Nina and Casey Continue

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(This is a continuation of Fire, to know the background of the characters, you should read that one first. Enjoy!)

I took a few days to get my life back together after the fire. My entire apartment reeked of dank and heavy smoke, but I was thankful that the fire had been contained on the bottom floors of the building. I kept the note with Casey’s number on it in my pocket most days, fingering it until I was worried that the ink would fade away. I’m usually not nervous about calling a woman, but the experience had been so intense, so wonderful, so heady that I was afraid it was just our common reaction to the stress of the fire. When it came down to it, however, I was a woman of my word and I wanted to see her again. Even if it turned out we had nothing between us besides a few moments of passion, I had enough guts to find that out. So I called her.


“Casey? Hey, it’s Nina, the girl from the fire last week?”

“Nina. Wow, wasn’t sure that you’d call, how are you? Your throat better?”

“Oh, yea, it’s fine, barely hurts now….so, I was wondering if you wanted to do dinner or drinks sometime, I feel like I should thank you for taking such good care of me.” I was hoping she’d catch the not so subtle double entendre.

“Dinner would be great. You have any place in mind?” Apparently she caught it; I could almost hear her grin.

We worked out the details, a cute little Thai place that was about midway between our apartments, 7pm with the possibility of ice cream afterwards. I was psyched.

The day of our dinner (date?) arrived and I experienced a slightly unusual occurrence. I had just showered and was standing naked in my room with my hair up in a towel wondering what to wear. I usually don’t fall into the stereotypical trap of the female who can’t find the perfect outfit, but I spent a good ten minutes staring into my closet debating between my khakis and a dress. Finally, I reasoned that if things got heated again, a dress would come off easier. I slid a summer dress over my head, shivering slightly as it slipped down over my sides. I’ve always been ticklish there.

We met promptly at 7; I’ve always appreciated people who can make it on time. She greeted me with a half hug and a kiss on the cheek and held the door for me on the way in. I appreciated the gesture, just as I appreciated the fact that she didn’t hold my chair for me when I sat down. I like common courtesy, but am sensible enough to know I can scoot my chair in without help.

The conversation started innocuously enough, I learned that she was 25 and living with some other med students, although they never saw each other, which bothered her a little. She wanted to be a surgeon eventually and I noted to myself that she had the hands for it, graceful fingers with hidden strength. I managed not to blush with the memory of her fingers as the conversation turned to me. I talked about my graduate work in Women’s Studies, how I worked at a rape crisis center and played soccer on the odd weekend. She was also athletic, although she had to quit her rugby team once she started med school. I guess that’s izmit escort bayan where the strength came from. Again, I tried not to blush as I remembered her arm snug about my waist, but this time she caught me.

“What are you thinking?”

“Hmm?” I tried to play it cool, but she wasn’t having it.

“That look you’ve got on your face, it’s caught between amused and embarrassed, what are you thinking about?”

Well, I’m not exactly a shrinking violet and I was all ready half aroused so I guess now was the time to put my cards on the table. I looked her dead in the eyes with a slight smile.

“I was thinking about how you must have become strong from the rugby, and how appreciative I was of that strength in the hospital locker room.”

Her eyes widened, I don’t think she expected that, but she one-upped me quickly.

“Well, perhaps you could show me appreciative you are.”

I slid off my sandal and ran my toes up the inside of her leg, about halfway up her thigh, stopping just before the point of intimacy. “Perhaps I could.”

She grinned and opened her mouth, but the words stopped as the check arrived. We split the bill with the tension between us remaining high. As we left the restaurant my inner demon took hold and I suggested we walk for a bit to work off dinner and then get some ice cream. She raised her eyebrows, but agreed and then placed her hand on the small of my back to steer me in the right direction. I let her keep in there for just a minute, enjoying the warmth of her hand as much as the quiet possession that the gesture entailed. I stepped around a woman with a stroller, though, and stepped away from Casey, momentarily gaining freedom. It became a subtle game, with her trying to get a hand on me and me moving away a few steps until she caught my hand and I let her keep it. We kept up the conversation throughout, venturing into more intimate topics such as if our parents knew that we dated women (we were both out to the important people in our lives) and a comparison of crazy ex-girlfriends. She won that competition, the ex who would only have sex between the hours of 6 and 8am with Bach playing in the background trumped anything I had.

We hit the ice cream store and I got mint chocolate chip in a cone, the perfect date ice cream. Gives your mouth a minty flavor, and you get to continually lick the cone. Casey preferred a coffee flavor; her crack about wanting to be able to stay awake tonight earned my response “Really? Planning on doing something tonight?” as I took a long, slow lick of my ice cream. Her response was instantaneous and gratifying, “Someone, not something.”

I liked the flirting; I like a woman who can play those mind games. The intellectual turn-on is almost as great at the physical at times. Of course, as she tongued her ice cream, the physical turn-on was becoming greater by the second, and when she offered me a taste I became wet thinking about the familiarity of the gesture. We were walking in the direction of my house at this point and as we entered the park that we had to pass through I asked for another taste. As izmit eve gelen escort she offered me her cone, however, I pushed that hand away, pulled her closer and kissed her. She responded slowly and with feeling, her free hand coming around to my waist. I was up slightly on my toes with my hand on her shoulder; we stayed that way for a minute, just getting to know the taste and feel of each other, letting our lips and tongue start the dance that I desperately wanted to continue.

