed picked up, juices ran over his hand and coated my thighs, trickling down until the crack of my ass was slick and wet.

My breathing was becoming shallow and I was almost there when Steve called time.

Grumbling and licking my juices from his hand Barry backed off.

Mike took his place.

He trailed his fingers through the wetness between my legs without using any pressure, just letting the wet folds open up over the tips, licking and sucking my nipples as he rubbed my pussy lips between his fingers, coating them until they were slick enough to easily slip inside me.

As his fingers entered my soft folds he lowered his head, kissing his way down my belly until he reached my pussy, flicking the tip of his tongue softly over my clit.

I sighed and pushed on the back of his head lifting my hips slightly off the seat, Mike responded by cupping one hand under a buttock pulling me to him as he increased the pressure with his tongue, As I draped my leg over his shoulder to make access easier he slipped his fingers from my pussy replacing them with his fat thumb, working it in and out like a mini penis while the tip of his index finger hovered over my bum, tickling it and rubbing the slick juice of my pussy around the outside.

The increased pressure on my clit from his tongue and the movement of his thumb over my slick walls was too much and I began to pant, bucking my hips in time to his movements, as my orgasm took me he slipped the tip of his finger just inside my ass sending me over the edge, crying out, my cum flooded over his hand and face, dribbling own and making a wet spot on the seat.

He slipped his thumb out of my pussy and eased off the pressure on my clit, using his tongue on my slick lips, lapping up my juices as my orgasm subsided.

Sitting back I caught my breath as the guys broke out into huge grins.

“Shit Jules now I really believe the warehouse story.” Barry said.

“Well its not over yet there’s still the prizes to hand out.” I answered.

Taking off my bra and blouse I handed them along with my panties to Steve.

However I pulled my skirt around me and buttoned it back up, much to the disappointment of the guys, they would not be disappointed for long.

Topless I knelt down between Barry and Pete, putting my hands on the bulges in their trousers and urging them to get their cocks out. They lost no time in unfastening both belts and zips, freeing two fat cocks for my attention. I grabbed a tight hold of Barry’s dick first; it was wet pre cum oozing from the tip, and trickling over my fingers.

I opened my mouth and leaned forward.

His dick twitched the second it was in my mouth, and he immediately moaned and moved his hips, I started bobbing my head up and down as fast as I could, although Pete and Barry were very turned on, they had drunk a lot of Tequila and I started to worry that it could take a while for them to cum. My pussy was aching at the thought of what I would be doing to Mike for his ‘prize’.

Both Mike and Steve had gotten up and were standing around us partly to get a better view and partly to keep us hidden; we were in a pub after all.

As I continued blowing Barry I reached out for Pete and started rubbing his dick with my other hand, massaging my fingers up and down the thick shaft.

Pete was bigger than Barry, and actually had a very nice penis, after a few seconds of masturbating Pete while sucking Barry I brought Pete’s dick towards my mouth, giving it a lick before swallowing him down, lubricating him with my spit.

Both were very hard and by the way their breathing quickened would not last much longer. Pulling their dicks together so that they were almost touching at the heads I took them in turn, my head bobbed, slipping first one then the other into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the ends, tasting salty pre cum as I ran my lips over their shafts, jerking off the one I wasn’t blowing.

Finally, after about three minutes I heard Barry say, “Oh Jules, I’m going to cum.”

I pulled his cock from out of my mouth and gooey streams shot all over my chest as he pumped his spunk over me. I continued to jerk off Pete and it wasn’t long before he let out a gasp and started to cum too, he hit my face with two shots and I quickly took him in my mouth while Barry’s last few spurts landed on me, swallowing half his load before pulling him back out, the rest of his load splashing over my tits.

When they were both spent I looked down at myself, out of breath and completely messy, my chest was covered in cum it was running between my breasts, coating my belly, some of it hung from my nipples, I reached up massaging it in, then asked Steve to pass my wet wipes from my bag so that I could clean myself up.

Once I had wiped the mess from my chest and belly I pulled on my blouse fastening just two of the middle buttons as I turned to Mike, his cock was straining against his trousers creating an impressive bulge.

Telling him to sit down I took my place kneeling between his legs freeing his hard on from his trousers and underwear but this time easing them down to his knees rather than just taking his cock out as I had with the other two.

Taking his cock in my hand, wrapping my fingers around the shaft, just under the circumcised head, I squeezed hard and lowered my lips, pressing them around the sensitive end and running my tongue in little circles he gasped at the contact.

Keeping a firm grip I sucked hard on the throbbing purple head lapping up the pre cum that was flowing freely from the tip.

Running my hand to the base of his cock I cupped his balls, while at the same time sinking my slick lips slowly down the shaft, I was just about able to swallow him all, I then pursed my lips hard on his member, sucking hard and drawing my mouth back up to the tip.

I gave the end a little flick before standing up.

Spreading his legs I stood between them facing him and started dancing to the music coming from the juke box, grinding my hips to the beat, parting my blouse in time with my gyrations giving a brief flash of nipple before I pulled the material back.

After a little bit of teasing I straddled him, he looked up at me watching my movements with hungry eyes, I was so hot! My pussy tingled.

Picking up the beat I started gyrating again, leaning forward into him parting the material of my blouse so that it lay on either side of my breasts.

His open mouth was on my chest in a flash, warm and sensual on my soft skin, I pulled quickly away teasing him as he tried to take my nipples in his mouth, turning from the waist so that my breasts brushed against his cheeks.

Sliding back on Mike’s legs a little and then turning around I hitched up the back of my skirt and sat on his crotch, my bare ass rubbing on his cock as once again I started gyrating and grinding to the music.

He put his hands on my hips and pulled me harder into him.

Reaching down between my legs I adjusted his dick so that it was positioned between my ass cheeks, the slick wetness of his cock soon coating my buttocks.

Mike started to buck his hips as I continued to grind him; his length trapped between my soft buttocks, he reached up with both hands cupping my tits, pulling and teasing the hard nipples.

Slowly I eased my self up suddenly freeing his cock from my buttocks so that it sprang back, slapping against his belly and making a wet spot on his shirt.

Taking hold of his penis I rubbed my thumb over its tip a few times making Mike flinch then slowly, inching down, lowered my dripping pussy onto the tip of his cock.

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