Now Or Never


At the time I was just thirteen. For my age I was quite responsible. I’d come in from school that day to find a note from mum and dad saying they had gone shopping and would be back in a couple of hours. Seeing not much food in the kitchen cupboards I had decided just to have some cornflakes. A few moments passed as I heard a car drive up, it had to be my sister. My sister is eight years older than me, and yes, was still living at home. She did the usual thing when she entered the house by shouting either for mum or dad. I shouted to her that both were out shopping so she came into the kitchen. We did the usual sister brother banter before she began searching the cupboards for food. I just sat there smirking to myself as she started to rant about why there was no food and that she pays her keep etc. My sister works for a local bank and earns a good wage, so I could see where she was coming from on that point. My sister was and also has been a busty girl with all the right curves. Not fat, just a good healthy size. I’d first noticed this at the age of ten and since then I’d always looked at her figure. On this particular day I felt extra horny. In school a few of us had managed to look in on the girls shower room through an open window. Don’t ask how we weren’t caught. The sight’s of girl’s bodies developing was electric. Some had large dark bushes while others had little hair on their pussy. Some had large boobs while others had very little. There was one ginger haired girl there with huge breasts hanging down plus a whole covering of think ginger pubic hair! That had set my hormones raging. My sister was always clean looking and smart. She had to be working in a bank. She always wore a small fitting black skirt which showed off her smooth hairless legs, with a white blouse, which showed off her white bra being filled by two large boobs and an over coat. This dress sense didn’t help my raging hormones at all today. She was still moaning about how there was no food in the house when she bent over to open the fridge. My eyes went straight to her large wide bottom. It was sticking out and taunting me. I felt my penis stiffen in seconds. She started to sway her bottom side to side as if trying to charm me. I knew this couldn’t be and just a fantasy which was building up in my head. I could even see the lines of her knickers through her tight fitting skirt. Thoughts rushed through my head, to get up off my chair, to walk over and touch her large bum. Thoughts raced fast as to what I should do. My hormones were telling me to do just that but my controlled state was telling me to stay seated. I even felt sweat build under my arms and between my legs. Suddenly, she had stood up slamming the fridge door. The moment was over. I felt relieved but disappointed. My sister had decided to give up the food hunt and go for a long relaxing bath. Her last words before leaving the kitchen were. “ Later bro ”! I watched her leave the kitchen as I let out a deep sigh of relief.

After I had gained control over my senses I did feel angry with myself at what I had considered to do, after all she is my sister. My actions, then could’ve ruined our brother sister relationship forever. A few minutes after my sister had gone upstairs I had gone to my bedroom with lots turning over in my head. I began to change Sex hikayeleri from my uniform with thoughts of guilt. I had taken off my tie and shirt when I had heard my sister approach my half open bedroom door. I froze for a second as if my sister had been a girl friend calling round. My door swung open quietly to see my sister standing there in her red dressing gown, which came down to just above her knees. Our heights were around the same, 5’11, 5,10. My eyes straight away fell to the top half of her dressing gown revelling the crack separating her fine boobies. I felt my penis stiffen once again as I kept staring at my sisters half open dressing gown. Her words did bring me back to the living. “ Hey, bro! Getting to be quite the man, aren’t we”? She had been indicating to my chest, which for my age was becoming quite a mass of hair. I remember my sister folding her arms over her heavy boobs giving off a sly grin. I just turned red and shied away as my sister laughed out, apologising for making me blush. She just wanted to know whether I needed to use the toilet before she went into the bathroom. Hearing that I didn’t, she pulled the door with a smirk on her face. Hell! I was even more hornier than downstairs, now with even more thoughts racing through my head. That silk dressing gown sure did show off a lot, I thought. Had she not tightened her gown on purpose? I was getting more and more confused but even more sexually excited. I took down my uniform trousers to leave me standing in my boxers and socks. I felt the need to release. The thought of my sister naked was something I wanted to see. I needed to see her naked body!