Apparently she wanted to continue it as well, because she broke the kiss first, her breath just slightly unsteady.

“Wow. That’s some good ice cream. You going to let me have more?” Her comment was amused, but she was not referring to the ice cream. I smiled and teasingly said, “Maybe”, this time it was me taking her hand and heading on the other side of the park. I finished my cone and remarked that I was quickly developing a taste for coffee ice cream. She laughed and again put her hand on the small of my back, this time with more urgency as we headed across the street.

She was still smiling when we crossed the street to my house, I had barely closed the door when she moved me up against it and kissed me again. She was more hesitant this time, as if unsure of her footing, so I took charge.

“Want a tour?” Her face looked as if she was worried I was serious, but she let me pull her up the stairs. I opened the first door on the right and pulled her into my room, “This is my bedroom….”

“Nice tour. Nice room…” She turned to look at me and I took the advantage and gave her a light shove backwards until her knees hit the bed and she sat.

“Yea, I’ve always liked it.” I commented as I pushed her back down onto the cover, slid my leg between hers and kissed her. Her hands were moving on my back as our tongues played over each other’s. I moved my body on top of hers, confident that she could take my weight, liking the friction our clothes caused. My mouth never stopped kissing her, her hands settled on my ass and kneaded me there. When she started to pull of my shirt, I leaned back, causing her to sit up.

“Race you…” and I then whipped my shirt and bra off over my head. She as momentarily stunned, and then grinned and took hers off. I licked my lips in anticipation. And pushed her back onto the bed and entwined my tongue with hers again. This time our breasts were touching and rubbing against each other. The feeling of her bare skin against mine was amazing; I slipped my thigh in between hers and pushed upwards, making her arch her hips into me. She was so strong that she almost managed to throw me off, I slid down her body in order to suck on her breasts and to stay on top. Casey caught her breath as I caught her nipple with my teeth, biting lightly as she moaned. I tormented her breast with my mouth, tugging at her nipple, running my tongue around the areola. I had her other breast in my hand and subjected it to the same torment, switching back and forth without warning. Her response was gratifying; she kept pushing her hips into me and running her hands restlessly izmit otele gelen escort up and down my bare back. I love being touched like that, having someone’s hands all over me, but this time was for her. Keeping one hand firmly on her breast, I began to move my mouth down her body.

Her stomach was soft, but I could clearly feel the muscles moving beneath her skin. Her hands moved to my hair as I trailed hot and wet kisses down the centerline of her body. With my free hand I undid her jeans and moved my mouth to her hipbones. She assisted me in getting her pants off and I rewarded her with a quick press of my fingers onto her boxer covered clit. She nearly came off the bed and I could feel how hot and wet she was. But I figured she deserved more. I kept her boxers on for the moment; moving my mouth over their low waistband and then sliding lower to kiss up and down her thighs. She was breathing hard and running her own hands over her breasts now. I gave a quick tuck at the top of her shorts and I had to move out of the way as she ditched them faster than a choirboy runs to church. I was just as quick, however, and pressed my mouth into her cunt so quickly she almost shot off of the bed.

“Jesus H. Christ, Nina! That’s…that’s…good Christ, don’t stop!”

Apparently she liked what I was doing, which was quite beneficial as I happened to enjoy it myself. She tasted sweet and slightly sharp, I inhaled her scent as I learned what made her moan, what made her gasp and what made her legs clamp reflexively around my head. My tongue went fast over her cunt and then quite teasingly over her clit, she was especially sensitive there. I also figured that I had her so worked up that one hard press would put her over. So, I took my time, licking her slowly and every now and then sliding a finger into her to make her push her cunt against me. I love going down on women in general, but I realized that this was a step above, I had had never had a woman react so openly to me, nor had I ever had one let me take charge so early on. She reacted to every touch, every caress I gave her; I wanted to keep exploring her because I knew this was the kind of sex that would only get better with time. However, I also knew that she would kill me if I didn’t quit my torment, so I sped up the pace a little.

I quickened the pace of my tongue and added a second finger into her cunt. She was all ready tight and the increased pressure made her moans drop an octave. Her legs tightened as I flicked my tongue directly on her clit and I spared a quick thought for the neighbors as she began to scream. She began to shake and her hips bucked convulsively as she held the back of my head in her hands. I thought I wasn’t going anywhere in that moment, but as she began to calm down she suddenly pulled me up into her arms and held me so tightly I had to wiggle a bit to get her to loosen her grip.

“Wow.” Her breathing was slowing and she shifted to let me lay a little more comfortably beside her.

“So, was it good for you?” I grinned.

She laughed at the line. “Maybe.”

“Maybe? Huh, perhaps I’ll have to try and do better next time.”

“Sweetie, the next time is my turn; I’ve got a few tricks to show you.” She leaned over and gave me another kiss, as if to seal the promise.

“Well, I’m young, I learn new tricks very easily.”

(Constructive criticism is always appreciated. Thanks!)

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