Cousin Monica

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The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

Notice: All ye censors, perverts, and oddballs – no one under 18 years of age did anything sexual to anyone in this story. They didn’t in the original version either, but apparently there were ways to read between the lines and think that they did.


We had been huddling in the back seat of my grandmother’s car on the way back from ice skating. Being on winter break from college, she thought it would be nice if we did something as a family.

Her heater was broken and my mother occupied the passenger seat. A blanket provided some protection from the cold, but truth be told the cold seeped into every pore of my skin. My cousin and I had grown up in neighboring towns. I, being eighteen and Monica being one year, my senior. Both our parents were divorced and so we felt a type of bond with that similar circumstance.

We huddled together for warmth and eventually drifted off to sleep. I briefly awoke as the car hit several bumps in the journey home. Half-asleep, I felt a heaviness against my body. The heaviness seemed to move with the car. Still a little unsure of reality I lifted the blanket and saw my cousin’s hand draping my crotch. Assuming it had fallen there due to our continuously shifting condition rolled back escort kocaeli to sleep. The second time I felt a pain in my groin. It was erection, begging to be satisfied. I was so hard that it hurt. I had no idea how this could have happened. Until I felt the hardness pressed up against my cock. And the pressure was massaging my cock.

I looked over at my cousin. She was still, allegedly, sound asleep. Yet her hand was caressing my dick. I leaned my head back to continue the illusion of sleep. The hand then moved up to my pants slowly and deliberately towards my zipper. Within minutes, she had popped my penis out of it’s prison and slowly began to stroke it. It was maddening. What was I going to do?? I like it, but it was my cousin!! I couldn’t tell my elders sitting only feet away. My cousin was molesting me…and I loved it!!

She continued this way for a while. Soon after she undid her pants, again very, very slowly and pushed them half-way down over her ass. In her “sleep” she rolled towards me and pressed the tip of my swollen cock against her panties. She rubbed my cock, slowly. I thought I was going to scream several times from the shear pace which ignited every tiny nerve in my erection. One, at, a, time.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I came. I came bucket loads. I came on her panties. On her hand. On my thigh. On my jeans. On the blanket. I emptied myself in the back of my grandmother’s car, on my cousin’s underwear.

With a single fingernail she scooped some sperm and plunged it immediately kocaeli anal yapan escort into her mouth. She licked it for a few minutes, savoring my essence. Just before we pulled into the driveway she replaced my penis and pulled up her pants. It was as if nothing had happened on that cold, snowy day.

I was in shock for the next few days. Understand that my cousin was older than I. And while I assumed she had more experience I never thought she would be interesting in me. Exploring my feelings on the matter I came to many dead ends along the streets of logic. To me this was a natural thing. We are family and as such can teach each other about sex and try out things to make sure we are ready when we are in a relationship. I never thought of it as wrong. Actually it was kind of hot because it was forbidden. I could get away with it without my parents, who were always going through my stuff and being nosy into my business, knowing a damn thing.

Nothing happened for several weeks. The next time I was sleeping over her house after being treated to a nearby amusement park. We had gotten back late and after much laughter and candy I was ready for bed. Monica’s house did not have a spare bedroom so I crashed on the couch. She told my aunt, who was already in bed, that she was going to make up my bed.

Monica took the sheets and a comforter down from the top shelf of the closet. She made up the couch rather quickly, smoothing out the sheets and folding back the tops. izmit yabancı escort She didn’t fluff the pillow as I expected. Taking off everything by boxers, Monica pretended she didn’t notice. She busied herself across the room adjusting miscellaneous paper weights and doilies.

After I had settled under the covers, Monica directly stammered that she wanted to tuck me in. I was reluctant at first, being as old as we were, but waited for her patiently to do so and then be off to bed. She began padding down the edges of my mock bed, smoothing out the wrinkles and uneven edges.

She ran her hands over my crotch. She paused and said that she felt something bumpy underneath that spot. Without missing a beat she reached underneath the covers and groped for my penis.

“Ah, there’s the source”, she proclaimed with delight. She grabbed my cock and started to squeeze it. She turned and looked me right in the eye. I could barely make a sound. Mouth open in amazement I took as many short breaths as I could. A small smirk touched Monica’s lips as she lifted the side of the blankets and with the tip of her tongue flicked the head of my penis.

I had never felt anything like that before. She then sucked the entire head in her mouth. Alternating her motion, I was about to cum in no time. Without warning or my being aware of where I was, I came. I came as I had before, in gallons. It covered her chin and my legs and belly. Monica began pushing the rogue rivulets of my cum onto her tongue. She purred as if being touched in some unnamable spot.

Monica rose slowly and went back to her room, again leaving me speechless.

This would not be the last time pleasure passed between us. But as I lay there in the gathering dark, I drifted off to sleep. My mind void of reason and thought as never before.

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