Lily and Richard


Lily Hanover stood in front of the mirror, looking at herself. At the age of forty, she still looked good. Five feet nine inches tall and weighing exactly two hundred and twenty pounds, she was a big girl. Still, she was good-looking and curvy where it counted, so she didn’t mind the numbers too much. Blonde-haired, green-eyed and alabaster-skinned, this Irish-American girl from Boston still looked hot enough to attract just about any man she wanted.

Turning around, she looked at Richard, her latest conquest. Richard was a tall, good-looking young man with dark brown skin and pale gray eyes. A fine black stud who was currently a business major at Amherst. When they first met, Lily was shopping at the mall and Richard was walking around the spot with his girlfriend Melanie and his buddies, Drake and Joshua. He looked so cute that Lily just had to have him. While his buddies were playing at the arcade and his girlfriend was at the mall, she approached him, briefly flirted and gave him her number.

At the time, she hadn’t known if he would be interested but he was. Three nights later, they were rocking in her bed. Lily couldn’t get enough of this black stud. First, she sucked on his dick. True to the myth, his dick was eight inches long and uncircumcised. He was well-endowed. Lily sucked his cock and licked his balls. Decades of sleeping with males of every color had honed Lily’s skills in bed and she was a better cocksucker than anyone else out there, or so she thought. Lily enjoyed sucking Richard’s cock. Betturkey The young stud liked what she was doing and soon came. Lily drank his seed.

This was the first of many exciting encounters for them both. Another time, they hooked up in the bathroom at Sears in downtown Boston. Richard had pulled up her skirt, bent her over and spread her plump butt cheeks before sticking his cock up her ass. Lily had been fucked in the ass before but this was different. Richard was a young black man with a big dick and a lot of energy and sexual power. He rammed his cock up her ass and she had to restrain herself from screaming loud enough to wake the dead. When he came in her ass, it was glorious. Lily felt abased but more alive than ever. Oh, she loved the feel of a black man’s dick up her ass so much that they tried it regularly from that moment on.

Yeah, Lily was beginning to get used to this arrangement of theirs. Richard was having the time of his life. His girlfriend Melanie was a skinny bitch who was always acting up. Lily wasn’t a control freak, she never acted up and she was pretty and plump, which is how he liked his women. Plus, Lily didn’t mind giving up the booty to her man, which is something that uptight Melanie refused to do. Yeah, the young brother was having a lot of fun with the rich, older white woman. For the most part, Lily was having a lot of fun with Richard too. He was cute, sexually powerful and a nice guy. She hadn’t had a guy like him in Betturkey Giriş ages.

Once, though, Lily overheard Richard joking on his cell phone about fucking her in the ass with his buddies. Lily was furious. Whatever she did in the bedroom with him, no matter how wild, was supposed to stay between them. This hurt even more since he wasn’t just a fuck to her. Lily liked him very much. What he said offended her. She didn’t say anything to him, though. Nah, revenge was a dish best served cold. One night, after some really hot sex, Lily asked him to try something kinky. After months of hot sex with this older woman, Richard was willing to try just about anything she asked. It was always fun!

When Lily produced the strap on dildo, Richard was singing a different tune. He was rather apprehensive. Lily told him to relax and that he would like it. Richard nodded hesitantly. Lily sucked his cock and then greased his ass up with some lubricant. Once she was done, she pressed the dildo against his ass, and pushed. The older white woman’s dildo went deep inside the young black man’s asshole. Richard screamed. Lily held him by the hips and thrust into him. With deep strokes, she fucked him in the ass. The dildo filled his virgin ass. Lily turned him around, flipping him on his back. She wanted him to watch her fuck him in the ass.

Richard lay on his back as Lily fucked him in the ass with her dildo. Lily looked at him as she fucked him. His eyes were closed and his expression was unreadable. He was stroking his own cock as she fucked him in the ass with her plastic cock. Lily leaned down and kissed him, then pulled the dildo out of him. Richard came, and she drank his seed. Licked him clean. He sat up, asking why she had done what she did. Lily told her that she wanted him to know what it was like to get fucked in the ass, so he wouldn’t disrespect anyone who allowed their sexual partner to take them in this manner. Richard didn’t say anything.

Lily looked at him. Yeah, she liked him a lot. He stared at her, and did something unexpected. He apologized for exposing their private business to his boys. Lily smiled, and apologized for hurting his butt. Richard laughed and said he enjoyed it and was looking forward to returning the favor. Laughing, Lily told him that he was going to have to work for it. With that, she ran to the showers. Richard chased her, and cornered her. He caught her in his strong arms and kissed her. All was forgiven. Lily looked at him. Yes, she could fall in love with him, if she wasn’t careful.

As Richard bent her over and spread her butt cheeks, shoving his cock up her ass once more, Lily cried out. Yes, she could love this young black man. She loved his smile, his cockiness and his sexy body. She loved his sense of humor and intelligence. She loved his innocence and often gentle ways. She even loved it that he cursed often, and thanks to him, her pristine vocabulary got a lot more colorful. As the strong man she loved took her, she pushed back against him, craving him, giving him greater access inside her. He slammed his cock into her ass, and her scream was loud enough to wake the dead. He came, sending his hot seed deep inside her. Just the way she liked it. Yes, she could love this man.

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