Hearing the water run into the bath I dropped my trousers in a heap on the floor. I quietly opened my bedroom door to notice my sister leaving the bathroom to enter her bedroom. I waited till I heard her enter the bathroom again before entering the hallway. The bathroom was a little bit down the hall from my bedroom with my sister’s room at the end of the hall facing out with my parents room facing the bathroom. I quietly approached the bathroom with nervous excitement as to what I might see or do, even! The bathroom door was still slightly ajar as I felt the warm steam and the smell of bath salts fill my nostrils. I stuck my head around the door to see my sister with her back to me bending over the bath still wearing her gown checking to see if her bath water was ready for her to use. This was the moment. It was now or never. I opened the door fully and walked over to my sister. Still not realising that I was there she reached over and turned off both taps. I groped my sister’s full bottom cheeks with both hands. Very startled she spun around. I stood there for which seem like forever till my sister spoke. “ Oh! Um, did you need the toilet”? Her words were clumsy and sounded very nervous. I wasn’t going to say yes and just leave. I needed to act now. With a nervous voice I asked my sister to turn around. This was either the time she ran out shouting and screaming or she would do exactly what I asked. “ Can you please turn around for me”? My sister looked straight at me with shocked and confused eyes, (what had I gotten myself into), before she turned fully around still watching me over her right shoulder. She had done what I’d asked! Once again I was Sikiş hikayeleri presented with her large bottom. My hands commenced touching and groping. My hands worked as my sister watched me with a nervous expression. The groping and touching wasn’t enough, I needed to feel her bare skin. My breathing had become heavy as too my sisters. My fingers started to push at her red gown. The gown was made of silk making it all the easier to lift away due to the softness of the silk. I heard my sister utter some words “Oooh, you mustn’t”! I wasn’t sure if this was a good sign or not but at that moment I didn’t care. I lifted my sister’s gown to reveal her pink knickers with the words ‘kitten’ written across it’s back. Her bottom looked so much bigger now filling her tightly wore knickers nicely. This still wasn’t enough, as I needed to feel her smooth cheeks. I gripped her knickers elastic with both hands as I pulled them down her smooth hairless legs. “ Oh, no! You shouldn’t be doing this”. My sister’s voice sounded tearful from my actions but she still wasn’t stopping me, either. Now I was squatting down looking with my sisters slightly soiled knickers lying on the floor with her feet still in the holes. Looking up, my head level with my sisters beautiful bum I started to stroke, grope and caress my sisters large bottom. I looked up to see my sister still looking down at me. Her eye’s were wide and mouth half open. By this time I was sure that I felt her slightly push her big bum into my working hands, which gave me confidence to continue. As I continued my invasion of my sisters cheeks I knelt forward and kissed each cheek, licking it’s smooth sponge like surface too. My sister gave out a small tearful cry as I looked up at her licking her wet lips. Whiles I commenced licking and kissing I parted my sister’s large cheeks to revel something which I would never of thought of my sister, small little bits of hair escaping from between her legs! My eyes flashed wide as I explored more, deeper. At this point my sister had bent herself over the bath resting her hands on the bath ridge giving me a more access to her. To my amazement and excitement I was now looking into a dark cave of thick hair. My, hands still resting on my sister’s white cheeks. My sister looked so well groomed with her shaven legs to her fault less hairstyle and near faultless dress style. I would never of said that my sister would’ve had a full bush between her legs. She had coloured her hair blonde to give the guys the impression she was a natural. She sure wasn’t with her thick thatch of dark pubic hair between her legs. While I’d been completely dazzled by this new founding I had noticed a different scent coming from my sister’s pussy. It was a mixed sent of daily sweat and other smells which I wasn’t accustomed too. Her thick hair looked very clammy and very inviting as I ploughed my whole face between her legs and stuck out my tongue like a space man leaving his spaceship to explore the unknown. My sister gave out a huge cry! “ Ahhhhhh! I looked up at her to see her face flushed with excitement. “ Oooh, this is so wrong”. Still, with a very tearful cry. Unsure of what I was doing I just licked up and down through her deep pubic hair, kissing and sucking on her pussy parts, which I later leaned the words for, till I Erotik hikaye felt her release her pussy juices on my tongue. “ Ooooooh”. At this point I pulled my head out of her dark mass and watched as her pussy became saturated with a damp ness as she brought her own hand around to rub at her wetness. I was slightly confused at what was happening but I believed it was ok, plus I though the taste was great, too. My penis at this point was throbbing and hoping for release from my boxers. Standing up I pulled my boxers down kicking them away. I reached out and gripped both my sister’s hips. My sister was still peering over her shoulder at me. “Oooh, we shouldn’t”. But even as she was saying it she had blindly found my penis and amid it towards her pussy rubbing my big red head up and down her big hairy pussy till I felt it slip inside her. Thrusting forward, my whole penis was engulfed by this hair monster. My sister position herself forward looking as she began to slide back and forth on my young cock. The walls of her pussy were playing with my penis, teasing me. My sister’s sudden movements had made her gown fall away from her shoulders giving me a small view of her cascading large boobies shaking from side to side. Due to my inexperience my sister was doing most of the work while I just enjoyed this new sensation. “ Ah, yeah. This feels so good”. My sister panted through her thrusting. My breathing had turned in to extreme blows as I began to meet my sister’s thrusts. “ Ooooh, that’s it little bro. Just a little harder”. By this time my sister and I were calling out and shouting in passions of uncontrollable lust. My sister’s large bottom hitting into me was making me giddy as I felt my penis fill up. “ Ooh, sis, I’ll going to cum”!! With my last breath just being spoken, my sister pulled her large bottom away from me, releasing my penis from her clutching crazy pussy, spun her whole body around and squatted in front of me as her silk gown fell from her shoulders exposing to me her large hanging breasts. She gripped my penis and stroked it fast till I shot out loads and loads of white sperm straight towards her clean smooth face and exposed boobs. My breathing was heavy to begin with but slowed as I spilt my last drop. My sister swallowed my penis till her face was pressing against my small but quickly growing pubic hair leaving me again with the impulse to shoot more cum into my sister’s wonton mouth. Leaving go of my penis shaft with a popping sound she looked up at me breathlessly. After a short gap of silence I had to speak. “ I’m sorry, I don’t know why I did what I did”. My sister still licking her lips whilst her right hand was stroking her cum saturated boobies broke out a satisfied smile across her face. “ Don’t say sorry. If I hadn’t wanted it you wouldn’t be living now”. A smile broke on my face. “ For a thirteen year old you were fantastic”. She finished talking with a wink. Standing up my sister closed in on me licking her lips clean. I could feel my semi soft penis being crushed by a giant carpet of hair and her large boobies also crushing against my hairy chest. “ Oooh. I do love your hairy chest bro”. She looked directly at me as she bowed her head forward and kissed me sticking her tongue into my mouth. A new experience which was awesome!! Releasing from my lips she said. “ Come on, we’d better get cleaned up before mum and dad get here. We’ll share this bath now, as we’re not so shy with each other”. I gave a smile as we both got into the bath and cleaned each other up.

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